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The best dick rating OnlyFans creators know how to make you feel good about your junk while turning you on at the same time. They also take the job seriously. None of “your dick is nice” fluff; they’ll give you a thorough evaluation, from your size to how well it’s groomed, down to the dirty thoughts it puts in their mind.

It can be hard to find these gems on OF, so we scoured dick rating OnlyFans Reddit threads and other sources to bring you the finest dick raters the platform has to offer. 15 of them, in fact– good luck choosing just one!

The 15 Best Dick Rating OnlyFans Girls 2024

Meet the best dick rating OnlyFans girls you need to follow this 2024:

A Closer Look at the Best Dick Rating OnlyFans Creators

Presenting the best dick rating OnlyFans creators of 2024! They’re hot, fun, and can’t wait to get your dick pic in their inbox. You can even snag a free cock rating OnlyFans treat or two if you play your cards right!

1. Ashleigh – The Best Cock Rating OnlyFans Girl According to Redditors

We found our number 1 pick, Ashleigh, while browsing a thread on dick rating OnlyFans Reddit recommendations. They were positively gushing about this UK OnlyFans creator. One redditor said, “You gave me a rate and I have never felt so much confidence afterwards!” Another OnlyFans Reddit user agreed: “By far the best ratings/prices I’ve seen on OF!

Her profile alone will tell you why she topped our list of the best dick rating OnlyFans girls. First, she’s incredibly hot with her pale skin, perky boobs, and penchant for black lace. She’s also a sweetheart – she wants to give her subs a more fulfilling experience than the usual porn. One of her favorite ways to do that is by offering SIX different types of dick rates, all 100% customizable.

Ashleigh OnlyFans

And here’s the deal: her ratings are always spot on because she’s also a professional writer specializing in written and audio erotica. Not sure if you want to pay extra for a dick rating yet? Subscribe to Ashleigh’s OnlyFans for $8.99 a month (currently at 40% off) to get a feel for her vibe.

It’s great value for your money, too. She already has 1,000+ sex tapes, nudes, and several JOI clips in her library. On top of that, she holds fun games and competitions for OF fans every month. But try to decide ASAP– Ashleigh always has a long line of dick rating requests!

OnlyFans Username @pale_but_peachy
Fetish British
Number of Posts 694
Number of Likes 19,200
Number of Photos and Videos 1,026
Price  $8.99 per month

2. Sunshine – The MILF Queen of Raw & Honest Video Dick Ratings

Honesty is the best policy for OnlyFans MILF Sunshine, our next pick for the best dick rating OnlyFans girls. No pre-recorded fakes here – she’ll hit record before opening your dick pic so you can see her raw reaction before she goes into detail. 

Sunshine offers five different types of dick ratings, which start at around $8-$10, depending on complexity. Her ratings are 10 minutes long on average because she goes really in-depth with her evaluation. She’ll rate it from 1-10, assess what she sees, and also share what she likes and dislikes about your junk and why (but she promises never to be mean or rude).

Sunshine OnlyFans

As a tribute-friendly OnlyFans creator, this thick and fit brunette also loves receiving cum videos from her subscribers. If you want to send one, make sure to ask permission and send a tip first. Casual chatting is free though! She also offers other XXX services like video calling, sexting, and custom sex tapes.

On the subscription front, it’ll cost you $14.99 a month to unlock her 500+ videos and 2,000+ sexy photos. There’s all sorts of hot stuff in there, from spit play to mommy dom scenes, roleplay, feet, and more.

OnlyFans Username @indiscreethotandfit
Fetish Cougar
Number of Posts 1,459
Number of Likes 48,900
Number of Photos and Videos 2,704
Price  $14.99 per month

3. Mellow – Busty Latina Who Loves Getting and Rating Dick Pics

Are Latina OnlyFans creators more your type? Treat yourself to an OnlyFans dick rating from Mellow. This busty queer brunette can’t get enough of giving them out – she admits it’s her thing – and would love for you to send her one.

