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Korea is known for its temples, spectacular K-drama, and its successful K-pop groups. But maybe you’re not here to learn more about this beautiful country’s culture, so let’s cut straight to the chase. You’re here because you want some hard and majestic OnlyFans K-dicks. With so many creators and the language barrier, it can be difficult to find the best Korean Gay OnlyFans accounts.  

Luckily, we’ve got what you want and have prepared a list with the juiciest Gay Korean OnlyFans models. Shy twinks, dominant tops, kinky vers, or effeminate bottoms, they’re all hungry for sex and showcase their stunning firm bodies in photos and videos that are spicier than kimchi. 

The 15 Best Korean Gay OnlyFans Guys in 2024

Without any further ado, let’s discover some of the sexiest OnlyFans gay Korean gorgeous men.  

A Detailed Look at the Best Korean Gay OnlyFans Creators

Let’s get to know better the best Korean Gay OnlyFans guys, learn what turns them on, and makes them cum with pleasure. 

1. Jong Master – Gay Korean Dong Master and Best Gay Korean on OnlyFans in 2024

His name is Yonny Liang and he has an alter ego possessed by dirty thoughts called Jong Master. Judging by the explicit creamy content he posts on his OnlyFans page, he might as well call himself Dong Master, because your willy will be under his spell. 

The sexy Korean/Chinese/Venezuelan stud is addicted to acro yoga. If you’re curious, you can see his toned body trying the most unusual acrobatic positions on his Instagram account. It’s only a prelude before moving on to his OF, where he puts all his acro yoga knowledge into practice in the sauciest gay content there is.  

jong master onlyfans

You think about it? He’s done it! Jong Master bares it all in 1,300+ sultry photos and videos in one of the best gay Asian accounts on OF. Armpit fetish, nipple play, foot fetish, a findom experience? He’s here to try everything, to please you and your impatient manhood. And that’s what makes him one of the best Korean Gay OnlyFans guys on our list, no doubt about it. 

To enjoy some long hours of top-notch Korean gay content, you can subscribe now for a reasonable price of $4.50 for the first 30 days. 

OnlyFans Username @athleticasianguy
Fetish Tattooed 
Media Library 1,305
Number of Posts 667
Number of Likes 19,700
Price $7.50 per month

2. Asher Lee – Sexy Korean Dude on OnlyFans Proud of His Huge Tool

Asher Lee is a sexy, tattooed guy, proud of his Korean heritage. But there’s something he’s even prouder of, and that’s his big OF dick. When he’s not in the gym to make those well-defined muscles grow even more, he indulges in all kinds of gay sexual fantasies that he shares with his subscribers on OnlyFans. 

You can see him giving and receiving blowjobs, getting handjobs, and ass-playing with some of his OF guests. This hot Korean dude wouldn’t want to see anyone unsatisfied, so he replies to all the messages and regularly posts raunchy pictures, videos, and exclusive gay Korean XXX-rated content. 

asher lee onlyfans

With such a well-built body and a dirty mind, it’s no wonder Asher Lee has one of the best gay Korean OnlyFans accounts. If you want to see his ding dong in some steamy action, you can access hundreds of full-length, explicit videos by subscribing to his page for the regular price of $14.99 per month. 

OnlyFans Username @asherpangu
Fetish Big Dick
Media Library 928
Number of Posts 456
Number of Likes 18,500
Price $14.99 per month

3. Simba – Delicious Korean Big Ass Hunk  

Now, get ready to see the juiciest gay ass of all time. It’s up to you to decide if it’s an overstatement or not! Our Korean guy OnlyFans Simba has been working super hard in the gym lately, and the results are visible to all. A firm iron butt that will haunt your thoughts day and night!

The kinky Korean gay hunk asked his followers to bear with him while he was growing his muscles. Well… It was worth the wait. Just imagine those sculptural abs and that fat ass flexing in the best sexy OnlyFans gay Korean content. Talking about muscle worship, he’s also into sensual outdoor posing and fetish wear. 

simba onlyfans

When it comes to fetish gear, his luscious big bum is just perfect in latex and wrestling singlets. And can we talk about that majestic rear view while wearing jockstraps? If you want to discover this and much more sultry content, his page is available for $7.99 per month.  

