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Are tattoos a major turn-on for you? Does the sight of some inked-up skin get your blood rushing to, um…your “best bit”? Well, then we’ve got just the thing for you – a list of the 15 best OnlyFans tattoo girls of 2024.

It can get difficult to find creators to meet your specific kinks. But fear not, because we’ve scoured every inch of this platform to bring you the absolute hottest and most fiery tattooed OnlyFans girls of 2024 who are sure to satisfy your craving for inked-up babes! In this article, we will review each of the 15 best creators, highlighting their content style, pricing, responsiveness, popularity, and more. So buckle up, to take a ride you won’t soon forget.

The 15 Best Tattooed OnlyFans Girls in 2024

So, without further ado, let’s explore our list of the 15 best tattooed OnlyFans creators to follow:

A Closer Look at the Best Tattooed OnlyFans Creators

OnlyFans has over two million creators on the platform, and it can often get difficult for you to sift through the content to find exactly the kind of girl you are looking for. So, we have done the dirty work and have brought to you the top OnlyFans tattoo girls. Let’s take a closer look at them and match you with the raunchiest of accounts.

1. NivyPlays – Best OnlyFans Tattoo Girl in 2024

Our first addition to the list of best OnlyFans tattoo creators of 2024 is none other than NivyPlays – the best e-girl on OnlyFans. This wicked girl sports bright pink hair and over a hundred tattoos, including a bee on her bum! But that’s not all, Nivy also has her nice and perky nips pierced. Such a naughty girl! 

Nivy’s tattoos, her insane physique, and her wild personality have entranced everyone and her page has garnered over 7,000 likes in no time. A subscription to her page costs $9.99 for one month. 

NivyPlays OnlyFans

She likes to perform the most intense XXX-rated scenes, and you know why? Because that’s the way Nivy rolls. You’ll find B/G videos, live sex shows, topless selfies, and more. She is also one of the best cosplay creators on the platform. You can often find her dressed as a schoolgirl, a nurse, different video game characters, and cartoon characters like Velma.

With over 300 photos and videos posted, Nivy will leave you sweating and ready to come back for more. Still not enough for you? Then you can purchase her PPV bundles for more raunchy and intimate pictures and videos of her. 

Nivy provides a very intimate and authentic experience to her fans. So slide into her DM anytime for a 🍆 rating or request her to fulfill your kinkiest fantasy. Nivy is sure to deliver and thus she is our top OnlyFans tattoo girl.

OnlyFans Account Handle @nivyplays
Fetish Cosplay/Alt
Number of Likes 7,200
Number of Posts 292
Price $9.99/month
Number of Photos/Videos 312

2. Kiki – Busty Tattooed Beauty on OnlyFans

The latest addition to our list of the 15 best OnlyFans tattoo girls is Kiki. With tattoos covering her right hand, under boob, fingers, and beyond, Kiki is surely turning up the heat. Her tattoos exude a seductive vibe and add an edge to her already alluring persona. It will make her irresistible if you have a thing for inked babes! 

Kiki is undoubtedly one of the best nude OnlyFans creators on the platform and with her tattoos enhancing her provocative curves, she’s sure to have you weak in the knees. 

Kiki OnlyFans pawg

Kiki’s vast media library contains her top-notch topless mirror selfies, lingerie photoshoots, cosplay images, masturbation clips, G/G videos, and more to keep you busy. And if even those are not enough and you want to take things to the next level with Kiki, then fire up her DMs anytime with a titillating custom request. She’s down to work on them – assuming a worthwhile tip is attached. Even better, Kiki is available for live streams too.

A subscription to Kiki’s content costs only $9.99 per month, which is exceptional considering the highly personalized experience she delivers. She’s always available and up for raunchy banter with you. Also, none of her photos and videos are locked behind PPVs, which means a subscription to her page gives you access to her entire content library.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thosegirls
Fetish Curvy/Tattoos
Number of Likes 5,300
Number of Posts 434
Price $9.99/month 
Number of Photos/Videos 667

3. Tattoo Butterfly – Tattooed Babe Famous For Nude Content

The next red-hot addition to our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo girls is Tattoo Butterfly. She is a curvaceous German OnlyFans MILF with big boobs and a round ass. She has every inch of her body covered in erotic, colorful tattoos and is all about showing off her inked body on OnlyFans. 

