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Anyone with a preference for blonde hair and blue eyes is sure to love Swedish OnlyFans models. Swedish creators are some of the hottest girls on OnlyFans and they perfectly balance being sweet and naughty.

There are dozens of incredible Swedish babes on OnlyFans, which can make it hard to know which creators to subscribe to. We’ve checked them out and are here to share the 18 best Swedish OnlyFans pages to follow today.


The 18 Best Swedish OnlyFans Girls 2024

Let’s dive straight into our list of the 18 best Swedish OnlyFans accounts to explore right now:

A Closer Look at the Best Swedish OnlyFans Girls

A quick look at any of our top-rated Swedish OnlyFans girls will make it clear that they’re all incredibly sexy. But which ones can best fulfill fans’ desires? We’ll dive deeper into what the 18 best Swedish OnlyFans pages have to offer.

1. Nivy – Top Swedish OnlyFans Account with Cosplay & More

Nivy is an erotic and fun Scandinavian beauty who fans won’t be able to get enough of. She appears in OnlyFans posts with brightly colored hair, one-of-a-kind revealing costumes, and a very playful attitude. Nivy loves to get dressed up for cosplay and invites her fans to immerse themselves in the lusty, fantastical worlds she creates.

A big part of Nivy’s page is interactivity. Fans are invited to chat with her anytime and she can spin up a sexy, fantasy-themed string of messages in no time. She also loves creating custom content for fans, including personalized cosplay photoshoots with costumes other fans won’t ever see.

Nivy OnlyFans

Fans can join Nivy’s sensuous and uncensored adventures for only $9.99 per month. They get instant access to more than 300 photos and videos, plus new content almost daily. Plus, check out Nivy’s wishlist of toys and costumes to really get her going.

OnlyFans Username @nivyplays
Fetish Cosplay/Gamer girl
Number of Likes 7,100
Number of Posts 195
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 311

2. Chloey Mercy – Sweet & Naughty Blonde Bombshell

Chloey Mercy is French, not Swedish. But we couldn’t help including her on this list because she has so many of the sexy qualities that fans look for in the best Swedish OnlyFans models. Chloey is blonde, has a sensuous accent, and isn’t afraid to show off her curvy body.

Chloey is flirty and erotic, with tons of content to offer fans. She shares revealing and fully uncensored nude photos almost every day, plus delivers steamy full-length sex tapes that show all. Chloey also does dick ratings, jerk-off instruction videos, and kinky cosplay videos for her fans. She loves to take custom requests and does an incredible job when it comes to personalized XXX-rated content.

Chloe Mercy OnlyFans

Chloey’s page is only $7.99 per month, making it a very affordable choice for uncensored NSFW photos and videos. Plus, fans get 35% off when they sign up for a whole year of content.

OnlyFans Username @chloeymercy
Fetish Blonde/Curvy
Number of Likes 12,300
Number of Posts 123
Price $7.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 195

3. Paula Shy – Stunning & Erotic Swedish Pornstar

Paula Shy is a young, hot, and flirty pornstar who fans won’t want to miss. This buxom beauty bucks the trend of most Swedish girls with her dark brunette hair and somewhat Latina looks. She nevertheless brings a very sexy accent and a flair for giving fans exactly what they want.

Paula’s content ranges from suggestive to XXX-rated, including everything from full-frontal nude photos to solo play videos to full-length sex tapes. She also shares some hot behind-the-scenes content from her latest porn shoots. Paula loves to develop deep connections with her fans over chat, and that helps push her content over the top since she knows what her fans want.

Paula Shy OnlyFans

Fans can follow Paula for only $9.99 per month and get immediate access to more than 130 uncensored photos and videos.

OnlyFans Username @xxxpaulashyxxx
Fetish Brunette/Pornstar
Number of Likes 3,500
Number of Posts 114
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 131

4. Kiki – Sexy Swedish OnlyFans Model for Solo Play & More

Kiki is one of the hottest new OnlyFans models and is making fans tremble with her ultra-hot content. We’ll admit she’s not from Sweden, but she has some Swedish heritage and we couldn’t resist sharing one of the sexiest creators on OnlyFans.

