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Jo Rushton

There’s nothing hotter than a stunning redhead. Maybe it’s because red hair is relatively uncommon, but a surprising number of men – and women – say they prefer redheads.

The good news is that there are plenty of redheaded babes on OnlyFans. We’ll highlight the 21 best redhead OnlyFans accounts for 2024 to help fans find the hottest red-haired girls to follow.

The 21 Best Redhead OnlyFans Girls

There are hundreds of stunning redheads on OnlyFans to choose from. Here are our picks for the 21 best redhead OnlyFans pages to follow today:

A Closer Look at the Top Redhead OnlyFans Pages to Subscribe to

While we wish fans could follow all 21 of the best redhead OnlyFans creators, the cost of subscriptions can add up fast. So, we’ll explain why we think each of these pages is worth a follow and let fans decide which redheads they’re most excited to follow.

1. Amouranth – Redhead Gamer With A Diverse Porn Library

To top our list of the best redhead OnlyFans girls of 2024, we have Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know this sex legend.

This trending pornstar has amassed 1.18 million likes for her ultra-HD OnlyFans redhead porn, which includes facials, BJs, deepthroating, threesomes, orgies, creampies, rim jobs, face sitting, 69, and so much more.

Amouranth OnlyFans

Amourangth is the hottest redhead OnlyFans gamer girl with live streams and a welcoming attitude – she will mostly reply to your erotic messages within an hour – she promises.

OnlyFans Account Handle @amouranth
Fetish Gamer
Number of Likes 1,180,000
Number of Posts 1,739
Number of Photos/Videos 2,873
Price $14.99 per month

2. Flexible redhead – Yoga Instructor Who Can Lick Her Own Pussy

Simply going by Flexible Redhead, this skinny redhead OnlyFans creator is a professional yoga instructor with the flexibility of a cat – she can lick her own kitty. Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself when you check out her 9,000 pieces of steamy content – for free!

As a certified sex addict, this sexy redhead OnlyFans babe produces B/G porn, masturbation tapes, double penetration videos, anal clips, and toy play scenes.

Flexible redhead OnlyFans

On top of that, your cheeky trainer guarantees daily OnlyFans redhead nude content. Whether she is training her student in doggy style or enjoying a hot sauna and bath, she makes sure you see delicate shots of her pink tits and appetizing ass.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sportyspicexo
Fetish Skinny
Number of Likes 94,600
Number of Posts 7,658
Number of Photos/Videos 9,296
Price Free

3. The redheaded vampire – Busty Redhead With Big Tit Porn

For those of you on the hunt for redhead PAWG OnlyFans creators, we’re pleased to present Rachel! This big tits redhead OnlyFans princess has a firecracker personality. In her latest sex scene, she can be seen ordering her adult stepsons around to give her a good titty fu*k.

This redheaded vampire is now offering 60% off for your first month. There are loads of NSFW tit shots of this busty redhead OnlyFans mommy covered in creamy cum that will get you hard for hours.

The redheaded vampire Rachel OnlyFans

To win additional snaps, you can buy Rachel a gift from her wishlist. She will slide into your inbox with exclusive tit play clips as a thank-you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @rachel_may_rose
Fetish Busty
Number of Likes 223,300
Number of Posts 429
Number of Photos/Videos 599
Price $9.99 per month

4. Sophie Jane – Redhead MILF Who Loves Trying Out New Sex Kinks

As Sohpie’s account handle tells you, she is your Redhead Girl Next Door OnlyFans darling. This adventurous OF MILF is all about exploring new sex kinks. She will gladly chat you up through DMs to see what sexy ideas you have and how she can make them come true.

Sophie secured her seat as one of our best redhead OnlyFans creators because of her diverse content library. She does JOIs, CEIs, B/G sex tapes, role play, anal play, solo play, XXX close-ups, sexting, and customs.

Sophie Jane OnlyFans

This 26-year-old MILF is also a top choice for those of you looking for a redhead TikTok OnlyFans creator. She boasts over 6 million likes on TikTok, where she posts suggestive dance videos and lip-syncing clips.