So if daring tattoos turn you on and make you horny, you won’t be able to get enough of this MILF. And a look at her profile photo will tell you why! 

Tattoo butterfly onlyfans

Her media library is chock-full of 3,318 photos and 223 videos that will leave you drooling. And the best part? She offers it all – from sextapes, boob pics, closeup shots of her fun parts, to videos of her playing with her new favorite toy!

She can easily be considered one of the hottest MILFs on OnlyFans and Tattoo Butterfly’s nude content makes sure she keeps reigning over the platform. Not only that, but she posts exclusive free content every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

A subscription to her content is priced at $9.99, which is exceptional considering her popularity.

OnlyFans Account Handle @tattoobutterfly
Fetish Curvy/Tattoos
Number of Likes 9,400
Number of Posts 327
Price $9.99/month 
Number of Photos/Videos 3,551

4. Tattooed Cinderella – Petite Babe Posting Red-Hot Content

Tattooed Cinderella is the next red-hot addition to our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo creators of 2024. She is a petite, blonde babe who’s ruling the OnlyFans community with cute videos and raunchy shots – and can easily be considered the best tattoo girl OnlyFans creator.

She has various delicious minimalistic tattoos all over her body that add to her undeniable sex appeal. You’ll find her posting lingerie photoshoots, bikini shots, self-play videos, and more. 

tattooedcinderella onlyfans

She isn’t shy about showing off her incredible body, and you’ll find about 600 photos and videos in her media library. Tattooed Cinderella knows how to use her perky breasts and her juicy ass to leave you begging for more. But don’t worry, this babe has got more than enough content to satisfy all your wildest desires!

Tattooed Cinderella has amassed over 2,100 likes, and she entertains custom requests. A subscription to her page will cost you $13 per month, which is pretty cheap considering the goods she delivers.

OnlyFans Account Handle @tattooedcinderella
Fetish Petite/Tattoos
Number of Likes 2,100
Number of Posts 247
Price $13/month 
Number of Photos/Videos 598


5. Mia Sayoko – The Best Babe For The Ultimate Combination Of Sweet And Sexy

The next creator on our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo girls is MiaSayoko. This Asian babe is covered in some seriously sexy ink, from seductive snake tattoos to spicy scorpions and even delicate butterfly ink. If you’re into bold, beautiful women with a bit of innocence, Mia Sayoko is the OnlyFans creator for you, as she offers the ultimate combination of exactly that. 

Mia – easily one of the best Asian tattooed OnlyFans girls – offers an extensive content library that is spread over 470 raunchy bare-all photos and explicit videos of herself for those seeking the true OF experience. She posts twice daily with shots that don’t leave anything to the imagination. So if you subscribe to her, you’ll have access to her ample fresh nude content on her feed to keep you busy. 

Mia Sayoko Onlyfans

Another thing that Mia excels at is responsiveness. She loves to sext with her fans and promises unlimited DMs to her subscribers. You can slide into this big booty OF creator’s DMs anytime with a picture of your goods, and she’ll be quick to reply about what she wants to do with it. 

You can check out Mia’s SFW content on her Instagram where this uber-famous Asian tattooed OnlyFans girl has amassed over 1.4 million followers showcasing her smokin’ hot body and sweet-cum-sexy persona. 

A subscription to Mia Sayoko’s content on OnlyFans costs $10 per month, which is a good deal considering her responsiveness and the quality of content she offers! 

OnlyFans Account Handle @miasayoko
Fetish Curvy/Tattoos
Number of Likes 34,100
Number of Posts 417
Price $10/month 
Number of Photos/Videos 477

6. Graveyard Baby – Daring Tattooed Babe Offering Red-Hot Gothic Content

Up next on our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo girls is the goth babe, Graveyard Baby. This OnlyFans gothic BBW is a real switch-hitter when it comes to sex, and she’s not afraid to show off her inked-up body with pride. With her dark and mysterious vibe, she’s the perfect fit for anyone who’s into the macabre.

