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Is there anyone who doesn’t have a celebrity crush? While most celebrities keep their personal lives to themselves, some actually bare it all on an OnlyFans account! So if you want a spicier, more intimate look at these famous men and want some actual male celeb porn, you’ve come to the right place. 

We know a lot of creators overpromise and underdeliver, so we did the research for you. Here are the 15 best male celebrity OnlyFans accounts of 2024.

The 15 Best Male Celebrity OnlyFans 2024

We totally get just how intriguing and exciting it is to be able to see beyond the typically polished public persona celebrities have. The good thing is that there are actually tons of nude male influencers and celebrities on OF!

But which of them are actually worth subscribing to? Which of them can actually fulfill your ultimate celeb fantasies?

A Detailed Look at the Best Male Celebrity OnlyFans Creators

From actors and models to singers and internet celebrities, there are many male celebs with OnlyFans. Some just tease with semi-nude pics while others go all-out and do hardcore male porn. 

Whatever you might be looking for, we’re sure you’ll find one to fulfill your cravings from our list.

1. Chris Salvatore – Top Celebrity Male OnlyFans in 2024

With over 200,000 likes on his page, Eating Out star, singer, and model Chris Salvatore has one of the most popular OF pages for a good reason.

Both a hunk and a cutie, Chris appears strong yet so adorable at the same time. Add in the fact that he’s a vocal LGBT advocate and it’s no wonder he has such mass appeal.

chris salvatore onlyfans

As a self-proclaimed “vers king”, expect to see him do both topping and bottoming. You’ll also find all sorts of other material too, like solo action or erotic massage videos (a personal kink of his). 

Aside from the sexy stuff, Chris also fulfills his promise of keeping it fun: diehard fans also get behind-the-scenes access to his projects and special giveaways. And if his great online stuff isn’t enough for you, he also sells merch featuring that firm ass of his.

With a page brimming with diverse, explicit content for just $9.99 — along with generous subscription bundles of up to 45% off! — the value Chris’s page offers can’t be matched. Overall, he’s our top pick for the best male celebrity OnlyFans account of 2024.

OnlyFans Account Handle @chrissalvatore
Fetish Muscular
Number of Likes 219,800
Number of Posts 416
Number of Photos/Videos 525
Price $9.99 per month

2. Marvin Cortes – Gay Latino Model Posting Sex Videos on OnlyFans

Looking for a bonafide hottie to thirst over? Good thing one of the sexiest male models is doing OnlyFans. Marvin Cortes was the runner-up on America’s Next Top Model’s 20th season and it’s easy to see why he placed so high.

Undoubtedly one of the hottest celebrity men on OnlyFans, it’s obvious just how natural Marvin is at modeling — both for fashion and porn. As sensual as he is on the runway as on camera, the Latino effortlessly exudes sex appeal. 

marvin cortes onlyfans

Marvin initially made an OnlyFans account after hearing the clamoring of his fans. The original account was free so everyone could enjoy pictures of his tight body with just a few select photos behind a paywall. 

However, he has since made this account paid for $9.99 where you can truly indulge — and boy are you going to be pleased. With great sex tapes featuring other creators on his page, he definitely has one of the best male celebrity OnlyFans profiles we’ve seen.

OnlyFans Account Handle @marvincortesmonthly
Fetish Latino
Number of Likes 16,200
Number of Posts 156
Number of Photos/Videos 239
Price $9.99 per month

3. Matthew James Lent – Drag Queen Posting Daily on OnlyFans

Finishing joint runner-up in RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2015, you know Matthew James Lent (stage name Pearl Liaison) can absolutely put on a performance. Don’t be mistaken though, his content doesn’t really feel performative at all. So if you’re looking for a more personal experience, Matthew just might be the creator for you. 

The male celeb posts on his wall daily and is also fully transparent about which of his posts are behind an additional paywall. Being the sole manager of his account, he also actually replies to all your sexts himself and will make sure to put in a lot of effort for your custom requests.

matthew james lent onlyfans

Matthew simply provides some of the best and most authentic celebrity male OnlyFans experiences out there. Every Friday also gives you a chance to see him cum for you in so many different ways.

At $16.99 a month, Matthew offers a truly intimate gay OnlyFans adventure where you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Interactive, sexy, and organic, Matthew has one of the top male celebrity accounts on this list.

