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If tiny waists and big personalities turn you on, we’ve got you covered with this list of the 15 best petite OnlyFans creators. We picked a babe or two for every preference, so whether you’re into short and curvy Latinas or meek Asians with a naughty streak, you’ll find lots to love among the top OnlyFans petite creators of 2024.

As for what these petite ladies can do, the answer is whatever you like. These OnlyFans creators are game for virtually anything – XXX cosplay, one-on-one roleplay, hardcore stuff, and customized content to drive you wild. Read on for a breakdown of each babe’s stats, such as their fetishes, media library, subscription price, and more.

The 15 Best Petite OnlyFans Girls in 2024

Big things come in small packages, and the best petite OnlyFans girls of 2024 are ready to prove it:

A Detailed Look at the Best Petite OnlyFans Creators

Whether you’re into e-girls, redheads, MILFs, or sexy nerds, you’ll find your pocket-sized match in 2024‘s best petite OnlyFans girls:

1. Bella Bumzy – Most Versatile Petite OnlyFans Girl of 2024

Topping our list of the best petite OnlyFans girls is Bella Bumzy, a pint-sized cutie who recently turned 18 and can’t wait to show off her naughty side on the internet.

Her innocent looks, red hair, and flushed cheeks make this girl look like the ultimate goody-two-shoes. In reality, though, she has a wild side that can’t be tamed. Already famous on Instagram and TikTok, Bella Bumzy reserves her raunchiest content for her OnlyFans audience.

Bella Bumzy OnlyFans

For instance, Bella often records videos while playing with herself and doing other NSFW things on cam. Her bedroom is also packed with stuffed toys and adorable collectibles, which only adds to her charm.

If you want access to Bella’s OnlyFans world, you’ll be happy to know that it’ll only cost you $10 per month. She also runs occasional discounts of up to 90% off, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Your subscription instantly unlocks 1,200+ X-rated photos and videos from her OnlyFans petite XXX library plus unlimited access to all of her new uploads and live streams.

OnlyFans Username
Fetish Teen
Number of Photos/Videos 1,273
Number of Posts 1,299
Number of Likes 304,100
Price $30 per month

2. Lana Bee – Alt Petite OnlyFans Babe with Cosplay Chops

This petite anime-like beauty is one of the hottest OnlyFans creators out there. Lana Bee delights her fans by turning popular anime and video game characters into incredibly sexy, erotic cosplays. Whether you want some JOI from a real-life Catwoman or a nude Zelda ready to surrender to your desires, she can make it happen.

But that’s only the beginning: her library has 4,000+ pieces of hardcore content including full XXX videos. There’s something for everyone here – furry otakus included. That’s right – she also does pet play, so if you’re into softcore furry role-playing, this is one of the best petite teen OnlyFans you can follow.

Lana Bee OnlyFans

Paid subscribers can also sext with her, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities and naughty collaborations for the best OnlyFans petite customs. All this comes at just $7.50 a month, which makes her account one of the cheapest OnlyFans options you have. An absolute steal given the amount of petite X-rated content you get in return!

OnlyFans Username @lanabeexo
Fetish Erotic Cosplay
Number of Photos/Videos 4,233
Number of Posts 1,535
Number of Likes 362,100
Price $7.50 per month

3. Olivia – Petite OnlyFans Cutie Who Loves Going to the Gym

If you’re looking for the best petite teen OnlyFans creator, Olivia is here to deliver. This blonde OnlyFans creator has a face with delicate features and a waif-like body. But don’t judge her by her size – Olivia loves going to the gym and lifting. She’s strong, toned, and goes just as hard on the mat as she does on OnlyFans.

As her subscriber, you have much to look forward to. Olivia uploads a fresh nude every day to get you going, plus explicit videos thrown in. But the variety doesn’t end there – she does everything from B/G to G/G and has a ton of content in all sorts of fetishes – think BDSM, feet, and more. She even personally replies to her DMs, so you never feel like you’re being ignored or talking to a paid chatter.

Olivia OnlyFans

If you want something extra special, Olivia also takes requests for fetishes – just remember they cost extra in tips! You can also get freebies every time you renew your subscription, so it pays off, even more, to stay loyal.

