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Brazil is famous for many things: the Amazon rainforest, Carnival, football, and its millions of gorgeous women. The sixth-most populous country on the planet is known for its beautiful, confident, and spicy hot mulheres – and plenty of them have sizzling OnlyFans accounts.

If you’ve ever hoped for an in-depth guide to the best Brazilian OnlyFans girls, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled 16 of the hottest models hailing from the largest (and sexiest) country in South America – all of them ravishing creators heating up OnlyFans in 2024.

The 16 Best Brazilian OnlyFans Girls 2024 

Coming up with a list of the best Brazilian OnlyFans creators is no small task, but we’ve managed to do just that. These babes are all incredibly hot, each with a uniqueness all their own. So get ready to brush up on your Portuguese (starting with Te amo) as you read through our sizzling guide of top Brazilian OnlyFans models.

A Detailed Look at the Best Brazilian OnlyFans Creators

We’re all about the details, so we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the content, pricing, and responsiveness of these smokin’ hot Brazilian OF creators.

1. Chloey Mercy – Top Brazilian OnlyFans Star With the Spiciest Content

The stunning Chloey Mercy caught our attention immediately as one of the most beautiful OnlyFans girls we’ve laid eyes on. Her Brazilian heritage is apparent when you check out her perfect features, killer body, and sensual moves.

Chloey’s OnlyFans is one of the hottest we’ve seen. Her offerings of dick ratings, JOIs, and full-length sex tapes are just the start. This blonde babe is also fetish-friendly and enjoys the kinkier side of sex – so if you have a taste for something unique, she’s all about it.

Chloey OnlyFans

Chloey’s social media accounts show previews of naughty massage videos and bare-cheeked poses on the bed, but her premium OnlyFans is where the steamiest content lies. One of Chloey’s most popular features is her offer of custom requests. She loves making her fans happy, so ask her to do whatever you’d like (and leave her a nice tip).

This college student is equal parts naughty and nice. She’s the secretly raunchy girl next door who promises a “fun and flirty online experience”.

This #1 hottest celebrity OnlyFans girl is already hot to begin with, but the personal attention she gives fans makes her even hotter. If you’re looking for the best Brazilian OnlyFans creators, you can’t go wrong with Chloey Mercy.

OnlyFans Username @chloeymercy
Fetish Blonde
Number of Photos/Videos 225
Number of Posts 153
Number of Likes 20,100
Price $7.99 per month

2. Kiki – Busty Brazilian Heating Up OnlyFans Like No One Else

Voluptuous bombshell Kiki, aka Kiana Medeiros, is as raunchy as they come. As one of the best Brazilian OnlyFans girls, Kiki offers a wide variety of XXX content including explicit G/G videos, hot B/G photos, lingerie shots, and plenty of roleplay and cosplay fun.

She has curves in all the right places – including one of the best big booties on OnlyFans – and knows how to flaunt them.

Kiki clearly inherited good looks from her Brazilian ancestors – she’s one of the most gorgeous OnlyFans creators on the platform. Her photos are a mix of professional and amateur, ensuring you never grow complacent. She also takes custom requests, catering to each of her fan’s wishes on an intimate level.

Kiki OnlyFans

If you like your OnlyFans girls more on the domme side, Kiki loves to tease, command, and be in charge. Since she regularly sends explicit content through DMs, you can directly ask her to boss you around. After all, this sexy OnlyFans creator invites you to “come play”.

Kiki has an active social media presence where you can find some steamy stuff, but her OnlyFans is where the main action is. If you like your Brazilian OnlyFans models busty, curvy, and a bit bossy, look no further than the red-hot creator Kiana Medeiros.

OnlyFans Username @thosegirls
Fetish Busty
Number of Photos/Videos 763
Number of Posts 519
Number of Likes 6,100
Price $9.99 per month

3. Fe Galvão – Ero-Cosplayer With Tons of Hot Looks

Also known as Maria Fernanda on Instagram, Brazlian-born Fe Galvão has a huge presence on OnlyFans with her sexy and creative cosplay OnlyFans account. She calls herself an “ero-cosplayer”, making it clear that XXX content goes hand in hand with dressing up in wild outfits.

Fe’s closet seems filled to the brim with skin-tight costumes, colorful wigs, and makeup that transforms this Brazilian beauty into any character she wants. Her OnlyFans is where you can expect her spiciest content including erotic videos, exclusive photos, GIFs, and even direct chat.