OnlyFans Account Handle @redhead.girlnextdoor
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 362,400
Number of Posts 771
Number of Photos/Videos 1,073
Price $17.99 per month

5. Hannah Nicole – Naughty Fitness Model With Live Sex Shows

If you have been following redhead OnlyFans Reddit threads, you’ve probably come across Hannah Nicole’s name at one point. She is a Twitch OF girl with regular live sex shows and over 300,000 followers across all her platforms.

Your redhead OnlyFans model will tease you with her signature stripteases and interact with you during her live streams. She’s an outstanding sex performer that knows how to pull you closer with her sweet talk and adult content.

Hannah Nicole OnlyFans

Other than her live shows, this petite redhead OnlyFans creator’s feed is packed with B/G sex scenes, G/G sex tapes, feet play videos, and masturbation clips.

OnlyFans Account Handle @hannahnicolefitness
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 67,400
Number of Posts 426
Number of Photos/Videos 431
Price $50 per month

6. Kayla the Redhead – Your Curvy Ginger Girlfriend With The Most Intense Orgasms

Kayla is the best OnlyFans creator for squirting content. Your ginger girlfriend will squirt like a hose when you talk dirty to her during a private call. This OF squirter loves doing customs with a personal touch to show you how wet she can get.

As a chubby redhead OnlyFans creator, you can expect a lot of jiggling tit shots and twerking in her sex tapes. She likes showing off her assets in her see-through underwear sets.

Kayla the Redhead OnlyFans

For nude redhead OnlyFans subscribers, Kayla will spoil you with her daily racy selfies. She updates her feed at least 3 times a day with alluring nudes/clips.

OnlyFans Account Handle @missredhead
Fetish British
Number of Likes 297,300
Number of Posts 5,423
Number of Photos/Videos 5,004
Price $14.99 per month

7. Rebecca Goodwin – Single Mom Who Lives to Enslave Men

Among our best redhead OnlyFans creators here, Rebecca has the most inspiring story. She went from being almost homeless with her two children to making over $100,000 a month – thanks to her raunchy content on OnlyFans. You don’t want to miss her jaw-dropping sex tapes.

This redhead MILF OnlyFans hottie likes enslaving men. Your favorite cougar loves ordering young boys around to fulfill her sexual fantasies. To join her kingdom, you must first agree to put her sexual needs before yours.

Rebecca Goodwin OnlyFans

Your hot redhead OnlyFans mommy has a dark sense of humor. She enjoys cracking nasty jokes. If you can handle lewd content, you will fall in love with Rebecca straight away.

OnlyFans Account Handle @beckymil911
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 2,170,000
Number of Posts 3,853
Number of Photos/Videos 3,807
Price $12.50 per month

8. Shaye – Kinky Redhead With Live Masturbation Shows

Up next on our list of the best redhead OnlyFans girls, we have Shaye, a top redhead OnlyFans cosplayer who offers frequent live streams.

Shaye likes dressing up as anime characters and fingering herself until her costumes are soaked with body fluids. Other than her live shows, her redhead OnlyFans porn comes with loads of XXX-close-ups and kink play. She is always up for trying out new sex kinks.

Shaye OnlyFans

To make things sweeter for you, this OnlyFans redhead goddess runs a free account – you’re invited to browse through her thousands of uncensored videos before unlocking the steamiest sex tapes with a little extra.

OnlyFans Account Handle @shayerivers
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 1,440,000
Number of Posts 6,553
Number of Photos/Videos 5,918
Price Free

9. Sierra – Teen Ginger Who Is Your JOI Queen

Sierra is a sexy teen redhead OnlyFans girl with a skinny rack. This self-proclaimed “JOI queen” adores teasing you with her pink tits and small ass.

She is the raunchiest redhead on OnlyFans with ultra-explicit JOIs, CEIs, squirting content, creampie videos, and more. You only have to pay $3.75 for the first month to unlock her thousands of enticing videos.

Sierra OnlyFans

For more of this teeny ginger, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where she uploads less revealing, yet equally suggestive photos/clips.

OnlyFans Account Handle @teenyginger
Fetish JOI
Number of Likes 124,100
Number of Posts 568
Number of Photos/Videos 2,851
Price $14.99 per month

10. Bad Redhead – Naughty Redhead Who Loves Erotic Cosplay

Preferring to be known as Bad Redhead, this thick redhead OnlyFans goddess is into erotic fantasy play. She’s got hundreds of costumes in her closet. From the elegant elf to the naughty redheaded Rudolph, she is a cheeky sweetheart with multiple faces.