OnlyFans Account Handle @misterpearl
Fetish Tattoos
Number of Likes 19,000
Number of Posts 95
Number of Photos/Videos 149
Price $16.99 per month

4. Scott Timlin – Famous British Celeb Posting Nudes on OnlyFans

As sexy as he is funny, the former Geordie Shore star Scotty Timlin has been killing it on OnlyFans. He’s not only one of the most popular celebrity men there, he’s also one of the hottest.

With a ripped body, sunkissed skin, and a great sense of humor delivered with a hot British accent, he’s an all-around incredibly attractive man. Oh, he also allegedly has a big penis. That too. 

scotty t onlyfans

Scotty T has both a free account and a paid VIP one. And his free one is already better than many other OF accounts! It’s generously filled with hot nudes and semi-nudes, but if you really want the full experience, then his paid account is the way to go.

Is the whopping 164,900 likes on the VIP page not enough to convince you? Then consider the fact that for just $9.99, Scotty T’s offers not just racier material but also many opportunities for one-on-one interactions.

OnlyFans Account Handle @scottygshore
Fetish Muscular/Big Dick
Number of Likes 164,900
Number of Posts 516
Number of Photos/Videos 544
Price $9.99 per month

5. Dan Benson – Teen Actor Turned OnlyFans Male Celebrity Creator

Dan Benson, who played Zeke on Disney’s Wizard’s Waverly Place, is now doing adult content. Feel old yet?

Dan just recently left the mainstream acting scene and went on TikTok to explain his complete career shift to amateur porn. With such an Adonis-like body and a supposedly impressive, erm, magic wand, we don’t blame him.

dan benson onlyfans

Despite being a really new male celeb on OnlyFans, it’s evident just how dedicated and serious he is about treating it as his full-time job. Dan is one of the most active male celebrities on OnlyFans — uploading hundreds of posts and amassing thousands of likes within just a year.

Plus, there’s no PPV! He also loves receiving all kinds of pics when you subscribe to him and you can catch his live streams every Thursday evening from 5-7 PM. Talk about consistency and quality. 

He does charge a bit on the higher side relative to others on this list, but absolutely everything — hundreds of solo pics and vids — is unlocked when you pay the $20 premium. Well worth it if you ask us. He says there will be collabs coming soon, too!

OnlyFans Account Handle @danbenson
Fetish Solo
Number of Likes 208,500
Number of Posts 503
Number of Photos/Videos 815
Price $20 per month

6. Trey Songz – Super Hot Male Celeb R&B Artist Who Loves to Tease

With 8 studio albums, 25 million record sales, and a Grammy nomination, Trey Songz is one of R&B’s most decorated artists — and also one of its hottest! With abs to die for and full thick pecs, you’ll be absolutely drooling scrolling through his celebrity male OnlyFans feed.

But aside from the spicy stuff, “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” also gives subscribers a fairly intimate glimpse at his personal life outside the entertainment industry. It’s great for those who are also fans of him as an artist and a person.

trey songz onlyfans

The thing about Trey’s OnlyFans is that he’s the master of the tease. His page is filled with both organic and artsy pictures — but don’t worry, there are downright red-hot videos there, too.

There’s something for everyone and it’d be a crime to leave him out of a list of the best male celebrity OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Account Handle @treysongz
Fetish Musician
Number of Likes 29,500
Number of Posts 151
Number of Photos/Videos 226
Price $20 per month

The hot Aussie celebrity from the dating shows Heartbreak Island and Too Hot to Handle is now a creator on YouTube, TikTok, and OnlyFans. 

With 191,000 subscribers on YouTube, 4.1 million followers on Instagram, and his page being just as huge, he’s surely one of the most popular male celebrities on OnlyFans.

harry jowsey onlyfans

While Harry is straight, which may come off as a bit of a disappointment to some, that doesn’t make his content any less tantalizing to anyone attracted to men. It’s free too, so you can take a gander at his wall to see how he flaunts his body and his impeccable style. If you want the truly 18+ goodies though, you’ll need to shell out some cash for some PPVs.

However, there’s a good reason for the sheer number of likes and subscriptions on his page. Not only does he consistently post a LOT (by far the most on this list), he actively interacts with subscribers in his DMs — and actually enjoys doing so!

