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Essex sits in the Southeast of England, connecting metropolitan London and the abyssal depths of the North Sea. Aside from the famous Epping Forest, Essex is also home to thousands of gorgeous OnlyFans creators. All of them are sexy, confident, and come with mesmerizing figures.

We’ve done our due diligence in sourcing the best Essex OnlyFans girls of 2024 on the platform. Whether you are looking for English MILFs or petite teens, this list will tick every box on your naughty list.

The 15 Best Essex OnlyFans Girls 2024

Below are the most popular Essex OnlyFans creators available now. From squirting models to pegging queens, this English county simply has the best OF presence in the country, or even the world.

A Detailed Look at the Best Essex OnlyFans Creators

Let’s take a look at all these amazing Essex girls OnlyFans stars have to offer. We will go deep into each of their profiles and give you plenty of reasons to subscribe to them all. If you are reading this in your office, you might want to excuse yourself to the bathroom because the below content is NSFW – guaranteed!

1. LEXIE ESSEX – Hottest Essex OnlyFans Girl With An Unbelievable Rack

Already boasting over 630,000 likes, Lexie Essex is one of the most-followed, best Essex OnlyFans girls of 2024. “Bisexual NYMPHO bimbo who loves to squirt” is the first sentence in her bio – and every word is a good reason to subscribe to her racy account, which includes hardcore B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, squirting clips, deepthroating content, creampies, and cumshots.

This busty OnlyFans squirter gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you like it messy or clean, Lexie has the best shows for you. She likes starting off with a sensual striptease in her revealing lingerie before moving on to the XXX stuff that gets her covered in body fluids.


Lexie promises to personally reply to all your messages to build a deeper connection with you. If your dirty talk is intriguing enough, she may even drop you a few teasers of her upcoming sex tapes to get you hard and horny.

The best part of it all is that your Lexi Essex OnlyFans account is totally free! This big tits OF queen allows you to browse her entire media library before choosing your favorites to unlock. For more additional snaps and updates, you can follow her on TikTok and Twitter, where she has gained 1 million followers for her suggestive dance clips and bikini shots.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lexessex
Fetish Busty
Number of Likes 638,600
Number of Posts 7,759
Number of Photos/Videos 7,629
Price Free

2. Lucy Essex – Trans Slut With The Biggest Girl Cock In Essex

There may be hundreds of talented Essex girls out there, but very few are as special as Lucy. This self-proclaimed “Essex slut” is a top-notch trans creator on OnlyFans. Her real girl cock is impressive and can stay hard all day long. On top of that, she’s got the biggest fake boobs in town – her insane tit porn is no joke.

Your neighborhood slut has slept with a ton of age-appropriate men in Essex – there are over 5,000 videos documenting how she seduces men with her mesmerizing curves. Lucy is an expert in BJs, hand jobs, 69s, creampies, cumshots, facials, feet fetish content, and solo play.

Lucy Essex OnlyFans

Lucy likes cocks, real or fake, that’s why she is the best OnlyFans girl for pegging content. This submissive darling likes it when her girlfriends come over and give her a nasty bang from behind. Your Essex slut likes getting lubed up and penetrated for hours and hours until she is exhausted from her intense orgasms.

Your trans babe is extremely vocal about her journey. If you hit her up with kind words and tips, she’ll share exclusive photos about her boob enhancement work. She also likes posting details of her transition on Twitter and Instagram, in case you are dying to see more of this Essex trans queen.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lucyessexcd
Fetish Trans
Number of Likes 6,400
Number of Posts 1,647
Number of Photos/Videos 5,345
Price $9.99 per month

3. Charleigh-essex – Tattooed Essex Redhead With Weekly Live Sex Shows And XXX Collabs

Among our best Essex OnlyFans creators, Charleigh offers the most interactive experience. This tattooed OnlyFans artist loves collaborating with other creators in town. Every Thursday at 8 pm UK time, this feisty sex performer goes live – and her live show content ranges from solo dildo play to threesomes.

