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There are over 2 million horny babes on OnlyFans ready to hear about your filthy dreams. They love sending erotic messages and NSFW pics. If you play your cards right, they won’t hesitate to show you some exclusive adult content through your DMs as well.

We know you are excited, and yet, overwhelmed. Don’t worry, to help with your quest, we’ve compiled a list of the best sexting OnlyFans girls to follow in 2024. Whether you are into busty MILFs or petite Asians, this is where you will find the hottest babes to rate your dick!

The 15 Best Sexting OnlyFans Girls 2024

Are you ready to get hard? These gorgeous divas with unbelievable curves and charming personalities offer the most original XXX-rated content direct to your inbox. They are here to give you a once-in-a-lifetime sexting experience.

A Detailed Look at the Best Sexting OnlyFans Creators

Here are the 15 best sexting OnlyFans creators of 2024. Get ready to learn about their wet dreams and sexual fantasies. From amateur pornstars to curvy ebony models, this list has got you covered!

1. Anastasia – Petite Asian Who Loves Sexting All Day

Say hello to your new personal sex assistant! Anastasia is one of the hottest Asian OnlyFans girls for sexting right now. This half-Australian, half-Taiwanese baby girl is online all the time, waiting to hear what you want to do with her pink titties and juicy ass. If you show enough support by tipping her generously, she may slide into your DM with an erotic morning selfie.

Aside from dirty texts, she is also eager to please you with her dildo videos, B/G sex tapes, solo play, and cosplay. Her petite body only accentuates those incredible curves more. Overall, she does the best sexting on OnlyFans because she doesn’t hold back. Her explicit adult content is tantalizing. It’s time to be a little adventurous and send over those NSFW pics that’ll make her smile!

Anastasia OnlyFans

Your diva is also a huge tattoo lover. She loves hearing new tat ideas for her hot body. Sounds like an ass tattoo consultation will be in session! Right now, she is offering a sweet deal of $10 for 30 days. Don’t miss your chance to sext with this gorgeous Asian hottie.

OnlyFans Account Handle @anastasia_vip_xxx
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 995
Number of Posts 56
Number of Photos/Videos 57
Price $19.99 per month

2. Corinna Kopf – Blonde Bombshell With a Voluptuous Ass

Corinna is a Californian country girl who loves to send naked bathroom selfies through DMs. Be ready to receive a ton of ass pics when sexting with her – her sun-kissed, peach-shaped ass is an absolute bomb. A carefree soul like Corinna has no filter, which means she is not shy to go deep into your wild fantasies when sexting.

Be sure to tell this feisty babe how much you want to milk her like a cow. Naughty photo messages can also get this farm girl wet and excited. You can take the intimate experience further with 1:1 video calls and fetish-friendly requests.

Being a social media influencer, she has one of the most stunning celebrity OnlyFans pages. Her raunchy adult content has amassed over 1.7 million likes on the platform, are you ready to add to them?

Corinna Kopf OnlyFans

When the sun is out, she enjoys sunbathing semi-naked on the beach. If you treat her right, she might just give you a little sneak peek underneath her barely-hanging bikini direct to your inbox. It’s her dream to see your creamy cum drip like tasty ice cream!

OnlyFans Account Handle @corinnakopf
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 1,780,000
Number of Posts 377
Number of Photos/Videos 384
Price $19.99 per month

3. Barbee Bandz – Your Personal Ebony Girlfriend With the Dirtiest Messages

This busty ebony diva is one of our best sexting OnlyFans girls. Whether you are heading to the office or going to a pub, your baby doll will turn it into her dirty public sex fantasy. She is sexy, humorous, and most importantly, she knows it when she sees a remarkable dick. Your cheeky ebony babe loves hearing how hard you wish to squeeze that curvaceous ass.

Spoiler alert – she has a sexy voice and likes to send voice messages of her moaning in bed. Other than her provoking sexting, she is famous for her orgies, creampies, B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, sloppy toppy, deepthroating, JOIs… This Florida beach girl is willing to do anything for your enjoyment. 