OnlyFans Username @simba.korea
Fetish Big ass
Media Library 77
Number of Posts 78
Number of Likes 4,500
Price $7.99 per month

4. Sammy Sins – OnlyFans Gay Korean Sex God

In Dante Aligheri’s Inferno, those who entered hell were invited to abandon all hope. In Sammy Sins’ sexual paradise, it’s your ego and shame that you need to leave at the door. And the undies too…

As a non-binary Korean American artist/healer/creator/slut, Sammy Sins is an advocate of sex liberation and is ready to enjoy life in every possible way. Welcome to Sin City, a virtual realm of pleasure that they don’t “make it easy to leave”. 

sammy sins onlyfans

Fancy some top hard sex? Looking for a sweet submissive bottom? Sammy Sins likes it all and the fans appreciate it. Over 457,700 followers observe their every movement on Twitter and wait for more saucy gay Korean content on OnlyFans, day after day. 

While real hard-cocks are truly enjoyable, they never say no to a huge silicone master dildo. Willing to discover more? Don’t hesitate to ask more about their desires or talk about yours. Sammy Sins love to create a connection with all their fans, so they’ll answer all your messages. 

Now that you know all this, it’s time to subscribe and enjoy the best Korean OnlyFans gay content that will make you cum with pleasure, for only $12 per month. 

OnlyFans Username @sammysinsss
Fetish Vers
Media Library 1,559
Number of Posts 820
Number of Likes 25,700
Price $12 per month

5. Asian Jimbo – Your Korean Neighbour with a Jumbo Pack

Asian Jimbo is a modest and cute US-based Korean man who simply describes himself as the “boy next door”. If he was your next-door neighbor you’d go ask for more sugar, that’s for sure! How could you resist his incredibly attractive body? 

This being said, the gay Korean OnlyFans creator uploads exclusive and uncensored NSFW content daily, enough to arouse you and keep you going for a while. His content is hot and diverse enough to please the most demanding cock-afficionados – no pay-per-view, no tips, just pure raw pleasure. 

asian jimbo onlyfans

If you want to know him better but are a little shy, no worries, you can still have one-to-one messaging with this hot gay Korean dude and remain anonymous if you want. To see his veiny cock play videos, $11 per month seems a very reasonable price to pay. 

OnlyFans Username @asian_jimbo
Fetish Muscular
Media Library 257
Number of Posts 156
Number of Likes 17,700
Price $11 per month 

6. Teddy6859 – Hot Korean Gay on OnlyFans Ready for Some Rope Play

You’re dreaming of some naughty gay rope play? Teddy6859 will willingly teach you a thing or two, but only if you’re obedient enough, of course. You’ve guessed that right, Teddy6859 is a gay Korean explorer with an insatiable hunger for pleasure and doesn’t back down on conquering new territories, or asses…

This Korean gay porn OnlyFans dude uploads new sultry material once or twice a week. He’s a fan of collabs, so expect to see other Korean male OnlyFans guests in his explicit videos. 

teddy6859 onlyfans

If you’re still hesitating before subscribing, have a look at Teddy6859’s Twitter account. His teacher/student material or cum control skills won’t let you remain indifferent, and that’s a fact. The subscription is a bit pricey, but $22 per month to see this Korean guy thrusting like there’s no tomorrow is a fair price.

OnlyFans Username @teddy6859
Fetish Bondage
Media Library 59
Number of Posts 49
Number of Likes 1,100
Price $22 per month

7. Milk – Korean Gay Guy Addict to Sex Toys

Milk is a sexy gay guy brought to you straight from the enchanting capital of South Korea – Seoul. He loves many things in life, but the one he loves the most is being a bottom for muscular Korean men. 

And that’s the type of content you can expect on his OnlyFans page. Collabs with other Korean OF guys are his thing. Whether they enjoy using sex toys together, opt for some cock control play, or some wild rough intercourse, Milk won’t disappoint. 

milk onlyfans

As a bonus, the male Korean OnlyFans model will showcase his muscle evolution in steamy nudes every time he can. His subscription is $15 a month, but that’s only a detail before accessing one of the best Korean Gay OnlyFans guys accounts.


OnlyFans Username @ounwan111
Fetish Bottom
Media Library 104
Number of Posts 44
Number of Likes 368
Price $15 per month

8. Delicious_bean – Gorgeous OF Gay Korean Creator Craving for King-Sized Dildos

Delicious_bean wears his name well. Only one look at that steel body will make you agree he’s indeed delicious and ready to eat. If you’re already excited, wait until you see the Korea gay OnlyFans content this hot man has prepared for you.

