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Nicole Wilder

Toots and bum blasts turn you on and that’s a fact. Few people understand your attraction to stinky airy deliciousness, but that doesn’t stop you from fantasizing over pretty girls letting one rip any time they can. So here you are, on a gassy OF quest, realizing that’s difficult to find the smelliest and most passionate Onlyfans fart models out there. 

We understand your struggle. That’s why we prepared a guide with the best farting OnlyFans girls. These gassy babes took care of everything and prepared the best puffing content. You’ll admire their luscious asses passing gas everywhere, from the gym to the office, and you’ll be instantly seduced by those deep bubbling sounds coming out through jeans, latex attire, or lingerie. Be warned, it’s stinky and it’s loud!

The 15 Best Farting OnlyFans Girls 2024

Let’s discover the best farting OnlyFans creators. They have unique personalities, but they all love to break wind in front of the camera.  

A Detailed Look at the Best Farting OnlyFans Creators

They’re all beautiful and have stunning bodies, but there’s another thing these precious ladies have in common. They’re all girls farting OnlyFans creators, and they won’t miss a chance to intoxicate you with their silent but deadly ones. 

1. Vicktoria Tacos – Gassy Girl Ripping Huge Farts on Camera

There’s only one thing this Canada OF creator loves more than maple syrup, and that’s farting. The thick OnlyFans blonde takes advantage of any opportunity she has to pass gas and record it, for your greatest delight. To be honest, Vicktoria Tacos is not picky, she doesn’t have a favorite moment for breaking wind, and the OnlyFans fart girl literally never misses a chance to cut the cheese. 

It can be in a bubble bath, or in a studious yoga class, nothing can stop this fart girl OnlyFans from letting one rip, and the louder the better. That’s the type of content you can expect on her page! This OnlyFans farting cutie shares daily life, candid and sexy farts, and has a lot of exclusive expiring content seen nowhere else.

vicktoria tacos onlyfans

There’s only one thing left to do before seeing this gassy girl with a big OF ass ripping huge farts on camera, and that’s subscribing. For $20 a month, you’ll have true fart storytelling videos, freebies and giveaways, a free butthole fart compilation video in your welcome message when you join, and a personal reply to your DMs. 

If you want to check if her farts are at the height of your expectations, you can also have a look at her free fart OnlyFans page, @vicktoriatacosfree, and take it from there.

OnlyFans Username @vicktoriatacos
Fetish Blonde
Media Library 601
Number of Posts 575
Number of Likes 73,200
Price $20 per month

2.  Eva Farts – Face Farting OnlyFans Expert 

If you’re a fart enthusiast you can’t miss our next farting girl OnlyFans creator, Eva Farts. The gorgeous OF creator has a wicked sense of humor, some luscious big tits on OF that won’t leave you indifferent, and, above all, she knows exactly what you’re looking for on her account – “noisy porn”. 

Can you imagine this beauty having her round ass against your nose and blasting it with the fiercest face fart OnlyFans ever saw? You’re in luck because it’s exactly what she’ll do. This UK OnlyFans creator promises you’ll see and hear the best OnlyFans fart porn in the world. 

eva farts onlyfans

The good news is that once you pay the $10 monthly subscription, all her fart porn OnlyFans photos and videos are unlocked. Her gassy heaven has 350+ smelly videos, and you’ll come back for more. Eva Farts also does custom orders if you have your special fart fetish OnlyFans idea in mind. 

The fart girl OnlyFans also thought of the extra brave amongst you, and prepared fart jars and fart panties, so you can live a complete windy fantasy. And that’s not all! If you’re valiant enough to subscribe for an entire year, get ready to be blessed with a personalized fart dick rate. 

OnlyFans Username @evafarts
Fetish Brunette
Media Library 386
Number of Posts 400
Number of Likes 12,800
Price $10 per month

3. The Fart World – The Sexiest and Stinkiest OnlyFans Farting Collective

Next up on our best farting OnlyFans girls list, we have The Fart World OnlyFans. This account almost needs no presentation as it’s one of the most famous amongst the OnlyFans fart enthusiasts. It’s a bit like Disney World, but instead of animated characters, you have only hot farting princesses. The Fart World OnlyFans is a collective gassy page, gathering only la crème de la crème of flatulence creators. 

If you’re picky and you can’t decide if you’d like a blasting brunette having tummy problems at the office, or a busty blonde who lets one rip in the gym, Fart World is the OnlyFans fart porn page you want to subscribe to. 

the fart world onlyfans

Over 60 OnlyFans fart models will provide you with the stinkiest and most exclusive fart video collection. They all take this very seriously, and it’s not rare you’ll see these OnlyFans fart girls in some lengthy fart battles to decide who has the longest of them all. Lucianna, Lula, Freya, Emily Bailey, Indica, Brooke, Luna, Abril, Brianna, and many more are here to satisfy your farting needs and make you discover a few new ones. 

