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All aboard: Staunton’s Virginia Scenic Railway offers sightseeing tours by train

The only scenic railroad route in Virginia launched Aug. 4 in Staunton and is sold out through Thanksgiving.

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COVID-19 funding blessing to homeless community, but emergency shelters closing soon

In one area, homelessness, the pandemic was a blessing as far as funds directed to communities to shelter those living in tent cities, their cars, abandoned buildings, or worse.

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Somebody else’s problem: Waynesboro nonprofit tackles sex trafficking in the Valley

The girl, pregnant, didn’t know where she was, just that the men in the box truck had dropped her off at a hospital. She was of no use to them anymore. Sex traffickers don’t make money selling guys on having sex with pregnant teens. She was somebody else’s problem now.

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A child in a mental health crisis was abandoned: You’ll never guess by whom

A child in a mental health crisis was left in a doorway in front of the Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents in Staunton early Saturday morning, and police are investigating.

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Karl Magenhofer’s new call isn’t local news or sports: It’s a call to the pulpit

Karl Magenhofer has been covering news and sports in the Valley for more than two decades on WSVA, WSIG and Q101. It’s a voice that people throughout Virginia woke up to and counted on to anchor the news every morning.

karl magenhofer at pulpit