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Persian women are known throughout the world as being independent, outspoken, and highly educated. They are also famously sexy, gorgeous, and kinky. Persians hail from Iran, which was known as Persia prior to 1935. Although showing skin and displaying sexuality is frowned upon in Iran, there are plenty of OnlyFans Persian babes breaking the “rules” every day on the platform.

It wasn’t easy narrowing down the list of the best Persian OnlyFans girls, but we’ve done it in this guide. Iran may have beautiful architecture and a long history, but let’s not forget that it also has thousands of stunning women creating daring, sensual, and suggestive content for fans just like you.

The 16 Best Persian OnlyFans Girls 2024 

If you’re looking for Persian Smoochy OnlyFans or Persian Baddie OnlyFans, those accounts no longer exist. However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, more Persian OnlyFans models creating amazing content on the platform. This guide will give you the best of the best.

A Detailed Look at the Best Persian OnlyFans Creators

Iran has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it’s widely recognized for its breathtaking buildings. Many people might not realize that, among its 88 million inhabitants, there are thousands of wild women creating XXX content on OnlyFans. If you’re looking for the best Persian OnlyFans creators, look no further.

Gia Bella, also known as Persiandollgia, calls herself the “top Persian OnlyFans creator in the world” – and one look at her account makes it clear she’s likely right. This thick Persian OnlyFans girl has a full menu of kinks, over 2,000 posts, and has amassed over 134,000 likes on her steamy page.

persiandollgia gia bella onlyfans

On the Persiandollgia OnlyFans page, this busty brunette says that she’ll quickly become your favorite Persian slut. She’ll no doubt accomplish this with her naughty live shows, special treats sent via DM, and one-on-one messaging. Gia has a spam-free page with zero ads, so nothing will get between you and this curvy OnlyFans Irani.

Want a random nude sent directly to you? Just turn on your subscription renewal and send her nice tips. If you’re looking for custom content, sexting, and one of the best dick rating OnlyFans creators out there, you’ll get all of that and more with the highly popular Persiandollgia OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Account Handle @aigxana
Fetish Busty / Curvy
Number of Likes 134,700
Number of Posts 2,092
Number of Photos/Videos 1,791
Price $10 per month

2. Persian Muffins – Sexy Ebony Babe Who Loves Playing With Her Big Booty

One of the most popular OF creators right now is Persian Muffins, a bootylicious babe who’s been linked to both Las Vegas, NV, and Seattle, WA. While she may not be from Iran, her name is a reference to delicious Persian cardamom muffins – and, from the looks of it, likely a nickname for her voluptuous, round booty.

persian muffins onlyfans

The Persian Muffins OnlyFans page is where she loves showing off her curvy backside in hundreds of photos and videos. She does far more than just show her ass in photos – this anal OnlyFans girl’s captions include “Fat ass meals, anyone?” and “Wanting to give up all three of my holes”. If you love booty, you’re in for a treat.

Ms. Muffins is mightily proud of her thick ass, stating that even though she might have lost weight, her “ass is still phat af”. We love her raw sexuality, directness, and the way she shows off her thick Persian OnlyFans booty. She may not be from Iran, but Persian Muffins OnlyFans is highly popular for a good reason.

OnlyFans Account Handle @persian.muffins
Fetish Ebony / Ass
Number of Likes 15,400
Number of Posts 168
Number of Photos/Videos 205
Price $25 per month

3. Sara Shah – Teen Persian Creator Who Grew Up Sheltered and Now Loves Dick

Sara Shah states “YOU ARE A VIRGIN UNTIL YOU GO PERSIAN” – just one of the eye-catching things about her kink-filled OnlyFans. Her handle is @therealpersianprincess, and we can see why this Persian Princess OnlyFans has amassed several thousand likes so far.

sara shah onlyfans

Like many other young women in Iran, this 19-year-old college student and OnlyFans creator grew up with strict parents. However, once at university, Sara “discovered dick and became such a slut” that she started her own OnlyFans Persian account. Her passion for sex has led to an incredible OF menu: anal, squirting, lesbian, threesomes, and foursomes – just to name a few.

