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Fair skin, pink tits, blue eyes, blonde hair, intense orgasms… Everything you’ve fantasized about Russian girls is proven to be true on OnlyFans. They’re racy, sexy, and loving. You’re guaranteed to receive the hottest sex tapes and most personalized services from them.

Since there are thousands of high-quality creators from the Red Empire, we’ve done our job in narrowing them down to these 15 best Russian OnlyFans girls. You’ll be running out of tissues when you see these Slavic gems jiggle their boobs and moan.

The 15 Best Russian OnlyFans Girls 2024

Whether you’re looking for Russian OnlyFans models with BBC porn or amateur pornstars with foot content, we’ve got the best Russian OnlyFans girls right here. Sit back, take a few sips of Russian vodka, and enjoy this list!

A Detailed Look at the Best Russian OnlyFans Creators

In this section, we’ll take a detailed look at each creator’s profile to see why they’re the hottest Russian girls OnlyFans has to offer. From their pricing to sex kinks to responsiveness, here’s everything you need to know about them.

1. Juicy Blonde – Blonde Bombshell With Big Tits Who Offers Erotic Voice Calls In Russian

Marina is your juicy blonde Russian OnlyFans girl luring you into her sex cult with her diverse content library. Her menu of kinks covers creampies, cumshots, BDSM, SPH, B/G sex tapes, threesomes, orgies, solo play, cosplay, and BJs.

This curvy Russian is a top OnlyFans creator for voice calls. She speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and English fluently and interchangeably. When she’s feeling hot, she’ll whisper a few dirty lines in Russian or even give you a sexy Slavic name in your live roleplay session.

Juicy Blonde Marina OnlyFans

As if her ridiculously busty physique is not charming enough, Marina runs a free account, @marinaslivak_free, to give you a glimpse at her alluring content before signing up for the real deal.

These days, your big tits OnlyFans darling is offering 60% off for the first 31 days – you only need to pay $3.20. When you subscribe to her account, you can DM her ” juicy blonde” to redeem a free, 1-minute long uncensored sex scene.

OnlyFans Account Handle @marinajuicyblonde
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 21,500
Number of Posts 624
Number of Photos/Videos 671
Price $7.99 per month

2. Alexandra – Top Russian OnlyFans MILF With An Addiction To BBC Porn

Alexandra is open about her addiction to BBC. Ten years ago, she divorced her first Russian husband so she can be free to find the biggest African cock in her life. Fast forward to now, she is a happily married Russian MILF OnlyFans creator with drool-worthy BBC OF sex tapes – with her black husband, obviously.

Alexandra is one of the best Russian OnlyFans girls for romantic couple porn. Her interracial porn covers anal sex, toy play, deepthroating, hand jobs, cumshots, facials, creampies, triple penetration with dildos, and bondage.

Alexandra OnlyFans

We know you’re getting excited and eager for more of Alexandra. Good news for you, your Russian wife is willing to send you her panties for an extra fee – you can get a good taste of that sweet hole.

For more of this Russian BBC addict, Alexandra uses her Twitter and Instagram for family-friendly updates about her normal married life. It’s sweet and thoughtful that she considers you a close friend and wants to share personal details about herself.

OnlyFans Account Handle @alexandraqos
Fetish BBC
Number of Likes 910
Number of Posts 87
Number of Photos/Videos 117
Price $9.99 per month

3. Sveitlana – Petite Babe With Multiple Erotic Body Peircings In Russia

If you ask Sveitlana to sum up herself in three words, she’ll say “petite, pale, and pierced” – and every word describes her splendidly. Currently living in Russia, this exotic babe speaks English with a thick accent. We know you’re into that and we highly recommend sliding into her DMs and suggesting a live call – a nice tip will move things along quicker.

This 21-year-old college OnlyFans babe has body piercings in the sexiest places, including her lady part, tits, and belly button. For the right tip, she’ll fondle her rings with her giant vibrator set on hard mode right in front of your eyes.