OnlyFans Username @liv_789
Fetish Blonde
Number of Photos/Videos 2,898
Number of Posts 2,520
Number of Likes 582,400
Price $14.99 per month

4. Sofie Gostosa – Asian Teen OnlyFans Girl with Petite Bod & Wild Content

This 19-year-old petite brunette is a half-Filipina and half-Latina bundle of energy, and she has one of the best petite Asian OnlyFans accounts of 2024. With an awesome body she maintains with daily workouts, Sofie will captivate you with her curves and wicked charm.

Sofie’s OnlyFans feed is private and you’ll have to pay $15 (or less if you go for the bundle subscription) to unlock it. What greets you after that? An amazing collection of extremely explicit content, fetishes, and even group action where this petite hottie gives as good as she gets. 

Sofie Gostosa OnlyFans

Want something more personal? She loves taking requests from her followers: ranging from erotic outfits to roleplaying your dream scenarios. You’ll need to tip extra for this treat, but it’s certainly worth it.

OnlyFans Username @sofiegonewild
Fetish Asian
Number of Photos/Videos 1,652
Number of Posts 873
Number of Likes 606,000
Price $15 per month

5. Jasmin – Half-Indian Petite Hottie with Exclusive OnlyFans

Jasmin is a petite brunette from New Zealand with exotic looks you can’t ignore. She’s a mix of Maori and Indian, and she runs one of the best petite Asian OnlyFans accounts right now. But on top of it all, she has a special charisma that shines through every post she makes on OnlyFans.

Jasmin only shares R-rated content with her OF subscribers and nowhere else, so if you’re looking for an intimate and direct connection, this is the place to be! She loves talking to her fans and is unfazed by any request or idea. Plus, she’s all about giving out ratings, so don’t be shy to inbox her if you want an honest opinion about what’s in your pants. 

Jasminx OnlyFans

To show her appreciation when you renew your subscription, expect a surprise in your inbox when your payment goes through. Naturally, this is going to be of the XXX kind!

OnlyFans Username @jasminx
Fetish Brunette
Number of Photos/Videos 1,770
Number of Posts 1,126
Number of Likes 447,200
Price $15 per month

6. Lunita Galactica – Petite Girl Next Door with OnlyFans Account

Seeking the best OnlyFans petite teen who’s willing to spoil you and make all your fantasies come true? Look no further than Lunita Galactica – an OnlyFans creator from Buenos Aires who knows the ins and outs of the domination and submission game.

At only 18 years old, Lunita has a profound understanding of her own body and how to show it off. She loves taking sexy pics and vids of herself, which she then happily posts on her OnlyFans for your viewing pleasure.

Lunita Galatica OnlyFans

Still, Lunita is more than just stunning visuals. This OnlyFans petite hottie loves chatting one on one with her fans as well – particularly during live shows where things can get steamy in an instant. She also offers a nice menu of services like personal sexting, video calls on Skype, personalized content, and more. 

For $15 a month, you can virtually join Lunita Galactica in her bedroom – all from the comfort of your own home.

OnlyFans Username @lunitagalactica
Fetish Latina
Number of Photos/Videos 1,636
Number of Posts 1,170
Number of Likes 44,200
Price $19 per month

7. Lindsey Pelas – Blonde LA Babe with Kinky OnlyFans

Meet Lindsey Pelas, one of the best petite OnlyFans creators from Los Angeles. She’s a classic tall and blonde beauty with perfect proportions. Hailing from Louisiana, she’s also got an inner Southern Belle under LA vibe. 

Regardless of where she’s from, one thing is for sure, Lindsey knows how to unleash her kinky side on OnlyFans. You can get a taste of it with some freebies on her page, but her completely uncensored content is locked behind a subscription wall. Not to worry though – she makes sure to give great descriptions of all her PPV content so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Lindsey Pelas OnlyFans

Currently, Lindsey has an impressive archive of 1,500+ XXX items in her library. So if you’re looking to get your hands on some of the hottest petite blonde content out there, you definitely need to check out Lindsey Pelas’ free OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Username @lindseypelas
Fetish Blonde
Number of Photos/Videos 1,538
Number of Posts 759
Number of Likes 981,700
Price Free

8. Kathiana – Petite Latina with Red-Hot OnlyFans Library

As a Latina OnlyFans queen with toned and tanned abs, she’s an explosive mix of elegance and raw energy. And Kathiana may be small, but she’s also as fierce as any OnlyFans creator out there. In fact, Kathiana only puts out hardcore content on OnlyFans. 