Can you imagine him blindfolded, tied to a bed, and teased with a vibrator until he cums with pleasure? Yep, that’s the kind of videos he likes to offer to his fans like you, and he doesn’t stop here. You’ll also have a lot of juicy masturbation, him having fun with other well-hung Korean guys, and a lot of steamy play sessions with king-sized dildos.

delicious bean onlyfans

If you want something extra special, make sure you subscribe to his account. It’s $10 a month, but you’re sure to get your money’s worth. And keep in mind that the longer the subscription, the lower the price, as this Korean male OnlyFans creator was thoughtful enough to prepare special bundles for his fans. 

OnlyFans Username @delicious_bean
Fetish Bondage
Media Library 199
Number of Posts 102
Number of Likes 6,300
Price $10 per month

9. Dane Jaxson – Cute Korean Twink on OF Thirsty for Gay Sex

Looking for a Korean twink OnlyFans creator? Dane Jaxon is the answer to your prayers. This svelt cutie started his career in the adult entertainment industry only 2 years ago and has already amassed an impressive number of followers on Twitter. More than 530,000! If you wonder what are his skills and what makes him a hot guy on TikTok, we’ve got the answer.  

The sexy 25-year-old twink adores playing around and being a bottom for other Korean porn star males thirsty for sex. In case you want to have a preview of what you’ll be getting, Dane Jaxon has a free OnlyFans page, @danejaxonfree with loads of explicit dick content. But if you want more of this slim Korean gay boy, make sure to subscribe to his VIP page. 

dane jaxon onlyfans

For $8.99 per month, you’ll have access to a variety of full-length uncensored videos of juicy bottom sex, enough to make you hard and tremble with pleasure before you come back for more.


OnlyFans Username @danejaxson
Fetish Twink / Bottom
Media Library 419
Number of Posts 310
Number of Likes 37,300
Price $8.99 per month

10. Jongrodomt – Muscular Vers In Love With Uniform Games

Mister @jongrodomt alias “Sexy muscle Korean” is a very mysterious man. You can’t see his face in his profile picture, and the cover photo shows only his pecs ready to be worshipped and licked. But don’t let this apparent shyness fool you, because he bares it all in front of the cameras. 

You’ll find some very diverse, red-hot content on his OnlyFans page, but what’s truly enjoyable is that this OnlyFans Korean gay guy vers backs away from nothing. 

jonggrodomt onlyfans

One day he likes to experiment with some top pleasure, thrusting and satisfying his OF gay collaborators, and other days he’s a bottom for a Chinese hunk. He loves to try everything, from threesomes to uniform roleplay, so your imagination will be challenged at all times. 

To see those muscles in action you need to pay the fair price of $12.90 a month.

OnlyFans Username @jongrodomt
Fetish Vers
Media Library 92
Number of Posts 72
Number of Likes 1,500
Price $12.90 per month

11. Tapoo – Hot Korean Guy With a Killer Juicy Ass

Tapoo is a very perseverent Korean OnlyFans gay creator. He worked hard to build a body that even the Greek gods would envy and the result in more than eye-pleasing. Hard-rock abs, juicy round ass, thick thighs – everything you need to titillate your imagination. 

This hot Korean dude knows the exact angles that flatter his advantageous physique and cameras adore him. Although he has less material than the other gay OF creators, his perfect ass will make up for it. 

tapoo onlyfans

His monthly subscription of $14.90 will make you discover a realm of pleasure, with dozens of XXX-rated videos where you can see his perfect bum in action. Once you’re there, hurry up, the uploaded videos can be deleted, so make sure you enjoy them while they’re online. 

OnlyFans Username @tapoo
Fetish Muscular
Media Library 42
Number of Posts 42
Number of Likes 2,100
Price $14.90 per month

12. Chico Alvarez – Naughty Native American With a Love for K-cocks

Chico Alvarez is a 22-year-old Native American, but his love for K-drama and K-pop brought him to Korea’s busiest city, Seoul. He also adores having some K-cock on his daily menu, but be warned, it’s not dairy free. 

This being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this young fierce top documenting his sexual experiences with some hot Korean dude just under your greedy eyes. Chico Alvarez’s page is also full of solo videos, feet, skin-care routines, adult toy reviews, and video diaries. 

chico alvarez onlyfans

When you subscribe for $10 per month, you’ll have at least 6 new posts per week and access to over 500 sexy photos and videos. 