Sveitlana OnlyFans

There aren’t a lot of photos/videos on her wall because she prefers customs – that’s why hitting her up is so important once you follow her.

Sveitlana has a wishlist for see-through outfits. She promises that anything you buy for her will be worn in her future clips. You’ll also receive exclusive scenes in your inbox as a thank-you – what are you waiting for?

OnlyFans Account Handle @thesexysveitlana
Fetish Piercing
Number of Likes 419
Number of Posts 42
Number of Photos/Videos 35
Price $8 per month

4. Girl from Russia called Sasha – Russian Born Model With Professional Seductive Snaps

Sasha is one of the best Russian OnlyFans models in demand right now. She’s the poster girl for lots of local beauty brands, sex toy companies, and bikinis. For those of you who’ve been following the Russian modeling circle, you’ve probably seen Sasha’s face.

Given her job, you can expect nothing less than high-quality setups from the Russian-born model. The multi-camera setup, sensual lighting, tight lingerie, her body covered in massage oil… These are just a few of the elements that make Sasha one of the best Russian OnlyFans creators.

Girl from Russia called Sasha OnlyFans

Don’t be put off because her media folder looks empty – this hot Russian OnlyFans princess reserves all her racy snaps through DMs to build a deeper connection with you. There’s also a sea of never-seen-before BTS photos from her professional shoots – all you have to do is to greet her to see her detailed catalog.

There’s no cost to joining this trending model’s OnlyFans account. If you ask nicely, she’ll throw in extra goodies in your bundle when you make a purchase in your private chat.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sashafromrussia
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 228
Number of Posts 9
Number of Photos/Videos 9
Price Free

5. Rowdy Russian – Blue-Eyed Russian Goddess Obsessed With Posting XXX Ass Close-Ups

Rowdy Russian is obsessed with her buttock. With that gorgeous OnlyFans big ass, who can blame her for the excessive XXX close-ups? This 2nd generation Russian lives in Florida, which has the perfect weather all year round to showcase her peach-shaped bum. There are naughty public snaps on famous beaches like Miami Beach and Santa Rosa Beach.

Your blue-eyed Russian OnlyFans girl may look innocent and harmless, but once you get to know her, you’ll be blown away by her sassy attitude and lewd content. She’s a wonderful dick rating girl on OnlyFans because she’s brutally honest – just don’t get butt hurt when she gives you detailed instructions on how to improve your hardness and size.

Rowdy Russian OnlyFans

In her free time, Rowdy Russian is either browsing for new panties or taking pics with her ass covering the entire frame. There are nudes of her on the toilet, doing squats, and in public parking lots as well.

This platinum blonde dynamite account is 100% free. The majority of her nudes are unlocked as soon as you subscribe. If you like her twerking teasers or ass play videos, remember to tip her to unlock the full tape.

OnlyFans Account Handle @rowdyrussian
Fetish Ass
Number of Likes 756
Number of Posts 65
Number of Photos/Videos 110
Price Free

6. Miss.Russiaa – Amateur Pornstar With Hardcore Lesbian Porn From The Red Empire

Originally from Russia, this half-Latina, half-Russian honey moved to the US when she was a child. Now, this pornstar wannabe is trying her best to get you red hot and be hers. She specializes in B/G porn, lesbian sex tapes, threesomes, deepthroating, creampies, cumshots, facials, JOIs, customs, role play, and cosplay.

Despite being relatively new to the platform, this amateur pornstar is already reaping a loyal following for her hardcore OnlyFans lesbian porn. These girls know no boundaries and will bury their heads in each other’s pussies until they all squirt. With so much happening in every full-length sex tape, you’ll probably have to replay it a few times to catch the full plot.

Miss.Russiaa OnlyFans

Miss Russia plays both a good girl and a bad girl, depending on her mood. She can be your ruthless SPH dominatrix bashing your balls or your sex apprentice waiting for you to teach her some tricks.

