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Pregnant OnlyFans creators are a whole species that deserve more love and attention. They are celebrating the arrival of a new life in the best way possible. Soon-to-be mommas are always glowing with a happy shine. Their lactating tits, growing bellies, and big asses are just a few of the reasons you will fall in love with them.

We hear you and we are here for you. In this guide, you’ll find the 15 best pregnant OnlyFans creators available in 2024. Whether they are expecting moms or have already given birth, we guarantee that they offer the hottest pregnant content on the internet.

The 15 Best Pregnant OnlyFans Girls 2024

From pregnant OnlyFans models to breastfeeding MILFs, this list covers every shape of pregnant ladies you seek. They specialize in various sex kinks. Whatever it is that you want, this is the place to get it.

A Detailed Look at the Best Pregnant OnlyFans Creators

Are you ready for a lactating mother to squirt her milk straight on your screen? If so, let’s take a deep dive into these pregnant OnlyFans creators’ profiles, offers, and specialties now!

1. Jamie – Pregnant South African Hottie Who Loves Doing Live Calls

To start off our list of the best pregnant OnlyFans creators, we have an expecting mom from South Africa, Jamie. The moment she found out she was pregnant, she decided to document her journey here. On her wall, you will literally see the magical sex tape where her baby was conceived.

Your redhead OnlyFans hottie can’t hide her excitement. There are multiple daily updates with B/G porn and solo play. You can watch this expecting mom struggle to put that dildo in. To top things off, Jamie loves doing 1:1 video calls to show you her baby bump. She’ll seduce you in her not-so-fit-anymore lingerie while moving her somewhat immobile body.

Jamie OnlyFans

Jamie delivers the hottest OnlyFans pregnant XXX content and she is extremely interactive. You can see how happy she is about this new chapter of her life. She’ll reply to your DMs and share those little moments, such as baby kicks, with you. She has already said that you’ll be seeing exclusive labor footage and breastfeeding content after birth – you know you like that!

Raising a baby is expensive, so, if you could tip your South African honey, she may throw in an extra striptease move as a thank-you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thepregnantbabe
Fetish South African
Number of Likes 11,100
Number of Posts 540
Number of Photos/Videos 1,011
Price $19.99 per month

2. Pregnant Ellie – Horny Expecting Mom Who Lactates

Ellie is an amateur pornstar currently expecting her first child in the UK. Her growing belly doesn’t seem to impact her huge sex drive – she’s still craving her daily creampies from her man. Together with the father of her child, Ellie delivers explicit preggo OnlyFans porn that will shock your vanilla mind.

This British wife specializes in cumshots, facials, creampies, deepthroating, anal play, toy play, and couple play. Since Ellie is almost at the end of her third trimester, she lactates a lot, especially during orgasms – get ready to see her squirt her milk into the camera.

Pregnant Ellie OnlyFans

In her latest sex tape, Ellie received a face full of cum from her partner. When her husband is busy at work, this creampie OnlyFans girl will make you talk dirty to her and cum on your screen to pleasure her.

After subscribing, Ellie will immediately greet you with seductive selfies. The longer you stay with her, the more exclusive OnlyFans pregnant nude pics you’ll receive in your inbox.

OnlyFans Account Handle @pregnantellie
Fetish Creampie
Number of Likes 2,100
Number of Posts 83
Number of Photos/Videos 166
Price $7.99 per month

3. Pregnant Molly – Slim Blondie Who Is 25 Weeks Pregnant And Loves Foot Play

At 25 weeks, your pregnant Molly is still flexible like a ninja. She’s one of the best pregnant OnlyFans girls because she can do it all. Solo play, B/G porn, fingering, blowjobs, lingerie play, nipple play, belly oiling… This soon-to-be mommy is your naughty sex magician. An intense orgasm will have your mom-to-be lactate and squirt everywhere.