OnlyFans Account Handle @harryjowsey
Fetish Australian
Number of Likes 196,400
Number of Posts 486
Number of Photos/Videos 1060
Price Free

8. Tommy Lee – Hardcore Musician with Hardcore Content on OnlyFans

Tommy Lee is the drummer of the legendary metal band Mötley Crüe and has been an absolute music icon since the 80s. He just oozes those sex, drugs, and rock and roll vibes. So expect his OF to be as hardcore and explicit as his music!

After all, he has quite a controversial history of posting full-frontal nudes on the internet. But now with an OnlyFans profile, people can finally enjoy him showing off without any issue. And boy does he have a lot to show off.

tommy lee onlyfans

If you can’t tell by his cover photo on OF, the musician has an impressive slim, tight, and toned body — especially for a 60-year-old!  His penis on the other hand? Far from slim. It’s actually one of the biggest dicks in the OnlyFans’ male celeb space.

He just might be the oldest male celebrity with OnlyFans, but he’s definitely still one of the sexiest. For $19.99, you can watch him be as furious and rhythmically precise with “THAT DICK!!!” as he is with his drumsticks.

OnlyFans Account Handle @tommylee
Fetish Big Dick
Number of Likes 4,600
Number of Posts 32
Number of Photos/Videos 38
Price $19.99 per month

9. Dr. SeachanVN – Buff Gay Asian Doctor Who Loves to Play With Straight Boys

With half a million followers on Twitter, Dr. Seachan VN is one of Thailand’s biggest male social media celebrities. No wonder, given that he has a fully-loaded OnlyFans account.

The OnlyFans gay Asian influencer has the usual goodies, but he’s also particularly fond of ball waxing videos. And sometimes he’ll even do it to straight men. Oooh.

dr seachan onlyfans

The Doctor has a large muscular body (that butt!) and an even larger collection of porn on his page. He’s one of the hottest nude male influencers out there. Trust us, your heart will start to thump once you see him start cuddling up to his waxing clients. 

If you’re still on the fence, his Twitter account gives a really generous glimpse into what he has to offer along with jaw-dropping gym pictures. The $9 gives you access to hundreds of uploads, as well as personal messaging with him, making it a steal.

OnlyFans Account Handle @seachan_vn56
Fetish Waxing
Number of Likes 47,800
Number of Posts 355
Number of Photos/Videos 645
Price $9 per month

10. Bigandmilky – Gay Vers With Intense Content on OnlyFans

Another OnlyFans male celebrity from the world of drag, BigandMilky (real name Daniel Donigan, drag stage name Milk) is a veteran of independent porn creation.

If his OnlyFans name doesn’t give away what to expect from it, then we don’t know what to tell you. The 36-year-old vers has explicit sex tapes, features other drag queens, and also has really juicy solo cumming videos.

big and milky onlyfans

You can even expect other really intense and dirty stuff there, too. This account isn’t for the faint of heart, you have been warned.

Bigandmilky’s OnlyFans comes at $9.99 and he’ll be more than happy to accommodate custom requests from you for just a tad more. You can also get a 3-month bundle for 10% off!

OnlyFans Account Handle @bigandmilky
Fetish Vers
Number of Likes 20,500
Number of Posts 93
Number of Photos/Videos 177
Price $9.99 per month

11. Markiplier – Gaming YouTuber Male Celebrity Selling Tasteful Nudes for Charity

In today’s world, some celebrities are born on the internet, like Markiplier (real name Mark Fischbach). With over 35 million subscribers, Markiplier is of YouTube’s biggest gaming icons.

He’s always in the top 100 most subbed channels and is beloved for being a wholesome figure. Therefore, it was quite a surprise when he announced that he’d be doing OnlyFans.

markiplier onlyfans

So it makes sense that Mark only does “tasteful nudes” — nothing explicit. While the photos are classy and artful in their own right, this is something more for his fans than people looking for truly steam stuff.

Because of this, some might question his place on a list of the best male celebs on OnlyFans, but you know what? Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes it’s sexier to leave something to the imagination.  

He also donates all proceeds to two charities: the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Programme. If you’re a Markiplier fan in particular, we say those pics are well worth it. 

The account is free to subscribe to, but each picture set is behind an individual paywall.

OnlyFans Account Handle @markiplier
Fetish Gamer
Number of Likes 64,700
Number of Posts 2
Number of Photos/Videos 6
Price Free

12. Gravity Jacobs – Vogue Dancer With Legit Porn on OnlyFans

If you want someone with more twink or bottom vibes, then Gravity Jacobs is your guy. A dancer from season 1 of HBO’s Legendary, you can be sure Gravity knows how to move his body.

