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You’ve always been attracted to feminine outfits and submissive doe eyes, and you get hard thinking of an obedient sissy ready to satisfy your guilty pleasures. With so many OnlyFans sissy creators is quite a challenge to find only the very best sissy OnlyFans material. We’ve got you!

Whether you’re looking for sissy maids, sissy slaves, or just want to find out more about how to be trained to become a disciplined sissy babe, we’ve selected the best sissy OnlyFans creators just for you.

The 15 Best Sissy OnlyFans Creators in 2024

Our next OnlyFans sissy models all long for one thing. Being the submissive sissy subjects you deserve, so let’s have a look at their juicy sissy pages. 

A Detailed Look at the Best Sissy OnlyFans Creators

We wouldn’t like to keep waiting any longer, so let’s discover the best OnlyFans sissy creators.  

1. Sissy Joyce – Chastity OnlyFans Sissy Superstar and 2024‘s Top Creator

Sissy Joyce almost needs no introduction as she’s an OnlyFans sissy superstar. Her sissification journey was accompanied by Princess Diamonds, her ruthless mistress and partner. One thing is certain, Princess Diamonds made a darn good job, and Sissy Joyce OnlyFans is now the perfect sissy slut you’ve been longing for. 

If you want to know more details about Sissy Joyce, you’ll be delighted to find out that she’s on a permanent chastity watch and doesn’t own boy clothes anymore. And that’s not all! When it comes to kinky action, she shamelessly admits to being pegged by multiple mistresses and getting fucked by men on a regular basis. That should give you an idea about the type of sissy OnlyFans porn you can expect on her OF page.

sissy joyce onlyfans

When you subscribe, you’ll also get sissification tips, tricks, and guidance, thousands of pretty sissy pics, content with other OF males, full-length red-hot videos, product reviews, and life updates. 

She’s a submissive sissy that you can be mean to, so, if you’re not happy with the free dick rating you’ll receive, you know what you have to do! 

OnlyFans Username @sissyjoyce
Fetish Chastity
Media Library 6,578
Number of Posts 2,400
Number of Likes 187,500
Price $9.95 per month

2. Trinity – Asian Sissy Striptease Professional

Looking for an Asian sissy obedient boy? Trinity’s got what it takes. This Asian gay OF creator has a curvy feminine body, and a round peachy ass ready to satisfy your dirty sissy necessities. 

If you want to enjoy more of his delicious sissy tanned skin, you can arrange a one-to-one private steamy video call, for the right price. He’ll know how to obey you and bare that perfect body in a sexy striptease that can last as long as your manhood can take it. 

trinity onlyfans

On his free sissy OnlyFans page, you’ll see this gay OF god in a plethora of body shots in filthy lingerie, hot selfies, erotic videos, his hot ass/pussy on all fours ready to receive, and a whole lot more sissy boy OnlyFans content.

OnlyFans Username @femboy_stripper
Fetish Striptease
Media Library 263
Number of Posts 224
Number of Likes 5,400
Price FREE

3. BBC Cuckold Perfection – Kinky OnlyFans Sissy & Slut Couple Worshipping BBC

Ready for some BBC sissy OnlyFans action? You might want to check this account out. You’ll have twice the fun for the price of one as on this page you’ll see a sissy and slut couple on a feminization OnlyFans adventure. If you’re wondering what their common passion is, the answer shouldn’t surprise you. They both love big black dicks! 

For only $6.99 per month, you’ll have access to feminization OnlyFans content, tips, and instructions, real cuckold humiliation, a gorgeous and convincing sissy repeatedly humiliated and enjoying it, threesomes with their black bulls, pegging, and strap-on play. And, as if it wasn’t enough, you’ll also witness some authentic BBC worship. 

cuckold perfection onlyfans

This sissy BBC OnlyFans account is definitely worth the subscription as their content is not staged. Everything they film is genuine and is solely created to please you.

OnlyFans Username @bbccuckoldperfection
Fetish Cuckolding
Media Library 516
Number of Posts 379
Number of Likes 14,200
Price $6.99 per month

4. Nicki Pebbles – Obedient Sissy Who Loves Big Dicks

Next up on our list of best sissy OnlyFans creators, we have Nicki Pebbles. The Madrid-based sissy creator and cross-dresser is quite new on OnlyFans, so you have the unique opportunity of supporting this submissive babe from the beginning. 

