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If you’re looking for consistently better odds than the competitors and a vast range of betting options, you’ll want to review Betanysports. Boasting reduced margins and multiple line types, Betanysports offers a betting experience like no other.

But what bonuses are on offer? Stick around as our experts provide an in-depth review of each unique bonus package on offer at Betanysports. We review this unique sportsbook and tell you why you should wager here if you want the best odds in the US. To bet with reduced juice, special rebates, or a free deposit, sign up with Betanysports.

Betanysports promotions

How to Claim Your Bonus with the Betanysports Sports Bonus Code

Looking to claim a bonus? At Betanysports, the process is a little bit different than what you might be used to. The process requires no Betanysports bonus code, and you have to do very little work.

  • Step 1: Sign up – Firstly, you’ll need to register for an account by completing the registration form and verifying your email address.
  • Step 2: Check the packages – By default, you’ll be registered with the reduced juice package. If you’re happy with that, then you’re done here. The bonus has been claimed.
  • Step 3: Contact Support – If you’d like to use a different package, then you’ll need to contact customer support and request to do so. Once you’ve switched packages, it is unlikely you’ll be able to do so again. So, choose wisely.

The Latest Betanysports Sports Bonus Codes

Betanysports doesn’t offer bonuses in the traditional sense but there are still incredibly exciting and useful bonus packages that can be applied to your account for a lifetime. These can be rather complex to understand, so we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

Bonus Name

Bonus Description Bonus Code


Less Juice Package

Reduced price odds N/A

Claim Bonus

25% Cash Bonus

25% up to $500 N/A

Claim Bonus

Rebate Program

Up to 25% cashback N/A

Claim Bonus


Up to 10% of your friend’s opening deposit up to $100 N/A

Claim Bonus

House Money Program

7th deposit paid by Betanysports N/A

Claim Bonus

Top Betanysports Sports Bonus Codes & Offers

There is no Betanysports bonus offering in the traditional sense. This operator doesn’t offer a sign up bonus, nor does it have a promotions page filled with regular free bets or reload bonuses. Instead, Betanysports provides four unique account packages that alter the way you bet at this operation.

Less Juice Package

  • Bonus amount: Reduced juice odds
  • Deposits: N/A
  • Bonus code: N/A
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Min deposit: N/A
  • Bonus expiry: N/A

Without getting into the technical bits, juice refers to the margins the sportsbook makes on each bet. – it’s their cut, essentially. Many bookmakers will take a bigger cut which reflects with more expensive lines for the bettor. With the Less Juice Package, you can pick up odds that are of far better value.

For example, where a wager might normally have odds of -120 to win $100, with the reduced juice lines, that same wager would have odds of -115. These lines are offered on major US leagues like the MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NFL. Our Betanysports review did confirm tons of these low-juice markets.

This offer is the default package when signing up to at Betanysports. Reduced lines are limited to straight wagers only and to a maximum of $500. After our review of Betanysports, we were big fans of this package – better odds should always trump bonus funds.

25% Cash Bonus

  • Bonus amount: 25% up to $500
  • Deposits: 1st deposit
  • Bonus code: N/A
  • Rollover: 6x
  • Min deposit: $25
  • Bonus expiry: 30 days

Rather than take the reduced juice package, bettors can instead choose to contact customer support and receive a matched deposit bonus instead. This bonus is a 25% matched deposit with the minimum bonus amount being $6.25 and the maximum of $500. A 6x rollover applies to both the deposit and bonus amount.

For example, a $50 deposit will net a bonus of $12.50. The 6x time rollover means $62.50 must be wagered to the tune of $375. This is a relatively small rollover, and we felt confident during our Betanysports review that most bettors can clear it.

The Rebate Program

  • Bonus amount: Up to 25% rebate
  • Deposits: N/A
  • Bonus code: N/A
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Min deposit: N/A
  • Bonus expiry: N/A

This bonus package can also be used in the casino. Bettors and players can earn up to 25% in cash back on daily wagers. How much rebate you receive is determined on the last time you received a rebate. 25% is offered on losses after 30 days, 10% is offered on losses after 7 days, and 5% is offered on daily losses.

The minimum amount you can receive is only $1. You can check your figures at any time within your account. There is no Betanysports bonus code required to obtain this offer, as you just need to contact customer support to switch from the initial reduced juice bonus.