Barbee Bandz OnlyFans

Your ebony pornstar runs a relatively cheap sexting OnlyFans account, asking for only $5 per month. If that’s not an invitation to enjoy sexting with her, what is?

OnlyFans Account Handle @barbeebandz
Fetish Ebony / BBW
Number of Likes 402,100
Number of Posts 6,104
Number of Photos/Videos 7,961
Price $5 per month

4. Elaina – Brunette MILF With The Biggest Ass

Elaina is your ​​best sexting stepmom OnlyFans girl. This curvy brunette indulges herself in daily fantasy roleplay with guys like you to escape the mundane life. There is nothing more arousing than sexting you about her wet dreams. Sometimes, she is the horny stepmom looking for a young man, other times, she is the caring nurse trying to pass her practical exams. Your private chat with her will look like an erotic book.

Other than exchanging seductive messages, you can ask for a live video call with a generous tip. Elaina is fetish-friendly, in fact, she longs to hear your guilty pleasures. Tell her your deepest sexual fantasies to turn her on!

Elaina OnlyFans

When she’s not deep in dirty talk in her DMs, she likes trying out new revealing underwear sets or getting drunk on her balcony – naked. Don’t be surprised if she asks for your opinions on her recent sexy panty purchases when you drop her a naughty message!

OnlyFans Account Handle @elaina_stjames
Fetish MILF / BBW
Number of Likes 196,300
Number of Posts 1,295
Number of Photos/Videos 1,596
Price $8.99 per month

5. Natalie Monroe – Sexy Teen With XXX-Rated Content Direct to Your Inbox

A hot teen like Natalie makes sexting on OnlyFans a must-do experience. As one of our hottest OnlyFans girls, this gorgeous teen already boasts over 4.5 million likes on the platform. It’s not difficult to see why, this baby girl will do anything to get you hard.

She states in her bio that she always responds to all DMs. Oftentimes, you’ll even receive exclusive nudes direct to your inbox, which makes her among the best OnlyFans sexting girls.

When you become her biggest fan by tipping and supporting her content, she may call you up for a personal sex act! Your horny teen runs other top-notch explicit content as well, including anal play, G/G porn, B/G sex tapes, stripteases, and roleplays. Now is your best chance to grab her attention, while she is still new here.

Natalie Monroe OnlyFans

To sweeten the deal, Natalie is now offering a $4.90 for 31 days trial. It’s time to get intimate and take a closer look at this 18-year-old’s life, with full access to her DMs all included. Your best OnlyFans for sexting creator is waiting with her panties down!

OnlyFans Account Handle @nataliemonroe
Fetish Teen / Petite
Number of Likes 4,630,000
Number of Posts 330
Number of Photos/Videos 322
Price $49 per month

6. Brittany Elizabeth Welsh – Top Hot Housewife Free Sexting OnlyFans Page

Brittany is a sexy OnlyFans creator with the most insane curves. Her incredible physique is hard to miss, especially since she loves sending photo messages of her gigantic boobs. She doesn’t ask for tips to sext, that’s why she is one of the best free sexting OnlyFans girls.

A little secret about Brittany, she is addicted to sending close-ups through DMs, a little something for your eyes only if you can crack a dirty joke! She also posts daily pornographic content because she can’t resist showing off her assets.

Her huge content library contains a lot of uncensored deepthroat clips, JOIs, creampies, and solo play. With the right tip, she can reserve videos for your access only in a private chat. On Twitter, this full-of-life PAWG queen has amassed over 1 million followers, that’s where she occasionally posts uncensored behind-the-scenes footage.

Brittany Elizabeth Welsh OnlyFans

Whether she is trying out her new sex toy or enjoying a hot bubble bath, she will happily share it with you in the chat. This busty housewife also likes reading erotic bedtime stories to you with voice messages when you can’t sleep. 