Don’t know what to expect from her? Nicki Pebbles’ free sissy OnlyFans account is full of explicit short clips that will give you a good idea of how willing she is to surrender to your desires. 

niccki pebbles onlyfans

Usually, you can see this obedient sissy on her knees, working hard to please a demanding big dick straight guy, or two, because that’s how she is – insatiable.

Nicki loves to wear feminine high heels and exquisite sexy lingerie and won’t hesitate to show her sissy skills in raw, unedited, dirty sissy content. You can have your own exclusive content by contacting her for sissy customs, or arrange an intimate video call to talk more about your demands. 

OnlyFans Username @nicki.pebbles
Fetish Blonde
Media Library 119
Number of Posts 75
Number of Likes 233
Price FREE

5. Sissy Jessica – Sissy Doll Ready for Bottom Submissive Play

Are you ready to discover a gorgeous sissy doll eager to play in some bottom submissive juicy content? Sissy Jessica is the gal for you. This OnlyFans sissy is permanently horny and looking to quench her sex and submission thirst in every way she can. 

The content you’ll find on her free sissy OnlyFans page is quite diverse and ranges from chastity to anal play. You can also observe her trying on new outfits and being all dolled up in the most feminine attire you can think of. 

sissy jessica onlyfans

This OnlyFans sissy also has a VIP page with full-length videos. As she loves being girly more than anything else, the monthly fee will help her go even further on her feminization OnlyFans journey. Subscribe now to see this cute sissy become completely hairless, try on new sexy lingerie and become the sissy babe of your dreams. 

OnlyFans Username @sissyjessicaof
Fetish Bottom
Media Library 197
Number of Posts 92
Number of Likes 3,600
Price FREE

6. Brenda Bimbo – Hot Doll with Pretty Sissy Pics on OnlyFans

Brenda Bimbo loves to share her feminization OnlyFans process in high-quality photos and videos that will show you all the facets of her being an exemplary sissy. The 24-year-old sissy Barbie bimbo doll takes her job of becoming a good girl very seriously.

The blonde sissy has an unmatched taste for adventure that can only surprise you. It’s not rare to see Brenda Bimbo in some super sexy latex outfit riding a master dildo. But that’s not the only sissy content you’ll find on her page. 

brenda bimbo onlyfans

You can also expect male and female domination play, leather outfits, an infinity of hot boots and high heels, BDSM, bondage, public play, and cuckolding. If you’re impressed by her skills and have naughty ideas of how she could serve you in a personalized way, wait no more and contact her for custom videos or a one-to-one chat.  

If you want to see this sissy babe trying pretty much everything, you can subscribe for $15.55 a month.

OnlyFans Username @brendabimbo
Fetish Latex
Media Library 207
Number of Posts 31
Number of Likes 118
Price $15.55 per month

7. SissyChris47 – Sissy Maid Ready to Serve BBC 24/7

Dreaming of finding a sissy maid on all fours ready to make all your OnlyFans sissy fantasies come true? Sissy Chris is ready to serve. This naughty girl is here for one reason only, your satisfaction. 

With so many dicks to drain, Sissy Chris has no time to waste. As the perfect sissy maid she is, you’ll often see her accompanied by her OnlyFans play friends, ready to discipline her in all the ways you can imagine. 

sissy chris onlyfans

Truth be told, there’s one thing this slutty maid loves the most. And that’s big black cocks ready to use her in every possible way in the best sissy BBC OnlyFans XXX-rated content.   

Given her love for dicks, you’ll be spoiled with the best sissy OnlyFans content. For $4.99 a month, you can enjoy toy play, a lot of cum shots, big cocks, and some exquisite good old sissy fucks. 

OnlyFans Username @sissychris47
Fetish Sissy Maid
Media Library 196
Number of Posts 191
Number of Likes 1,800
Price $4.99 per month

8. TiedandGaggedSissy – BDSM Submissive Sissy Maid

If you’re looking for a sissy maid specialized in bondage, TiedandGaggedSissy is the account you’ll want to follow. They love being humiliated in different spectacular ways and always come up with new degradation ideas. Imagine them being tightly attached to a chair and pounded with huge dildos. As if it wasn’t enough to make you horny, they’ll ask to be gagged and surrender even more.

All their page is full of explicit sissy content with female domination, fucking machine videos, and sissy slut content. You’ll also have access to raunchy sissy/mistress content where you’ll see this sissy slave moan through their muzzle gag, dildo riding, and the very best cumming in chastity content. 

tiedandgagged onlyfans

To enter this sissy heaven with explicit sissy OnlyFans porn, the monthly subscription of $8.99 is excellent value for money. If you’d like to see or try anything in particular make sure you contact them for custom OnlyFans sissy juicy content. 

