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The windy city is known for Wrigley Field, deep-dish pizza, and its thousands of incredibly hot creators who keep you warm, even through Chicago’s frigid winters. With so many of them heating up the platform, how do you choose the best Chicago OnlyFans girls to follow in 2024?

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. In the following guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best OnlyFans in Chicago and see what makes each of these creators unique, naughty, and worthy of your attention. So hold onto your hats and get ready to be blown away by these sexy Chicago OnlyFans models.

The 15 Best Chicago OnlyFans Girls 2024

We’ve narrowed down the best OnlyFans in Chicago accounts and put them all in this handy guide. There’s a wide variety of creators from blondes, redheads, Ebony, BBW, tattooed, MILFs, and more.

A Detailed Look at the Best Chicago OnlyFans Creators

While it was no easy feat choosing the best Chicago OnlyFans girls, we think the following guide provides you with a good variety of all that Chicago has to offer in its sexy creators. There’s something for everyone on this list, so enjoy!

1. Hotwife in Chicago – Tattooed Hotwife and Overall Best Chicago OnlyFans Girl

One of, if not the most, popular websites based in the windy city is the Hotwife in Chicago OnlyFans account. With nearly 225,000 likes across 800 posts, this tattooed and voluptuous brunette is a genuine hotwife with thousands of devoted fans.

Hotwife in Chicago uses her OnlyFans bio to tell the story of how her husband persuaded her to make him a cuckold after a lot of dirty role-playing. She wound up being incredibly turned on, they found a bull to make her husband’s fantasy a reality, and the rest is history.

hotwife in chicago onlyfans

The creator behind the best OnlyFans in Chicago posts a lot of free photos and videos to her feed, even offering a free video when you sign up for her reasonably priced monthly subscription. Hotwife’s content is wholly original and features literotica written by her. This isn’t a generic hotwife account. It’s unique, fresh, and comes from a genuine love of being a hotwife.

This sexy hotwife has a large tattoo across her abdomen, so tattoo fans take note! Hotwife in Chicago OnlyFans should be considered one of the best OnlyFans accounts for fans of amazing curves, hotwives, and tattoos. Additionally, she has an extremely low subscription price as well as special bundles, so take advantage while you can.

OnlyFans Account Handle @hotinchitown
Fetish Hotwife / Tattoos
Number of Likes 224,600
Number of Posts 797
Number of Photos/Videos 1,047
Price $5 per month

2. Pretty Rebel the Brat – Voluptuous Ebony Creator Who Loves to Play

Pretty Rebel may be a brat, but she’s a gorgeous brat. With her creamy skin, sexy curves, and cute tattoos, she’s definitely one of the sexiest OnlyFans models to follow – both inside and outside of Chicago. With just a few hundred pieces of content on her page, this Ebony Chicago OnlyFans creator packs a punch.

pretty rebel the brat onlyfans

This Black goddess has her posts categorized, so fans of twerking, solo play, and BJs can immediately get to the content they want without having to scroll too much. Although, if you do scroll, you’ll see some incredibly raunchy photos and videos. She sends fans full-length videos via DM, she celebrates Titty Tuesday, and her in-your-face sense of humor is a refreshing quality for someone who clearly enjoys sex.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous Ebony porn star or a fun Chicago girl OnlyFans account, check out Pretty Rebel the Brat to see “where the rebels come to play”. She’s generously offering a subscription bundle discount of 40%, so use that to your advantage and check out this beautiful Black creator.

OnlyFans Account Handle @prettyrebelxxx
Fetish Ebony / Tattoos
Number of Likes 15,100
Number of Posts 261
Number of Photos/Videos 295
Price $12 per month

3. Heather Riley – Kinky Bombshell Who’ll Give You a Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Heather Riley is a kinky and curvy creator on OnlyFans from Chicago. She is slightly different than most creators in that she meets with fans off the platform as well. While her website has details about how to book her for various experiences, her OnlyFans is a great place to get to know this brunette babe and all she has to offer.

heather riley onlyfans

Easily categorized as one of the hottest OnlyFans nude creators on the platform, Heather has over 1,800 pieces of content featuring all of her favorite offerings: an intimate and memorable girlfriend experience, BDSM, all sorts of fetishes, and custom content – so, for a nice tip, she can do whatever it is you ask. She’s also available for boudoir collaborations with other creators.