For one, Kathiana’s full-on B/G videos are sure to satisfy. She also throws some fetish fun into the mix – from leather to lace, she enjoys them all. 

For those of you who specialize in feet, don’t worry – Kathiana has plenty of content for you, too. She creates specialized foot fetish videos, where she shows off her beautiful tootsies and dances around in her high heels and skates. 

Kathiana OnlyFans

If that’s not enough, you can also request customs by simply chatting her up in her inbox. Want something to remember her by? Kathiana also sells previously used socks and underwear if you just want to take an extra piece of her with you. Finally, when you subscribe to her account for a monthly fee, you get an explicit video as a welcome gift.

OnlyFans Username @katyaaaaa
Fetish Feet
Number of Photos/Videos 657
Number of Posts 640
Number of Likes 44,700
Price $8.99 per month

9. Lex – Naughty OnlyFans Girl with an Innocent Look

Lex ranks among the hottest OnlyFans petite creators and packs a punch when it comes to her XXX content. Like the best petite OnlyFans girls, she looks innocent AF, but underneath those doe eyes are some of the naughtiest thoughts on this side of the internet.

She’s ready to do anything to satisfy her subscribers – and that means you can expect lingerie, cosplay, and HD photosets done to perfection from the best petite teen OnlyFans creator. She’s also got something extra special for her VIP members – exclusive hardcore content where Lex gets wild with girls, boys, and her collection of toys.

Lex OnlyFans

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. If you message Lex, she will send you a special gift – a free nude! She also offers PPV content with things like Harley Quinn and Resident Evil erotic cosplays, or if you wish, a completely custom cosplay directed by you.

OnlyFans Username @luvcoregf
Fetish Teen
Number of Photos/Videos 5,031
Number of Posts 1,648
Number of Likes 644,300
Price $10 per month

10. Ginny Potter – Petite MILF with a Humorous Side on OnlyFans

Petite and beautiful, Ginny Potter is the MILF-next-door OnlyFans fantasy come true. Her size may be tiny, but her enthusiasm for adult entertainment is anything but – she posts full-length explicit videos on her OnlyFans every single day. Her new uploads are always fresh and with minimal reposts, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

If you like your XXX fun with a side of laughter, you’ll no doubt love Ginny Potter. She loves joking around and telling corny jokes, so if you have the same sense of humor as her, you’re in for a real treat. 

Ginny Potter OnlyFans

On top of that, Ginny Potter runs her page herself and doesn’t rely on a third party to do that job. This means she personally takes the time to send naughty treats to her subscribers’ inboxes daily. Want a more intimate conversation with this petite MILF? Go ahead and shoot a message to her inbox – expect a reply shortly from this friendly OnlyFans babe.

OnlyFans Username @ginnypotter
Fetish MILF
Number of Photos/Videos 3,813
Number of Posts 2,694
Number of Likes 6,730,000

11. RLrunescapeGF – Erotic Cosplay Extraordinaire with Petite Bod

Love anime and video games? Want the best OnlyFans petite creator to act out your favorite moments? Say hello to RLrunescapeGF, a petite OnlyFans creator who specializes in erotic cosplay and e-girl material. Her petite, doll-like body is the perfect blank canvas for all kinds of outrageous adventures – and she’s always up for a challenge!

From Velma cosplay sets to hot yoga with Zelda, RLrunescapeGF covers all kinds of sexy scenarios. You can also get a copy of her Elf Maiden, E-Girl Easter Bunny cosplays, and a large collection of girlfriend-themed scenes. And if you’re more into closeups, she’s got those too.

RLrunescapeGF OnlyFans

For unrestricted access to her archive of nearly 5,000 spicy photos and videos, subscribe to her OF account for an affordable fee. But even if you don’t decide to subscribe, you can always purchase her a la carte cosplay sets for a much smaller price.

RLrunescapeGF is also known to shower her devoted subscribers with gifts during holidays and other special occasions. Celebrating your birthday? Give her a heads up – you just might get a birthday suit selfie from one of the best petite OnlyFans girls of 2024!