Molly adores private chats so she can share intimate details with you – everything is already included in your package. She will put on her stockings and tickle you with her perfect tiny toes. Remember to send her a few erotic photos of your dick. This preggo hotwife loves dick ratings, although she can be brutally honest sometimes.

Pregnant Molly OnlyFans

Other than her OnlyFans pregnant porn, Molly keeps you updated with her pregnancy news. Whenever she visits her OB-GYN, she will post adorable scans and videos of her unborn child swimming in her tummy. She is a genuine babe who wants to include you in her life.

For just $7, you can access her 3,800 pieces of hot content – all of them are about her pregnancy. Molly is your top pregnant OnlyFans with a huge content library!

OnlyFans Account Handle @pregnantmolly
Fetish Foot
Number of Likes 17,200
Number of Posts 2,507
Number of Photos/Videos 3,790
Price $7 per month

4. Pregnant English Rose – English Babe Speeding Up Her Labor With Huge Dildo

Rose’s beautiful baby is already here, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying hundreds of her sex scenes filmed during her pregnancy. Your free pregnant OnlyFans babe created this account to share the most precious months of her life. You can enjoy all the previews for free before choosing your favorites to purchase.

In her content library, there are dildo-riding scenes, fingering clips, masturbation videos, and lesbian content. Rose’s journey was more special than you’d think. Her baby was overdue, causing her 36F tits to swell up like crazy. To speed up labor, she had to use her 9-inch dildo to open up her tight vagina – and it worked!

Pregnant English Rose OnlyFans

Among all the pregnant women OnlyFans, Rose is the one with the biggest veiny stomach due to her lengthy pregnancy. If you like seeing a big gal riding a double-penetration dildo with a basketball-sized tummy, look no further.

Now, your English Rose continues to create adult content on her premium account, @english-rose, in case you are interested in her non-pregnant porn.

OnlyFans Account Handle @pregnantenglishrosefree
Fetish Dildo
Number of Likes 3,800
Number of Posts 334
Number of Photos/Videos 760
Price Free

5. Liz Katz – Busty Cosplayer With Naughty Pregnant Masturbation Porn

As a mom of three, this former pornographic actress is no stranger to pregnant porn. Liz Katz first found fame in the adult industry for her innocent looks, curvy figure, and of course, hardcore content. Now, she is expanding her expertise and is a top-notch cosplay OF girl as well as a social media influencer.

Liz first got pregnant when she was 20. There is not much footage from her first pregnancy but 20 years later in 2020, she announced the happy news again with YouTuber H2O Delirious. This time, your OnlyFans pornstar recorded a bunch of pregnant masturbation tapes and B/G porn.

Liz Katz OnlyFans

If that’s not enough, your girl was carrying her third child just a year after – that’s a lot of pregnant content for you. Your naughty momma runs a free account, @lizkatzfree, in case you want to take a glimpse at her explicit pregnant previews before committing. You can also follow Liz on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch for additional SFW content.

On her page, your cosplay darling can often be seen putting on her elf ears and fairy costumes – she’s your preggo Tinkerbell looking for a vibrating wand. After seeing Liz Katz pregnant OnlyFans videos, you’ll be secretly wishing your mature MILF to get knocked up again.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lizkatzofficial
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 59,300
Number of Posts 239
Number of Photos/Videos 1,333
Price $30 per month

6. Riley Reid – Award-Winning Pornstar With Romantic Pregnant Couple Play

You know Riley Reid – she is one of the most legendary names in the porn industry. But, you probably don’t know that your childhood dream girl is already a mother to her newborn Emma. Back in 2022, Riley kept her pregnancy a secret until she showed up with a huge belly with her husband to a Lakers game.

Fortunately, this new mom decided to bless you with her sensual pregnant porn after she gave birth. Riley Reid pregnant OnlyFans content mostly covers solo play, B/G sex tapes, lesbian porn, toy play, and role play. This brunette still has loads of never-seen-before footage in stock.

Riley Reid OnlyFans

For those of you looking for pregnant porn OnlyFans creators, you can’t miss this experienced lady. Her 4K videos with XXX close-ups are irresistible.