He’s definitely one of the dreamiest male TikTokers on OnlyFans we’ve seen. If his hot yet SFW content on TikTok made you feel things, then his NSFW Twitter account will surely tip you over the edge and make you sub to his OF.

gravity onlyfans

If you’ve been waiting for him to allow you a sexier sneak peek into his life since he exploded into the scene in 2020 — he’s now eagerly obliging. He promises legit male celeb porn too and reassures you that his page is “not an influencer scam”.

You get hundreds of uploads for only $20 and he’ll deliver personalized content for just a little extra. With solo material, complete nudity, and other goodies without PPV, we think Gravity’s page is one of the best male celebrity OnlyFans and is undoubtedly an easy recommendation.

OnlyFans Account Handle @grxvxty
Fetish Latino
Number of Likes 36,400
Number of Posts 188
Number of Photos/Videos 319
Price $20

13. Tony Untucked – Hairy Drag Queen with Twink Energy

An advocate for black drag queens and also a musical artist, Tony Untucked (better known as The Vixen in drag) has sex appeal that is at times flamboyant and at others, ethereal. 

The Vixen has always been outspoken about issues of race and queerness, often incorporating them into her drag shows. In fact, she even created Black Girl Magic, a show just for black drag queens. 

tony untucked onlyfans

So don’t be fooled by the soft femboy vibes: expect her OnlyFans to be as powerful as her activism. Under the name Tony Untucked, The Vixen gives out a lot for just under $10. She even has subscription bundles that are up to 50% off!

Her page offers great value, with posts of high quality and quantity. Shameless nudes, full-length videos, and content with different costumes — these are just some of what you’ll get for your subscription. Check out her Twitter to see just how unfiltered she is.

OnlyFans Account Handle @untuckedtony
Fetish Twink
Number of Likes 12,100
Number of Posts 393
Number of Photos/Videos 540
Price $9.99

14. Matthew Mitcham – Sporty Sexy Aussie Selling Nudes and Underwear

Matthew Mitcham has a body that not only looks good but also moves well. After all, the Australian diver and trampolinist is a 2-time Olympic champion!

Now working in showbiz, Mitcham has since joined the ranks of male celebs on OnlyFans. He’s also upfront and transparent about what you can expect from his page, telling you not to expect particularly explicit stuff. 

matthew mitcham onlyfans

His material is nonetheless incredibly sexy — and trust us, you’ll get many other interesting things. You can expect treats like feet pics, along with opportunities to buy his used underwear.

His husband, Luke Rutherford, also has his own OF, so expect to see these two men together on occasion! Try getting him one of those jockstraps on his Amazon wishlist, he just might send you something special.

OnlyFans Account Handle @matthewmitcham
Fetish Athletic
Number of Likes 18,200
Number of Posts 91
Number of Photos/Videos 95
Price $10

15. Austin Mahone – Popstar Giving His Fans Extra Steamy OnlyFans Access

Amassing almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube from his covers of pop songs, the artist Austin Mahone decided to bless you with an OnlyFans account, too.

Both a hottie and a cutie, the artist of the 2013 hit song What About Love definitely has lots of love to give here. His male celebrity OF is free that has a lot of shirtless pics and semi-nudes that will make you stare for a while.

austin mahone onlyfans

The more exclusive stuff is behind a paywall and you’re getting more than just sexier pics there. You actually get a chance to talk to him, not just via personal messaging but also through Zoom calls!

Add that to custom requests, live streams, and behind-the-scenes content of his music projects, and you get something you can’t pass up on if you’re a fan.

OnlyFans Account Handle @austinmahone
Fetish Twink
Number of Likes 90,300
Number of Posts 209
Number of Photos/Videos 131
Price Free

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Male Celebrity OnlyFans to Follow?

There are many great male celebrity OnlyFans pages, but Chris Salvatore, Marvin Cortes, and Matthew Lent (Pearl Liaison) take our top spots. Chris Salvatore edges out the number 1 rank with the insane value for money his page offers — just tons of quality content at such unbelievably affordable prices.

Marvin Cortes’ OF is also top-notch, with tantalizing sensuality and amazing full-length sex tapes. Meanwhile, Matthew just might make you forget that you paid for his services with how personal and organic he is, making him a definite stand-out as well.


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