The regular price is $14,95 per month, but if you subscribe right now you can have a discount of 75% for the first 31 days. This will allow you to access hundreds of exclusive fart clips instantly. You can also enjoy new OnlyFans fart videos posted on the wall every day, and send in custom requests for personalized air biscuits. 

OnlyFans Username @thefartworld
Fetish Collective
Media Library 961
Number of Posts 1089
Number of Likes 103,500
Price $14.95 per month

4.  Fart Princess Kristi – Gassy MILF with Very Diverse Stinky Content

Forget about ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and get ready to meet Fart Princess Kristi. This experienced busty OF MILF masters everything there is to know in the flatulence kingdom. She will spoil you with bum blasts and naughty pictures throughout the week, and that’s a fact. 

The OnlyFans girl Fart Princess has prepared a fart schedule only for you and your smelly needs. On “MILF Monday”, you’ll have a sexy fart clip, then on “Tantalizing Tuesday” you’ll be rewarded with a naughty XXX picture. Be prepared for the “Wet Wednesday” and her airy fart clip, followed by a sexy picture on Thursday. 

fart princess kristi onlyfans

Friday is a good day for all the fart lovers out there. On the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, you’ll have a full-length gassy free clip. On all other Fridays, there’ll be a huge members-only discount on a sexy farting video. 

Saturday you’ll be blessed with another XXX photo and on Sundays you can finally rest, or not, after receiving a surprise fetish clip. If you’re convinced by her blasting program, you can enter her realm of gassy goodies for only $14.95 a month.

OnlyFans Username @princesskristi
Fetish MILF
Media Library 697
Number of Posts 700
Number of Likes 12,400
Price $14.95 per month

5.  Goddess Mercy – Ruthless Asian and Farty Domme

Goddess Mercy is a kinky Asian chick who enjoys tormenting her subs with fairly stinky ass bullets. Her name is Mercy, but truth be told, she’s quite a ruthless gassy domme, so get ready to simp over her perfect ass, feet, and noxious gas in sexy yoga pants, skin-tight jeans, cute panties, latex, lingerie, and whatever else she feels like it. 

You can become her loyal pathetic fart devotee for $20 a month and get access to literally everything. The gas worshipper in you will be thrilled to find out that there’s no PPV on her page, and that you’ll get new smelly content daily with exclusive OnlyFans fart clips and gifs.

goddess mercy onlyfans

If you feel like beginning your new life serving a gassy Asian OF goddess, step into her world and live the daily routine of a fart slave.

OnlyFans Username @funaussiefilms
Fetish Asian
Media Library 1,472
Number of Posts 1,388
Number of Likes 41,100
Price $20 per month

6.  XO Bunny – Kinky Brunette with Sexy Fart Scripts

XO Bunny is undoubtedly one of the best farting OnlyFans creators. She’s cute and she has a body that will make you weak on your knees. But there’s one thing about her that makes her irresistible –  she masters bum blasts like no other. Yes, you guessed that right, she has a fart fetish OnlyFans subs need to know about. 

You can be fooled by her pretty innocent face, but her media library contains hours and hours of her breaking wind. She’s original, creative, funny, and sometimes her sexy scripts may include other kinks mixed with farts. It’s safe to say her page is a kink heaven. 

xo bunny onlyfans

For $12.50 a month, you can access full OnlyFans fart videos, with variable lengths. You’ll enjoy between 5 minutes and one hour full of stinky farts. But be warned, your willie might not resist that long. You can also contact this best OnlyFans girl for some gassy custom content or a one-to-one chat. 

OnlyFans Username @xobunny3
Fetish Brunette
Media Library 409
Number of Posts 409
Number of Likes 35,500
Price $12.50 per month

7.  EbonyBooty49 – Ebony Gassy BBW Expert in Fart Punishment 

Meet EbonyBooty49, a curvy ebony OF goddess that will serve you fart realness. That big juicy ass of hers is already mouth-watering as it is, so wait until you hear it rumble. EbonyBooty49 can handle any type of fart, from a poot to a bum blast, she doesn’t really have a favorite. But there’s a moment she likes to pass gas, and that’s when her loser slave gets too close to her luscious bum.

Her free fart OnlyFans page is full of stinky videos ready to be unlocked. In some videos, you can admire her natural ebony fart OnlyFans gifts while overwhelming with gassy pleasure some pitiful subordinate. In others, she’ll punish a helpless victim by releasing her gaseous emissions directly up his nose in a delicious BDSM OnlyFans play.

ebonybooty49 onlyfans

One thing is certain, your BBW fart OnlyFans prayers have been answered. Her free fart OnlyFans page is packed with top-notch diverse fart material. She farts on men, women, alone, in public, and she gets farted on. In short, she’s the ebony fart OnlyFans creator you’ve been looking for.

