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Countless studies have shown men prefer blondes over any other color. So, it is no surprise that some of the best blonde OnlyFans girls earn millions by posting pictures and video materials of all kinds.

Because of that, we took on the challenge of finding the best blonde OnlyFans creators to follow in 2023. Throughout this guide, we’ll review every OF account, covering several crucial aspects like pricing, content type and interactivity.

The Hottest Blonde OnlyFans Girls

Here’s a brief overview of the best blonde OnlyFans girls to follow in 2023. Our top list is as follows:

A Detailed Look at the Top Blonde OnlyFans Ceators to Subscribe to

We have analyzed thousands of accounts to deliver the 16 best blonde OnlyFans girls in 2023. Some of these creators have long careers in the movie and entertainment industries. On the other hand, you’ll find a few names that can potentially grow to become huge in the vast OnlyFans industry. Here are the hottest blonde OnlyFans creators to follow in 2023.

1. Anna Jolie – Overall the Best Blonde OnlyFans Creator to Follow in 2023

With sun-streaked blonde hair, you’d better believe Anna Jolie is the hottest girl on our list. Whether you’re the type of gentleman who prefers blondes or a man who knows a bombshell when he sees one, you won’t be able to help but be seduced by this South African OnlyFans creator.

Anna wants to spoil you. When you subscribe to her account, you’re going to get exclusive access to services like one-on-one phone calls, steamy sexting sessions, and some of the rauchiest custom content you can dare to dream about. Challenge her to strip out of her skimpiest lingerie or play with her favorite dildos, whatever you want is her command.

For all of this, as well as access to her fully uncensored feed, you pay just $10.99 per month. You’re going to see this blonde babe doing everything she loves and you’re going to fall head over heels.

OnlyFans Account Handle @anna_jolie
Fetish Blonde, South African
Number of Likes 12,600
Number of Posts 252
Price $10.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 261

2. Chloe Mercy – European Curves and Blonde Curls on a Sexy Stunner

In our opinion, Chloe Mercy is undoubtedly one of the hottest OnlyFans blondes. This stunning performer has over 7,500 likes, and it’s easy to see why at a glance. While she seems cute and shy from the outside, we assure you she’s the kinkiest girl on OnlyFans. She likes to chat, and her fans can always count on instant and authentic replies.

The great thing about Chloe is that she posts nearly every day. New fans can subscribe and enjoy over 170 photos/videos – with no PPV setup to worry about!

Moreover, fans can watch one of the best blonde OnlyFans creators at a reasonable price of only $7.99 per month. However, if fans subscribe now, they can grab a discount of 35% if they pledge to subscribe for an entire year!

OnlyFans Account Handle @chloemercy
Fetish Blonde, French
Number of Likes 7,500
Number of Posts 99
Price $7.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 170

3. Kiki – Blonde Bombshell with Jaw-Dropping Body

Another blonde babe worth checking out is Kiki. It’s easy to see why Kiki takes the third spot on our list, as this super-sexy creator has an unbelievable body that will make heads spin. Although she’s not bleached blonde like some other creators, Kiki’s light-colored streaks definitely complement her stunning physique.

Anyone can access Kiki’s page for just $9.99 per month, which is excellent value considering she has over 680 uncensored photos/videos in her library. Kiki’s library contains a little of everything, ranging from outdoor nudity to XXX-rated masturbation videos.

If there’s something specific that a subscriber wishes to see, Kiki urges them to send over a custom request via DM – which she’s more than likely to accept. Finally, this hottie adds new content on a near-daily basis, ensuring her account never becomes stale.


OnlyFans Account Handle @thosegirls
Fetish Curvy/Busty
Number of Likes 5,500
Number of Posts 453
Price £9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 686

4. Denise Richards – XXX-Rated Mother & Daughter Content

It is challenging to fit this eye-catching blonde into one category. One of the best blonde MILF OnlyFans girls often shares her account with her daughter. The famous actress and Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife decided to join the OnlyFans platform to support her daughter Sami Sheen and instantly became one of the best new OnlyFans accounts to follow in 2023. The aesthetically striking 51 years old does bikini and lingerie.

You can watch one of the best Blonde OnlyFans girls in the sexiest editions for only $10 monthly. The performer also offers subscription bundles. You can access this OnlyFans blonde content for only $67.50 for three months or $127.50 for six months of pure pleasure.