Mellow puts real effort into every dick rating. Aside from evaluating what your dick looks like, she’ll also describe what she’d like to do to it. In very graphic terms. Speaking of graphic, you can ask Mellow to rate your dick in the nude, wearing lingerie, or whatever special request you have in mind.

Mellow OnlyFans

She’s also quite a prolific OF creator, with almost 1,500 media and posts on her profile. Other content includes solo and lifestyle content like topless selfies and nudes as well as selling panties and giving sex advice to fans who respond to her DMs.

Her sub is already cheap at $9 a month, but if you hurry, you can grab 20% off your first month with her limited offer. Turning rebill on gets you more perks, ranging from free dick rating OnlyFans videos to free sex tapes and discounted PPVs.

OnlyFans Username @mellowish
Fetish Latina/Busty
Number of Posts 412
Number of Likes 20,000
Number of Photos and Videos 679
Price  $9 per month

4. Keeper of Secrets – Bisexual MILF Gives the Hottest OnlyFans Dick Ratings 

Her OF handle may be Keeper of Secrets, but everyone deserves to know her name. This hot goth OnlyFans MILF offers one of the best dick rating OnlyFans services of 2024. She won’t just grade your dick – she’ll turn it into an entire experience.

She can infuse it with some humiliation if you’d like, or shower you with praise if you need a confidence booster. This babe is also excellent at roleplay, which is another popular add-on to her dick rating service. Want a sample? Every new subscriber gets an OnlyFans free dick rating (text format), so remember to claim yours when you become a paid sub.

Keeper of Secrets OnlyFans

Along with that freebie is Keeper of Secret’s massive OF library with a heavy focus on BDSM. Her NSFW collection is also fetish-friendly; her feet fans, in particular, have plenty of pics to enjoy. She also offers femdom services like key-holding and findom with a bit of slave play thrown into the mix.

If you want to show your appreciation for the free dick rate, check out her Amazon wishlist. Gift her anything in there and you might just get a sexy surprise in your inbox.

OnlyFans Username @keeperofsecretss
Fetish Mistress/Goth
Number of Posts 957
Number of Likes 16,000
Number of Photos and Videos 1,789
Price  $9.99 per month

5. Lana – OnlyFans Dick Rating with Remote Sex Toys & Other Add-Ons

Lana already runs one of the top XXX OnlyFans accounts of 2024, so it’s no surprise that she offers one of the best OnlyFans dick rating services as well. This curvy blonde calls her page a “naughty wonderland” and is always ready to go the extra mile for her subscribers who want to get their dicks rated.

Specifically, she’ll deliver your dick rating in any way you want. You can have her rate your dick while in the nude, live. You can also combine her other services with your dick rating, such as remote sex toy control, pussy/anal play, and striptease. It’s all up to you, including any fetish or kink you want satisfied.

Lana OnlyFans

That’s not all she offers on OF, of course. Lana’s content catalog boasts 650+ uploads featuring a variety of sex tapes, shower/bath videos, nudes, and more. She’s also got ASMR content featuring naughty confessions, JOI, and dirty talk. 

Want a closer connection with one of the best dick rating OnlyFans creators on the platform? Book her GFE and get treated like royalty. She also posts her own challenges and is always up to try out trending NSFW games. All of those are yours for just $5 a month (or less if you go for her discounted subscription bundles).

OnlyFans Username @lana_in_wonderland
Fetish Blonde
Number of Posts 529
Number of Likes 9,500
Number of Photos and Videos 651
Price  $5 per month

6. Franny Freckles – Offers A La Carte Dick Ratings – No Subscription Needed

For a no-commitment dick rating on OnlyFans, head over to Franny Freckles’ account. No need to subscribe to her OF (though it’s only $6.99 per month) – just message her to order one and wait for it to drop in your inbox.

Her idea of the best OnlyFans dick rate is an in-depth reaction to every aspect of your junk. She’ll rate it on a scale of 1-10, then go over everything she likes about it. She also includes any improvements she thinks you could make (to both your dick and dick pic style). Finally, she’ll go into detail about all the things she’d like to do with it if you were in the same room together.