OnlyFans Username @rlrunescapegf
Fetish Cosplay/Gamer
Number of Photos/Videos 2,436
Number of Posts 4,493
Number of Likes 541,300
Price $10 per month

12. Abby – Petite Redhead Who Spoils Her OF Subscribers

Representing cute OnlyFans redheads on our list of petite NSFW creators is Abby. This cutie is 18+, but she acts and looks much younger than that. So if you like the thought of spoiling a young lady who’ll do anything you ask in return, you’ll do well to subscribe to her OnlyFans.

Once you learn how to push Abby’s buttons, she’ll happily pour all of her attention on you. She also enjoys gifting her subscribers with all sorts of goodies, from surprise nudes to huge discounts on her subscription.

Abby OnlyFans

Most importantly, Abby knows how to tease and tantalize with her photos and videos – whether it’s lingerie, nude poses, or playful shots in the bathtub, she’s always ready to show you what she’s got.

OnlyFans Username @abbypufff
Fetish Amateur/Redhead
Number of Photos/Videos 179
Number of Posts 179
Number of Likes 41,400
Price $30 per month

13. Mimi – British  Beauty with Huge XXX OnlyFans Archive

Mimi’s British accent, slight frame, and blonde locks make it hard not to fall in love with this all-natural babe and petite NSFW OnlyFans star. And because she’s been building her OnlyFans page for over two years now, you can feast your eyes on every angle when you subscribe for $9.99 per month

Mimi’s page is full of spontaneous, ever-changing content. You’ll get to see her fully nude, traveling and playing dress up, as well as many other activities that are both thrilling and sexy.

Mimi OnlyFans

She’s also great at sexting and loves messaging her fans – the petite goddess is online every day, so if you’re in the mood to chat, slide into her inbox and strike up a conversation.

Also, you can always trust Mimi to be real and authentic. She doesn’t bait and switch – if it says full nudity on the page, that’s what she’ll deliver.

OnlyFans Username
Fetish British
Number of Photos/Videos 2,510
Number of Posts 1,812
Number of Likes 322,400
Price $9.99 per month

14. Carly & Christy – Two Raunchy Babes for the Price of One

Carly & Christy are petite NSFW sisters that share a single OnlyFans page, and together, they’re some of the best petite OnlyFans creators you can find today. They’re real-life twins – we’ll let your imagination take care of the rest. 

Love fit girls? These ladies have an extensive collection of booty pics and selfies showing off their physique – all guaranteed to make you drool. Their OnlyFans feed also features fully nude workout videos and sexy stretches to get your juices flowing.

Carly & Christy OnlyFans

When you subscribe, you can message the duo and request specific content or just chat with them about anything that comes to mind. If it’s naughty kinks you’re after, Carly and Christy also have a variety of solo and toy play content ready for your viewing pleasure. Get ready for double-trouble levels of fun!

OnlyFans Username
Fetish Twins
Number of Photos/Videos 1,115
Number of Posts 993
Number of Likes 552,200
Price $5.99 per month

15. Hakka – Petite Japanese OnlyFans Girl who Games in the Nude

Rounding up our list is Hakka, a petite and cute Japanese OnlyFans girl who loves naughty stuff – just promise you won’t let her parents know (she loves doing the rebellious teen roleplay!) This makes her an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best petite Asian OnlyFans.

Hakka has new B/G, threesomes, solos, JOI, feet, edging, and femdom videos every week. She’s also a huge fan of gaming and loves playing naked – so don’t forget to message her for her Steam profile once you’re subscribed. 

Hakka OnlyFans

Hakka also responds directly to every single message; no bots when you’re dealing with one of the best petite OnlyFans creators! She’s a great communicator and often sends voice notes and personalized videos when her subscribers renew their subscriptions. On top of that, she posts 6 times a day just to make sure you have something new to perk up your day.

OnlyFans Username @tinyhakka
Fetish Japanese
Number of Photos/Videos 456
Number of Posts 450
Number of Likes 475,300
Price $12.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Petite OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

The hottest petite OnlyFans girl to follow in 2024 is none other than Bella Bumzy. This babe is an erotic chameleon! She can do innocent, naughty, hardcore, girlfriend experiences, even hotwife roleplay – name your fantasy, Bella is ready to bring it to life. Looking for more of the best petite OnlyFans creators to follow? Add Lena Bee if cosplay gets you hot under the collar, and Olivia if you’re into that classic aesthetic.


Who are the hottest petite OnlyFans creators?

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