Your redhead Russian OnlyFans girl will gladly sell you her worn panties. Want them extra wet or with pee on them? There’s nothing too weird for her – just ask.

OnlyFans Account Handle @miss.russiaa
Fetish Latina/Lesbian
Number of Likes 2,900
Number of Posts 107
Number of Photos/Videos 128
Price $10 per month

7. Black Russia – Southern Belle With Russian Roots Who Does Dirty Pole Dancing

Black Russia is a charming Southern belle bred in Tennessee and brewing in Miami. Even though she’s probably never visited Russia, she can’t escape her roots with her ashy blonde hair and soul-sucking blue eyes.

After having 10 years of experience working as a dirty pole dancer, Black Russia knows exactly what it takes to get you horny. It’s hard to look away when she puts on her 10-inch heels – and nothing else – and starts swinging on the pole.

Black Russia OnlyFans

On her wall, there are XXX collabs with her colleagues who are also premium dirty dancers in town. Together, they produce the raciest naughty dances you’ll never forget. In case you’re in too deep with her mesmerizing moves and want more, she accepts customs so she can dance for your eyes only.

To see more of Black Russia or stay up to date about her upcoming performances, you can follow her on Twitter, IG, YouTube, and Snapchat.

OnlyFans Account Handle @therealblackrussia
Fetish Pole Dancer
Number of Likes 1,800
Number of Posts 192
Number of Photos/Videos 188
Price $24.99 per month

8. Dasha – Nightclub Stripper With A Diverse Content Library From Russia

Dasha from Russia is a top Russian OnlyFans stripper living in Amsterdam. Frequent visitors to the Red Light District may recognize her hot rack and pink tits. She loves doing stripteases before moving on to other raunchy sex stuff, which includes B/G porn, threesomes, foursomes, BJs, anal play, toy play, and solo content.

This nightclub stripper updates her wall daily with steamy sex scenes or nudes. Her Russian OnlyFans nude content is irresistible. Seeing her chubby body covered in her own body fluids is the sexual pleasure you didn’t know you needed.

Dasha OnlyFans

Since she is no stranger to performing in front of a live audience, your chubby darling is an excellent video call OnlyFans creator. It makes her smile when you’re edging back and forth in bed and begging her to make you cum.

The top-notch sex performer runs a VIP OnlyFans account @dashafromrussia1, where there’s no PPV. You can access her entire media library as well as her inbox as soon you subscribe to her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @dashafromrussia2
Fetish Striptease
Number of Likes 6,900
Number of Posts 440
Number of Photos/Videos 721
Price Free

9. Ms. Russia – Slavic Teen With A Round Ass Who Loves Lingerie Play

Ms. Russia is a Russian teen OnlyFans baby girl who just joined the platform recently. She quickly rose to fame for her seductive lingerie videos. From pantyhose to thin stockings to latex bras, this Slavic sweetheart has a huge collection in her second bedroom dedicated to storing her outfits.

On her wall, there are full-length clips of your filthy honey pie fingering herself while wearing her corset and leggings. Whatever nasty sex ideas you have about lingerie, Ms. Russia has probably done it or is going to do it.

Ms. Russia OnlyFans

Among our best Russian OnyFans girls, Ms. Russia offers the most comprehensive customized lingerie play services. Whether you want her to rub her clit through her lace panty or tie herself up with her stockings, she’s your girl – and she only asks for a very reasonable fee.

Whenever you renew your sub, Ms. Russia will reward you with additional snaps. It’s polite to return the favor and spoil your loving teen with compliments and extra cash from time to time.

