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Sugar Daddy Dating Apps UK in 2022

Although sugar dating isn’t anything new in the United Kingdom, it has certainly become more popular in recent years with the development of sugar daddy apps UK. 

These websites have allowed people to express their sexual desires, without worrying about what others will think of them. 

No matter if you’re a sugar baby or daddy, there are more opportunities than ever to find someone suitable for an arrangement. 

However, choosing the right sugar daddy website UK in the sea of different options can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. 

In this article, we will go over the best sugar daddy UK apps and generally the best dating sites in the UK and review them in detail to help you make the right choice. 

Top 10 Sugar Daddy Apps UK in 2022 – Quick Outline 

Before we go into any details, let’s check out a quick outline of the best sugar daddy apps UK.

  • Seeking – Overall the Best Sugar Daddy Website UK 
  • Match – One of the First Sugar Daddy Apps UK  
  • eHarmony – Finds the Most Compatible Matches 
  • Zoosk – Great for Long-Lasting Sugar Dating Relationships 
  • WhatsYourPrice – The Most Unique Sugar Daddy UK Website  
  • EliteSingles – Sugar Daddy Website with the Most Educated Members 
  • Ashley Madison – Great for Married Sugar Daddies 
  • OurTime – Sugar Daddy UK App for Men Older Than 50 
  • RichMeetBeautiful – One of the Safest Sugar Daddy Apps 
  • Sudy.app – Best Virtual Sugar Dating Experience 

Top 10 Sugar Daddy Apps UK in 2022 – Detailed Review

Now that we’ve gone through our list of top choices, time to get a bit more granular and explain what makes these sugardaddy UK apps stand out. 

Seeking – Overall the Best Sugar Daddy Website UK 

Even though Seeking has evolved into much more than just a sugar dating platform, a large percentage of users still join it for this reason. 

Founded in 2006, Seeking stands as one of the oldest, most reliable, and generally most popular sugar daddy apps UK (and the world). 

Currently, there are around 10 million active users that are interested solely in sugar dating. This includes 2 million sugar daddies (and mommas) and 8 million sugar babies. 

You can join the platform and check out what it has to offer for free, but to gain access to perks like messaging and seeing who liked your profile, you’ll need a premium membership.  


  • plenty of active profiles
  • various search filters
  • availability worldwide
  • verification process for safety
  • beautiful and user-friendly interface


  • Visibility of inactive profiles


In case you find someone interesting, but they live in another country, you can use the video chat feature to stay in touch with them. 

Notably, there is also “Sugar Baby University” – a place where sugar daddies have to pay for the baby’s tuition in exchange for services. 

There are users from more than 130 countries active on the website, but most of them come from the US and the UK. 

Seeking has been endorsed by huge platforms like The New York Times, Playboy, Forbes, and Good Morning America, which alongside the great user ratio speaks volumes of its reliability.  Make sure you read Seeking.com review before you decide. 



Match– One of the First Sugar Daddy Apps UK  

Launched a few years even before Google, Match has the longest track record in the sugar dating industry. 

The most unique thing about Match is its matchmaking system – the catalogue-style approach. 

You don’t have to wait until someone swipes or likes your profile, you can simply take a look at a ‘catalogue’ of the registered members and reach out to anyone that you find interesting. 



  • large base of profiles
  • high success rate
  • user-friendly interface


  • restricted options for messaging


While this platform isn’t only for sugar dating, you can find both daddies and babies by using the ‘Discover’ button and filtering the members. 

With the help of other parameters like age, location, and mutual interest, finding suitable partners becomes even easier. 

Those of you that don’t have any prior sugar dating experience will be relieved to find out that the interface is well-organized and all of the sections are easy to navigate through. 


eHarmony– Finds You the Most Compatible Sugar Daddy

This sugardaddy UK app has one of the most advanced matchmaking systems in the industry, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that it’s the first platform to use a scientific approach. 

By answering a series of questions during the signup process, eHarmony manages to find the most compatible matches for each user. There are even compatibility ratings that you can check out once the platform suggests a match. 

Another benefit is the low price which makes it much more affordable compared to other sugar dating websites. 



  • high chances of true compatibility
  • serious candidates
  • verified accounts


  • no mystery


While you do need a premium membership to access messaging features, the price is more than reasonable. 

Aside from simply finding sugar daddies/babies, eHarmony allows you to check out different events and activities that take place in your local area. 