OnlyFans Username @queendom49
Fetish Ebony/BBW
Media Library 370
Number of Posts 199
Number of Likes 3,300
Price FREE

8.  Queen Sylvia – Authoritarian Irish Farting Girl OnlyFans 

You’re new in the fart world and need an authoritarian babe to discipline you? Queen Sylvia is the ruthless gassy mistress you need. The OnlyFans fart girl has many passions, but face farting and face sitting are truly her top favorites. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this peachy Irish OF ass let one rip in your face when you least expect it in a glorious face fart OnlyFans hasn’t seen until now. She’s a specialist in OnlyFans fart face humiliation and no pitiful slave will tell her otherwise. 

queen sylvia onlyfans

If you’re not obedient enough expect a harsh punishment. She’ll take care of your filthy mouth with a facesitting you won’t forget anytime soon.

Queen Sylvia might have mercy on your soul if you contact her for a personal stinky request. Only in exchange for a generous fee of course. The sexy fart queen also indulges in foot fetish and femdom content so be a good slave and subscribe.

OnlyFans Username @itsqueensylvia
Fetish Facesitting/Facefarting
Media Library 417
Number of Posts 328
Number of Likes 17,600
Price $12 per month

9. Veronica Steam – OnlyFans Fart Girl and Kink Enthusiast

Veronica Steam is unstoppable! She farts while she’s on the phone with her boyfriend, after drinking coffee with expired milk, and while laying on the bed in leather… Actually, she poots and blasts stinky farts any time she can because she loves it. So if you want a girl fart OnlyFans expert with an extreme and kinky sexual appetite, Veronica is the gassy girl for you. 

When you subscribe, you’ll get a free pantyhose masturbation video, and that will set the tone for the rest. You’ll be blessed with daily photos of this cute farting brunette, farting clips, and numerous treats in your DMs. 

veronica steam onlyfans

If you’re as insatiable as she is, you can ask her for custom OnlyFans fart porn, OF sexting, and full-length OnlyFans fart videos.

OnlyFans Username @goddessveronicasteam
Fetish Brunette
Media Library 1,176
Number of Posts 1,114
Number of Likes 7,900
Price $12 per month

10.  Miss Candi Farts – Free Fart OnlyFans with Big Juicy Farts

Miss Candi’s Fart Emporium is taking the fart fetish OnlyFans content to a whole new level, so if you love “big farts, juicy farts, and big juicy farts”, you should bookmark her. The hot Brit has a free fart OnlyFans page, and most of the content needs to be unlocked. But fear not, you’ll find lots of free gassy stuff including trailers, pictures, and videos. 

If you’re on the hunt for some airy personalized content, this stinky mistress will give you what you need. She’s farting in leggings, latex, after a photo shoot – anywhere, anytime. You just have to ask, and she’ll let one rip especially for you and your kinky mind. 

miss candi farts onlyfans

Wanting more? This fart girl OnlyFans will rate your manhood for only $10, so don’t wait any longer before getting yourself a dick rating from the fart queen of your dreams. 

OnlyFans Username @misscandifarts
Fetish Blonde
Media Library 135
Number of Posts 147
Number of Likes 4,800
Price FREE

11.  Sophie – Scottish Babe with Gassy Superpowers 

Sophie’s here to blow you away with her super stinky farts and her extra sexy Scottish OF accent. Her goal in life is to “spread my gas and share the love”. And that’s excellent news for all of you fart aficionados. 

The beautiful Scot has a body to die for and an ass that’s literally the fart machine of your dreams. You can admire its gassy superpowers during lovely wet morning farts, or hear the bum blasts through tight shorts. If you think you’re prepared for everything she has in store for you, think again. Her gassy library is full of pure cabbage bullet farts ready to have you intoxicated in no time.  

scottish sophie onlyfans

She’ll satisfy your OnlyFans fart fetish with high-quality naughty fart videos and sexy content with her alluring sexy Scottish voice included. If you can’t get enough of her delicious ass, but you’d also like to see her pretty face, you can ask her for private videos. She’s also available for some dirty sexting with you. It’s the ultimate opportunity for you to explain why you like the silent, but deadly ones. 

OnlyFans Username @scottishsophxox
Fetish Scottish
Media Library 133
Number of Posts 153
Number of Likes 1,000
Price $7.99 per month

12.  Gas Goddess – Cute Fart Girl OnlyFans with a Super Gassy Booty

She was so successful on Twitter that this American Gas Goddess created an OnlyFans farting page solely dedicated to her gassy booty a couple of months ago. She’s 26 years old and you can call her Aurora, but don’t be fooled by the name and the princessy look on her profile picture. This OnlyFans fart girl is everything but royalty, unless we talk about majestic flatulence of course. 