OnlyFans Username @tiedandgaggedsissy
Fetish Pegging / Bondage
Media Library 416
Number of Posts 298
Number of Likes 1,500
Price $8.99 per month

9. Aurora Fairy Princess – OnlyFans Sissy Princess with XXX Content

Aurora is a fairy sissy princess and a crossdresser waiting for a master to discipline her. She exhibits her unique girly looks in hundreds of pretty sissy OnlyFans pics. Throughout her account, you can witness her transition from a boy to a fairy girl. She’s on his journey on her own, but she’ll highly appreciate any kind of support that will help her become more and more the princess of her dreams. 

This ethereal sissy devotee uploads content every week with loads of feminine looks and costumes. She also has a naughty side, too, so expect to see her fairy ass in a lot of XXX sissy photos and videos. 

aurora fairy princess onlyfans

Do you like her princess dresses and hot leather attire, but want more? Your wish is her command. Make sure you send a generous tip before in order to conquer her fragile sissy princess heart. 

OnlyFans Username @aurorafairyprincess
Fetish Cosplay
Media Library 888
Number of Posts 102
Number of Likes 383
Price $5 per month

10. Sissy Jade – Outdoor Explorer and BBC Worshipper NY Sissy

Straight from “The Big Apple” we present you Sissy Jane, a cross-dressing OnlyFans sissy that likes to doll up and show off for you. Over 15,000 sissy lovers follow their adventures on Twitter while they’re being used by a BBC, filming with a hot guy in public places, or posing in pantyhose. 

All they want is to be admired and be ridden by hard majestic cocks. Are you up to the challenge? If you’ve already tried everything and lack inspiration, check out their Amazon wish list. With so many dresses and exquisite stilettos, your mind will be stimulated in no time. 

sissy jade onlyfans

Once you paid the $5.99 monthly subscription you can expect some very diverse sissy OnlyFans content, from creampies to raw full sissy sex scenes. 

OnlyFans Username @sissyjadenyc
Fetish Redhead
Media Library 172
Number of Posts 146
Number of Likes 3,500
Price $5.99 per month

Reviewing the Best Sissy Training on OnlyFans

Choosing a good trainer is one of the most important steps on a sissification journey. Worry not, we’ve picked the fiercest and sexiest mistresses specialized in sissy training OnlyFans. 

1. Princess Diamonds – Fierce Mistress Who Will Turn You Into a Devoted Girl

You’re a bad, bad boy and dream of turning into a devoted good girl? Princess Diamonds is the alpha princess and trainer of sissy slaves that you need! This ruthless brunette is always on the hunt for sissy subordinates. Are you ready to be her next sissy subject?

One thing is certain, this kinky femdom OF will take her time to guide you in your sissification process, one humiliation after the other. She’ll make you wear heels, makeup, and cross-dress anytime she feels like it. 

princess diamonds onlyfans

Her biggest achievement so far is turning her boyfriend into a sissy slut. Her partner is none other than the one and only Sissy Joyce, OnlyFans celebrity. It’s a fact, if you want to be the next sissy porn superstar, you know what to do. 

Princess Diamonds is a sissy trainer OnlyFans who’s into humiliation, chastity, and cuckolding. On her page, you can expect femdom videos, a daily new sissy task for you to complete, feminization OnlyFans training and tips, and chastity training. 

The authoritarian princess has mercy on your soul and offers a substantial reward every time you subscribe to a bundle. So, if you want to be a part of her army of sissy slaves, this is your chance for only $9.95 a month.  

OnlyFans Username @princessdiamonds
Fetish Femdom / Sissification
Media Library 1,762
Number of Posts 1,417
Number of Likes 50,000
Price $9.95 per month

2. Boybreaker – Stunning Blonde Sissy Maker with 15,000+ Photos and Videos

Don’t expect her to be gentle in your sissification process. Miss Summer Jane is a boy breaker and she’ll treat you with no respect whatsoever. The tall blonde sissy trainer OnlyFans babe is a famous sissy maker that will eat you up if you disobey and will leave no crumbs. As a top 1.6% OF creator, she’s fun, devious, engaging, creative, incredibly hot, and one of the best sissy OnlyFans creators.