Fe Galvão OnlyFans

Fe states that she posts daily to OnlyFans, and with over 2,200 photos and videos, we believe her! She loves to spoil her subscribers, so if you’re looking for Brazil OnlyFans accounts focusing on cosplay, Fe is the perfect babe to check out.

OnlyFans Username @fehgalvao
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Photos/Videos 2,244
Number of Posts 1,781
Number of Likes 624,100
Price $14.90 per month

4. Jayda Fire – Sexiest Black Brazilian OnlyFans Creator

Jayda Fire is a gorgeous Black creator hailing from Rio de Janeiro, the city with the giant Christ the Redeemer statue that’s been called one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’. With nearly a quarter of a million likes on her OnlyFans, Jayda might just be the eighth.

This Brazilian OnlyFans ebony star hopes you’re “hot and ready for some fire” and instructs you to tell her what you want so she can give it to you. Jayda does not mess around with formalities – she’s direct and wants you to be as well.

jayda fire onlyfans

If her Twitter is any indication, Jayda loves solo play, as well as retweeting other creators – so in addition to her OnlyFans page, her Twitter is a great place to see what she’s into and sneak a peek at other erotic content.

Be sure to check out one of the best Ebony OnlyFans accounts from Brazil and visit Jayda’s page. With a whopping 13,000+ photos and videos, you’ll have plenty to do!

OnlyFans Username @jaydafire
Fetish Ebony
Number of Photos/Videos 13,233
Number of Posts 7,561
Number of Likes 236,600
Price FREE

5. Janessa Brazil – Gorgeous Pornstar Nicknamed ‘Modern Helen of Troy’

Another creator born in Rio de Janeiro (it is the second-most populous city in Brazil, after all), Janessa Brazil got her start in the adult world in 2009. While many of the brunette babe’s XXX scenes can be found on various porn sites, her OnlyFans consists of exclusive hot content.

Janessa gained notoriety after the podcast “Love, Janessa” explored the wild story of how scammers used her photos, without consent, to dupe lonely men out of money. As a result of the story, she was nicknamed the ‘modern Helen of Troy’. With Janessa’s stunning good looks, we can see why anyone would’ve fallen for her.

janessa brazil onlyfans

For Janessa Brazil, OnlyFans is the perfect platform to express herself. It’s also home to her Linktree, leading to previews of her porn content, the podcast, and even a tipping platform. For a generous tip, you can request anything you’d like from one of the best Brazilian OnlyFans girls.

OnlyFans Username @janessabrazil
Fetish Busty
Number of Photos/Videos 357
Number of Posts 353
Number of Likes 13,000
Price $7.99 per month

6. Key Alves – Brazilian Athlete and Your Favorite Girl Next Door

Born in Brazil’s largest city of São Paulo, Keyla Alves is a Brazilian through and through. She’s also a professional volleyball player. This petite stunner made headlines last year when she revealed that she earned 50 times more money on her popular OnlyFans account than she did as an athlete – and all without posting nude content.

That’s right: Key’s content is slightly more covered up than some other creators, but she’s still incredibly hot. For this Brazilian girl, OnlyFans is a place to show off her killer smile, supermodel good looks, and her exquisitely fit body.

key alves onlyfans

Key has millions of followers on social media, so she’s clearly doing something right. She posts highly personal content, making her relatable and down-to-earth. Key Alves might not be the top choice for those looking for Brazilian OnlyFans nude accounts, but we think you’ll fall in love with this muito bonita athlete just the same.

OnlyFans Username @keyalves
Fetish Athletic
Number of Photos/Videos 605
Number of Posts 346
Number of Likes 63,200
Price $13.99 per month

7. Victoria Matosa – Big Booty Babe and Former Miss Brazil World

If you’re looking for a sexy creator with well over a million likes on OnlyFans, Brazilian model Victoria Matosa is one you won’t want to miss. The brunette hottie posts spicy “VIP content” on her insanely popular OnlyFans page where she loves shaking her curvaceous booty.

This Rio de Janeiro native was crowned Miss Brazil World in 2013 and hasn’t slowed down since. Her ample booty is clearly her favorite asset – she loves wearing barely-there panties, string bikinis, and cute shorts to show it off.

victoria matosa onlyfans

Victoria also does a bit of cosplay – a sexy Velma from Scooby Doo, a sexy pink bunny, and a sexy red devil are all represented in seductive selfies. Go see why this bootylicious Brazilian has gotten so much attention.