She has more tattoos and piercings than you can count, and she’s ready to get you all hot and horny. And the horror and dangerous vibe to her content just add to the thrill of it all! Trust us when we say that Graveyard Baby’s Onlyfans tattoo is a visual feast and will turn up the heat like nobody’s business.

graveyardbaby onlyfans

As one of the top OnlyFans creators posting daring porn, she’s got a following that’s as loyal as they come. This sexy, edgy goddess has over 720 photos and videos that range from spanking clips to nude selfies.

She has amassed over 18,400 likes and a subscription to her page costs just $4.99 per month, which is pretty cheap. So, if you want to indulge in your darkest desires and get a little bit spooky, this gothic babe is the one for you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @graveyardxbabyx
Fetish Gothic
Number of Likes 18,400
Number of Posts 679
Price $4.99/month 
Number of Photos/Videos 725

7. Daniela Basadre – Best Tattooed Latina OnlyFans Creator 

Are you into thick Latinas? Because we’ve got the curviest babe just for you. The thick OnlyFans beauty, Daniela Basadre is not for the faint-hearted. Her arms and underboobs are loaded with ink that’s guaranteed to leave you hot and bothered.

With over 184,200 likes, this voluptuous babe is uber-popular for her massive assets, and trust us when we say that you’re in for a wild ride when you feast your eyes on Daniela’s ample bosom and curvaceous booty. She’s the kind of OnlyFans goddess who knows exactly how to get you weak at the knees, and she’s not afraid to show off what she’s got. 

Daniela Basadre Argentina OnlyFans

Daniela’s OnlyFans photo library contains over 800 photos and videos of her including solo masturbation clips, B/G porn, naked selfies, and more. On top of that, she does live streams every week which will give you the opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship with her given the chance of one-to-one banter.

Apart from that, Daniela frequently shoots sex scenes with her boyfriend and can easily be considered one of the best OnlyFans couples. A subscription to her pages costs $15 per month, but new subscribers can check it out for $9 for the first 31 days.

OnlyFans Username @dani_basadre
Fetish Couples
Number of Photos/Videos 847
Number of Posts 787
Number of Likes 184,200
Price $15 a month

8. Yeraldincom – Tattooed Dominican OnlyFans Girl Putting on the Best Lesbian Shows

The Latina babe Yeraldincom is not only in the top 0.2% on the platform, but she’s also a tattooed goddess who is ready to add some serious heat to your life. Her tattoos are especially alluring as they cover her big, luscious booty, making her a true feast for the eyes. Yum!

This hottie – one of the best Dominican OnlyFans girls – has a massive media library containing 1,268 photos and 170 videos of her that has amassed over 48,800 likes. Her content is varied and includes everything from anal sex videos and oral sex clips to full-length lesbian shows. You can even send her custom video requests and get her on a video call to fulfill your fantasies. This Latina OnlyFans chameleon is sure to cater to your every desire.

Yeraldincom OnlyFans Review

Also, for just $15, you have the option to send Yeraldincom a color roulette game request. In response, she’ll send you the most explicit video she has that features the requested color, and it’ll be completely unlocked for your viewing pleasure. 

OnlyFans Username @yeraldincom1oficial
Fetish Curvy/Brunette
Number of Likes 48,600
Number of Posts 1,417
Price $5 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,445

9. Natt_XXX – Best Teen OnlyFans Girl Offering Amateur Porn

Looking for teen porn? Well, this 19-year-old Argentinian tattooed babe has got you covered. From her tight and toned ass to between her small and perky tits, all the way down her waist and hips, her tattoos will leave you begging for more. 

Natt shoots all of her content herself, so if you’re into amateur teen content, she is the ultimate OG! Her OF feed features topless selfies, self-play clips, and more. You’ll also find her tending to a lot of your fetishes, including cosplay. 