OnlyFans Account Handle @deniserichards
Fetish MILF, Model
Number of Likes 115,200
Number of Posts 251
Price $12.50
Number of Photos/Videos 210

5. Em – The Best Petite Blonde OnlyFans Creator

Em is a 5’2, flirty, and cute girl coming from Australia. She is chatty and loves to hang out with her fans. Em can be your girl next door and the most passionate dream. She regularly posts pictures and videos. However, you can request voicemails but beware of her charming and seductive voice.

Em is fetish-friendly and often goes the extra mile when delivering her content. You can usually get a few added pictures not posted publicly in your DM. Em has 451k likes, and her content comes with a price of $7.50 per month.

OnlyFans Account Handle @em_IIouise
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 451,900
Number of Posts 1,273
Price $7.50
Number of Photos/Videos 2,427

6. Mattyandmasha – Ireland’s Hottest Couple Posting Red-Hot Porn Videos

You’ll adore seeing this hot blonde OnlyFans girl in action. Matty and Masha are proof couples can be very spicy behind closed doors. They respond to the strangest requests. You can ask them to do lingerie, maids, or any kind of role-play. The couple will also send you a series of pictures of their feet if that’s what keeps you going.

You can get their pictures or attend streaming videos with a full subscription. You can join the mattyandmasha channel for only $10.79 per month and enjoy over 679 photographs and 90 sexiest videos of this Russian OnlyFans blonde and her Irish husband.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mattyandmasha
Fetish Russian, Couple, Blonde
Number of Likes 298,700
Number of Posts 683
Price $10.79
Number of Photos/Videos 737

7. Payton Kinsley – the Best Yoga Blonde OnlyFans Girl

Payton is just the girl you need if you’re into stretchy and flexible blondes. Most of her videos are between 5 and 40 seconds. She likes to tease her fans with sexy and seductive outfits. Payton regularly posts her content around 2-6 times a day. For the most part, you can enjoy watching her as she does her yoga. She amassed over 5.3 million likes by posting various content related to fitness and exercise.

Also, Payton does lingerie. If you subscribe to her VIP content, you may see Kinsley enjoying a few handy toys. The blonde bombshell OnlyFans girl likes sexting in public, which is good to have in mind if you’re into such content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @payton.kinsley
Fetish Fitness, Feet, Latex, Leather
Number of Likes 5.33 million
Number of Posts 2,295
Price $5
Number of Photos/Videos 3,931

8. Mia Malkova – Famous Adult Movie Superstar on OnlyFans

Next on the OnlyFans blonde list is Mia Malkova. This content creator has an enviable pedigree in the adult industry. Mia’s beauty was known long before her official entry on this platform. Her career went into different niches. Mia is quite shy in her private life and rarely appears in public. However, she’s a real fire in front of the lens.

For this reason, Mia Malkova is one of the best blonde OnlyFans creators. She accumulated almost 2 million likes and has over 40,000 subscribers. One of the hottest blonde OnlyFans girls is often online and responds to DMs.

OnlyFans Account Handle @miamalkova
Fetish Curvy, Model
Number of Likes 1,99 million
Number of Posts 1,186
Price $3.50
Number of Photos/Videos 1,874

Lena Paul came to the platform as a proven artist from the world of adult films. One of the best blonde OnlyFans girls prepares diverse content for her fans. You can enjoy a handful of pictures and videos, and Lena often streams her content live. Also, Lena Paul is active on the platform and open to communicating with her followers.

Moreover, if you subscribe now, you can enjoy 26 days of free blonde OnlyFans content starring Lena Paul. The regular price for Lena’s content is only $5 per month, and it deserves to be on the list of the cheap OnlyFans accounts to follow in 2023.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lenaisapeach
Fetish XXX-rated content
Number of Likes 1,61 million
Number of Posts 1,332
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 1,353

10. Kendra Sunderland – Raunchy Natural Blonde Barbie OnlyFans Girl

Before becoming one of the best blonde OnlyFans creators, Kendra started her career with a library video and a charge for public indecency, thus earning the nickname “the library girl.” However, only a few naive people and those who didn’t subscribe to her OnlyFans account think this epithet came from her college grades.