OnlyFans Username @babymatosao
Fetish Big Booty
Number of Photos/Videos 1,738
Number of Posts 1,591
Number of Likes 1.69 million
Price $9.50 per month

8. Muhler Melão – Famous Brazilian Actress Who Made Millions on OnlyFans

For those looking to learn a bit of Portuguese, Muhler Melão translates to ‘Melon Woman’ in English. Better known as Renata Frisson, this famous Brazilian actress joined the adult world on OnlyFans during the pandemic. Now a millionaire, she has no regrets.

‘Muhler’ has 2 million followers on Instagram alone, so it’s no wonder she has over 240,000 likes on OnlyFans, a place she calls her “secret playground”. She loves showing off her extremely fit physique in everything from panties and short shorts to hot bikinis to naughty secretary outfits.

mulher melão onlyfans

For one of the most popular women in Brazil, OnlyFans is the place Muhler Melão leaves her identity behind and becomes whatever she feels like being for the day. And if you’re truly hoping to learn some of the language, you’re in luck: she writes her captions in both Portuguese and English.

OnlyFans Username @melaooficial
Fetish Fit
Number of Photos/Videos 486
Number of Posts 342
Number of Likes 240,800
Price $18.99 per month

9. Abby Lee Brazil – Brunette Hottie Who Loves XXX Threesomes

Abby Lee Brazil was raised in Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais and Brazil’s sixth-largest city. This former Hooters waitress is a 100% Brazilian OnlyFans girl – and just as hot as you’d expect a Brazilian former Hooters waitress to be.

You can find plenty of erotic scenes of her in the porn world, but according to Abby Lee Brazil, OnlyFans is the sole place for her personal content. She started out in the adult world in 2014 and is still heating things up with B/G and G/G content, stepmom roleplay, threesomes on OF, solo play, and much more.

abby lee brazil onlyfans

If you’ve watched some of Abby’s porn site scenes, definitely check out her more “personal” material on OnlyFans. While you’re there, buy her something nice from her Amazon wishlist. To really get on her good side, buy her some fried pickles – her favorite food at Hooters.

OnlyFans Username @abbylbrazil
Fetish Petite
Number of Photos/Videos 56
Number of Posts 59
Number of Likes 5,800
Price $11 per month

Actress and fitness model Aricia Silva was born in Florianopolis, Brazil – famous for its white sandy beaches, waterfalls, and saltwater lagoons. Aricia has been heating up beaches and the internet for years, amassing a staggering 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

This blonde stunner must work out all the time because her body is to die for. While her OnlyFans TikTok is fun, flirty, and full of dancing, her official OnlyFans account is the place to see her “as you’ve never seen before”.

aricia silva onlyfans

If Aricia’s Instagram tells you anything, it’s that she loves dressing up, showing off her killer bod, and looking gorgeous doing it. But to see the best of this Brazilian girl, OnlyFans is the place to visit first. Then you can head over to her Instagram stories to see even more of her personal and professional life.

OnlyFans Username @ariciasilva
Fetish Fitness Model
Number of Photos/Videos 531
Number of Posts 288
Number of Likes 30,900
Price $14.99 per month

11. Iara Ferreira – Beauty Queen Who’s Considered ‘Too Hot’

This gorgeous Brazilian, who grew up in São Paulo’s countryside, made headlines last year when she was kicked out of a Miami store for, as she stated, “being hot”. Whether her outfit was too revealing or her drop-dead good looks were too much for employees to handle, it’s not certain. Either way: Iara Ferreira is hot.

Iara is a former beauty queen who’s made a splash on social media. Her Instagram boasts nearly a million followers and she has two OnlyFans accounts: a free OF page with some naughty previews, and a subscription page with over 2,000 pieces of explicit material.

iara ferreira onlyfans Iara promises that if you want to see her having “lots of sex” then her premium OnlyFans is the place to be. Her less explicit content still shows plenty of skin and a love of sexy lingerie. Finally, Iara writes captions in both Portuguese and English, making sure everyone who visits her page understands exactly who she is.

OnlyFans Username @iaraferreirareal
Fetish Blonde
Number of Photos/Videos 2,205
Number of Posts 1,441
Number of Likes 42,5000
Price $15 per month

12. Lara Brazil aka Trans Queen – Adventurous Brazilian Pornstar Who Loves to Dominate

Although currently living in Belgium, trans pornstar Lara Brazil is, as her name indicates, originally from Brazil. For those looking for Brazilian trans XXX content, Lara’s OnlyFans is the perfect place to start.