This hot OnlyFans teen is also very responsive and is always for a sexting session with you. Right now, Natt offers all that incredible content for free. However, you can tip her if you like her content. Additionally, you can buy things off her OF website – including her used panties, fresh from Argentina.

OnlyFans Username @la_tia_natt
Fetish Teen
Number of Photos/Videos 48
Number of Posts 46
Number of Likes 2,600
Price FREE

10. PJay Reyes – Tattooed Asian OnlyFans Girl Offering Top-Notch Nudes

PJay Reyes is one the best Filipina OnlyFans girls who have taken her tattoo game and sex appeal to new heights. With a mix of adorable charm and raw, undeniable sex appeal, this inked-up goddess will have you on your knees in no time.

The two cute bow tattoos on the backs of her thighs add a touch of innocence, while the snake coiled around a rose on her spine hints at a more dangerous sensuality. And then there are the tattoos throughout her body, adding to her irresistible allure. 

PJay Reyes OnlyFans Profile

This tattooed Asian OnlyFans girl boasts over 147,100 likes on her profile, which is spread over 1,000 photos and videos. But what sets her apart, you ask? The subscription to her page comes free of cost. Yes, you can view PJay’s photos and videos for free, but there’s a catch. A free subscription to this hottie’s page – who’s often mistaken as a Thai tattoo OnlyFans girl’s – will only give you access to her SFW content.

If you want more raunchy and explicit photos and videos, you’ll have to join her VIP team. There, you’ll find solo BWC worship videos, B/G clips, masturbation videos, selfies of her melons, and more. PJay is also fetish friendly and will cater to your different kinks including foot fetishes, BDSM, and more. 

OnlyFans Account Handle @pjayreyesxx
Fetish Tattoo/Cosplay
Number of Likes 147,100
Number of Posts 633
Price $7 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,066

11. Yustine – Argentinian Babe Offering XXX-rated Content

Next up on our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo girls is Yustine – a smokin’ hot babe from Argentina. She has a confident attitude and a raw sex appeal that oozes from every inch of her inked-up body. It’s a rare and intoxicating combination that is guaranteed to make you a little over-excited.  

Whether you’re into hardcore BDSM, sensual solo scenes, or anything in between, she has got you covered. Yes, she’s a chameleon like that! She is in fact one of the best pornstars OnlyFans creators to follow in 2024 for fresh content.

Yustine Argentina OnlyFans

Yustine has over 150 photos and videos in her content library – all of which can be accessed for free. Yes, a subscription to her page won’t cost you a dime. However, if you want more XXX-rated content you’ll have to subscribe to her VIP list.

OnlyFans Username @yustine13
Fetish Big Boobs
Number of Photos/Videos 159
Number of Posts 126
Number of Likes 11,200
Price Free

12. Casey Saron – Malaysian Hottie With The Raunchiest Nudes

The next addition to our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo girls is Casey Saron. She is a top Malaysian OnlyFans creator who is turning up the heat like nobody’s business with some of the raunchiest NSFW content on the platform. 

But what really sets her apart? It is her massive dragon tattoo that covers her entire back and thighs. Starting from her shoulders and winding its way down to the back of her legs, Casey’s tattoo is a work of art that adds an edge to her personality. It also demands your closer inspection. You know what we mean…

Casey Saron Malaysian OnlyFans

A subscription to Casey’s page costs $15 per month, which can seem a little on the higher end at a first glance, but is actually a pretty good deal considering the content she offers. You’ll find plenty of full-length porn videos, including boy/girl, girl/girl, and threesome videos, anal play clips, masturbation shots, and more to keep you busy. And if those are not enough, you can spice up your screen with some of the steamiest OnlyFans couples porn that she’s posted. 

Casey is in the top 0.4% of all OnlyFans creators – which doesn’t come as a surprise considering the uncensored, XXX-rated porn she uploads. However, Casey isn’t as interactive as some other Malaysian OnlyFans girls. 