This Iranian OnlyFans creator promises to “make your dick explode” and says that even chatting with fans gets her excited. In Sara’s own words, you should “prepare yourself for the best magic carpet ride of your life” and subscribe to one of the best Persian OnlyFans girls. While it may be on the pricier side, she does have a great 31-day offer!

OnlyFans Account Handle @therealpersianprincess
Fetish Busty / Orgy
Number of Likes 8,000
Number of Posts 284
Number of Photos/Videos n/a
Price $50 per month

4. Asal – Famous Persian Fitness Influencer Based in Austin, TX

You may have heard of Asal, an American fitness model and influencer of Persian ethnicity. Although the Asal Persian OnlyFans account may be a well-kept secret with just several thousand likes, Asal is undoubtedly one of the hottest Instagram models with over 1 million followers.

asal persian onlyfans

On this Persian girl’s OnlyFans, Asal shares her “fire pictures and videos” – nearly 100 in total. These are going to be much spicier than what’s on her Instagram, yet her IG is pretty hot! Asal has a gorgeous, slim thick body with a tiny waist and voluptuous hips and booty. She loves showing it off in short, tight dresses.

This Persian hottie is more than just looks – she’s a bonafide businesswoman. Asal founded Oxirze, a company that creates high-quality fitness products. Asal loves going to the gym and working out, so it’s no surprise this enterprising young woman would start her own fitness-related business.

If you’ve already followed her on IG, be sure to check out the secret Asal Persian OnlyFans account to see even more of this curvy babe.

OnlyFans Account Handle @asalpersian
Fetish Fitness / Slim Thick
Number of Likes 5,700
Number of Posts 77
Number of Photos/Videos 83
Price $19 per month

5. Jazmen Jafar – Successful Lawyer & Busty Brunette Making Headlines

Jazmen Jafar, who took her name from two of the main characters in Aladdin, made headlines when it was revealed that she quit her job as a lawyer to create content as a Persian OnlyFans girl. This busty American-Iranian defied her strict parents when she realized she could make her annual lawyer salary in just one month on OF.

jazmen jafar onlyfans

Jazmen is insanely popular on the platform, having amassed over 280,000 likes. One of the best slim thick OnlyFans models also has a well-known IG account with 118,000 followers. There, she posts playful videos, sexy selfies, and clips from interviews. But OF is where you can find her spiciest content as one of the best Persian OnlyFans creators.

This voluptuous babe has a massive, all-natural bust and loves showing it off. Her DMs are open – she explicitly asks you to message her anytime. Expect daily live streams and nude content from this self-described “Persian Princess” OnlyFans creator who still sometimes practices law – only now, she makes time for you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jazmen00
Fetish Busty / Slim Thick
Number of Likes 280,100
Number of Posts 1,404
Number of Photos/Videos 2,543
Price $6.99 per month

The OnlyFans creator simply known as “h” – or @naznzdd – doesn’t have any reference to being Persian in her OF bio. However, she once revealed her ethnicity by tweeting “I think I’m the only Iranian girl that has an OnlyFans”. Not only does this Twitter OnlyFans creator have over 200,000 followers, she has a staggering 370,000+ likes on OF.

naznzdd onlyfans

This fashion designer with a huge following has a killer body – she’s curvy in all the right places and loves to flaunt her assets both at the beach and in front of full-length mirrors inside her beautiful home. Be sure to subscribe to this Iranian OnlyFans creator’s account, as she does not show any nudity on Twitter.