On Kiki’s page, fans can find a delightful selection of nudes, lewds, solo play videos, and more. Kiki is sweet and seductive, but she also has a dirty side and isn’t afraid to show it. Her content is incredibly sensual and offers a mouth-watering experience.

Kiki OnlyFans

Kiki is also extremely responsive. She loves hearing from fans and sexting back at any time of day. For fans who want to take their sexual experience to the next level, Kiki also offers customs on request with a tip.

Best of all, the top Swedish OnlyFans account is very affordable. Kiki only charges $9.99 per month and doesn’t put any of her content behind additional paywalls. Fans immediately get access to nearly 700 photos and videos when they subscribe.

OnlyFans Username @thosegirls
Fetish Curvy/Tattoos
Number of Likes 5,500
Number of Posts 453
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 686

5. Swedish Baddie – Blonde Swedish Teen with a Smoking Body

Swedish Baddie is an 18-year old amateur Swedish hottie who’s just trying out OnlyFans for the first time. She may be new, but fans would never know it from her content. Swedish Baddie is quick to show off her naughty side and seems to know exactly what fans want.

Swedish Baddie’s account features sensual lingerie scenes, full-length nudes, solo play, and more. She’s also hinted at taking her content to the next level of XXX-rated fun. Her body is stunning and fans can’t get enough of it.

Swedish Baddie OnlyFans

Another great thing about this page is that Swedish Baddie is fetish-friendly and responsive to fans’ requests. If there’s a specific piece of lingerie or dirty talk that fans want, Swedish Baddie will deliver.

OnlyFans Username @swedishbaddie
Fetish Teen/Curvy
Number of Likes 2,000
Number of Posts 235
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 329

Monica, better known as Swedish Bella, is perhaps the single most popular OnlyFans Swedish creator. Her content has garnered nearly 1 million followers and it’s easy to see why. She has a stunning body and puts out some of the hottest NSFW content on OnlyFans.

It also helps that Monica is open to everything and anything fans can think of. Her page includes boy/girl and girl/girl sex tapes, threesomes, solo play with toys, group sex, and more. She also does dick ratings and is open to custom photo and video requests from fans.

Swedish Bella OnlyFans

Monica adds hot new content to her account every day and aims to build a personal relationship with fans through private messaging. Overall, this is one of the best Swedish OnlyFans accounts to follow and it only costs $12.99 per month.

OnlyFans Username @miss_swedish_bella
Fetish Blonde/Curvy
Number of Likes 902,500
Number of Posts 3,577
Price $12.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 3,682

7. Amber Sweetheart – Naughty & Nice Swedish MILF

Amber Sweetheart is a red-hot amateur Swedish MILF that fans won’t be able to look away from. She has a smoking body and offers some of the best XXX-rated Swedish content we’ve seen.

On Amber’s page, fans can enjoy boy/girl, girl/girl, and solo sex tapes. She also posts full-length nudes and spends a lot of the day chatting with fans. Her dirty talk is outstanding and she goes from sweet MILF to dirty devil surprisingly fast.

Amber Sweetheart OnlyFans

Amber is all about authenticity, which makes the experience on this page that much better. Fans get the girlfriend treatment from one of the best MILF OnlyFans accounts. Even better, Amber’s page is only $4.99 for the first 28 days.

OnlyFans Username @ambersweetheart
Fetish MILF/Fit
Number of Likes 208,100
Number of Posts 1,887
Price $14.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,732

Nicci Azzy is a Swedish pornstar with a page that fans won’t want to miss. This bombshell blonde has more than 800 nudes 350 XXX-rated videos on her account. Plus, she offers custom videos, anytime sexting, dick ratings, and more.

All of Nicci’s explicit content is included with fans’ subscriptions. She does a little bit of everything including boy/girl sex, blowjobs, toy play, jerk-off instruction videos, and dirty talk. Nicci also posts twice a day, so there’s always fresh content to explore.