When she puts on her outfit, she is in character. She will invite you for a private session for a little extra so she can curate the most erotic experience for you.

Bad Redhead OnlyFans

In her free time, your redhead big booty OnlyFans queen loves shopping for new clothes. If you buy her an outfit from her Amazon wishlist, she won’t hesitate to drop you exclusive snaps before she films her next tape in it!

OnlyFans Account Handle @badredhead20
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 23,000
Number of Posts 154
Number of Photos/Videos 321
Price $11 per month

11. Redhead – Brazilian Model Who Loves Lingerie Play

Another creator who wants to be named after her most attractive feature is this Brazilian model, Redhead. Her hourglass physique, wavy hair, and charming smile will steal your heart in seconds.

This OnlyFans Brazilian model loves seducing you with her tight lingerie sets. Corsets, pantyhose, stockings, latex panties… Whatever lingerie fantasies you have, you will find an XXX video on Redhead’s wall capturing the exact plot.

Redhead OnlyFans

This 21-year-old artist is also active on Twitter, where she offers additional snaps of her busy modeling life.

OnlyFans Account Handle @euredhead
Fetish Brazilian
Number of Likes 7,400
Number of Posts 261
Number of Photos/Videos 760
Price $40 per month

12. Kiki – Incredible Redhead with One of the Best OnlyFans Accounts for 2024

Kiki is a relatively new OnlyFans creator, but she’s quickly rocketed up the list of top OnlyFans accounts. Her body is nothing short of stunning and she puts out consistent, sexy content that will make fans’ mouths water.

Kiki OnlyFans

Kiki is currently rocking blonde hair, but she dyes it frequently and is often redheaded. Many fans also love Kiki’s exotic tattoos and curvy body, which helps her stand out from other redhead OnlyFans creators.

Her posts include everything from sexy teasers in bikinis to full nude photoshoots to self-play videos. The mix of suggestive and revealing content keeps things fresh and leaves subscribers crying for more.

Kiki also has one of the most responsive OnlyFans accounts, which is perfect for fans who want more of an experience than just photos and videos. She’s quick to reply to sexts with messages that leave fans trembling. She also accepts customs on request from fans who have something special in mind.

At $9.99 per month, we think Kiki’s content is well worth the subscription price. Plus, new subscribers can check out Kiki for 28 days at a discounted rate of $6.49.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$9.99/month Private 5,400 678

13. Faye – Hot Redhead for Sweet and Naughty Nudes

Faye is another one of the best new OnlyFans accounts for 2024. This gorgeous and playful amateur redhead creator offers nudes, lewds, and sensual self-play videos for her followers.

Faye OnlyFans

Faye stands out for her sweet and naughty persona. She’s the ideal redhead girl next door OnlyFans model for fans who are looking for new sexy content every day. Faye is also very responsive to messages from her subscribers and is always eager to find new ways to explore her sexuality.

Since Faye is still relatively new, she doesn’t have a huge content library built up. That can make the $10 per month subscription seem a little pricey, but we think this stunning redhead is worth it.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$10/month Private 2,100 173

14. Lacie Laplante – Gamer Redhead with Full Sex Tapes

Lacie Laplante is a playful, fun, and sexy ginger with a nerdy streak. At one moment she’ll be playing her favorite video games, and the next she’ll be slowly and seductively taking off her clothes.

Lacie Laplante OnlyFans

Her account includes everything from nude photos and strip-tease videos to softcore porn videos. Fans can get a preview of Lacie’s content through her free OnlyFans account, but she saves the best content – and most of her full nudes – for paying subscribers.

Lacie has been on OnlyFans for a few years and is quite prolific, so subscribers immediately get access to more than 2,000 photos and videos when they follow this account. Lacie is one of the most talented and sexy redheads on OnlyFans to explore today.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$9.99/month 161 136,300 2,230

15. Brie Nightwood – Thick OnlyFans Model with Lush Red Hair

Brie Nightwood is a thick and busty redhead OnlyFans creator with an absolutely enormous following. Her account has more than 49,000 fans, putting her in the top 0.1% of OnlyFans accounts. Clearly, she’s putting out reliably hot content and delivering for subscribers.