Another incentive to subscribing to h’s OF is that it’s the only platform where she responds to every message. She genuinely wants to build personal relationships with her fans. With hundreds of pieces of hot content and hundreds of thousands of likes, clearly, h is doing something special. As she states, you’ll want to “get to know the fun side” of her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @naznzdd
Fetish Thick
Number of Likes 371,800
Number of Posts 787
Number of Photos/Videos 568
Price $16 per month

7. Vegan Foot Queen – Persian Creator from the UK Who Posts a Ton of Foot Content

Vegan Foot Queen is a British-Persian, 30-year-old, curvy MILF who is “overly horny” and absolutely loves posting photos and videos of her feet. She’s accumulated over 100,000 likes on OF, as well as over 14,000 followers on Instagram. Apparently, many fans have learned that Vegan Foot Queen is a truly unique creator.

vegan foot queen onlyfans

This Persia OnlyFans feet girl has all different kinds of foot photos: some feature her long, polished nails while others show dirt and lint on the bottoms of her bare feet. In addition to foot content, Vegan Foot Queen has material featuring her hairy pussy, buttplugs, and dildos.

Ms. Foot Queen posts daily and replies to all of her messages – she welcomes DMs. Finally, this curvy MILF has a mind-blowing 9,200+ pieces of content on her Persian girl OnlyFans account. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was overly horny!

OnlyFans Account Handle @vegan_footqueen
Fetish Feet / MILF
Number of Likes 104,100
Number of Posts 2,547
Number of Photos/Videos 9,272
Price $6.39 per month

8. Jasmine – Kinky & Busty Persian “Filthy Princess” With 34GGs

Jasmine is another UK-based creator of Persian descent on our list, and she stands out as one of the bustiest babes we’ve ever seen with her all-natural 34GGs. Her OnlyFans Persian bio is highly descriptive and fun: she’s a mixed-race, self-described “filthy princess” who loves erotic storylines, cosplay, kinky gear, and more.


This interracial OnlyFans creator has daily uploads, open DMs, and both solo and boy/girl content. She states that she is “100% real” and it’s clear she is talking about not only her body parts but her personality as well. Jasmine is funny, frank, and says what she means – a winning combination when you consider her knockout body!

Jasmine has posted over 9,000 photos and videos within nearly 7,000 posts – she indeed stays busy, making sure all of her fans get the attention they deserve. If you’d like a personal video, just ask. You can even buy her a gift from her wish list to say thanks: she loves fragrances, headbands, and extremely fun dildos.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jasmine07a
Fetish Busty / Curvy
Number of Likes 78,200
Number of Posts 6,854
Number of Photos/Videos 9,004
Price $12.50 per month

9. Persian Goddess Honey – Persian-Australian Making Juicy Amateur OnlyFans Content

Whether she goes by Persian Goddess Honey, or her handle @persiangoddessmagic, this voluptuous brunette has a stunning body. She has a big bust, a round ass, and a tiny waist – and loves wearing revealing lingerie on her OnlyFans. Iran may be her nationality, but her current home is Melbourne, Australia.

persian goddess honey onlyfans

Persian Goddess Honey created her OF account to celebrate her sexuality and to be seen in all of her “juiciness”, as she states. She is adamant about not creating mainstream porn. This amateur OnlyFans creator would rather “keep it real and authentic” for her fans, possibly even inspiring you to gain a new perspective on porn.

As one of the most popular Persian OnlyFans models, Honey boasts over 30,000 likes. She posts exclusive content, girl/girl videos, solo material, and more. Persian Goddess Honey is not only physically attractive, but she is also thoughtful with her homemade and authentic XXX-rated content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @persiangoddessmagic
Fetish Busty / Amateur
Number of Likes 30,400
Number of Posts 724
Number of Photos/Videos 810
Price $.9.99 per month

10. The Only Sufi – Vegas-Based Persian Princess With a Banging Body 

Sufi, also known as Persian Princess, loves many things: Las Vegas, the L.A. Lakers, her extensive sneaker collection, and Disneyland. She also loves showing off her amazing body in barely-there lingerie – and sometimes even less – on her Persian Princess OnlyFans account.

the only sufi onlyfans

If you’re looking for OnlyFans tattoo girls, this Persian hottie has some incredible ones, including a long one across her lower torso. You can see it on her fun and colorful Instagram account, where she boasts nearly 33,000 followers. However, her OnlyFans is where you can catch her spiciest content – even spicier than her lingerie content on Twitter.