Right now, Riley is doing 80% off for your first month. You only need to pay $5 to watch this girl’s baby bump get covered in cum – what are you waiting for?

OnlyFans Account Handle @rileyreidx3
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 2,790,000
Number of Posts 1,872
Number of Photos/Videos 15,670
Price $24.99 per month

7. Pregnant Alexa – Blonde Bombshell Who Loves Sending Erotic Voice Notes

Ever since Alexa got pregnant, she has been spending most of her time at home – that’s how she is able to offer you her undivided attention. This girl adores sexting on OnlyFans, dick ratings, solo content, toy play, B/G porn, JOIs, and private video calls.

Your OnlyFans babe loves sending erotic voice notes – she has got the best pickup lines and dirty jokes. She’ll talk dirty to you all day long. Whether you want her to moan softly or scream the loudest, she’ll make it happen.

Pregnant Alexa OnlyFans

For an extra tip, you can even hop on a live call with this blonde bombshell. During your 1:1 session, Alexa will take out her toys and pleasure herself right in front of your eyes – her pregnancy has surely made her more sensitive and her orgasms much more intense.

She also accepts customs. Whatever unusual pregnant fantasies you have, this baby girl is down for it. Alexa is one of the most diverse pregnant women on OnlyFans who is willing to do any sexual kinks you fancy.

OnlyFans Account Handle @blondequeen18
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 75,600
Number of Posts 522
Number of Photos/Videos 597
Price $25 per month

8. Lena The Plug – Instagram Model With Pregnant Orgy Sex Tapes

There is no shortage of talented creators in our guide to the best pregnant OnlyFans girls, but very few can heat up the room with insane pregnant orgy clips as this hot MILF does. Lena Nersesian, aka Lena The Plug, is a top-rated cuckold OnlyFans girl who loves indulging herself in gangbangs while her husband, Adam, watches.

When she was pregnant with Adam’s child in 2020, her belly wasn’t the only thing that was growing – Lena’s husband could no longer match her huge sex drive. That’s why this sexy MILF frequently joined swinger events and sex parties. There are full-length, uncensored orgy scenes on her wall.

Lena The Plug OnlyFans

Other than orgies, this wild girl is into threesomes, cumshots, facials, creampies, anal play, and G/G sex tapes. Lena The Plug pregnant OnlyFans porn will keep you hard all night.

To date, Lena has amassed over 870,000 likes on the platform – her chubby preggo era was a big reason her following skyrocketed. After all, who can resist seeing a heavily woman getting all her holes filled by giant cocks?

OnlyFans Account Handle @lenatheplug
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 875,600
Number of Posts 1,114
Number of Photos/Videos 1,386
Price $19.99 per month

9. Krissy Lynn – Breastfeeding MILF With XXX Collabs

Based in LA, Krissy Lynn originally planned to be a Hollywood actress until she discovered that she is much better at being a pornstar. Now, your petite MILF regularly collaborates with other creators to produce drool-worthy sex scenes. She is into B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesomes, JOIs, CEIs, sloppy toppy, double penetration, and so much more.

Krissy didn’t hold back her raunchy self when she was pregnant. She was filming XXX-rated preggo content daily. This horny MILF would invite her other pregnant girlfriends over to give each other oil massages. Your hotwife is still uploading new footage from her 9-month journey, including breastfeeding clips – you won’t run out of huge belly play anytime soon!

Krissy Lynn OnlyFans

This goddess will shower you with her pregnant OnlyFans nude content as soon as you subscribe – there are even exclusive explicit selfies when you renew your sub.

To get a more holistic look at her life, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter where she posts about her travels, life updates, and more semi-naked selfies. Your Krissy Lynn pregnant OnlyFans page is a must-follow in 2024 if you are looking for a racy girl with lots of dirty tricks.

