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inauguration politics

Democracy prevails

- Today might be the most important inauguration day since the first one, back in 1789. It’s a credit to those folks that the Frankenstein creation that got us to that day worked to get us to this one. The states certified their elections, Congress, eventually, resoundingly, followed suit. The system … worked. Barely, sure, but it worked.
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augusta health covid-19 vaccine clinic

How is the local COVID-19 vaccination effort stacking up?

- As of the end of the day on Monday, Augusta Health had administered 4,461 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, including 426 on Monday.


deer on roadways

Legislation to protect Virginia wildlife corridors introduced in State Senate

- More than 60,000 deer-related crashes occur in Virginia each year, costing approximately $533 million in damages annually.
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kihei clark clemson

Is Virginia starting to get things moving in the right direction?

- It took a while – longer, certainly, than Tony Bennett might have expected – for Virginia to figure itself out.


alligatorid vt

New fossil provides clarity to the history of Alligatoridae

- Families are complicated. For members of the alligatorid family, which includes living caimans and alligators - this is especially true. They are closely related, but because of their similarity, their identification can even stump paleontologists.