Franny Freckles OnlyFans

In case you do decide to subscribe, Franny regularly posts content featuring solo play, B/G sex videos, lesbian clips, anal, and lots of solo masturbation and toy play. If you’re into roleplay or GFE, she does that, too. 

Lingerie and panty custom requests are also available if you want a physical memento for your OF collection. She also does custom porn requests – just don’t forget to tip Lana if you want her to fulfill your filthiest requests.

OnlyFans Username @frannyfreckles
Fetish Tattoos
Number of Posts 326
Number of Likes 5,000
Number of Photos and Videos 460
Price  $6.99 per month

7. Danielle Nichole – Blind Dick Reactions with Brutally Honest Ratings

Think you can handle the truth about your dick? Try Danielle Nichole’s cock rating OnlyFans service. She doesn’t care if you like what she has to say – Danielle is not in it to inflate your ego. That said, she’ll deliver it in a kind and constructive way. 

On the other hand, you’ll also know her praise is genuine. If she says she loves your dick, it means she really thinks it’s amazing! Her dick rating videos usually last around 3-5 minutes but you can also request a longer one if you prefer.

Danielle Nichole OnlyFans

Curious about what else this MILF has to offer? Subscribe to her OF for $9.99 a month to access her 700+ posts and media uploads. You’ll find the usual there – anal, squirting, solo, sex tapes, etc. – along with “that weird shit“. We’ll leave you to discover that yourself. 

Danielle also has a selection of personal items for sale on OnlyFans. If you buy something from her Amazon wishlist, she’ll also give you a couple of free pics and videos in appreciation. You can even snag an OnlyFans free dick rating if you’re generous enough. Oh, and absolutely no spam or shout-outs on her page – ever.

OnlyFans Username @daniellenichole88
Fetish MILF
Number of Posts 375
Number of Likes 11,000
Number of Photos and Videos 361
Price  $9.99 per month

8. Marie Hardon – Geman Student Delivers Dick Ratings in the Nude

Marie Hardon is one hardworking hottie. This German blonde has managed to reach top OnlyFans creator status while working towards her college degree! She also loves rating dicks, but warns that she won’t hold back – no matter what.

You can purchase a standard OnlyFans dick rating video from Marie for around $35. They last for a minimum of two minutes and feature her going over several categories and explaining her ratings. They’re always delivered fully nude. But if you’d rather have her wear or do something specific, Marie is open to requests, as long as you ask politely.

Marie Hardon OnlyFans

Besides offering some of the best dick rate OnlyFans subscribers can get, there’s plenty more to enjoy on Marie’s account. Anal, cum kissing, lesbian sex, threesomes, and foursomes– it’s all there among the 1,900+ uploads in her library.

Like reading your smut? Order an erotic short story written just for you, another one of Marie’s many specialties. Normally, it’ll cost you $30 a month for full access to her account, but she’s currently running an 85% off discount for new subscribers. It won’t be available for long so grab it while it’s there!

OnlyFans Username @marie_hardon
Fetish Threesomes
Number of Posts 1,823
Number of Likes 48,400
Number of Photos and Videos 1,977
Price  $30 per month

9. Vada – Kinky Cock Rating OnlyFans Service via Text, Audio, or Video

Getting evaluated by a faceless babe may not be your idea of the best OnlyFans dick rate, but Vada is ready to change your mind. This 27-year-old Canadian is shy AF so she doesn’t show her face on OF (yet), but everything else is available for your viewing pleasure. 

That means there’s basically no limit to the special requests she’ll accommodate for your dick rating. You can order a conventional one (descriptive, detailed, and honest), or one that’s tailored to your dirtiest fetishes or kinks. You can also choose the format, from written ratings to audio, video, or even delivered live if you wish.

Vada OnlyFans

Her OF account is packed with red-hot content, too. Watch Vada play with herself, have sex with men and women, and try on sexy lingerie on cam. No anal play yet because she’s still a virgin in that department, so you’ll need to stick around to see if that changes.

Vada’s OnlyFans sexting service is also highly-rated by her subscribers, as are her GFE and customs. DM her for more details or just to chat and get to know her better.