House Money Program

  • Bonus amount: 7th Deposit paid by Betanysports
  • Deposits: 6 consecutive deposits
  • Bonus code: N/A
  • Rollover: 1x
  • Min deposit: $25
  • Bonus expiry: N/A

This is a very unique bonus that can also apply to the casino section. Following six consecutive deposits of at least $25 each, Betanysports will make a 7th deposit worth the sum of your six total deposits. The maximum possible bonus amount is $5,000.

There is no actual maximum deposit, but with the maximum bonus fixed, any additional deposit amount simply won’t count towards the bonus sum. A rollover of 1x applies, which simply means you have to wager the entire bonus amount once – any winnings would be free to withdraw.

Once the bonus is cleared, you are free to make another six consecutive deposits and receive the 7th deposit. You cannot stack bonuses as the offer must clear each time. This bonus can almost be thought of as the closest thing to a 100% matched deposit bonus at Betanysports.

Types of Betanysports Sports Bonuses & Promos

Review Betanysports for even five minutes, and you’ll notice the bonuses aren’t quite like other sportsbooks. This sportsbook simply operates a little bit differently, but we can still categorize the promo packages into bonus types.

Betanysports Sports Welcome Bonus

You may be searching for the Betanysports sign up bonus at this point. But the truth is, a typical welcome bonus simply does not exist. Instead, this operator offers unique packages that either drastically alter the betting lines, provide a small, consistent rebate, or you can get a matched deposit that can sometimes be reloaded.

Betanysports Sports Existing Customer Offers

Those packages are all Betanysports offers, and they will last for as long as you continue to bet at this sportsbook. You can ask to change to a different package, but typically your decision is set in stone. However, this means that lower juice will continue, and your 25% rebates will remain throughout your time at Betanysports.

Betanysports Sports No Deposit Bonus

Most of the offers at Betanysports are no deposit bonuses. While a deposit isn’t required, you will need funds to enjoy most of the bonuses at this sportsbook. We’ve never seen a traditional no deposit bonus at Betanysports either – that is a free bet or bonus amount that requires no deposit to claim.

Who Can Claim a Betanysports Sports Bonus?

Just because you can access the Betanysports site, doesn’t mean you can claim a sports bonus. There are a few important rules that determine whether you’re allowed to claim an offer, even before the terms and conditions come into play.

You’ll need to be sure you are the legal age to bet on sports in your state. Some states allow for bettors to be as young as 18, but others still restrict sports betting to 21. If you are ever unsure about the legal climate in your state, you can always check out our state guides, such as New Hampshire sports betting.

Previous package

The terms and conditions do inform the bettor about switching packages. You may not be able to claim a particular Betanysports bonus at some point because you’ve either chosen a package that cannot be switched or you’ve switched too many times. Betanysports have the right to stop players from just going from a low-juice platform to a rebate offer, whenever they feel like it.

Verified players

Players will need to be verified before they can claim a withdrawal. There is no point even using a bonus at Betanysports if you’re not verified. This is a simple process and will just require providing the support team with a copy of your ID and proof of residency.

Betanysports Sports Bonus Codes & Offers T&Cs

With no bonus codes at Betanysports, that’s already one term you won’t have to be concerned about. However, there are a couple of other terms and conditions that regular online casino gamblers may be familiar with, but they may apply a little differently for the unique bonus packages.

Number of Deposits

Most packages at Betanysports won’t even require a deposit to claim. The unique packages are on going bonuses that result in rebates or reduced margin lines for sports betting. However, the House Money Program requires six deposits before rewarding the bettors seventh deposit.


The rollover refers to how many times a bonus and deposit amount must be wagered before any winnings can be converted. Hence, this is probably the most important term to pay attention to. For example, a $500 bonus with a 6x rollover would need to be wagered to the tune of $3,000 before it can be withdrawn.

Min/Max Deposit

Bonuses will usually have a minimum deposit amount that must be met in order to claim that offer. The maximum deposit amount refers to the largest amount you can deposit to claim the full offer amount.

For example, the House Money Program has a maximum deposit of sorts as the maximum possible bonus amount is set at $5,000, meaning any higher deposits simply won’t count towards the bonus amount.

Eligible Sports

Not all sports or wager types will be accepted for certain bonuses. These will be specified in the terms and conditions. For example, the reduced juice package only applies those reduced lines to major US leagues like the NFL or NBA.

Expiry Date

The expiry date refers to how long you have to both use your bonus and clear any rollover requirement. In most cases at Betanysports, you’ll have 30 days to clear a bonus.