Other than her famous sex shows, Charleigh produces banging lesbian sex tapes, B/G sex scenes, orgy clips, anal play videos, and facial content – all previews are available on her wall for free with a sub.

Charleigh essex OnlyFans

Charleigh is kink-friendly. It turns on her to hear about the filthy sex ideas you have in mind. She likes personalized requests and is always eager to see how she can spice things up for you – sexting with her is never dull.

Occasionally, this English redhead hosts competitions so you can win extra nudes/clips – you may even get to decide what seductive outfits she will wear next. She usually announces the rules in her live streams, so be sure to keep your Thursdays free from now on.

OnlyFans Account Handle @charleigh-essex
Fetish Redhead/Tattooed
Number of Likes 2,900
Number of Posts 119
Number of Photos/Videos 219
Price Free

4. Sophie Essex – Slim Blondie From Essex With Multiple Daily Uncensored Videos/Photos

Sophie is a slim OnlyFans Essex Blondie who works in multiple nightclubs in Southend. As she says in her bio, you probably know her already if you’re local to the area. But if not from Essex, you need to check out her uncensored content to see what you’ve been missing out on.

This small-boobed OF model is skilled at dick ratings, customs, sexting, lingerie play, B/G porn, solo play, and stripteases. She loves spoiling top subs with additional XXX snaps. To win her over, you can send her a nice tip and tell her about your enticing wet dreams – the wetter she gets, the more generous she is.

Sophie Essex OnlyFans

Sophie has a big appetite for dicks – she is always on the hunt for young guys to satisfy her cravings. This amateur model will gladly do a 1:1 session with you if you promise to feed her your Vitamin D. She also encourages you to DM her to let her know what you want to see – and she’ll make it happen.

For just $9.99 a month, you can access her entire media library. There is no PPV – everything is yours with a subscription. Sophie updates her wall at least 3 times a day with uncensored sex scenes or BTS photos – are you on your way to say “hi” to Sophie?

OnlyFans Account Handle @sophie.essex
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 7,900
Number of Posts 583
Number of Photos/Videos 982
Price $9.99 per month

5. Demi – Erotic Dancer In England With A Flexible Body And XXX Stripteases

Before joining OnlyFans, Demi was living her ordinary life as a backup dancer. Now, this new OF Essex girl gets to combine two of her favorite things – dancing and nudity. This erotic dancer has the flexibility of a wild cat. She loves doing aerial swings, virtual lap dances, cage dances, and pole dances.

Demi is one of the best Essex OnlyFans girls because she is super friendly and responsive – she’ll never leave you hanging. If you stay with her long enough, she’ll throw in small treats like ass shots from time to time. This down-to-earth dancer offers the intimate experience you’ve been dreaming about.

Demi OnlyFans

Your dirty performer is happy to put on a private cam show – she can choreograph an exclusive striptease routine for your enjoyment only. It’s hard to not fall in love with this vixen after seeing her enchanting moves and angelic face.

Since she just joined the platform, Demi may not have that many media files on her wall at the moment, but she is catching up with multiple XXX stripteases a week. Once you see her move her body like a snake and jiggle her boobs like crazy, there’s no doubt that her subscription is worth every penny.

OnlyFans Account Handle @demi.essex
Fetish Striptease
Number of Likes 235
Number of Posts 53
Number of Photos/Videos 60
Price $10 per month

6. KerrieEssex – Sexy Essex MILF Who Loves Triple Penetration

Your Essex OnlyFans MILF lives by one motto – “any hole is a goal”. That’s right, Kerrie is a triple penetration freak who demands to have all her holes pleasured every day. She is into B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, toy play, anal play, creampies, cumshots, facials, BJs, and so much more.

Kerrie adores 1:1 chats as well to get to know you better. She is very attentive and loves sprinkling personal touches to match your filthy taste better. Your heart will melt when this Essex sweetheart recalls the tiny details you’ve shared.