OnlyFans Username @vadauncensored
Fetish Sex Toys
Number of Posts 1,649
Number of Likes 36,000
Number of Photos and Videos 2,200
Price  $9.99 per month

10. Linny – Budget-Friendly OnlyFans Cock Rating Available

Worried you can’t afford the best dick rate OnlyFans creators? Linny’s got you covered. She’s an experienced OF babe who’s got dick rating down to a science. She always shows the pic you sent on cam so you know it’s not recycled content.  Then, she’ll go over her first impressions, an honest 1-10 number rating, all the things she’d love to do with it, and other details. 

For a more affordable option, try out Linny’s inbox message rating service instead. You send her your dick pic, then she’ll DM you her written rating. Don’t worry about the quality – Linny is an experienced OF creator and knows how to pack value into a rating no matter the format.

Linny OnlyFans

If you do have the budget but still want to save money, ask about her half-priced video ratings after you subscribe. While waiting for Linny’s reply, go browse some of her best OnlyFans nudes and GIFs starring her sexy body. 

Dick rate not done yet? Take your time scrolling through her 1,200+ uploads in the meantime. You can also find her naughty Q&A streams and videos of her trying on her panty hauls. That should be enough to keep you busy while waiting for your cock rating!

OnlyFans Username @linnyxxofficial
Fetish Brunette
Number of Posts 1,172
Number of Likes 37,100
Number of Photos and Videos 1,201
Price  $10 per month

11. Evee – Often Rewards Her Subs with Free Dick Rating OnlyFans Treats

Evee is a petite Australian OnlyFans model who used to be part of a dick rating duo with her friend Eve. But when Eve moved out, it just wasn’t feasible to do it together anymore. Evee decided to strike out on her own and continue offering the same high-quality dick rating services they were known for. 

Evee’s dick rating service is extremely personalized. You can dictate the length and style of the video, costumes you want her to wear during the dick rating, and even suggest a background if you wish.

Evee OnlyFans

You can also ask her to focus on specific body parts like her butt, boobs, and feet. And if you’d like, you can even buy the underwear or lingerie she was wearing while giving you the best cock rating OnlyFans experience

Evee also offers sexting via Snapchat/Kik, and if you guys vibe, she’s known to throw in a free cock rating OnlyFans gift as a token of appreciation. 

OnlyFans Username @evee.x
Fetish Blonde/GFE
Number of Posts 60
Number of Likes 1,100
Number of Photos and Videos 65
Price  FREE

12. Kodi Salem – Dick Ratings with a Side of Pussy Play

Texas-based Kodi Salem is a Brazilian OF creator who calls herself “your new favorite goth slut”. Her free OnlyFans is extremely hardcore, and the same goes for her OnlyFans cock rating services.

She offers three dick rating options – a detailed written review of your package, a video assessment, or one that’s tailored to your exact preferences. If you want it on the more XXX side, she’ll gladly play with herself while talking about your dick. Kodi can also incorporate your kinks into the rating– BDSM, wax play, and fuck machines are some examples of what she can accommodate. 

Kodi Salem OnlyFans

Kodi has a free and paid OF account, but you can order a dick rating even if you don’t become a paid subscriber. We do recommend following her free profile which has about 500 dirty pics and 290+ videos and is updated daily. Have fun looking for her best squirt OnlyFans videos in there!

Want to spoil Kodi? Buy something from her Amazon wishlist like a licking vibrator, bejeweled butt plugs, and squirting dildos. Don’t be surprised if she showers you with rewards, like a free OnlyFans dick rating while using your gift!

OnlyFans Username @kodi_salem
Fetish Goth
Number of Posts 656
Number of Likes 87,000
Number of Photos and Videos 813
Price  FREE

13. Nebraskawut – Asian Dick Rate with 3.75 Million Likes on OnlyFans

With over 3.75 million likes on her OnlyFans account, it’s safe to say that Nebraskawut is one of the best Asian OnlyFans creators in the game. Consider yourself lucky if she says yes to giving you a dick rating on OnlyFans. While it’s a part of her services, she’s often too busy to do a lot of them.