OnlyFans Account Handle @thebrittanyxoxo
Fetish PAWG / Busty
Number of Likes 922,200
Number of Posts 3,963
Number of Photos/Videos 4,053
Price $11.99 per month

7. TinkerBell – Mom-Next-Door Turned Dominatrix

Going by TinkerBell, this MILF was a real stick-in-the-mud before she found her passion – BDSM. Now, she is among the top cuckold OnlyFans creators. She spends all day telling her sex slaves like you to talk dirty to her. Calling herself a cumslut, your mature lady has an obsession with covering her perfect 34DDD boobs with warm, creamy cum.

To please your queen, you have to send your best cum shots to her inbox. She will only entertain you if she thinks you can make her hot and horny. When you snap nudes with this demanding queen, there is no boundary. She may tell you to get some sex toys to play together if you get a 1:1 sexting session. This hot diva is a filthy, naughty queen with lots of dirty sexual fantasies that can sext all day long with you. 

Tinkerbell OnlyFans

Tinkerbell is another cheap sexting OnlyFans creator, only charging $7 a month. She accepts fetish-friendly and personalized requests. It’s time to give this MILF multiple orgasms by sexting her your best dirty lines and NSFW videos!

OnlyFans Account Handle @tinker4bell
Fetish Ebony / BBW
Number of Likes 109,300
Number of Posts 617
Number of Photos/Videos 623
Price $7 per month

8. Baby Tatiana – Raunchy 18-year-old Pornstar Who Loves to Sext

Being a multi-ethnic Latina, your Baby Tatiana is an exotic amateur pornstar and a teen OnlyFans girl. Her angelic face and devilish body give you the best of both worlds.

Like most 18-year-olds, your horny Baby Tatiana is always on her phone sexting. This teenage girl is a selfie addict, so, expect a lot of nudes when chatting with her. She also does free dick ratings. Show her what you’ve got and see what she thinks about it!

She is extremely prolific. There are over 28,000 uncensored pics/videos on her wall. Sexting is not the only way she can make you cum. Check out her raunchy content such as threesomes, orgies, G/G porn videos, JOIs, and more. Video calls and custom requests are available for the right tip. 

Baby Tatiana OnlyFans

It won’t be long until this promising teen becomes a household name in the porno world. Already boasting over 1.17 million likes on her OnlyFans page, you don’t want to miss what this up-and-coming pornstar is doing. Hit up this curvy teen in her inbox and ask to see her in her sexy, seductive lingerie.

OnlyFans Account Handle @babytatiana
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 1,170,000
Number of Posts 33,531
Number of Photos/Videos 28,527
Price $9.99 per month

9. Yunyun – Your Best Free Asian Girlfriend Who Loves Erotic Photos Messaging

Your best free sexting OnlyFans creator has got to be Yunyun. This 23-year-old, 32F-cup Asian offers XXX-rated content with a free subscription. It’s all about lust and sex for this one.

Once you start sexting with her, you will discover her passion for erotic photo messaging. For this cute hottie, photo and video messages are more appealing than plain text, keep this in mind when chatting with her!

Aside from sexting, be sure to take a look at this petite Asian’s massive content library. There are lots of uncensored porno clips such as G/G sex tapes, squirting, solo play, cosplay, and threesomes waiting for you. Seeing her snow-white body edging in bed and hearing her soft moans will get you hard in seconds.

Yunyun OnlyFans

Sometimes, she likes to be a little naughty and tease you with her new sex toy in your personal video calls – after sending a nice tip, of course. Here’s a pro tip to get her attention, she is a big anime fan. If you can tell whether she is Sakura Kinomoto or Sailor Moon in her live streams, she might be happy enough to send you some juicy photos of her pink pussy during a live sexting session!

OnlyFans Account Handle @u9712828isfree
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 39,500
Number of Posts 3,590
Number of Photos/Videos 2,709
Price Free

10. April Opal – Best Teen Sexting OnlyFans Girl

Another one of our best sexting OnlyFans girls is April Opal. Being an 18-year-old party girl, there’s nothing she won’t try. She is a naughty girl that will often ask you to do “dares” like going out with a butt plug up in your ass. You have to send receipts through DMs for her approval. Sexting with her is arguably super unpredictable in the most exciting way.