Those who regularly follow Kendra’s work know how creative and open-minded this blonde bombshell can genuinely be. There are no taboos for Kendra Sunderland. She’s very active on her OnlyFans account and social media. You can snap an exclusive entrance to her channel at a low price of only $10.69 monthly.

OnlyFans Account Handle @kslibrarygirl
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 520,200
Number of Posts 816
Price $10.69 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 841

11. Bony Fetish – Best BDSM OnlyFans Blonde Creator

Bony Fetish is a blonde baddie that welcomes everyone in her weird little world with a divine smile – and a few breathtaking pics. Bony is a chatty and down-to-earth type of blonde. Her irresistible smile, tiny waist, and long legs decorated with sexy stockings will leave no one indifferent.

Bony does various fetish content with feet workshop, heels, stockings and everything else your heart might desire (feet slave, strap-on, and humiliation included). However, one thing is sure; this charming gal deserves a lot more than 900+ likes. Have we discovered a hidden gem? Try it out and let us know.

OnlyFans Account Handle @labony
Fetish Feet, Stockings
Number of Likes 905
Number of Posts 116
Price $50 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 122

12. Summer Lyn – Best Blonde Gummy Bear OnlyFans Girl

One of the best Blonde OnlyFans girls has her DM always open for her fans. Summer Lyn is a MILF and PAWG creator that offers diverse content that includes boy on girl, girl on girl and solo. She is good at sexting and offers her fans the possibility of requesting custom content.

You can get PAWG blonde OnlyFans nude photos at a bargain price of only $8 per month. Summer Lyn is very active on the platform, and you can often find Summer’s pictures with her daughter.

OnlyFans Account Handle @summerlyn
Number of Likes 51,200
Number of Posts 4,027
Price $8 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 6,370

13. Flawlyss – One of the Hottest Blonde MILFs on OF

Flawlyss is one of the best Blonde OnlyFans creators and the queen of NSFW content. The gorgeous blonde has plenty of experience and is responsive to DMs. Flawlyss likes to tease her followers with tight costumes and sexy lingerie. However, you can often see her without her birthday suit. Flawlyss does solo, double, and outdoor content.

You can get full access to her content for a price of $19.99. Flawlyss does not offer any 3-month or 6-month subscription bundles at the moment. Flawlyss is one of the best MILF OnlyFans accounts to follow in 2023.

OnlyFans Account Handle @alphakilo27
Fetish Public, Feet
Number of Likes 15,700
Number of Posts 174
Price $19.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 191

14. Elizabeth – Your Nextdoor Blonde Barbie OnlyFans Girl

Liz offers over 2,000 pictures and video content. However, if you subscribe to her channel, you can get even hotter pics in your DM. She’s active on OnlyFans and is responsive to direct messages. Elizabeth does not edit her content. As a result, you can enjoy thousands of hours of raw material and amateur footage.

You can contact Liz and request solo, girl-on-girl, and boy-on-girl content. One of the best blonde OnlyFans creators offers an authentic experience at a price of $6.79 per month.

OnlyFans Account Handle @elizabeth88
Fetish Solo, Girl on Girl, Boy on Girl
Number of Likes 505,000
Number of Posts 1,236
Price $6.79 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 2,086

15. Sweet Alice 23 – Sexy OnlyFans Blonde from Wonderland

Subbing to the Sweet Alice OnlyFans account will make you happy for months. With a wide variety of content, Alice has checked all our boxes. You can enjoy footfetish, streeptease, sexting, photoset, customs and many other types of SFW and NSFW content. Sweet Alice likes fitting in different costumes and fulfilling all the naughtiest dreams your imagination can produce.

With just above 9,200 likes, Alice does not belong in the group of the best blonde OnlyFans girls. However, she is pretty active and offers plenty of free content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sweet_alice
Fetish Footfetish, Streaptease
Number of Likes 9,200
Number of Posts 89
Price $5 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 132

16. Therealbrittfit – Top Creator with 1 Month of Free Blonde OnlyFans Photos

Therealbrittfit is a sweet blonde OnlyFans creator who likes to text with her followers and appears extremely friendly. She tends to keep long-lasting relationships with her fans and responds to all messages by herself. She enjoys using her athletic body and natural attributes to make you scream for her.

If you subscribe now, you’ll get free access to her content for one month. Remember that the regular price goes up to $9 per month, so you could test her out at no cost while you have a chance.