If that’s not enough for you to become her pitiful sissy slave, you might be interested in her chastity game skills. Miss Summer Jane will humiliate your small sissy penis, lock it in a cage, and will throw away the key until you beg for her forgiveness. 

boybreaker onlyfans

This experienced sissy mistress OnlyFans will teach you all about cross-dressing, edging, and wearing vertiginous heels like the obedient woman you aspire to become. As her loyal subordinate, you’ll have tasks that you’d better complete, or else expect her harsh punishment.  

OnlyFans Username @misssummerjane
Fetish Mistress
Media Library 15,040
Number of Posts 17,407
Number of Likes 250,200
Price $9 per month

3. Mistress Kara – Chasity Expert and Sissy Punisher

At only 24 years old, Mistress Kara knows more about sissies than you can imagine. In fact, she’s married to her pathetic sissy sub. As the insatiable diva that she is, she always wants more and is ready to receive you in her kingdom of sissy slaves. 

She’ll take great pleasure in mocking your small willy, caging it up, and destroying your manhood altogether. But this domme beauty is also generous, so she’ll make sure you understand how to behave like a slutty girl while wearing naughty frilly lingerie.  

mistress kara onlyfans

You can worship this hot latex lover and dive into the dark part of sissy training OnlyFans for $10.99 a month. If you want to please your future sissy mistress OnlyFans before contacting her, you can also send her generous tips like the good sissy apprentice that you are. 

OnlyFans Username @allthingsannnal04
Fetish Pegging
Media Library 265
Number of Posts 194
Number of Likes 12,300
Price $10.99 per month

4. Mistress Lola – Authoritarian Blonde Domme Specialized in Sissy Training

Don’t be fooled by her doe eyes. Mistress Lola eats sissies like you at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This greedy queen will never have enough of humiliating you while you feel helpless in your sissy feminine attire. 

This sissy femdom OnlyFans be more than glad to help you in your sissification process because it’s quite obvious that you need a domme queen to tell you what to do. 

mistress lola onlyfans

If cross-dressing and makeup instructions are not enough, she can also keep you on the edge with very precise jerk-off instructions that will drain your sissy balls dry. Even though Mistress Lola has 2 accounts, on the free sissy OnlyFans one you can have a preview of her sissy training OnlyFans skills and can imagine everything that she can do to your sissy ass. 

OnlyFans Username @lolainlatex
Fetish Sissification
Media Library 135
Number of Posts 124
Number of Likes 2,500
Price FREE

5. Sparkly & Savage – Curvy Femdom with a Kink for Humiliation

Want to be trained by a real-life curvy sissy femdom OnlyFans Barbie? Sparkly & Savage will teach you everything there is to know about how to behave like an obedient girl. Domination and humiliation are her things, so leave your sissy training OnlyFans in her expert hands and enjoy the ride. 

This domme queen is an undeniable force in the realm of sissification, and she’ll give you regular tasks in your feminization OnlyFans process. Sparkly & Savage is into SPH, cuckolding, degradation, and foot worship, just to name a few. If you’re the good sissy she trains you to be, you can enjoy an unbearable chastity control journey too, but only if she feels like it. 

sparkly and savage onlyfans

If you have any additional kinky requests, she’s always available and eager to fulfill your darkest fantasies. Becoming a sissy slave has never been easier because Sparkly & Savage is here to train you for only $10 a month.

OnlyFans Username @sparkly-and-savage
Fetish Humiliation
Media Library 1,773
Number of Posts 1,743
Number of Likes 47,700
Price $10 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Sissy OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

Our list contains the very best Sissy OnlyFans creators. They all have their unique personalities, styles, and numerous ways to please you. It was difficult to choose only one sissy OF babe, so we’re presenting you the top three sissy OnlyFans fuckdolls. 

Sissy Joyce needs no introduction. When she’s not busy being a sissy slave punished by her partner, Princess Diamonds, she’s being pegged by multiple mistresses and getting fucked by men on a regular basis. On her page, you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for, from pretty sissy pics to sissy OnlyFans porn.  

TiedandGaggedSissy backs away from nothing, from bondage to fucking machines, without forgetting extreme humiliation. This OnlyFans sissy loves it all! 

Sissy Jessica is our third pick. This permanently horny submissive doll is always ready for some bottom dirty play, so get ready to have your balls drained by her spectacular sissy content. 

Now you’ve seen the three best Sissy OnlyFans creators make sure you check out the other sissy princesses on our list.


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