If you’d like to get Sufi’s attention, check out her wish list and buy her something nice – she loves skincare products, sexy mesh bodysuits, and strappy lingerie. Follow her adventures on IG but be sure to check out her steamy OF and see why Sufi is one of the best Persian OnlyFans creators on the platform.

OnlyFans Account Handle @theonlysufi
Fetish Busty / Tattoos
Number of Likes 4,600
Number of Posts 38
Number of Photos/Videos 32
Price $14.99

11. Sahar Milani – Insanely Curvy Persian Creator Who is the “Craziest Squirter”

It’s clear that in our search for the best Persian OnlyFans girls, there is no shortage of sexy, curvy creators! Sahar Milani is another example of a voluptuous Persian girl with her natural 42DDD boobs and 55-inch booty. This OnlyFans Irani invites you to “come join the party” on her steamy OF.

sahar milani onlyfans

This big tits OnlyFans creator has incredible assets and loves showing them off as much as possible – whether she’s bouncing up and down, flaunting her new nipple rings, or flashing people with her boobs while in her car. She also loves giving BJs and getting her feet sucked, sometimes even in public.

Sahar has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram with selfies and cleavage shots, but this Persian girl’s OnlyFans is where you can find her most explicit content. She calls herself the “craziest squirter” – this is yet another one of her many kinks that you have to see to believe.

OnlyFans Account Handle @saharmilani
Fetish Busty / Squirt
Number of Likes 3,900
Number of Posts 154
Number of Photos/Videos 142
Price $10.99 per month

12. Aalisha – Gorgeous Trans Persian Creator With a Long List of Kinks

There are not many trans OnlyFans creators from Iran, so we were excited to discover this Persian Princess OnlyFans creator. Also known as Aalisha, this flirty, kinky, MtF creator will immediately send you 15 minutes of XXX videos once you join and send a small tip. Now that’s generous!

aalisha onlyfans

Aalisha’s menu of kinks is impressive – she does it all. Dom/sub sessions, deep throat, foot fetish, leather and chains, and dildo play are just a few of the adventures she offers as a Persian girl OnlyFans creator. Subscribers get special chat access and a ton of explicit content. Her IG is beautiful but her OF has the hardcore stuff.

If you’d like custom videos, BDSM content, and bulge/dick material, there is all of that and more on Aalisha’s OF account. Given the small number of trans OnlyFans Iran creators, Aalisha is a unique presence on the platform. She may just be getting started, so be sure to give her support as a subscriber and see all that she has to offer.

OnlyFans Account Handle @aalisha
Fetish Trans / Brunette
Number of Likes 470
Number of Posts 135
Number of Photos/Videos 164
Price $10 per month

13. Lana Bhad – Persian/Russian MILF With a Juicy Ass

Lana Bhad is a mom of Persian and Russian ancestry who creates naughty content on OnlyFans. She is also, as she says, “an actual accountant” as well as a “naughty little slut online”. This mature OnlyFans creator may say that she no longer cares about looking perfect as she approaches 40, but we think she looks pretty perfect as she is.

lana bhad onlyfans

This self-described “vixen with a juicy ass” is insanely popular on Instagram where she boasts over 167,000 followers. Her IG is mostly filled with fun and flirty reels showcasing her killer body, pretty face, and silly sense of humor. While she shows a bit of skin on that platform, this Persian OnlyFans girl saves her hottest content for OF.

This sexy accountant has taken many work breaks just to create XXX material for her fans – her explicit videos contains “pretty much anything you want” which means she’s totally open to requests. So go ahead: message her and tell her exactly what you’d like to see this Persian MILF do.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lanabhad
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 50,700
Number of Posts 676
Number of Photos/Videos 778
Price $14.99 per month

14. Persia Monir – Florida-Based Persian Who Loves Golf and Orgies

We didn’t expect the list of best Persian OnlyFans girls to include a woman who loves golf, but Persia Monir is an exception! Her OF bio contains a poem stating that she’s a Persian nurse based in Florida. In addition to her penchant for golf, she also loves posting naughty content on OnlyFans.

persia monir onlyfans

Persia Monir loves getting raunchy with more than one person. Clearly one of the best orgy OnlyFans creators on this list and beyond, her recent lunch date turned into a “quadrangle” and she also regularly records threesome content. Golf lovers, don’t worry – she also posts golf tips while topless to improve your game and your mood.