Lastly, this sugar daddy UK app has one of the best security measures in the industry. eHarmony does a tremendous job at automatically detecting scammers and fake accounts even before they get a chance to join the platform. 


Zoosk – Great for Long-Lasting Sugar Dating Relationships 

If you are looking for sugar dating relationships that will last for longer periods, Zoosk might be the ideal option. 

The reason for this is that the platform uses a behavioral matchmaking system that brings together individuals with the most similar interests. 

With over 40 million users on the website, saying that it is popular is an understatement. 


  • advanced filters
  • real-time chats
  • blog with advice and insights


  • paid chat and messaging

In the UK alone, there are around 1.6 million members, and even though not all of them are interested in sugar dating, it won’t be hard finding the ones who are. Most of the members come from larger cities like London, Liverpool, and Birmingham. 

Both the user reviews and safety measures are top-notch, with most of the members praising Zoosk’s modern interface. 



WhatsYourPrice – The Most Unique Sugar Daddy UK Website  

WhatsYourPrice has one of the most unique matchmaking systems in the sugar dating industry – using auctions. 

To put it simply – you get what you can afford. 

The sugar babies are listed on auctions where the highest bidder is the one who gets the chance to take them out on a date. You are essentially paying for their time. 

Even though this may sound a bit like escorting, it’s actually a great way to show that you’re serious about the relationship (and that you can afford it). 

For sugar babies, this is a great model that allows them to only go out with the wealthiest and most successful sugar daddies on the platform. 


  • no fee to pay
  • plenty of singles to choose from


  • a challenging concept to comprehend

Since WhatsYourPrice was developed by the same company that founded Seeking, the platform “inherited” its advanced matchmaking system and robust security measures. 

So far, there have been thousands of successful matches in the UK alone, which means that the only thing you’ll have to worry about is having enough money to win auctions. 


EliteSingles – Sugar Daddy Website with the Most Educated Members 

With 85% of members having a college degree and above-average education, this sugar daddy UK app can hook you up with sophisticated gentlemen rather quickly. 

Even though EliteSingles is considered very high-class, the matchmaking approach is pretty traditional. The platform matches you with someone with similar interests and you take it from there. 


  • It offers both free registration and membership and cheap premium membership options.
  • To achieve precise and flawless matches, an in-depth personality test and analysis is conducted.
  • A smartphone application that is both high-tech and simple to use
  • Safety and security measures that are effective


  • Because of the personality test, the registration process takes a long time, however there is an option to do it later with all of your information preserved.
  • On the website, only premium users have access to limitless messaging.


No matter if you’re a sugar baby searching for successful men or a wealthy sugar daddy that wants to spoil young women, this platform has something for everyone. 

Notably, because of the high percentage of educated members, sugar babies have a chance to learn a lot of new business-related things, which can help them kick-start their own successful companies one day. 


Ashley Madison – Great for Married Sugar Daddies


If you have any sort of prior experience with online dating platforms, then there is a high chance that you’ve heard of Ashley Madison before. 

Ashley Madison made its name in the online dating community thanks to its major focus on discretion. 

In case you are married or in an open relationship, you won’t find many websites that offer the same anonymity as Ashley Madison. 

Because most of the users are married, the platform is sometimes even regarded as an “affair” app. 

Although sugar dating isn’t the only thing you can find on Ashley Madison, there are hundreds of thousands of users in the UK that are searching for this type of arrangement. 


  • Ashley Madison claims to have a larger female user base than male users.
  •  Finding a frequent hookup or fling is simple: Ashley Madison users are there for a purpose. They aren’t wasting any time
  •  Simple interface and design: Even if you don’t use social media often, you’ll find it simple to browse the network.
  • Private and anonymous: Users can choose between anonymous profiles (with fictitious information), private billing, private payment methods, and private desktop and mobile app access.


  • On Ashley Madison, there are scammers, but they’re easy to recognize if you know what you’re searching for.
  • In 2015, there was a data breach. Although the issue has been fixed, people are naturally concerned.
  • It’s quite costly: For further information on the credit system, see the section below.
  • Ashley Madison charges users through a complicated pricing structure that combines credits and subscriptions. Keeping track of how much you actually spend can be challenging.

When registering, you can either choose an anonymous or an open profile. In case you pick the anonymous one, the platform offers discreet payment methods. 

If you’re a woman that wants to be a sugar baby, you can do almost everything for free, but sugar daddies will have to open up their wallets. 

In terms of security, Ashley Madison was hacked in 2015 and a large number of data was downloaded, but since then, there haven’t been any new incidents. 