KerrieEssex OnlyFans

Whatever sexual requests you have, Kerrie will try her best to fulfill them. This generous Southern housewife is determined to make you the happiest man alive with her customized videos. There’s nothing too unusual for her. Tell her how much you wish to be her panties so you can bury your face deep in her pussy – Kerrie will surely blush and giggle.

When she is not deep in dirty talk with you, this British hotwife likes shopping for seductive panties. If you buy her a nice gift from her Amazon wishlist, Kerrie will return the favor by sending you alluring bathroom nudes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @kerrieessex
Fetish Triple Penetration
Number of Likes 48,100
Number of Posts 667
Number of Photos/Videos 664
Price $12 per month

7. Billy Essex – Masculine Essie Stud With Outdoor Gay Porn

We know Billy Essex isn’t an OnlyFans girl but after seeing his popularity and offers, we just had to include this masculine stud in our list of the best Essex OnlyFans creators. He produces the steamiest gay porn with his partner and his real-friend male friends.

Sometimes, this macho OnlyFans gay man pie will take his date on his dirty bike and films XXX-rated sex scenes in farmlands around Essex. You can expect uncensored BJs, hand jobs, rim jobs, mature play, leather play, and pegging content from this British gentleman.

Billy Essex OnlyFans

Other than his enticing B/B pon, this Essex-born country boy likes sharing his daily life with you. Whether he is vacationing in Colchester or surfing along the coast, he’ll post loads of muscle photos in his see-through, sweat-soaked t-shirts. If you like seeing a man with a six-pack and a body full of tattoos showing off his assets in the Essex outdoor fields, look no further.

The Billy Essex OnlyFans subscription fee is only $9.99 a month. Every time you renew your sub, you can redeem extra goodies from your charming boyfriend. This Essie boy is very chatty and will make you feel loved and welcome with his sweet talk and hardcore gay content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mrbillyessex
Fetish Gay
Number of Likes 113,000
Number of Posts 828
Number of Photos/Videos 1,153
Price $9.99 per month

8. Zoe.essex – Amateur Pornstar With HD Homemade Sex Tapes

Zoe is a pornstar wannabe practicing her sex kinks for the big screen. This Essex hotwife is a dedicated OnlyFans swinger with loads of explicit sex tapes. She attends all the swinger parties she can find in Southeast England to satisfy her huge sex drive.

This English hotwife is into threesomes, orgies, deepthroating, solo play, G/G porn, toy play, and BDSM. Her unscripted homemade porn is raw and authentic and will keep you coming back for more. Either she is busy sucking on big tools or filming shower scenes – she has a full sex schedule every day.

Zoe.essex OnlyFans

Zoe will gladly slide into your DM with racy teasers. She also accepts customs and private calls for the right tips. Your Essex amateur pornstar has the cutest English accent as well – you can exchange erotic voice notes with her and have this British darling read you the dirtiest lines in your fantasy play session.

This curvy hottie likes going to the beach in her free time. If you play your cards right, perhaps you will be getting exclusive bikini snaps from your Essex goddess.

OnlyFans Account Handle @zoe.essex
Fetish Hotwife
Number of Likes 3,200
Number of Posts 236
Number of Photos/Videos 169
Price $9.99 per month

9. Essex Big boobs 36 – Hairy OnlyFans Creator With Ultra-Explicit Close-Ups In Essex

For those of you on the hunt for hairy OnlyFans creators, please meet Essex Big Boobs – yes, she prefers to keep a low profile and goes by this name. This happily married housewife films regular romantic couple porn with her partner with ultra-close-ups so you can get a good look at her lady bush.

When her husband is busy at work, this lonely MILF will bring out her many sex toys and start pleasuring herself until she squirts into the camera – She is your video call OF wifey who loves indulging in live roleplay sessions with you.

Essex Big boobs 36 OnlyFans

This hairy princess has the most naturally abundant armpit hair and body hair you will ever see. There are lotion videos of her rubbing moisturizer in all the right places that will get you red hot.

Your mature MILF is particularly fond of sexual fantasies that involve her husband. Don’t be shy to tell her how much you want to engage in an online threesome with them – this loving girl will grab her partner and please you together straight away.