Once you scroll through her OnlyFans page and check out her website, be sure to peruse Heather’s Amazon wish list and get he something nice. Besides cute figurines and cosmetics, she loves intimate apparel, kitchen supplies, and gift cards. Whatever you buy as a gift, expect a personal thank you from this kinky bombshell.

OnlyFans Account Handle @therileyeffect
Fetish Brunette / Busty
Number of Likes 27,900
Number of Posts 985
Number of Photos/Videos 1,841
Price $4.99 per month

4. Chicago Blonde – Busty MILF Who Loves Tiny Bikinis and Having Fun

This busty blonde is one of the hottest Chicago MILFs we’ve found. While her Twitter handle is @ChicagoMILF69, her OnlyFans name is simple Chicago Blonde. This Chicago blonde OnlyFans creator has a killer bod, a fun sense of humor, and loves to be naughty in front of the camera.

chicago blonde onlyfans

If Chicago Blonde’s social media accounts are any indication, she loves to dance on stripper poles, role-play as a hot nurse, and show off her incredible rack in barely-there bikini tops. She also likes to have fun – she might wear a seatbelt over an otherwise nude boob or relatable post about having Cheeto crumbs on her tits while still being as sexy as possible.

To see her in even more boob-revealing outfits, her Amazon wish list is a great place to buy her a gift – she loves bikinis, lingerie sleepwear, and tiny crop tops. Once you absorb her hundreds of OnlyFans posts, she has links to her other social media profiles such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the hottest OnlyFans models is one busty – and busy – MILF.

OnlyFans Account Handle @chicago-blonde
Fetish Busty / MILF
Number of Likes 11,800
Number of Posts 429
Number of Photos/Videos 521
Price $15 per month

5. Lanipop – Black Goddess With Her Own Sexy Lingerie Line

We love to see gorgeous OnlyFans creators who are not only sexy but who are also genuine girl bosses. Lanipop is a curvy, Black, ambitious model with her very own lingerie line called Flavors of Intimacy. The line of apparel features lace, satin, and mesh designs that flatter bodies of all shapes and sizes.

lanipop onlyfans

Lanipop has curves in all the right places and loves flaunting her voluptuous boobs and ass in her lingerie creations. Her OnlyFans posts are indicative of someone who loves sex, BJs, and playing with toys. She frequently puts on live shows for her fans, offers dick ratings, and sends custom videos via DM to those who leave a tip.

And you should definitely leave a tip for Lanipop, since her account is completely free. Once you’re scrolled through her hundreds of raunchy posts on OnlyFans, check out her apparel site for stunning photos of Lanipop and her fellow models. For this Chicago girl, OnlyFans may be where she got started, but she’s killing it in the fashion industry as well.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lanipop6
Fetish Ebony / Tattoos
Number of Likes 14,100
Number of Posts 267
Number of Photos/Videos 351
Price FREE

6. RedThread – Sexy Creative Cosplayer Who Loves Playing Dress Up

Those of you searching for some cosplay in your Chicago OnlyFans models are in luck. Meet RedThread, a cosplay cutie based in Chicago who “loves making all sorts of characters”. While she may have a relatively smaller account, she’s without a doubt one of the more fantastical creators we’ve found – and one of the very few Chicago creators strongly committed to cosplay.

red thread onlyfans

RedThread’s OnlyFans links to her Instagram, and from there she’s got even more links to follow if you want to get a broad scope of what this colorful babe has in store. She doesn’t post a ton of nude content as far as we can tell, but she most certainly has plenty of photos posing in short shorts, mini skirts, and crop tops. RedThread also loves changing up her hair color to every possible tone in the rainbow.

If you’re a fan of Dragon Con, Steampunk Expo, and any other con attended by cosplay fans, you might have seen RedThread there in person, dressed to the nines. You never know what she’ll look like from one photo to the next. If you love Chicago, cosplay, and cute girls with an adventurous spirit, RedThread is sure to be one of your top OnlyFans girls of the year.