Nicci Azzy OnlyFans

Overall, we think Nicci has one of the best pornstar OnlyFans accounts. At just $9.99 per month, it’s also relatively affordable for a star account.

OnlyFans Username @nicciazzy
Fetish Pornstar/Solo play
Number of Likes 25,000
Number of Posts 814
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,210

9. Swedish Psycho Lovegang – Interactive, Fetish-friendly Swedish Hottie

Swedish Psycho Lovegang is a young and sexy fetish-friendly creator that fans are sure to love. She offers erotic self-play videos with a slight BDSM twist to keep things exciting. If fans have a custom request, they can reach out with their ideas and see them come to life in exchange for a tip.

Swedish Psycho Lovegang is highly responsive to messages. She answers every DM whether it’s a custom request or a fan interested in sexting.

Swedish Psycho Lovegang OnlyFans

At $30 per month, this is one of the more expensive nude Swedish OnlyFans pages. However, there aren’t many creators who are into the kind of kinky content that Swedish Psycho Lovegang loves to produce. For fans who want that unique content, we think this page is worth checking out.

OnlyFans Username @swedishpsycholovegang
Fetish Kinky/BDSM
Number of Likes 6,200
Number of Posts 157
Price $30 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 364

10. Labolina – Kinky Swedish Fitness Girl

Labolina is a sexy Swedish OnlyFans model who’s really into fitness. That’s how she keeps up her stunning hot body and she frequently blends it into her videos through cosplay and more.

Labolina’s account offers a combination of nudes, lewds, striptease videos, self-play videos, and more. She also does dick ratings and accepts customs, including requests with a kinky twist. Labolina is also highly responsive to messages and is always available for dirty sexting.

Labolina OnlyFans

Subscribers get a free 7-minute video when they sign up and Labolina loves to reward her loyal fans. Any fans who keep their subscription on auto-renew can look forward to exclusive video drops on the 1st and 15th of every month.

OnlyFans Username @labolinalife-swedish
Fetish Kinky/Fit
Number of Likes 5,200
Number of Posts 501
Price $10.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,213

11. Angelica – Stunning Swedish Housewife with a Slutty Streak

Angelica is a married Swedish housewife who loves to sleep around. While her husband is off at work, Angelica has men over to her house or in exotic locations and creates some stunning XXX-rated sex tapes.

She occasionally features videos with her husband, but she also teases that fans who want to sleep with her could help her create new content. Angelica also offers sexy solo play content when she’s alone at home in between partners.

Angelica OnlyFans

Angelica responds to all messages from fans, although she doesn’t offer the same girlfriend experience as some other Swedish girls on OnlyFans. Fans get immediate access to all of her hottest photos and videos when they subscribe to Angelica’s page.

OnlyFans Username @angelicawifevip
Fetish Married/Blonde
Number of Likes 1,600
Number of Posts 176
Price $17.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 182

12. Kim – Amateur Swedish Blonde with Red-hot Nudes

Kim is a hot Swedish blonde who fans are sure to love. This amateur OnlyFans creator has an incredible body and she loves to show it off. Her page features nude photos, striptease videos, solo play, and more. She also invites fans into her life, which makes this OnlyFans account feel more intimate and sexy than others.

Kim’s still relatively new to OnlyFans, so she doesn’t have a huge library of content built up for fans to explore. She posts about once a week with spicy new content. Kim is also open to messages and will sext with fans whenever she can.

Kim OnlyFans

At $8 per month, Kim’s page is a little pricey relative to how frequently she posts. However, Kim offers something a little different for fans who want a more intimate, amateur experience on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Username @kimselfies
Fetish Amateur/Blonde
Number of Likes 5,500
Number of Posts 130
Price $8 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 713

13. Ninnih Fragole – Dirty Young Swede Who Aims to Please

Ninnih Frahole is a young amateur Swedish creator with a surprisingly naughty mind. She loves to seduce fans with cosplay, slow stripping, and other sensual play. She’s also mouth-wateringly good at dirty talk, which is a plus for fans who want to sext throughout the day.