Go check her perfect naked ass performing some discreet toots on her Twitter account and you’ll be enamored faster than you can blink an eye. Once you’re back on OnlyFans, you’ll realize that the $7.99 subscription is a steal. 

gas goddess onlyfans

The most important thing, OK the 2nd most important after the perfect bubbling sounds produced by her booty, is that you can accompany her on her OnlyFans farting journey from the beginning. Your contributions won’t pass unobserved and it’ll motivate her for more daily posts, massive farts, OF dick ratings, and sexting sessions that include live fart videos as well as her full, undivided attention. 

OnlyFans Username @goddess4gas
Fetish Big Booty
Media Library 47
Number of Posts 47
Number of Likes 797
Price $7.99 per month

13.  Latina Fart Queen – Natural Farty Ass to Smell and Worship 

Latina Fart Queen does it all, from smelly ass content to femdom and findom, and she enjoys every moment of it. You’ll mainly find fart content on her page because that’s what she fancies more than anything, and so do you. This Latina OnlyFans fart girl boasts a huge natural farty ass and enough flatulence for you to smell, eat, and worship. 

That’s right, worship. This kinky babe expects nothing less from the rule-follower subordinate that you are. For $20 monthly, you can become one of her ass addicts and get hard any time she graciously posts new content. 

latina fart queen onlyfans

OnlyFans fart videos, smelly ass content, ass appreciation, toilet slavery fantasy content – she’s on board with it all and she asks for more. If you have any new gassy ideas, or if you want to be her chair, feel free to ask for some airy custom content. 

OnlyFans Username @latina_fart_queen
Fetish Latina
Media Library 243
Number of Posts 188
Number of Likes 1,100
Price $20 per month

14.  Beauty Bunny – BBW Fart OnlyFans Mistress

You like to experiment and sometimes suffocating flatulence is just not enough? Beauty Bunny understands what you’re going through! This chubby farting girl OnlyFans is trying a lot of interesting kinky stuff to keep herself and her subscribers aroused. 

While she loves launching smelly bombs on camera, the BBW farting OnlyFans girl will provide an arsenal of kinky material, ready to satisfy all your needs. Her content ranges from burps to anal play. She also loves toys, twerking, and if you want to be treated like a tamed puppy, this curvaceous gassy boss babe can make you her helpless slave.

beautybunny onlyfans

If you fell in love with this chunky airy goddess and want some kinky combination no one thought of before, make sure you contact the BBW fart OnlyFans creator for a personalized video or a loud and farty live chat. 

OnlyFans Username @beautybunnny8004
Fetish BBW
Media Library 1,786
Number of Posts 812
Number of Likes 8,700
Price $15 per month

15. Kitsy Vixxxen – Stinky Slut with a Fart Fetish

In case you’re wondering what you’ll find on this farting babe’s page, her cover picture will give you the answer. Kitsy Vixxxen takes great pleasure in launching airy grenades straight into the nose of her helpless disciples. The Canadian OF girl aims to cater to your every fart desire and has prepared the stinkiest and loudest OnlyFans farting clips on her page. 

With more than 650 OnlyFans fart videos she’s a force in the world of OnlyFans gassy fantasies. This stinky slut with a fart fetish knows how to tease your imagination with some steamy fart content. She’ll perform her noisiest and most sulfurous blasts naked, with full bum undies, wearing jeans, or leggings. 

kitsy vixen onlyfans

She’s super busy producing only top arousing fart material for her OnlyFans page, but she’ll always find the time for a personalized dirty windy chat. So, don’t be shy and join her for $20 a month. 

OnlyFans Username @kitsy-vixen
Fetish Canadian
Media Library 856
Number of Posts 1,023
Number of Likes 68,100
Price $20 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Farting OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Now that you had a tour of the best farting OnlyFans girls, you understand it’s pretty difficult to choose only one smelly queen. That’s why on our podium we have 3 OnlyFans farting accounts, one stinkier than the other. 

Vicktoria Tacos takes advantage of any opportunity she has to let one rip in front of the camera. During her bath, in the yoga class, or on her bed, this thick blonde will blow your nose with her sexy, candid farts. 

Second, we have The Fart World OnlyFans, a gassy collective gathering only the very best farting OnlyFans girls. Over 60 OnlyFans fart models will provide the stinkiest and most exclusive fart video collection. 

EbonyBooty49 is a curvy ebony goddess, here to serve fart realness. There is a thing this OnlyFans fart girl loves above anything else, and that’s intoxicating her loser slaves with gassy blasts.

These top best farting OnlyFans creators might be enough for you, but make sure you check out the other girls farting OnlyFans models on our list. 


Who are the hottest farting OnlyFans creators?

We’ve got more cute and kinky OnlyFans girls for you here:

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