OnlyFans Account Handle @krissylynn
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 73,000
Number of Posts 838
Number of Photos/Videos 1,163
Price $9.95 per month

10. Trisha Paytas – Social Media Queen With Daily Pregnancy Nudes

Trisha Paytas is your pregnant BBW OnlyFans creator with daily uncensored nudes. This internet personality made headlines when she announced her pregnancy last year and guaranteed to deliver a ton of raw photos to record her journey.

As promised, her pregnant nude OnlyFans content is unique and authentic. Since you’ve come here looking for exciting pregnancy content, you’ll be pleased to know that Trisha’s photos feature a variety of her pregnant outfits, sex toys, and locations. There are professional photoshoots in her swimming pool, public places, and beaches.

Trisha Paytas OnlyFans

Trisha travels frequently for her collabs with other creators – you may see several familiar faces on her wall. Aside from her racy goodies, this popular influencer will share her daily routine with you. From her ultrasound check-ups to fitness classes, you’re experiencing the same excitement as your virtual wifey.

The Trisha Paytas pregnant OnlyFans library may not have as much action packed into her page but she will still steal your heart with her diverse erotic photos and sincerity. Sometimes, Trisha uploads XXX videos/photos with her partner if you want an erotic couple play session.

OnlyFans Account Handle @trishyland
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 278,400
Number of Posts 168
Number of Photos/Videos 209
Price $19.99 per month

11. Emily Mai – Lactating Asian Mommy With The Biggest Tits

Introducing Emily Mai, your Asian mommy ready to nurse you with her giant tits and juicy pussy. She is one of the best pregnant OnlyFans creators because of her wide range of sexual interests. This voluptuous Asian can do face sitting, scissoring, JOIs, CEIs, cumshots, facials, creampies, double penetration, and solo play.

Emily is part of a tight-knit community with other expecting moms. Not only do they share birthing tips but they also go down on each other for a joy ride. Sometimes, when their huge bellies collide, milk comes out of their tits a little – that’s a scene you don’t want to miss.

Emily Mai OnlyFans

Emily is the best pregnant Asian OnlyFans girl who uploads uncensored nudes and sex scenes every day. There is also non-preggo stuff on her wall so you can see how this cutie pie looks without a giant baby inside her – spoiler alert, her double H tits remain heavy as ever.

To see more of Emily, she is active on Instagram and TikTok where she shares PG-rated photos/videos about her life as a mom and doting wife.

OnlyFans Account Handle @itsemilymai
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 186,900
Number of Posts 2,883
Number of Photos/Videos 2,920
Price $14.99 per month

12. Pregnant Rissa – Your Chubby Ebony Wife With Lewd Pregnancy Content

Up next on our list of the best pregnant OnlyFans creators, we have Pregnant Rissa. This pregnant ebony OnlyFans goddess has everything you are looking for. “Big black pregnant belly, huge boobs, boy/girl content, fetish friendly, sassy bad jokes, multiple daily posts”… These are written on her profile. How can you resist this all-in-one package?

Rissa has a childlike personality and loves having sex in her purple shrine with lots of stuffed toys and cute outfits. Roleplay fantasies turn her on. One day, she’s your high school girl who got knocked up by a senior, other days, she is your office manager who loves making nasty jokes.

Pregnant Rissa OnlyFans

This chubby OF queen is unapologetic about her semi-offensive dirty thoughts. If you can’t handle her no-filter, lewd content, you’re not welcome anyway. But if you stay, you’ll be rewarded with her jaw-dropping sex tapes where she rides plenty of young men.

Her pregnant OnlyFans porn is no joke. When her massive boobs and belly jiggle at the same time, it’s hard to decide where to stare next. Every sex scene is a visual feast that’ll have you replaying it multiple times.

OnlyFans Account Handle @marissafrostpregnant
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 38,800
Number of Posts 604
Number of Photos/Videos 876
Price Free

13. Pregnant Celeste – Latina Babe Who Does Pregnant Yoga

Celeste is a half-Latina babe who has already given birth but she is still killing it with her pregnant content and breastfeeding clips. There are over 100 videos of her squirting, masturbating with toys, and fingering herself while pregnant. You’re about to witness her full journey from start to finish, and more.