If you give her a little extra love through tipping or liking her posts, she will surprise you with exclusive XXX-rated clips direct to your inbox. Her thrilling content covers anal play, bondage, deepthroat, creampies, and B/G sex tapes. She also does steamy lesbian content with her girlfriends from time to time.

April Opal OnlyFans

Your playful teenage baby girl is the all-in-one package. She offers free sexting on OnlyFans and replies to all the DMs that make her wet and horny. Get your best dick pics and dirty lines ready so this dreamy teen will shake her round ass for you!

OnlyFans Account Handle @aprilopal
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 3,700
Number of Posts 38
Number of Photos/Videos 86
Price $5 per month

11. Hanna Zimmer – Curvy Dominatrix Who Loves Sending NFSW Photos Through DMs

Be warned, this queen has an attitude. She wants you to please her and not the other way around. This former geography teacher was fed up with entitled students she couldn’t spank. Now, she uses her ropes and dominance to discipline naughty slaves like you.

Hanna will reply to all DMs with loads of NSFW photos and fingering clips, given that you are obedient during your live sexting session. She likes sending seductive photos in her dominatrix outfits, which makes her humongous ass even more appetizing.

Fetish-friendly custom requests are welcome, but only if she thinks they are hot and erotic enough. When sexting with this bossy queen, make sure to listen and play along with her sexual fantasies. Don’t let her down or you will get some angry texts from your master. If you want a more personal experience, you’ll have to try your best to beg your queen for it!

Hanna Zimmer OnlyFans

Your queen offers top-notch XXX-rated content as well, such as solo play, BDSM, squirting, anal play, and orgies. For dom/sub content, this curvy dominatrix is undeniably one of the best sexting OnlyFans creators. To get this bossy babe to show you some love, compliment her huge tits because they are her proudest assets!

OnlyFans Account Handle @hanna-zimmer
Number of Likes 48,100
Number of Posts 455
Number of Photos/Videos 510
Price $6.22 per month

12. EbonyPrincess – Amateur Pornstar Who Loves Live Sexting Sessions

This Colombian diva comes with unbelievable 44HH titties and a gigantic ass, that’s why she is a top choice for the best porn OnlyFans accounts. With a heavenly body like hers, it’s no wonder why EbonyPrincess is obsessed with sexting with nudes to show off. She is eager to get you hard with her uncensored close-up pussy shots straight to your inbox. 

Your thick Latina gal runs some of the most explicit content here. Threesomes, deepthroating, B/G porn, lesbian content, creampies… These are just a few of her favorite things to do. When she is feeling sexy, she likes to take you to her sweaty naked gym workouts with a live sexting session. Her hardcore pornographic content will get your blood rushing down there for sure!

Ebony Princess OnlyFans

Despite her outrageously hot look, EbonyPrincess has the girl-next-door persona. Your filthy messages and fantasies will make her giggle and blush. She is also a cheap sexting OnlyFans girl, with a monthly fee of only $6.30. 

OnlyFans Account Handle @ebonyprincess99
Fetish Ebony/Curvy
Number of Likes 173
Number of Posts 47
Number of Photos/Videos 67
Price $6.30 per month

13. Madison Knox – Top Free Indonesian OnlyFans Girl for Sexting

Madison is one of our top Indonesian OnlyFans creators, for obvious reasons. Her dirty talks, hot photo sets, and responsiveness are the reasons we think she offers one of the best OnlyFans free sexting experiences. She is always online to interact with you.

From revealing lingerie photos to fingering clips, your girl will sext anything erotic. Don’t be shy to ask for custom requests, just like this girl is not shy to bomb you with her voluptuous ass in the chat. Of course, be kind and leave something extra so she can continue to rate your dick.