Brie Nightwood OnlyFans

Brie’s red hair isn’t her only attraction. She has an hourglass body with an oversized ass and even bigger tits. She’s not shy about showing off her body and loves to interact with fans. She also puts out a very wide range of content, from nude photos and solo play videos to softcore porn and beyond.

Brie is also known to start sexting with subscribers randomly. So, fans never know when they’re going to get a sexy DM from one of the best OnlyFans accounts and have a very pleasant jolt to their day.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$15/month 49,500 267,600 1,053

16. Rose Parker – Sexy British Ginger for Solos, Sex Tapes & More

Rose Parker is a British redhead OnlyFans creator that fans simply won’t be able to look away from. She’s scorching hot and offers even hotter, XXX-rated content with impressive frequency.

Rose Parker OnlyFans

Rose’s fans get everything from strip teases and nude photos to hardcore porn videos. She uploads at least one full video each week that could be a sex video – boy/girl, girl/girl, and threesomes – sex machine experience, sex toy play, or something even more exciting and unique. Rose also enjoys cosplay and her content rivals the best cosplay OnlyFans accounts.

Considering how much fans get, it’s hard to believe Rose’s account only costs $5 per month to follow. There is some pay-per-view content, but a subscription unlocks a surprising amount of this model’s XXX-rated video content.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$5/month Private 101,400 6,923

17. Lenina Crowne – Hardcore Porn including Threesomes, Anal, and Girl-on-girl

Lenina Crowne runs one of the best redhead OnlyFans pages for hardcore, XXX-rated porn videos. She specializes in anal sex, which is surprisingly rare to see across OnlyFans. She also does more traditional sex tapes with boy/girl, girl/girl, and threesome action.

Lenina Crowne OnlYFans

Another of Lenina’s specialties is jerk off instruction porn. These videos are incredibly sensuous and drive fans wild.

Lenina does offer sexting at an additional charge, but otherwise her account isn’t particularly interactive. She’s also willing to do customs, although these can be somewhat pricey. So, this account is best for fans who mainly want access to Lenina’s hardcore porn videos.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$4.99/month Private 55,300 1,387

18. Niki Spencer – Busty Redhead OnlyFans with a Responsive Account

Niki Spencer is one of the best amateur OnlyFans accounts to follow, particularly for fans who go wild for redheads. Niki loves to undress in front of her fans and show off her stunning body. She’s petite with well-defined curves and a big booty that subscribers love.

Niki Spencer OnlyFans

Niki’s nude redhead OnlyFans page offers everything from suggestive photos to self play to shower scenes. She’s frequently trying out new types of videos, which keeps the page exciting to follow. Niki also loves to sext with fans and is quick to respond to ideas for new types of scenes followers would like to see.

Plus, Niki doesn’t put a pay-per-view paywall over any of her videos. So, the $10 per month subscription fee is all fans pay to get access to all of Niki’s content.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$10/month Private 6,200 4,421

19. Redheadwinter – XXX-rated Redhead Sex Videos

The Redheadwinter OnlyFans page is run by one of the sexiest and most stunning redheads we’ve ever seen.

Redheadwinter OnlyFans

Fans get access to a huge library of explicit, XXX-rated content right away when they subscribe. That includes more than 400 sex videos with boy/girl, girl/girl, and orgy action. She also does squirt and anal sex videos and self play videos with very dirty talk.

Redheadwinter has a free OnlyFans page that offers a preview of her more salacious content. Her $30 per month subscription fee is on the high end for a lot of fans, but she goes the extra mile to make it pay off. This is easily one of the best redhead OnlyFans pages to follow.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$30/month Private 305,400 1,917

20. 45+ Redhead – Ginger MILF with Daily Posts

The 45+ Redhead account is run by a 45-year old redhead mom OnlyFans creator who’s not shy about showing off her body and talking dirty to fans. This is one of the best MILF OnlyFans accounts for fans who want more than just more sex videos.

45 Redhead OnlyFans

45+ Redhead focuses on quality over quantity, making interactions with fans as much a part of the account as her photos and videos. She’s erotic and sensual and knows exactly what subscribers need to get off.