OnlyFans Username @caseysaron
Fetish Tattooed/Big Ass
Number of Likes 38,700
Number of Posts 176
Price $15 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 182

13. Lyrix – Tattooed Pansexual Stunner

Lyrix is a tattooed Malaysian OnlyFans queen who loves to get down and dirty with her fans. Her pansexual preferences and her stunning collection of tattoos sets her apart and adds to her irresistible sex appeal. 

From her steamy solo masturbation and orgies to her videos with a wide range of partners, including boys, girls, and trans girls, Lyrix is always pushing the boundaries and exploring new sexual frontiers. So if that is your thing, Lyrix has got you thoroughly covered. 

Lyrix-Malaysian OnlyFans

Lyrix is also terrific at entertaining custom requests and frequently offers private live streams for her top fans, where you can experience all of her sexy antics up close and personal. This naughty babe charges $10 per month to access her content library which contains around 250 photos and videos of her. 

OnlyFans Username @lyrixbabydoll
Fetish Pansexual/Flirty
Number of Likes 3,000
Number of Posts 214
Price $10 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 263

14. Twerk Kitty – Hottest Israeli Kitten Catering To All Your Kinks

Twerk Kitty is a total firecracker with a personality that’s just as hot as the tattoos that cover her body. She is one of the best Israeli OnlyFans girls and is in the top 1% of the creators who are currently taking the platform by storm. 

This horny Kitty specializes in boy/girl action, girl/girl videos, dildo play, butt plugs, public flashing, cosplay, and more. If these are not enough, you can send her a custom request with your fetish and she’s sure to fulfill anything your heart desires. Twerk Kitty is always up for everything kinky and fun!

Twerk Kitty OnlyFans Profile

Want more? She is responsive to your DMs and loves to get naughty with you. Twerk Kitty charges $22 a month, but if you’re a new subscriber, you can get the subscription at $9.90 for the first month. 

OnlyFans Account Handle @twerk_kitty 
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 39,100
Number of Posts 1,671
Price $22 ($9.90 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 8,431

15. Elianna – Israeli Babe With Minimalist Ink

Next up on our list of the best OnlyFans tattoo creators is Elianna – the Israeli bad girl who’s making waves on the platform. While some OnlyFans girls go all out with elaborate tattoos, Elianna is all about the minimalist ink game. But don’t let that fool you – this 24-year-old babe knows how to turn up the heat and deliver some of the craziest content on our list.

This bad girl isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in all sorts of places – from clubs to public spots – and she invites you to join in on the fun. Her media library contains B/B videos, G/G videos, solo play clips, group porn, and more. It seems like absolutely nothing is off-limits with this amateur OnlyFans porn hottie. True Elianna OnlyFans

However, the subscription fee to her page is a bit steep at $50 a month. However, it must be noted that it’s all-inclusive. That means none of her content is locked behind PPV, so you won’t be spending any more money than you expected to. Also, Elianna offers a $5 first-month trial, so you can get a taste of what she has to offer and decide if you want to go all in. 

OnlyFans Account Handle @eli_anna
Fetish Amateur
Number of Likes 93,500
Number of Posts 261
Price $50 ($5 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 345

Conclusion —  Who Is The Best Tattooed OnlyFans Girl To Follow?

To conclude, this article has taken an in-depth look at the best OnlyFans tattoo girls, covering what they offer, how much they cost, and why they’re all the rage in 2024.

The top two girls in this regard are NivyPlays – the tattooed bombshell with an edge – and Kiki – the blonde stunner with a raunchy side.

Subscribers can get involved with both NivyPlays’ and Kiki’s pages for just $9.99 per month each and access an array of jaw-dropping nude photos, G/G clips, solo play videos, and so much more. Both NivyPlays and Kiki are always available for live streams, custom requests, and sexting, making for a more personalized experience that would give you a true OnlyFans experience.

All of this sets these two girls apart from the rest and makes them truly earn their title of the best of the best.


Who are the hottest OnlyFans tattoo girls?

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