OnlyFans Username @chicoalvarez
Fetish Top
Media Library 528
Number of Posts 489
Number of Likes 10,800
Price $10 per month

13. Sh_seoul – Big Korean Guy Perfect for Naughty Cuddles

Are you on a hunt for a Korean OnlyFans gay cuddle partner? Sh_seoul is the perfect OF model for that. His big arms and protective body will make you forget the rest of the world, at least for a while. 

If you long for some explicit videos of him teasing and playing with himself, you’re in luck. Besides his amazingly arousing solo play, he’s sometimes joined by hungry partners looking for some Korean gay couple OnlyFans play. There’s no doubt, his OnlyFans page is a kingdom of raw Korean gay pleasure. 

sh seoul onlyfans

And for that, his subscription of $7.99 a month is a steal. This well-built Korean guy will provide some of the best Korean spicy content out there and his 240+ videos will have you weak at the knees and begging for more. 

OnlyFans Username Sh_seoul
Fetish Bear
Media Library 396
Number of Posts 377
Number of Likes 28,700
Price $7.99 per month

14. Zackki – Hot Korean Boy-Next-Door Who Loves to Solo Play

When you first see Zackki in his profile picture, you really think he’s the Korean gay boy-next-door of your dreams. You could easily cook some hot bibimbap and drink a bit of delicious soju in his reassuring company. But then, when you look at his bulge in the cover picture, you know you’ll long for more. 

This Korean guy OnlyFans model keeps it simple, but effective, with some erotic chest play, cumshots, rock-hard cock amusement when he’s alone and horny, and so much more. 

zackki onlyfans

He might not have as much content as his horny gay Korean OF fellows, but this could be your chance to accompany him from the beginning and encourage him to create more XXX content just for you. His monthly fee of $4.99 is a bargain, so wait no more before discovering this cutie’s OF page. 

OnlyFans Username @zackki
Fetish Solo Play
Media Library 79
Number of Posts 56
Number of Likes 191
Price $4.99 per month

15. Axel Kane – Korean Gay Porn Star With a Feet Fetish

Up next on our best Korean Gay OnlyFans guys list is Axel Kane. He’s been in the porn industry for 5 years now and he’s tried it all. Be assured, his talent didn’t go unnoticed. And that, from the beginning!

This top Korean hunk was nominated in the “Best group scene” category for his glorious performance in “Shut up and take it up” at Str8UpGayPornAwards. This can give you an indication of the quality of his spicy content on OnlyFans. 

axel kane onlyfans

The monthly $29.99 subscription is the priciest on our list, but Axel prepared the spiciest Korean gay porn OnlyFans content there is, and it’s worth the investment. 

The sexy Korean hunk knows how to serve you top-notch thrusting content, some feet-play videos, and creamy close-ups of his master cock. The good news is, that once you’re on his page, you’ll get instant access to all of his XXX-rated high-quality steamy photos and videos. 

OnlyFans Username @axel_kanexxx
Fetish Top
Media Library 100
Number of Posts 74
Number of Likes 5,500
Price $29.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Korean Gay OnlyFans Guy to Follow?

With so many firm and juicy asses and rock-hard cocks is difficult to choose only one hot Korean dude. So we’ve made an effort and shortened our spicy list down to three sexy Korean gay men with red-hot OF content. Our best Korean Gay OnlyFans guys are Jong Master, Simba, and Dane Jaxon. 

Acro yoga aficionado, Jong Master will amaze you with his flexibility and all the ways he knows how to make those muscles pop. He’s very prolific and active on OnlyFans. With over 1,300 steamy photos and videos, he’ll master your dong and make you cum back on his page over and over again. 

After the well-hung Korean OF creator, Simba will tempt you with the peachiest ass there is. He gets horny wearing sexy fetish gear, from latex to wrestling singlets. The kinky gay hunk will seduce you with his firm body, his muscle worship, and his sensual outdoor posing steamy content.

Dane Jaxon is the Korean gay guy of your dreams. This slim twink has an impressive fanbase, and it’s obvious why. He loves sex and above all he loves to share his bottom experiences and fantasies with his fans all around the world. 

Jong Master, Simba, and Dane Jaxon provide some fire content, that’s for sure. But truth be told, the other OnlyFans Korean gay creators on our list are definitely worth a subscription, too. 


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