This horny Persia OnlyFans creator takes special requests, so be sure to DM her with all of your fetishes and fantasies. If they involve golf in some way, even better! She only has one item on her wish list: swim goggles. This is one Persian babe who just loves the outdoors!

OnlyFans Account Handle @persiamonir
Fetish Orgy / Slim
Number of Likes 13,300
Number of Posts 222
Number of Photos/Videos 478
Price $15.99 per month

15. Persian Baby – New OnlyFans Creator With Racy Roleplays

Persian Baby is brand new to OF, but even in a very short amount of time, she’s gained several hundred likes. It’s easy to see why she’s captured fans’ attention – with her knockout body, edgy tattoos, and model good looks, this Persian OnlyFans girl stands out as an exciting new creator.

persian baby onlyfans

“Baby” is a Chicago OnlyFans girl of Persian descent who writes fun, flirty, and highly descriptive captions on her OF posts. Persian Baby loves roleplay – in one scenario, she gets scolded by a tour guide for being a “bad girl”. She also loves a good spanking.

This Iranian OnlyFans model is just getting started on the platform but she posts quite regularly, so it’s worth it to subscribe. Whether you want to see her waking up wet, giving her neighbors a good view, or making JOI content, Persian Baby is a sexy creator you’ll want to get to know soon before she blows up.

OnlyFans Account Handle @persianbabyy
Fetish Slim / Tattoos
Number of Likes 358
Number of Posts 14
Number of Photos/Videos 18
Price $7 per month

16. Persian P – Fetish-Friendly Persian Who Loves BBC, Customs, and Chatting

There may be several Persian Princess OnlyFans creators on this list, but they’re all unique in their content, looks, and menu. This babe, also known as @persianp, offers a lot of great material: exclusive content, lingerie shots, squirting videos, and much more.

persianp onlyfans

Persian Princess is kink and fetish-friendly, so you know your secret desires are safe with her. She’s a big fan of BBC – and we’re not talking about the British TV network. This BBC OnlyFans creator particularly loves the combination of BBC and fat tits. You’ll have to subscribe to see precisely what she means.

If you tip her well, Persian Princess will give you even more exclusive content. She’s always available to chat and would love to make custom content for you. Treat her like she’s special and she’ll show you something more special – these are her words, and we believe her!

OnlyFans Account Handle @persianp
Fetish BBC / Busty
Number of Likes 1,000
Number of Posts 86
Number of Photos/Videos 89
Price $15 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Persian OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

While there are many gorgeous, naughty, and knockout babes in this guide of best Persian OnlyFans girls, there are a few at the top who stand out.

Gia Bella, probably known better as Persiandollgia, is a curvy, kinky, and popular creator. It’s easy to see why she’s received over 134,000 likes so far. Her Persiandollgia OnlyFans account has a full menu that will keep you busy for weeks and months on end, from live shows to sexting to dick ratings and more.

Persian Muffins is a Vegas-based creator who takes her name from the popular dessert. She’s just as spicy and sweet. This beauty’s round booty is the star of the show on her popular Persian Muffins OnlyFans page, where she flaunts her curves in bikinis, thongs, and even less. She’s also big into anal play.

Sara Shah, who also calls herself “the real Persian Princess”, is a teen creator who outgrew her strict, sheltered upbringing and became a self-described “slut” in college – which is where she started her OnlyFans. She has a ton of great content: squirting, orgy, and fetish videos are just some of the kinks she offers.


Who are the hottest Persian OnlyFans creators?

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