OnlyFans Account Handle @redthread
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 2,200
Number of Posts 214
Number of Photos/Videos 323
Price $10 per month

7. Holland of Chicago – Trans Goddess With a Ton of Content and Private Cam Shows

If you’re wondering if there are any trans OnlyFans creators in Chicago, wonder no more. The stunning Holland of Chicago, a self-described “top, dominant, feminine deity” is here for your confessions. With nearly 10,000 likes, she has established herself as one of the most popular trans creators on the platform.

holland of chicago onlyfans

Over her 800+ posts, Holland Chicago offers such pleasures as cumshots, stroke videos, and custom requests. Message her for details and she’ll provide audio or video content of your choosing. She has hundreds of videos including over 20 full-length POV clips that are rotated monthly, so you’ll never get bored while scrolling through her racy OnlyFans page.

Holland’s Linktree is a great way to explore her many naughty sides, so once you’re done browsing her OnlyFans, check out her social media accounts and other XXX-rated sites. For fans of trans Chicago girls’ OnlyFans accounts, be certain to start with the gorgeous Holland Chicago.

OnlyFans Account Handle @holland_of_chicago
Fetish Trans
Number of Likes 9,900
Number of Posts 876
Number of Photos/Videos 1,420
Price $7.99 per month

8. Maxienne Robey – Former Dominatrix Who’s Now a Professional Escort

Maxienne Robey describes herself as a “sweet blend of Black, German, and Italian” in the FAQ section on her website, just one of the many discoveries you will make about this gorgeous brunette. As a multi-ethnic professional escort on OnlyFans from Chicago, Maxienne has many complex layers. She’s also, as she writes, just “a Chicago girl taking on the world one nude at a time.”

maxienne robey onlyfans

With daily uploads, new clips posted weekly, a travel diary, and plenty of photos and videos, Maxienne has packed a lot of naughtiness into her several hundred OnlyFans posts. The travel diary is a standout feature not offered by many creators – her work as a professional escort means she’s constantly meeting new people across the country. You never know who will be in her next video.

This former dominatrix has a website where you can learn even more about her – like the fact that she’s kink friendly, which cities she’ll be in and when, and her favorite hobbies. Whether you want to look at one of the top OnlyFans creators who happens to be a private escort, or you actually want to find out how to book time in person with her, Maxienne Robey is well worth checking out.

OnlyFans Account Handle @maxiennerobey
Fetish Brunette / Multi-Ethnic
Number of Likes 22,000
Number of Posts 617
Number of Photos/Videos 1,265
Price $9.99 per month

9. Goddess Eden Newmar – BBW Who’s Into Erotic Play, Kink, and BDSM

This self-described “ethereal BBW goddess” may have a smaller account compared to some Chicago girls’ OnlyFans, but she more than makes up for it with her voluptuous curves. Eden Newmar’s website caters to those who have dreamt of worshipping a “dreamy, voluptuous woman”. If you’re looking for a BBW into tattoos, kink, and BDSM, look no further than this creamy-skinned goddess.

goddess eden newmar onlyfans

Goddess Eden loves posing her curves in sexy lingerie, but more than anything else she loves being a domme and is experienced with kinks of all varieties. She describes herself as “confident, warm, and cheeky” and uses her wit and charm – as well as her “deviant personality” – to seduce you. Eden is fun and flirty while also being seriously seductive.

While Goddess Eden is still working her way to becoming one of the most popular OnlyFans models, she has carved out a beautifully unique niche and is creating sensual content unlike anyone else. For fans of all that Eden has to offer as a kinky, BBW and domme, enjoy getting to know this goddess.

OnlyFans Account Handle @edennewmar
Fetish BBW / Tattoos
Number of Likes 3,200
Number of Posts 196
Number of Photos/Videos 338
Price $7.77 per month

10. ChiTown Little Sluts – Group of Sexy Creators Who Like to Play With Each Other

Something a little different in our list of best Chicago OnlyFans girls is the account named Thebaddest aka @ChiTownLittleSluts. While this account is written in the first person, the cover photo, profile pic, and description make it out to be more of a group effort.

chitown little sluts onyfans

This Chicago girls’ OnlyFans gets right to the point: “Me and my girlfriends like to play with each other, bounce our asses, and suck dick.” What follows is a list of things they like to do most, including BJs, facials, G/G content, and more. With their self-described big tits, big asses, and petite statures, this could be some of the best OnlyFans porn you’ll find in Chicago.