Sure, you can always inbox her a photo of your dick, because Nebraskawut loves receiving naughty photos from her subs. But to receive an actual rating, be sure to send a nice tip along with your pic. 

Nebraskawut OnlyFans

Dick rating or not, subscribing to Nebraskawut’s OnlyFans is worth the hefty $25 a month she charges. Her library is already loaded with nearly 400 full-length sex videos plus thousands of nudes. Watch her in orgies, threesomes, with men and women, and a whole lot more OnlyFans porn scenes.

If you choose the auto-renew option, you’ll receive exclusive rebill treats for being a loyal subscriber (sometimes in the form of an OnlyFans free dick rate). New subscribers also get a welcome bonus — a free private video of Nebraskawut and her bestie cumming together.

OnlyFans Username @nebraskawut
Fetish Asian
Number of Posts 1,274
Number of Likes 3,450,000
Number of Photos and Videos 3,265
Price  $25 per month

14. Bella Diablo – Sensual Domme with Personalized Dick Rating Videos

Bella Diablo is a stunning Latina with a doll face, big boobs, and a huge butt who also one of 2024‘s best OnlyFans dick rating accounts. She prides herself on offering fully-customized dick rates you’ll want to watch over and over again.

You can tailor your dick rate OnlyFans order to include what she should wear (lingerie, cosplay, leather, nude, etc.) and what she should say. She can also mention your name in the video if you want her to – just let her know in advance. Her videos usually run for 10 minutes or more, so it’s more than enough time to get the full experience.

Bella Diablo OnlyFans

More importantly, everything is delivered live, so you can be sure that it’s not premade or copied from another source. She’ll also send you the recording so you can enjoy your rating as many times as you want. 

Apart from her dick rating service, Bella also boasts some of the dirtiest OnlyFans services available on the platform. For example, you can book her for a Skype video sex call or get her to make a taboo porn video to satisfy your mommy kink. In fact, Bella pretty much says yes to everything, so don’t be shy about telling her about your fantasies!

OnlyFans Username @belladiablo
Fetish Sexting
Number of Posts 841
Number of Likes 68,500
Number of Photos and Videos 1,222
Price  FREE

15. Juliana Ferrara – The Blonde Nurse Who Adores Dicks & Rating Them

Last but certainly not least for our best dick rating OnlyFans picks is Juliana Ferrara. This petite OnlyFans girl is a nurse IRL, so it’s safe to say she knows the male anatomy intimately. 

Juliana offers different options for dick ratings, ranging from verbal reviews to detailed screenshots highlighting key aspects of your junk. Tip: She loves receiving dick pics and cumshot videos in her inbox – if it’s good enough, she might even give you an OnlyFans free dick rate as a reward.

 Juliana Ferrara OnlyFans

As far as her subscription goes, Juliana already has 800+ pics and videos in her OnlyFans library, for which she charges $12.99 a month. If you purchase a package, she’ll send you a free video of your choice (up to six, depending on the bundle). 

Subscribing also opens up her tip menu, from one-on-one sexting to customs and PPV sex tapes. Don’t forget to DM her once your payment goes through. This naughty nurse enjoys chatting with her subscribers and answers all messages herself.

OnlyFans Username @julianaxferrara
Fetish Petite/Blonde
Number of Posts 816
Number of Likes 213,500
Number of Photos and Videos 903
Price  $12.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Top Dick Rating OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Having a hot babe review your dick can be both nerve-wracking and invigorating, but an  OnlyFans dick rate is something you need to try at least once. And for that, there’s no better choice than Ashleigh. 

Her dick rate OnlyFans customers can’t stop singing her praises! Add her loaded OnlyFans library, and it’s clear why she’s our top pick for 2024.

Tribute-friendly Sunshine is another excellent option, especially if a detailed rating is what you’re after. For you Latina fans out there, make sure to subscribe to Mellow and turn your rebill on for a chance at getting a free OnlyFans dick rating.


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