Bonus point – you will get “an intimate surprise” in your private chat just by liking all her posts. When you are not sexting this hot babe, check out her wild content library with over 15,000 uncensored clips. Anal play, creampies, orgies, B/G porno, G/G sex tapes, squirting, and toy play are among her most popular videos. 

Madison Knox OnlyFans

If you want some free sexting on OnlyFans, Madison is your dream girl. She is the cutest free OnlyFans sexting girl, guaranteeing a lifetime free subscription. Be ready to receive her titty pics and tight pussy close-ups, as long as you tell her how hard you want to spank her giant ass.

OnlyFans Account Handle @madisonknox
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 1,770,000
Number of Posts 16,979
Number of Photos/Videos 15,554
Price Free

14. jess LOVES SEXTING – Your Naughty Asian Girlfriend Ready to Sext

The jess LOVES SEXTING OnlyFans page offers you the most immersive sexting experience. This Asian babe is available 24/7 to surprise you with her explicit nudes, erotic morning texts, live calls, and more – but again, please don’t forget to tip your teen model what she deserves!

If you behave like a caring lover, she may even show you some juicy behind-the-scenes clips of her uncensored content. There is nothing Jess won’t do for you. She has the cute Asian girlfriend persona and wants you to feel loved and adored.

You can feel both her horny and romantic sides all at once when sexting with her. All her XXX-rated content such as cosplay, squirting, and G/G porn will guarantee to satisfy all your sexual fantasies. She is fetish-friendly with a particular love for fluffy handcuffs. Her best content can be exclusively reserved for you for a nice tip!

Jess Loves Sexting OnlyFans

Jess is one of the best sexting OnlyFans girls because she is horny all the time. She will keep begging you to send her NSFW photos to keep her wet. Right now, she offers a $3.75 for 31 days amazing deal so you can get a taste of heaven. 

OnlyFans Account Handle @jessbess
Fetish Asian/Petite
Number of Likes 281,300
Number of Posts 961
Number of Photos/Videos 1,122
Price $14.99 per month

15. Miss Patricia – Dominatrix Who Loves to Humiliate You Through DMs

Miss Patricia is another one of our best sexting OnlyFans creators. Of all the sexting OnlyFans accounts, Miss Patricia runs the most enticing dominatrix content. Instead of pleasing you with her no-filter dirty lines, this mistress will demand your dick pics for her own pleasure. You have to just sit and watch her solo play.

When you become her slave, you have to complete several “challenges” to win rewards. These slave tasks involve humiliation and BDSM sent through your DMs. After each challenge, your dominatrix queen will reward you with raunchy content in the chat. As you win more rewards, she may invite you to a live sexting session or 1:1 video call. To win her heart, you better act like her most obedient slave.

Miss Patricia OnlyFans

It may sound like Miss Patricia doesn’t quite care about you, but, if you give her a good orgasm, she will send you personal squirting videos to keep you around. Right now, there is a limited offer of a free 7-day trial. Take your chance to enjoy free OnlyFans sexting with Miss Patricia as her most loyal sex slave! 

OnlyFans Account Handle @misspatricia
Fetish Asian/BDSM
Number of Likes 224,500
Number of Posts 481
Number of Photos/Videos 867
Price $9.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Sexting OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Every babe on this list loves talking dirty to you until you cum. They love exchanging erotic messages and are eager to show their wet pussies. You can’t go wrong with any of them – they run the best OnlyFans for sexting accounts with their explicit adult content.

If we must choose, we do think Anastasia is the hottest sexting OnlyFans girl of 2024. She is always online and replies with the most seductive lines and nudes. Her cute personality enhances the whole sexting experience as well.

Following Anastasia, we think Corinna Kopf and Barbee Bandz are the second- and third-best sexting OnlyFans creators. Corinna will heat up the chat instantly with her steamy sexual fantasies. As for Barbee, she loves reading erotic stories and messaging you about her wet dreams. Sexting with them will guarantee to get you hard and horny.

See for yourself how these curvy divas provide the best NSFW materials that will leave you coming back for more!


Who are the hottest sexting OnlyFans creators?

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