OnlyFans Account Handle @therealbrittfit
Fetish Boy-Girl, Girl-Girl
Number of Likes 837,900
Number of Posts 1,029
Price $8.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,085

17. Megan BartonHanson – One of the Hottest Blonde Celebs on OnlyFans

The way she plays with her body and watching her undressing is an absolute pleasure to feel. Her lingerie pics are amazing and always fun to see. This blonde-haired beauty is among the best blonde OnlyFans creators we’ve seen thus far.

Her natural beauty and sexy curves will leave you speechless, that’s for sure. Subscribe for only $5 and enjoy unlimited SFW and NSFW content. For more blonde OnlyFans nude photos, DM Megan, and she’ll respond in a blink of an eye.

OnlyFans Account Handle @meganbartonhanson
Fetish Girl on Girl / Boy on Girl
Number of Likes 152,400
Number of Posts 870
Price $5 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 943

How to Find Top Blonde OnlyFans Girls

Now that we’ve discussed the best blonde OnlyFans girls, let’s learn more about the selection process. Here are the aspects we considered when choosing the best OnlyFans blondes:

Content Type

A more versatile performer will have a better chance of grabbing the attention of countless OnlyFans lovers. For example, you can wake up one day wanting to look at some quality amateur content. On the other hand, the next day, you may lean more towards sexting.

Hypothetically, you can subscribe to several specialized blonde OnlyFans content creators. You can use one when you’re into feet other when you wish to watch girl-to-girl action. However, you’ll agree this can come with a high cost.

Best Blonde OnlyFans Homepage

For this reason, we found the best Blonde OnlyFans creators that offer a diverse selection of content. For example, you can subscribe to French Vanilla if you prefer stunning and natural model-type girls doing pictures and DMs. Practically, you get four for the price of one.

Free Accounts or Paid Accounts

Having fun on OnlyFans doesn’t have to be costly. You can find countless blonde barbie OnlyFans accounts for free. Virtually, there aren’t many differences between free and paid accounts.

Free OnlyFans accounts are usually reserved for new creators or those who have yet to form a loyal audience. Occasionally, popular OnlyFans creators will open their accounts for a broader audience to promote their content. You can use such an opportunity to watch the best blonde OnlyFans girls at no cost.

Best Blonde OnlyFans Suggestions

Subscribing to the OnlyFans account for money will bring you many benefits. Hot blonde OnlyFans girls come with a price for a good reason. Paid accounts typically share more sizzling content that naturally leans towards hard-core and is more versatile. For only a few dollars per month, you can watch new posts every day or request custom content via DMs.


Each follower that subscribes to an OnlyFans account is treated with respect. The best blonde OnlyFans creators do not use chatbots when communicating with their audience. For example, Chloe Mercy offers a 100% authentic chat experience. From the moment you send the first DM, you’ll know you are interacting with a real person, not some random customer service team. In a way, interacting with your favorite blonde OnlyFans creator is reminiscent of the best dating apps.

Size and Type of Media Library

Some OF lovers prefer pictures, while others like watching videos or live streams. OnlyFans is a platform that caters to the most distinctive tastes. Because of that, our list of the best blonde OnlyFans girls contains accounts with different types of media libraries. Subscribe to Chloe Mercy if you like hot pictures. Visit Kiki’s account for live sessions or Olivia Ricci if you enjoy HD videos.

Personal Requests

Most blonde bombshell OnlyFans creators from the list are open to custom requests. Once you subscribe, you can contact the creator and ask for a picture or video of the creator wearing a specific outfit or no outfit. In most cases, a content creator will ask you for an extra tip. But if you pick any from the list above, we guarantee you that tip will be worth it.

Conclusion – Who is the Top Blonde OnlyFans Creator to Follow?

Finally, we reached the end of our best blonde OnlyFans girls review. In the sections above, you have met the sexiest and the most adorable content creators on the OF platform. The list is diverse as it contains some of the most famous names from the entertainment world, whilst some names may come as a surprise.

Ultimately, the best blonde OnlyFans creator is Anna Jolie. This hot blonde offers a diverse mix of the hottest pictures and videos. Simultaneously, you can contact Anna with custom requests – she usually responds within seconds.

The regular subscription price for Anna’s content is $10.99, which is more than worth it satisfy your need for a yellow-haired goddess in your life.


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