ChiTown Little Sluts are just getting started on OnlyFans with a few dozen posts so far. However, they are worth a look given that their account is completely free. No subscription is needed. Tattoo fans will also be intrigued, as these are a few creators who have gotten inked in sexy places. Don’t miss out on getting in early with this group of raunchy babes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @chitownlittlesluts
Fetish Girl on Girl
Number of Likes 3,100
Number of Posts 43
Number of Photos/Videos 41
Price FREE

11. E. B. Cotenord – Busty Redhead Who’s Nicknamed “Anal Queen of Chicago”

No list of best Chicago OnlyFans girls would be complete without a creator whose nickname is “Anal Queen of Chicago”. Introducing E.B. Cotenord, a fiery redhead with creamy skin, voluptuous boobs, and a badass upper arm tattoo. In addition to her OnlyFans, E.B. has an active Twitter account where we’ve learned that she’s a recently retired private escort with a great sense of humor.

eb cotenord onlyfans

An example of her raunchy sense of humor is one tweet that reads “I’m a single monarch doing my best to balance a life of crime, reigning over an anal empire.” E.B. is the kind of girl who posts steamy photos of herself fully nude in the shower alongside complaints about street closings in Chicago. If you’re looking for a true Chicago girl with a rocking body and a great sense of humor, E.B. should be your new favorite.

Her OnlyFans also links to her Facebook, on which you can find information about E.B.’s podcast where she discusses her life as a sex worker. She’s more than just an OnlyFans creator – E.B. Cotenord is a multi-faceted adult star living a life that embraces sex, humor, and having fun.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ebcotenord
Fetish Redhead / Busty
Number of Likes 3,700
Number of Posts 164
Number of Photos/Videos 301
Price $9.99 per month

12. Gin – Fitness Professional With a Killer Body and Kinky Side

Gym buffs, we’ve got a Chicago girl OnlyFans account you’re going to love. Miss Gin is a powerlifter with incredible muscles in all the right places. She’s also got quirks, kinks, and an incredible array of tattoos to satisfy all of you ink fans out there.

miss gin onlyfans

Miss Gin has two OnlyFans accounts – the slightly more popular one is the paid subscription, with several hundred posts, that’s mentioned in the table below. She also offers a free account where she has a couple of hundred pieces of content and welcomes tips. In fact, messages with tips get priority. Most of Gin’s content is created at the gym, including the sauna, so don’t expect too many items of clothing.

To treat Miss Gin extra nicely, buy her something from her Amazon wish list. Naturally, there are sports bras, training shoes, and high-protein cookies on the list. At the same time, there are also sexy thong bikinis, lace underwear, and jewelry listed. Gin’s love of physical fitness, as well as all things feminine, make her one of the more standout OnlyFans creators we’ve seen.

OnlyFans Account Handle @missgin666
Fetish Fit / Tattoos
Number of Likes 6,100
Number of Posts 626
Number of Photos/Videos 885
Price $13 per month

13. Everly Harlow – Ebony BBW Who Offers In-Person Massages

Everly Harlow describes herself as “your Chicago-based part-time girlfriend” and this Black BBW not only has a steamy OnlyFans page, she works as a private companion and masseuse right in the windy city. She loves flaunting her voluptuous curves in all sorts of lacy lingerie. Fans of both larger boobs and booties will be happy to know that Everly has plenty of both to go around.

everly harlow onlyfans

Once you’ve scrolled through her several hundred racy posts on this Chicago girl OnlyFans page, you can head over to her personal website. For Chicago locals, you have the ability to book this Black BBW for an intimate girlfriend experience that includes dinner and “kink” – so she’s open to exploring whatever you’re into.

Everly also offers a sensual, full-body massage that will “leave your body buzzing with relaxation and ecstasy” and she promises that this will be your time of “pleasure and ease”. She includes her rates on her site and assures fans that if she’s out of their budget, her OnlyFans is a much cheaper option. Fans of both Ebony creators and BBW girls should waste no time looking into Everly Harlow.