OnlyFans Account Handle @motherussiaa
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 1,400
Number of Posts 157
Number of Photos/Videos 180
Price $6.99 per month

10. Sky Marrie – Real-Life Russian Barbie Doll With Outdoor Flashing Tapes

Known as Russian Barbie, Sky Marrie is half-Italian and is the hottest Russian OnlyFans babe for outdoor content. What’s the best way to enjoy the Italian summer? The answer is sunbathing and swimming naked – and Sky’s content proves just that.

Having clothes on is not really an option for Sky. When she is hanging around her family’s villa in the heart of Italy, she loves going out on her motorbike to remote vineyards to take full-frontal nudes and uncensored outdoor play videos. She even goes commando when doing her regular chores around the house or going grocery shopping.

Sky Marrie Russian Barbie OnlyFans

Sky also travels frequently to Florida for her modeling career. There are additional snaps taken in national parks like the Everglades National Park – it gets pretty messy as her boobs and bum are covered in mud.

Your Russian Barbie OnlyFans subscription fee is only $10, making her one of the best Russian OnlyFans girls with an affordable price tag – grab your chance to be her top follower now before the offer slips away.

OnlyFans Account Handle @therussianbarbie
Fetish Outdoor
Number of Likes 6,200
Number of Posts 32
Number of Photos/Videos 35
Price $10 per month

11. Zatanna – Hypersexual Ruskie With Ultra-Hot Squirting Content

Among our top OnlyFans Russian girls, Zatanna comes with the best squirting content. This crazy squirting OnlyFans girl is hypersexual – your dick pics and erotic jokes are enough to push her pleasure button.

On her wall, there’re B/G sex tapes, G/G sex scenes, threesome porn, orgy clips, and masturbation videos. Needless to say, they all end with her squirting until she’s exhausted and panting – we bet your balls will be drained before even you even finish watching her teasers.

Zatanna OnlyFans

Zatanna is a switch. Whether you want her to be your domme queen or submissive virtual girlfriend, she’s up for it. There’s nothing that turns her on more than indulging in a dom/sub fantasy play session with you.

Your saucy girl delivers freebies every time you renew your sub – remember to report your duty so your queen knows that you’re still here and it’s time to feed you something sexually delicious.

OnlyFans Account Handle @evilzatanna
Fetish Squirting
Number of Likes 11,400
Number of Posts 261
Number of Photos/Videos 135
Price $20 per month

12. Elena – Tattooed TikTok Influence Who Adores Feet Content And Her Russian Heritage

Boasting over 2.4 million likes on TikTok,  Elena is one of the best Russian OnlyFans creators as well as a top-rated TikTok OnlyFans girl. She’s a certified life coach with inspiring quotes and unparalleled feet content in her feed.

Even though she is a new girl here, the Inked Russian OnlyFans library is already packed with over a hundred pics/snaps. She does feet play videos, stocking play clips, and customs. Her tiny toes and colorful toenails are perfect for those of you looking for sexy pedicure content.

Elena OnlyFans

Her dozens of tattoos certainly elevate her raunchy side. Elena’s body is an art piece itself. Don’t be shy to ask about her Cyrillic tattoos – perhaps she’ll whisper in your ear about their meanings with a voice message.

When Elena isn’t producing adult content, she likes brainstorming new tat ideas and hitting the gym. To keep up with her racy routines, you can leave a generous tip. Frequent tippers get exclusive updates about her daily life that she doesn’t post anywhere else.

OnlyFans Account Handle @inked.russian
Fetish Tattooed
Number of Likes 10,400
Number of Posts 84
Number of Photos/Videos 108
Price $12 per month

13. Russian Creme Princess – Your Submissive Slav Girlfriend Who’s Eager To Please You

Angie, aka the Russian Creme OnlyFans Princess, is your submissive honey who’s eager to serve you with her small boobs and tasty ass. She thrives on reading your compliments in her DMs and always replies within a few hours.

Angie is particularly fond of dom/sub play – she is a sucker for your bossy attitude and filthy demands. She gets wet as soon as she hears about the naughty things you want to do to her. The best part about sexting with this shy sweetie pie is that she never says no to you – want to try for yourself?