Despite her age, 45+ Redhead has a stunning body that’s at least as hot as creators half her age. Plus, at less than $5 per month, this is one of the cheapest redhead OnlyFans accounts to follow.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
$4.99/month Private 319 49

21. Enrika Foxy – Best Free Redhead OnlyFans Page

Enrika Foxy offers one of the hottest and best free OnlyFans pages for fans who can’t get enough of redheads. Free subscribers get access to nearly 2,000 photos of this ginger babe, including a large number of full nudes.

Enrika Foxy OnlyFans

Enrika adds new content every day, keeping her account exciting with new seductive and nude content. She also offers sexy self play videos on a pay-per-view basis.

While Enrika’s body is stunning, it’s her responsiveness that really makes her one of the best redhead OnlyFans creators. She personally answers every DM from her followers and isn’t afraid to send dirty sexts. Enrika also offers dick ratings and personalized content on demand.

Price Followers Likes Media Files
Free Private 34,400 1,942

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Redhead OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After carefully reviewing everyone’s offers, pricing, and friendliness, we have decided that Amouranth is the hottest redhead OnlyFans girl in 2024. She is an experienced pornstar who knows how to produce the most drool-worthy 4K sex tapes.

Then, we have Flexible Redhead. Her yoga porn will blow your dirty mind. You can’t resist seeing this flexible babe going down on herself.

Up next we have Rachel, aka the Redheaded Vampire. This redhead BBW OnlyFans lady delivers the most insane big tit porn that will keep you coming back for more.

Ultimately, they are all the best redhead OnlyFans girls you will find on the platform. Whoever you decide to spoil next, you will be addicted to their saucy content immediately!

How to Find the Hottest Redhead OnlyFans Accounts

Still not sure how to choose the best redhead OnlyFans creators to follow? We’ll cover some of the key factors to consider when choosing which redhead babe will deliver the hottest content.

Content Types

Ginger OnlyFans creators cover a lot of different types of sexual content. Some focus on nude and lewd photos and videos, with the occasional foray into self play. Others deliver hardcore, XXX-rated porn with full sex tapes and even orgies. Many creators fall somewhere in the middle, offering a range of nudes, self play videos, sex tapes, and sensual content.

These different types of content offer very different experiences, so fans should think about what they’re most excited about. Another option is to follow one redhead for sensual, seductive content to get in the mood, and another redhead for XXX-rated sex tapes.

Creator Category

Under the umbrella of redhead OnlyFans accounts there are dozens of different sub-categories. Some examples include cosplay accounts, fetish and BDSM accounts, MILF accounts, teen accounts, girl-on-girl accounts, and XXX-rated accounts.

Thinking about what type of OnlyFans account fans want to see and then looking for a redhead that matches that description is one of the best ways to find the perfect page to follow.


Some OnlyFans pages are all about posts, images, and videos, with relatively little direct communication between the redheaded model and her fans. Other models love interacting with fans and make that a central feature of following their account.

Interactive experiences can include sexting with a redhead hottie and getting personalized sexy messages. Some creators also offer dick ratings or ask for feedback on their latest videos so they can better deliver the content fans want. This interactivity creates a stronger bond between models and followers, which only makes a creator even more sexy.

Media Library

When fans subscribe to one of the best redhead OnlyFans accounts, they get immediate access to the creator’s entire media library. So, there’s more bang for the buck when following established creators who have thousands of photos and videos on their account.

Fans can go through all this old content at their leisure and discover everything about a creator’s body and tastes.


Some redhead OnlyFans creators also offer customs on request. This can be a great way to fulfill a sexual fantasy with an ultra-hot redhead babe. Not all creators accept custom requests, so this is something to consider when choosing which accounts to follow.


Pricing is of course a major factor in choosing the best redhead OnlyFans accounts. After all, if all of these accounts were free, fans could simply follow them all.

There are several free redhead OnlyFans accounts, but most creators charge for access to their hottest content. Subscriptions can range from $5-$30 per month, with most top-rated redheads charging $10-$15. Keep in mind that fans might need to pay a little extra for pay-per-view content, sexting, or customs.


Who are the hottest redhead OnlyFans creators?

Who is the hottest redheader on OnlyFans?

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