Ninnih has the appearance of a classic Swedish babe and we think she’s one of the hottest Swedish OnlyFans creators. She usually posts daily, ensuring that there’s always fresh content for followers.

Ninnih Fragole OnlyFans

Overall, we think this is one of the best nude OnlyFans accounts for fans who are into Swedish girls. Ninnih’s entire library of 650+ photos and videos is available immediately for only $10 per month.

OnlyFans Username @nina.fragole
Fetish Amateur/Cosplay
Number of Likes 12,400
Number of Posts 436
Price $10 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 670

14. Swedish Darling – XXX-rated Videos from a Swedish Girl Next Door

Freya, better known as Swedish Darling, is one of the most popular Swedish girls on OnlyFans. This hot blonde babe leans into her Swedish heritage, frequently covering herself in the blue and yellow colors of Sweden only to take off everything soon after her videos start.

Freya offers XXX-rated boy/girl sex tapes with no paywalls. She also loves to explore her body through solo play and with toys. She’s fetish friendly and quick to respond to custom requests from her fans.

Swedish Darling Freye OnlyFans

Freya also provides fans with the full girlfriend experience. She’s up for sexting any time of the day or night and enjoys giving out dick ratings. She also posts daily so fans have something to look forward to every day.

OnlyFans Username @swedishdarling
Fetish Blonde/Curvy
Number of Likes 3,300
Number of Posts 291
Price $14.69 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 605

15. Gamer Girl – Thick and Horny Swedish MILF Who Loves Games

Gamer Girl is a thick Swedish MILF who loves to perform in front of the camera. This amateur creator has a huge library of more than 800 nude photos and solo play videos for fans to explore.

Gamer Girl is also extremely responsive. She invites her fans to send her nude photos and has a very dirty mind for sexting. Gamer Girl makes fans feel like she’s talking only to them in her videos and brings the same intimate experience to all her other interactions.

Gamer Girl SWE Onlyfans

Fans can get full access to Gamer Girl’s account for just $10 per month. Even better, to celebrate her 25th birthday, Gamer Girl is offering fans 50% off their first month for a limited time.

OnlyFans Username @gamergirlswe
Fetish Thick/MILF
Number of Likes 3,10
Number of Posts 409
Price $10 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 836

16. Miss Metnal – Sexy Swedish Creator with a Latex Fetish

Miss Metnal is a sexy Swedish babe who loves to wear tight-fitting latex. She has a huge range of latex outfits, all of which are revealing – and very hot to watch her take off. Miss Metnal also pairs some of her darker latex outfits with BDSM play, making for a one-of-a-kind sexual experience.

Most of the content on Miss Mental’s page is solo. She loves being in front of the camera for full-length nudes, striptease videos, solo play, and fetish content. She also works hard to give fans an intimate, sensual experience that’s simply unforgettable.

Miss Metnal OnlyFans

Miss Metnal loves to chat with her fans and is very responsive to sexting. She’s also open to custom requests, making this one of the best cosplay OnlyFans accounts. Fans get access to all of her content for only $13.99 per month.

OnlyFans Username @missmetnal
Fetish Latex/BDSM
Number of Likes 13,000
Number of Posts 343
Price $13.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,666

17. Jennica Lynn – Busty Swedish Babe With KK Cups

Jennica Lynn is a very busty Swedish creator with absolutely enormous tits. She wears a KK cup and loves to show them off to fans. In fact, many of her videos involve having fun with her breasts and exploring all the things she can do with them.

Jennica often posts multiple times a day, ensuring that there’s always fresh content for fans. She’s also extremely responsive to messages and loves to sext. Messaging with Jennica is completely free, although tips are certainly appreciated and remembered the next time you chat.

Jennica Lynn OnlyFans

Jennica’s page is normally $9.99 per month. But for a limited time, fans can subscribe and get their first month for just $3.50. That puts Jennica solidly in the ranks of the best cheap OnlyFans accounts.