OnlyFans Account Handle @bigboobs36
Fetish Hairy
Number of Likes 204
Number of Posts 119
Number of Photos/Videos 145
Price Free

10. Mistress Lorraine – BDSM Queen With Foot Fetish Clips From Chelmsford, Essex

Are you ready to be ruled by your ruthless master, Mistress Lorraine? Be warned, there’s no going back once you are in because she is incredibly addictive. This Chelmsford OnlyFans BDSM queen offers full femdom clips, foot fetish customs, sexting, pussy worship, BDSM porn, bondage videos, dick ratings, anal sex scenes, and slave tasks.

As soon as you sign up, a welcoming slave task will be waiting in your inbox. The challenge can be anything from public flashings to edge play in the office. To impress Mistress Lorraine, you must complete the mission on time. This foot fetish Essex queen always rewards her top followers with tantalizing foot content.

Mistress Lorraine OnlyFans

Customs are available for dedicated slaves with big wallets. Remember, your Mistress Lorraine is a busy gal and has no time for cheap subjects.

To convince your majesty to bless you with more adult content, you can submit tributes like photos of your hard cock – just don’t be butt hurt when she is brutally honest about how disappointing it is.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mslorraineldn
Fetish BDSM/Ebony
Number of Likes 49,400
Number of Posts 796
Number of Photos/Videos 1,032
Price $9.99 per month

11. TS Tara Essex – Transexual English Model From Essex With The Best GFE

Originally from Essex, Tara is now living in Swindon to chase her modeling dreams. This transexual crossdresser is an up-and-coming superstar and a sex-positive OnlyFans creator. She loves talking about her transition, sexual desires, and aspirations. This charismatic girlfriend will steal your heart with her relatable and authentic vibes.

Tara offers the best GFE that includes sexting, video calls, and custom videos. This racy girl rarely sleeps – she is always up all night exchanging nasty messages and filming content for your pleasure. Whether you want to see your trans babe recreate an iconic look or do a crazy sex stunt, she is up for it – within reasons, obviously.

TS Tara Essex OnlyFans

Apart from her intimate services, there are daily HD nudes/clips on her wall and she will personally remind you when a full-length sex tape is out – isn’t she the most thoughtful babe ever?

On top of that, Tara lets you buy her used panties and other things in her bedroom. If you’ve been fantasizing about sleeping with a wet panty next to you, this is a golden opportunity.

OnlyFans Account Handle @taraessex811
Fetish Trans
Number of Likes 4,800
Number of Posts 128
Number of Photos/Videos 93
Price $25 per month

12. Mr & Mrs Essex – Horny Essex Couple With Hardcore XXX Porn

Do you find couple porn romantic and erotic? If so, you have to meet this Essex OnlyFans couple. Mr & Mrs Essex have been producing saucy content ever since they got married two years ago.

Like most couples in long-term relationships, Mr & Mrs Essex like to spice things up by doing various sex acts. They can deliver the most gentle softcore sex tapes as well as hardcore OnlyFans porn, which covers extreme deepthroating, facials, creampies, cumshots, role play, tit torture, squirting, threesomes, and a lot more.

Mr & Mrs Essex OnlyFans

Aside from the couple’s spicy adult content, they also offer you a glimpse into their married life by posting private life photos and chatting you up. They are enthusiastic sex addicts who love exchanging filthy texts with like-minded people – are you ready to join their sex adventures?

Right now, Mr & Mrs Essex are offering 50% off for your first month. For just $10, all their hardcore XXX videos are yours to enjoy. When you renew your sub, this loving couple will express their gratitude with surprised freebies through DMs.

OnlyFans Account Handle @essexcouplevip
Fetish Couple
Number of Likes 6,000
Number of Posts 544
Number of Photos/Videos 548
Price $20 per month

13. Charlotte brown – Latex Freak With Medical Porn In Essex

Latex-loving Charlotte will not take off her tight outfit even during sex. If that turns you on, then this femdom OnlyFans babe will light up your horny world with her latex porn.