Russian Creme Princess OnlyFans

We know you can’t wait to dominate this soft bunny. Lucky for you, Angie accepts 1:1 calls to make your sexual dreams come true. This girl will make sure that you cum before her like a good girlfriend.

For extra, not-so-spicy updates, you can follow Angie on Snapchat and IG. She mostly posts about her travels, restaurant reviews, and short clips there. Although it’s not as XXX-rated as her OnlyFans content, you can get to know the private side of this cheeky babe.

OnlyFans Account Handle @russiancremeprincess
Fetish Dom/Sub
Number of Likes 68
Number of Posts 36
Number of Photos/Videos 48
Price Free

14. Russian Mistress Volga – Russian Femdom Queen Who’s Here To Rule You

Before you proceed, please note that Mistress Volga is extremely temperamental and only accepts new sex slaves that are humble enough to greet her once they sign up – can you promise to do that? Oh, there’re also two rules. Rule No.1: You listen to her. Rule No.2: Don’t bother chatting her up if you aren’t ready to pay.

Your Russian femdom OnlyFans queen doesn’t show her face because she thinks you don’t deserve it, which is probably true. But, she’s here to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being ruled by a Russian bombshell and will reward you with uncensored snaps of her huge tits, smooth ass, and wet pussy.

Russian Mistress Volga OnlyFans

Mistress Volga offers findom services, latex play videos, heels content, personalized kink play sessions, and everything else you can expect from a firecracker Slavic queen.

If you can keep Misstress Volga happy with your cash and loyalty, she’ll spoil you back with some BTS clips and her dominatrix photoshoots around London, where she currently resides.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mistressvolga
Fetish Femdom
Number of Likes 533
Number of Posts 222
Number of Photos/Videos 942
Price $19.99 per month

15. Sweet delight – Eastern European Model With Tiny Tits And Shower Sex Scenes

Last but not least, we’re here to present your adorable Russian delight, Seren. This amateur model has posed for local adult magazines and filmed adult content on porn sites. She may be new to OnlyFans but she is definitely experienced in what she does best – showing her appetizing body and bare beaver.

She is the slimmest Russian girl OnlyFans has available right now with the littlest tits and flattest ass. Does it sound like your kink? If so, you surely don’t want to miss her shower sex scenes featuring local studs and her thick dildos. There’s an indescribable pleasure watching her struggle to put a massive tool into her kitty.

Sweet delight Seren OnlyFans

Just so you know, Seren’s slim figure doesn’t do justice to her healthy muscle mass. She’s actually a dedicated gym freak who hits the treadmill and swimming pool at least 5 times a week. She always remembers to take her phone along to capture her sweaty ass and biceps.

Occasionally, Seren posts suggestive selfies and outdoor content when she travels for modeling gigs or fashion shows. When she’s in a good mood, you may even get private snaps for your access only as an appreciation gift for supporting her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @seren.savory
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 2,100
Number of Posts 94
Number of Photos/Videos 98
Price $20 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Russian OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

It’s hard to pick a winner among these talented Russian OnlyFans girls so we went for three. The first one is Marina, aka Juicy Blonde. Her unbelievable curves and erotic voice call sessions will instantly make you her most loyal follower. She is an attentive dear who adores personal time with you.

Up next we have Alexandra. Her explicit BBC couple sex tapes are romantic and hardcore, which is the right choice for those of you hunting for interracial stuff and romantic porn on OnlyFans.

Then, we have Sveitlana. She captured our attention with her numerous body piercings and stunning masturbation videos. You won’t be able to resist this girl rubbing her clit and Christina piercing together.

Ultimately, they are all the best Russian OnlyFans creators who can deliver the sauciest content for your sexual pleasure. If you can’t decide which one to follow next, following at least three sounds like a good start!


Who are the hottest Russian OnlyFans creators?

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