Lara describes herself as gostosa, which means ‘delicious’ in Portuguese. She seems to do it all: boys, girls, sex in public, sex in private. As she states, she’s “horny and waiting for you”.

lara brazil onlyfans

From BDSM and humiliation to anal to creampie, Lara does not hold back as far as what she does and with whom she does it. She caters mostly to those who are looking for domme content, so if that’s your thing, Lara is one OnlyFans Brazilian creator you’ll want to check out.

OnlyFans Username @larabrazil
Fetish Trans
Number of Photos/Videos 429
Number of Posts 250
Number of Likes 30,600
Price FREE

13. Samy – Hot College Student With a Secret OnlyFans

A psychology student by day, this young Brazilian beauty has amassed quite a following on her OnlyFans account – which apparently is a “big secret” she’s keeping from her parents. And we can see why: Samy’s nearly 4,000 photos and videos are pretty XXX-rated.

Just some of what this top Brazilian OnlyFans creator offers: squirting, solo play, dick ratings, anal, erotic tease videos, feet content, and more. Samy clearly loves sex and showing off her killer body – and over a quarter million likes on OnlyFans means she’s very good at what she does.

samy onlyfans

Samy’s Instagram shows her flaunting her booty in sexy outfits, and she seems like a fun, flirty, and carefree girl who’s living her best life – both in and out of clothes. Let’s just hope her parents don’t read this.

OnlyFans Username @samyof
Fetish Booty
Number of Photos/Videos 3,935
Number of Posts 2,712
Number of Likes 286,000
Price $9.99 per month

14. Denise Rocha – Busty Blonde Lawyer Moonlighting on OnlyFans

Another Brazilian OnlyFans nude model who lives a very different life during the day is lawyer Denise Rocha. Yes, Denise spends her day practicing law and her nights creating steamy content for her OnlyFans page.

This busty blonde made the news recently when she admitted that she received over 70 inquiries a day from cheating men hoping to acquire Denise’s services in divorce cases. Where do these men find her? OnlyFans, of course!

denise rocha onlyfans

In addition to her law practice, this knockout from the city of Brasília has also appeared on reality television and graced the cover of Playboy. Her OnlyFans account is still young, as it was launched only last year, but proves to be a great place to get to know this legally blonde beauty.

OnlyFans Username @deniserochaofc
Fetish Busty
Number of Photos/Videos 309
Number of Posts 306
Number of Likes 8,200
Price $29 per month

15. Daniela – Petite Brazilian With a Thick Ass and Dirty Mind

This self-described “petite girl with a thick ass, huge boobs, and a dirty mind” is a Brazilian babe who’s gaining traction on OnlyFans, and it’s clear why. She’s got a rocking body, gorgeous face, and offers a personal connection with her fans.

Daniela takes custom requests and responds to DMs herself, so if you have something you’d like to ask of this brunette beauty, just ask. To give you some ideas, she’s into gaming, lingerie, and shaking her booty for the camera.

daniela onlyfans

This Brazilian OnlyFans girl is all over social media with popular Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Daniela even has a free OnlyFans page, but her premium account is where you’ll get to see the good stuff – whether it’s steamy photos and videos on her feed or directly in your DMs.

OnlyFans Username @ladaniesbr
Fetish Booty
Number of Photos/Videos 228
Number of Posts 119
Number of Likes 89,800
Price $12 per month

16. Felline the Brazilian Baby– ‘Naughty and Horny’ Student With Incredible Tattoos

Finally on our list of best Brazilian OnlyFans creators is the self-described “naughty and horny” Felline. She’s a Suicide Girl from Brazil – meaning she’s tattooed, pierced, and very hot.

While her page on the Suicide Girls site shows a lot of her, Felline’s OnlyFans is where her explicit content lives. She loves to film her private sex life, intimate moments, and everything in between for her OnlyFans page. With over 2,000 pieces of content, there’s plenty of Felline to see here.

felline onlyfans

If you’re looking for a new and exciting OnlyFans tattooed girl to follow – especially if she’s Brazilian – then don’t wait to check out Felline and all she has to offer.

OnlyFans Username @felline
Fetish Teen
Number of Photos/Videos 2,691
Number of Posts 994
Number of Likes 19,100
Price $10 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Brazilian OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After sifting through dozens of the hottest Brazilians OnlyFans models and narrowing it down to a short list of 16, we can safely say that Chloey Mercy gets our número um spot.

While all of these Brazilian babes are deserving of your attention, Chloey stands out from the rest with her stunning good looks, sexually adventurous spirit, and generous personal touch she gives all her fans through custom content and personal messages.

As far as best Brazilian OnlyFans creators go, you have to start with the perfect Chloey Mercy.


Who are the hottest Brazilian OnlyFans creators?

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