Charlotte is into pegging, squirting, creampies, cumshots, facials, lesbian content, solo play, and medical porn. She broke her arm and leg and was in a cast for months – you have to check out her feed to believe how many medical sex tapes she filmed during that time.

Charlotte brown OnlyFans

This latex Essex freak adores cam shows and goes live every Thursday to ride massive dildos, peg her girlfriends, or try on new, even tighter latex underwear sets – keep your notifications on so you don’t miss her live shows.

To take a sneak peek into Charlotte’s life, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram, where she shares more sexy selfies – just know that OnlyFans is the only platform to find her risqué content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @charleighb_essex
Fetish Dom/Sub
Number of Likes 12,100
Number of Posts 318
Number of Photos/Videos 622
Price $7.49 per month

14. Charlotte – 18-Year-Old Essex Blondie With POV Content

Charlotte just turned 18 this year and already couldn’t wait to join OnlyFans to show Essex and the world her slim physique and POV content. This OnlyFans teenager loves filming POV porn to make you feel like you are riding her hard – she’s your flat-chested lover with the most innocent face.

Your not-so-hardworking college student spends her day curating the most immersive experience for you. She offers sexting services, video calls, and dick ratings. Charlotte’s girlfriend persona is one of a kind – she loves treating you like her high school boyfriend and giving you everything you ask for.

Charlotte OnlyFans

In her free time, Charlotte enjoys joining her classmates for junk boat sex parties – don’t worry, she’ll be sure to bring her cameras to capture the most chaotic Essex orgies and sexy bikini pics. There are also interactive polls where you can decide what kinky stuff she will perform next.

Charlotte is a cheap OnlyFans girl asking for only $6 a month – secure your position as her biggest fan now before she skyrockets to fame and realizes she is worth so much more than that!

OnlyFans Account Handle @char_n18
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 4,600
Number of Posts 80
Number of Photos/Videos 80
Price $6 per month

15. Becky Speed – JOI Goddess Who Loves Edge Play And Role Play Who Lives In Essex

To cap our list of the best Essex OnlyFans girls, we have Becky Speed, a JOI OnlyFans goddess who will drain your balls with her insane edge play and role play. This petite dear likes dressing up as a mean police officer, naughty nurse, or caring flight attendant to tell you where she wants you to put your D.

There’s a reason why Becky keeps reminding you to check your inbox in her posts – because she often has extra goodies reserved just for you.

Becky Speed OnlyFans

Becky updates her wall daily to keep her wall evergreen with fresh content. She is addicted to her phone and will reply to your messages and requests quickly. This Essex queen admits that her guilty pleasure is seeing your creamy cum drip down – she won’t rest until she has made you cum like a volcano.

To see her ultra-hot content, you can subscribe to her premium OnlyFans account, @superiorwomanuk. There are more thrilling orgy scenes, BTS clips, and HD lesbian porn, in case you want the full package she offers.

OnlyFans Account Handle @beckyspeeduk
Fetish JOI/Role Play
Number of Likes 5,800
Number of Posts 466
Number of Photos/Videos 1,937
Price Free

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Essex OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Lexie Essex is the hottest Essex OnlyFans girl in 2024. First, it’s hard to keep your eyes away from her unbelievable curves. Second, you won’t be able to resist her diverse porn library. She is your all-in-one amateur OnlyFans pornstar with a friendly personality.

Up next we have Lucy Essex. We were blown away by her trans sex tapes and loving character. She is a ray of sunshine and the diversity that enriches the Essex OnlyFans circle.

In the third place, we have Charleigh Essex. Not only is she one of the few Essex OnlyFans creators who deliver weekly live sex shows, but she is also super talented in bringing new elements to make things hotter each time. Her fresh content will keep you entertained and hard.

Overall, every creator on this list is unique in their specialties. Whoever you decide to love next, you won’t regret your choice – or better yet, you can subscribe to a few of these Essex OnlyFans girls to multiply the fun.


Who are the hottest Essex OnlyFans creators?

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