Betanysports Sportsbook Login: How to Sign Up & Claim a Welcome Bonus

Before you can log in at Betanysports, you’ll need to sign up for an account. This only takes a handful of minutes, and the web form is very simple to follow. Read on as we explain the process in five easy steps.

Step 1: Sign up

Click “Not a member yet?” from the top menu to start the sign up process.

Betanysports homepage

Step 2: Complete the form

Complete the web form with all your personal details. This will include your full address, and name, and you’ll need to create both a password and a 4-digit PIN.

Sign up screen

Step 3: Verify

Click the verification link provided in an email sent to you when you complete the web form. This will verify your account and set that device as the current trusted device, according to Betanysports.

Step 4: Deposit

You’ll automatically start with the reduced juice package. If you wish to choose another bonus package, you’ll need to contact customer support. Regardless of your choice, you can make your first deposit.

Simply choose a banking method from the three provided and follow any prompts to complete the transaction.

Deposit screen during Betanysports review

Step 5: Bet and enjoy!

That’s all there is to it. You’ll now be free to head to the sportsbook and place your first wagers.

Mistakes to Avoid when Claiming a Betanysports Sports Bonus

With few traditional styled bonuses at Betanysports, you’d think there aren’t too many mistakes you can make. However, there are still small hiccups a bettor can make that will alter their experience when using one of the unique bonus packages.

  • Low juice sections –The low juice package doesn’t apply those margins to every market, nor does it apply to all sporting events. There is a dedicated tab within the sportsbook that reveals all the low juice markets available at that time. Be sure to check there first before betting on your preferred market.
  • Choose wisely – Really review Betanysports packages before contacting support to request to switch to one of them. The team might not let you switch to another one at a later date. It’s best to determine which will suit your needs the most in the long run and go with that.
  • Rollover –Be mindful of any rollovers. The last thing you want to do is win big on a market and then forget to roll over your bonus and deposit. That would result in a loss of all your winnings.
  • T&C’s – We might sound like a broken record, but just always read and fully understand the terms and conditions. Betanysports bonus offers are not exactly like most sportsbooks. So even experienced bettors should give the terms a 2nd glance just to be sure they fully understand the bonus package.

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Betanysports Sportsbook Review (4.2/5)

Betanysports is a rather unique betting platform. Mostly adopted by sharp bettors, the odds are among some of the best you’ll find online. The lowered juice package is genuinely more useful than any standard sign up bonus Betanysports could offer, like other sportsbooks.

However, the different categories of lines and multiple betting platforms create a steep learning curve for novice bettors, and we can see why they may look elsewhere after a few go’s. The range of sports covered is immense, and Betanysports might have the best offering of esports we’ve seen in a while.

All the major US leagues are covered, and plenty of international events like La Liga soccer, IPL cricket, and Australian Rugby. You won’t find the usual types of bonuses here, and we personally prefer the reduced juice lines over a traditional bonus. That being said, it is also understandable why casual bettors may prefer standard bonus types.

Banking is rather limited in the US, and the lack of any alt-coins is disappointing, but Bitcoin is still better than nothing. If serious sports betting is the reason you are looking for a sportsbook, Betanysports should be high on your list.

What we like:

✅ Reduced juice lines

✅ Huge event coverage

✅ Esports live streaming

✅ Different line types

✅Racing rebates

What we don’t:

❌ Limited banking options

❌ Few traditional bonuses

Betanysports Sports Betting Info (4.5/5)

While this operator does offer a casino with tons of exciting features and unique benefits, the sportsbook is where Betanysports truly shines. There are tons of features and some of the best event coverage of any bookmaker in the US market.

Sports Betting Options

Just about every sport imaginable can be bet on at this sportsbook. The smallest European basketball matches or a cricket match between African nations can be found at Betanysports. Every match from every US league is available, including WNCAA basketball, and there is no shortage of different odds to take advantage of.

There is a tab dedicated to low juice lines within various sports for those on the correct package – clicking on it will bring you to the odds for any market with lowered margins. Sports betting is split into multiple platforms dedicated to different kinds of lines.

These lines will suit different bettors depending on whether they’re going for a parlay, a straight bet, or live betting – at times, you can shop around from within a single bookmaker.


Our Betanysports review uncovered not just a racebook but two racebooks. The first is dedicated to those seeking cash rebates on races. You’ll get track-side odds at all times and an extensive array of racecourses from around the world to bet on. Bet types include many exotic wager types, and bet limits are high for most tracks.

The Racebook+ section offers the same track odds but with an additional 10+ added to the payout. You won’t be able to earn cashback on these bets, but the extra payout more than makes up for it. Bet limits are low at $500, but the maximum odds are limitless.


