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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin announces three appointments to administration

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced the appointment of three professionals to join the administration as well as numerous individuals to state boards.

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Culpeper District Traffic Alert: VDOT schedule for the week of April 15-19

VDOT has updated its schedule for work in the Culpeper District during the next week.

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Why are Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, bullish on developing nuclear fusion as a power source?

While nuclear fission is commonly used in nuclear power plants across the globe, nuclear fusion is a lesser-known process.

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Letter to Ben Cline: Republicans are responsible for the poor state of healthcare in this country

I want to tell you that I have a friend who is #27 in line at the RAM Clinic in Fishersville this morning. It is 4:12 a.m. on Saturday morning, and she is 70 years old. She headed out at about five minutes after midnight to get in line and wait in her car.

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Analysis: Are Malik Mack (Harvard), Joshua Jefferson (Saint Mary’s) good fits at Virginia?

The focus of Tony Bennett’s transfer-portal recruiting efforts seems to have zoned in on Harvard freshman point guard Malik Mack and Saint Mary’s sophomore forward Joshua Jefferson.

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Video footage shows why Tony Khan fired CM Punk: But does it help AEW’s bottom line?

The first, say, six or seven times I watched the video footage of the backstage incident at “All In” on tonight’s AEW “Dynamite,” I have to admit, I thought Tony Khan was out of his damn mind.

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Whistleblower makes shocking claim: NPR, get this, has a liberal bias

A supposed NPR whistleblower is somehow making headlines with his not-at-all shocking claim that the news org is guilty of, gasp, liberal bias.


Marjorie Taylor Greene is right about the earthquake, eclipse: The reckoning is nigh

Marjorie Taylor Greene came under fire from my fellow travelers on the left with her tweet about how the New York earthquake and this week’s solar eclipse are signs from her god telling us to “repent.”

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Trump lie about ‘execution’ of babies based on Ralph Northam 2019 radio interview

Donald Trump is perpetuating a lie about Democrats supporting the “execution” of babies that originated in a dumb slip of the tongue from former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in a 2019 radio interview.

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