OurTime – Sugar Daddy UK App for Men Older Than 50 

Originally created for men and women that are in their 50s, OurTime has slowly evolved into one of the most popular sugar dating apps in the UK. 

With the vast majority of men on the platform being over 50, the younger population joins OurTime knowing that there is a high chance they will meet a sugar daddy or momma. 

For instance, it’s very common to see 20-something-year-old girls dating 50-year-old men on the platform and exchanging sexual services for gifts and allowance. 



  • The registration process is quick and easy.
  • A free 3-day trial is offered.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee is available.
  • Sending winks is completely free.
  • All photo uploads are subject to review and approval.
  • Using some of the many enjoyable tools they provide, you can quickly become pen pals with other seniors.
  • The site also provides dating advice to help newcomers understand how online dating works.


  • To send messages, you must have a paid subscription.
  • The Connect and Select upgrades don’t come with many extra features.
  • Scammers who try to conduct phishing or catfishing scams frequently target elderly individuals online, therefore phony profiles by scammers trying to run phishing or catfishing scams do exist.


By using filters like body type, age range, religion, zip code, and others, you can easily find members that match your sugar dating criteria. 

Even though OurTime doesn’t come close to Seeking and Zoosk in terms of active users, it is a platform that mostly focuses on sugar dating and it is a great choice for older gentlemen that are looking for younger women.


RichMeetBeautiful – One of the Safest Sugar Daddy Apps 

If your top priorities are privacy and security, then you shouldn’t look much further than RichMeetBeautiful. 

Of course, every online dating site should have safety as one of its main concerns, but this is especially the case when it comes to sugar daddy UK apps. 

On RichMeetBeautiful, each account is manually verified, which means there is very little chance that a fake account will find its way through the cracks. 


  • There are a large number of users from various demographics all around the world.
  • Sugar dating is a specific type of dating.
  • There are numerous ways to demonstrate your interest in someone.
  • Success rate is high.
  • Sugar babies have unlimited access to communications and can read and write them for free.
  • Excellent client service


  • Only paid members have access to private browsing.
  • Only with a premium account can you send messages and see who is looking at your profile.

Also, there is a cutting-edge SSL encryption security system that is much better compared to the other platforms on our list. 

Additionally, you can connect your Facebook account to chat with sugar babies/daddies free of charge and even use the ‘private key’ feature where sugar babies can ask daddies for certain gifts. 

Lastly, there are lots of educational resources (blog posts and videos) that explain the sugar dating dynamic and how to have the most success when searching for partners. 



Sudy.app – Best Virtual Sugar Dating Experience 

Sudy.app is one of the sugar dating apps that have flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This platform offers a no-meet (virtual) sugar dating experience, where sugar daddies can pay for explicit videos and pictures of their desired sugar babies. 

The interface has a very modern and sleek design, and most importantly, it’s easy to navigate through. 

For all of you that want to understand better how the platform works, there is a community forum where you can ask questions and read about the existing user experiences. 


  • Sudy registration is simple and quick.
  • Create a profile with videos and photos.
  • App-based user verification
  • There is a live chat option as well as a forum.
  • For gays and lesbians, there is a distinct application.
  • A coin system is used to pay for one-of-a-kind possibilities.


  • Many profiles contain a description that is too brief and lacking in detail.
  • Affordably priced paid subscription
  • Sugar babies and sweet daddies have different payment terms.
  • It is possible that some profiles are false.
  • Disproportionate male-to-female ratio


Sudy.app charges $14.00 for sugar baby premium memberships, while sugar daddy memberships stand at $69.99. 

In case you’re suspicious about whether the sugar daddies are lying about being rich, this dating app has got you covered. They check and verify the income of each sugar daddy that registers. 



Top 10 Sugar Daddy Apps UK in 2022 – The Verdict 

With sugar dating becoming increasingly popular over these last few years, finding a sugar daddy app in the UK is fairly simple.

However, finding a suitable one is a whole different story. 

To save you from hours of research, we have compiled a list of the best sugar daddy apps UK that includes something interesting for everyone’s dating criteria. 

If you want the best of all worlds and a combination of security, features, and privacy, we recommend that you put Seeking on top of your list. 

What is the best Sugar Daddy dating app?

Are Sugar Daddy dating sites better than Sugar Daddy dating apps?

Are Sugar Daddy dating sites free to use?

What is the most popular Sugar Daddy dating sites?

What are the most used Sugar Daddy dating sites UK?

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