Esports betting is available at Betanysports and can be found within the Premier Lines section. Bettors can enjoy great odds for pre-match, outrights, and live betting. Live betting also features live streaming from Twitch.

Betanysports offers more esports events than most offshore operators in the US market and that includes CS:GO betting, King of Glory, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, 2K NBA, and dozens more.

Live Betting

Live betting is the most popular way to bet on sports in the world, and Betanysports has live betting in spades. Much of the different line types here are focused on live betting and that includes the Super, Ultimate, and Premier lines. Live betting is a treat to witness during our Betanysports reviews, as games are supplemented with a wonderfully animated virtual scoreboard.

Live betting at Betanysports

Live Streaming

Our Betanysports reviews confirmed that there are no live-streaming capabilities for traditional sports just yet. In fairness, live streaming is often provided as a bit of a gimmick and shouldn’t detract from the superior odds often offered by this sportsbook. However, there is Esports streaming in the form of embedded Twitch streams.

Livestream during Betanysports review

Betanysports Sportsbook App & Mobile Site (4/5)

You don’t have to stay at home to use Betanysports. Rather than offer a dedicated mobile Betanysports app, the operator has an optimized mobile betting page. This page can be accessed using iOS, Android, Linux, or Windows devices via your preferred browser app.

While the mobile page is faster, smoother, and generally a better performer than the desktop page, we actually preferred to use a laptop or PC. We preferred the speeds of the mobile pages, but the betting windows are quite complex and comprehensive, and mobile pages are quite restrictive in displaying so much content.

Ultimately, the mobile page doesn’t lose out on any content, you can access the same banking options, and you can still find the reduced juice lines.

Betanysports Sportsbook Deposits & Withdrawals (3.5/5)

You’ll need to use secure banking options to deposit funds and withdraw those well-earned winnings. Betanysports certainly offers such methods but not many of them. In terms of cryptocurrencies, you’ve only got Bitcoin, and bank cards need to be pre-authorized via a web form before they can be used.

MoneyGram can be used to send deposits only, while both Electronic Checks and Cashier Checks can be used to receive a payout. That leaves Bitcoin as the only method that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, and it is the fastest way to bank at Betanysports.

There are many limits imposed on banking, too, including daily, weekly, and monthly deposit and withdrawal limits. For example, credit card payments are limited to $350 per transaction and only $2,000 a week. Both check withdrawals incur fees, while Bitcoin is free. Bitcoin also enjoys unlimited withdrawal requests, while the check methods are limited both daily and weekly.

Currently, Betanysports does offer one free payout per 30 days.

Payment methods available at Betanysports sportsbook:

Payment Method Deposits Withdrawals Payout Speed
Bitcoin 48 hours
Credit & Debit N/A
MoneyGram N/A
Electronic Check 48 hours
Cashiers Check 48 hours

Betanysports Sports Security & Safety (3/5)

Betanysports is an unlicensed sportsbook which is something we don’t like. The lack of a license doesn’t actually mean or confirm that the sportsbook is a scam, but it is normally very reassuring to see the license present.

Betanysports does feature a few security functions that we haven’t quite seen at many competitors. Firstly, a 4-digit PIN is assigned to your account, which may be asked by Betanysports when verifying changes to your account.

Your account is also part of a Device-based Authentication Service that prevents other devices from being able to access your account – even if you input all the right passwords. This is to prevent anyone else from obtaining your Betanysports login information and trying to use it on an untrusted device.

Betanysports Sportsbook Customer Support (4/5)

The customer support on offer at Betanysports is strong. This is particularly important at this sportsbook since you may find yourself contacting support just to switch from the initial reduced lines package. You’ll have three ways to reach an agent – live chat, phone, and email – and they are reachable 24/7.

A dedicated US phone line is a welcome addition, while live chat is probably the fastest way to reach assistance – at least, it was during our Betanysports review. Email support is a little more lengthy, with responses taking anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Live chat agents can be reached in minutes, and the Betanysports phone number is almost as quick – you might find yourself on hold for a few minutes before finally being connected. Agents at Betanysports are fairly prompt and accurate, although the live agents may just try and push to an FAQ section occasionally.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live chat available
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1-800-604-5922
  • FAQs section

Betanysports Review FAQs

Is Betanysports sportsbook legit?

Is Betanysports safe?

How do I cash out on Betanysports?

How long does it take Betanysports to payout?

Where is Betanysports based?



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