OnlyFans Account Handle @everlyharlow
Fetish Ebony / BBW
Number of Likes 3,200
Number of Posts 622
Number of Photos/Videos 622
Price $12 per month

14. Bridget – Trans Gamer Girl Who Offers Private Call Sessions

We have a second trans creator on the list for all of you fans of trans Chicago OnlyFans models. The creator who simply goes by Bridget describes herself as a “Chicago-based annoyance” – but she means this in a good way, of course. Bridget is a gamer girl with a big controller, as she writes on her OnlyFans page, showing not just her perfect bust but her fun sense of humor as well.

bridget onlyfans

Bridget holds nothing back on her raunchy OnlyFans page, where she provides plenty of XXX-rated content to keep you satisfied. She offers private call sessions with her biggest fans as well as video bundles of her “craziest sexiest dates”. While she mentions other platforms you can find her adult content, OnlyFans is the place for her most intimate material.

Fans of trans creators, gamer girls, and anime alike will be happy to know that this beautiful brunette is a self-described “anime-obsessed princess”. Bridget is quickly establishing herself as one of the best OnlyFans in Chicago for fans of all that she has to offer.

OnlyFans Account Handle @bridgetxo
Fetish Gamer / Busty
Number of Likes 5,100
Number of Posts 145
Number of Photos/Videos 205
Price $15 per month

15. Alyx Hart – Tattooed Redhead Who’s a Playmate and Fetish Fan

Fans of both redheads and tattooed babes, don’t worry – we have another great creator on our list of best Chicago OnlyFans girls for you. Alyx Hart is a self-described “Chicago playmate and fetish fan” with an all-natural curvy body, including a 48-inch booty and D cups. So if you prefer your tattooed redheads to have a great set of boobs and a round ass, Alyx is the perfect girl for you.

alyx hart onlyfans

Alyx has both a sweet and dominant side, so she will also be your favorite creator on OnlyFans from Chicago whether you like your girls nice or firmly in charge. She’s located in the suburbs just outside Chicago, but we still consider her to be a creator in the windy city. Alyx has over 1,800 pieces of content so you have a lot of photos and videos to keep you warm on chilly Chicago nights.

The flame-haired hottie has an extensive wish list, so you have a lot to choose from if you want to treat her to a nice gift. She’s a huge fan of sexy lingerie, including lace bodysuits, garter belts, revealing teddies, corsets, and more. Have some fun and buy her a naughty schoolgirl outfit, or be more practical and purchase her a pair of trainers. Either way, this gorgeous Chicago redhead deserves your attention.

OnlyFans Account Handle @alyxhart
Fetish Redhead / Tattoos
Number of Likes 1,900
Number of Posts 496
Number of Photos/Videos 1,864
Price $7.75 per month

Who is the Hottest Chicago OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Who knew there were so many hot creators in Chicago? Whether you’re looking for Chicago blonde OnlyFans creators, MILFs, BBW, tattooed babes, or Chicago Latina OnlyFans girls, there’s a wide variety to choose from in the windy city.

With a long list of the best OnlyFans in Chicago, we think the top creators doing the most unique things on and off the platform are Hotwife in Chicago, Pretty Rebel the Brat, and Heather Riley.

The Hotwife in Chicago OnlyFans is an incredibly popular account with nearly 225,000 likes. She’s tattooed, voluptuous, and a genuine hotwife with a husband who practically begged her to make him a cuckold. She’s the real deal. Hotwife can also be counted as one of the best Chicago MILFs on the platform.

Pretty Rebel the Brat is a curvy Ebony creator with perfect skin, sexy tattoos, and a voluptuous ass. Fans of twerking, solo play, and BJs will fall immediately in love. She also has a fun sense of humor and will make you smile while also turning you on.

Heather Riley is a kinky bombshell with over 1,800 pieces of content. She specializes in giving you the ultimate girlfriend experience and welcomes all fetishes and kinks, including BDSM. Heather also provides her biggest fans with custom-made content, so just ask and you shall receive.


Who are the hottest Chicago OnlyFans creators?


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