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A child in a mental health crisis was abandoned: You’ll never guess by whom

- A child in a mental health crisis was left in a doorway in front of the Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents in Staunton early Saturday morning, and police are investigating.

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How Waynesboro could do right by its renters

- Updating our reporting on Waynesboro and rental inspections, yeah, what the city is doing isn’t near enough.


global supply chain crisis

Virginia Tech expert: Supply chain crisis complicates fixing baby formula shortage

- The shortage of baby formula across the United States is being exacerbated by many of the same issues implicated in the global supply chain crisis borne by the COVID pandemic, says a Virginia Tech industrial packaging and shipping expert.


constitution politics

America was built on white supremacy: But we can rebuild on a new foundation

- “White supremacy has no place in America,” President Biden said Tuesday in Buffalo. Except that it does, and it’s what America was founded on.


sasha banks wwe

WWE defends itself from Sasha Banks by trashing its own product

- The big news in the wrestling world this week is Sasha Banks leading a walkout of “Raw” in a spat with WWE, and WWE making the curious PR move to defend itself by unwittingly smartening up its fans.

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List of Juneteenth 2022 celebrations in Virginia

- Virginia is in its third year of recognizing Juneteenth as an official state holiday and is celebrating the holiday all month long with events, speaker series, tours, and virtual offerings across the state.


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10 secrets to improve your business text readability

- A business that is clear and concise with its message, is a business that will likely see better results