Your pregnant Latina OnlyFans babe did yoga frequently to keep her body in shape. The best yoga position, you ask? Celeste will say doggy-style with her instructor.

Pregnant Celeste OnlyFans

This flexible lady would sometimes pee herself due to the weight of her baby – she is not shy to show you her wet panties, whether it’s from pee or body fluids. Her top-notch OnlyFans pregnant content is worth every penny.

If you can handle super graphic stuff, Celeste did post her labor footage – it’s not for the faint-hearted but for those of you curious about it, Celeste’s account is a documentary you will be addicted to.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ladycelestaline
Fetish Latina
Number of Likes 331
Number of Posts 57
Number of Photos/Videos 130
Price $5.99 per month

14. FoXXXy Pregnant Mom – All Natural MILF Who Loves Custom Pregnancy Videos

Ember, aka FoXXXy Pregnant Mom, is a hotwife ready to spoil you with personalized pregnancy clips. Seeing her flawless face, it’s hard to believe this 36-year-old lady is actually a pregnant granny OnlyFans creator. This young granny knows how to maintain her physique during pregnancy.

Your sweetheart is an expert in sexting, solo play, B/G porn, GFE, dick ratings, lingerie play, feet close-ups, and cumshots. Ember loves creating personalized pregnancy videos to feed you the most intimate experience. She is happy to whisper your name and let you pretend to be the baby’s daddy.

FoXXXy Pregnant Mom Ember OnlyFans

Her content library is free to access when you subscribe. You can browse through her files and purchase your favorites. If you want exclusive videos, you have to message your foxy soon-to-be mom – a big tip is mandatory for her hard work!

To give your internet wife additional goodies, you can buy something from her Amazon wishlist. Once she receives the sexy panties you get for her, she’ll try them on and send you steamy photos through DMs.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ember_foxymom
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 3,600
Number of Posts 139
Number of Photos/Videos 339
Price Free

15. Pregnant Caireen – Slutty Girl-Next-Door Turned MILF With Uncensored Pregnant Porn

Caireen is a pregnant OnlyFans model as well as a top OnlyFans creator in general. We love her neighborhood skank vibes and how she lures in every guy in the vicinity for a casual hookup.

There are full-length, uncensored pregnant sex tapes available. Whether you want to see her bang her elderly neighbor with a slight baby bump or watch her get ploughed by her plumber right before her due date, you’re guaranteed to find a sex tape that matches your fantasy.

Pregnant Caireen OnlyFans

For a more personal touch, you can message Caireen for a 1:1 roleplay session, either via text or video call. She’s an experienced cam girl that will make your dirtiest dreams come true.

Your amateur model runs a free pregnant OF account. Therefore, she prioritizes generous tippers. To get her attention, you can throw in some bills together with your dick pic – it always works like a charm.

OnlyFans Account Handle @pregnantcaireen
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 103,700
Number of Posts 1,153
Number of Photos/Videos 1,497
Price Free

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Pregnant OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After viewing these wonderful pregnant OnlyFans girls, you probably want to subscribe to them all. We totally understand. They are all slaying it with their pregnant porn. But in case you wonder, Jamie, Pregnant Ellie, and Pregnant Molly are our top three favorites.

Jamie is the hottest pregnant OnlyFans girl in 2024 because of her unmatched hospitability. This South African babe will gladly call you up for a private session to tease you with her baby bump.

We also love Pregnant Ellie for her hardcore creampie content. Her sex drive seems to be through the roof when she is pregnant. You’re constantly getting lots of XXX photos and videos.

Finally, we adore Pregnant Molly for her erotic foot play. She doesn’t have the typical swollen feet of most expecting moms. Her smooth feet coupled with her huge belly are hard to resist.


Who are the hottest pregnant OnlyFans creators?

More kinky OnlyFans girls can be found here…

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