OnlyFans Username @jennicalynn
Fetish Big tits/Glasses
Number of Likes 125,900
Number of Posts 622
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 638

18. Swedish Lovebirds – Hot Swedish OnlyFans Couple with Full Sex Tapes

Swedish Lovebirds is a couples account featuring Lilith and Amos. These hot Swedes enjoy showing off their love for one another through XXX-rated sex tapes that will make fans’ heads spin. They’re also into BDSM play, which makes this account worth following for anyone who gets off on domination.

Lilith and Amos have shared more than 1,000 photos and videos together, so there’s a ton of content for new subscribers to explore. However, they’re not as responsive as other accounts and don’t always do customs, so the experience isn’t as intimate as for some other top Swedish OnlyFans pages.

Swedish Lovebirds

At only $8 per month, this is a pretty affordable subscription. Fans who are into BDSM and love the idea of following a couple rather than an individual creator are sure to enjoy this account.

OnlyFans Username @perfectpair9669
Fetish Couples/BDSM
Number of Likes 941
Number of Posts 330
Price $8 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,010

How to Find the Best Swedish OnlyFans Girls

Still not sure which of the best Swedish OnlyFans creators to follow? We’ll explain some of the key factors to consider when deciding which OnlyFans Swedish girls offer the sexiest experience.


The best place to start when choosing the best OnlyFans accounts to follow is with fans’ own preferences.

OnlyFans has Swedish teens, MILFs, pornstars, amateurs, blond-haired hotties, busty babes, petite and curvy girls, and so much more. Knowing what body type a fan is attracted to makes it easier to find a creator that will drive them wild.

Sexual Content

The type of sexy content that the best Swedish OnlyFans creators put out is another major factor to consider. Almost every OnlyFans Swedish model puts out nude photos, but many go much further. Fans can choose from girls that stick to solo play to pornstars who put out full-length sex tapes.

Many Swedish girls on OnlyFans also differentiate their content with specific kinks. For example, some creators offer BDSM or cosplay. Others lean into girl/girl sex scenes and even group sex.

This is all part of what makes OnlyFans great – there’s a creator for every type of sexual preference.

Media Library

When fans subscribe to one of the best Swedish OnlyFans pages, they typically get immediate access to that creator’s entire media library. That includes all their past posts and steamy photos and videos.

So, there’s an advantage to following creators with larger libraries. In addition to all the new yet-to-be-released content fans have to look forward to, there’s also a ton of archived NSFW content to explore.


Another exciting aspect of OnlyFans is that the platform makes it easy for fans to chat directly with the creators they love. For many fans, a high level of interactivity is what sets the best Swedish OnlyFans accounts apart.

For fans who love to sext, make custom requests, or simply chat with stunningly hot models, it’s important to know how responsive a creator is. Many Swedish girls on OnlyFans specify whether they respond to messages or even encourage fans to reach out.


For better or worse, pricing is always a consideration when choosing which OnlyFans accounts to follow. If it wasn’t, fans could simply follow all the best Swedish OnlyFans creators.

Most top Swedish girls charge between $8-$15 per month for complete access to their accounts. Some creators are a little more expensive to follow, especially if they offer services like 24/7 sexting or full-length sex tapes.

Be sure to check whether a subscription gives access to all of a creator’s existing content or whether some videos require an additional pay-per-view payment. Fans should also keep in mind that tips are always appreciated for one-on-one services like sexting and personal requests.

Conclusion — Who is the Top Swedish OnlyFans Creator to Follow?

There are a lot of stunningly hot Swedish OnlyFans creators to follow and they cater to every type of sexual fetish. If we had to pick just one Swedish model, though, it would be Nivy.

Nivy’s nudes, cosplay content, and solo play videos are incredibly sensual and sexy. She knows exactly what to do to make fans tremble and keep coming back for more. Nivy is also very interactive and loves to sext with fans. Check out Nivy’s page today to unlock a red-hot sexual experience.


Who are the best Swedish OnlyFans creators?

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