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Instagram has become one of the go-to platforms worldwide for those interested in uncovering sexy nudes and NSFW videos. Although Instagram has strict guidelines on what is and isn’t allowed, many creators can still offer red-hot content that stays within the platform’s boundaries – making it a great source of entertainment for millions! 

With that in mind, this guide presents a list of the hottest Instagram models of 2024, each posting saucy content that needs to be seen to be believed! We’ll review each of these models individually, covering what they post and how often they upload, before highlighting the key factors to consider when choosing an Insta model to follow.

The 25 Hottest Instagram Girls to Follow 2024 

Finding nude Instagram models can sometimes be challenging since the platform does an excellent job of ensuring content creators stay within its guidelines. However, listed below are 25 of the hottest Instagram girls available to follow right now – all of which offer eye-popping content that fans will love.

A Detailed Look at the Top Nude Instagram Models

Although they might not be as explicit as the best OnlyFans accounts, the hottest female models on Instagram constantly tease viewers with semi-nude content that needs to be seen to be believed! So, without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at these models in more detail:

1. Putri Cinta – Multi-Ethnic Model With a Gorgeous Body & Stellar Photos

Gorgeous model Putri Cinta might be considered the hottest woman on Instagram by her hundreds of thousands of followers. This popular beauty describes herself as Latina, African, and Asian – whatever her ethnicity, she’s breathtakingly stunning and has the content to prove it.

While this interracial OnlyFans creator saves her spiciest content for her popular OF account, you can still find amazingly sexy photos and videos on her IG which boasts over 577,000 followers. Barely-there bikinis, transparent tops, and short dresses are just some of what Putri wears to flaunt her incredible curves.

putri cinta instagram

Putri is a self-described “travel addict” so be sure to check out her story highlights to see some breathtaking (and sexy) footage of her traveling in various cities. If you’re on the hunt for the sexiest Instagram model, you don’t want to miss out on becoming a new fan.

This popular porn star not only topped our list of best threesome OnlyFans creators, but she has also appeared on many other “best of” lists in the adult world. If you’re looking for the sexiest female Instagram models, you cannot go wrong with Mia Malkova.

With millions of likes on OnlyFans and millions of followers on Instagram, Mia has certainly made an impact as a digital creator. It’s easy to see why. Mia has curves in all the right places, an incredible bust, a love for showing off her full booty, and model good looks.

mia malkova instagram

Mia’s content is incredibly risque for IG – no wonder she’s one of the most sexy IG models with over 11 million followers. She loves posing in lingerie, tiny bikinis, or just a plain white t-shirt that she somehow makes look sexier than anyone else could.

3. Joanna Li – Beautiful Asian Model Making a Splash on Instagram and OnlyFans

This stunning Chinese OnlyFans creator has an incredibly popular Instagram with over 365,ooo followers. One glance at Joanna Li tells you exactly why she’s one of the hottest models on Instagram. Her content is a gorgeous mix of both amateur and professional, mixing up playful selfies and styled shoots that show off her supermodel-like physique.

Joanna’s free OF account has some rather spicy content, but her IG shows a whole lot of this model’s killer body. Whether posing on the beach in a bikini, showing cleavage in a beautiful dress, or lounging in a crop top, it’s easy to see why this Asian babe is so popular.

joanna li instagram

While Joanna was born in Shanghai, her favorite city is Melbourne, Australia – check out her IG stories to see her having fun around town. Joanna Li is both sexy and playful, and she is without a doubt one of the first hot Insta models in this guide you need to check out.

4. Kendall Jenner – World-Famous Influencer With a Staggering Follower Count

If we’re talking sheer numbers, Kendall Jenner might be the hottest IG model on the planet with her mind-blowing 293 million followers. While factors other than follower count were taken into consideration when creating this guide, we still think this breathtaking brunette is well-deserving of a spot on the list.

As everyone on the planet surely knows, Kendall Jenner is a celebrity influencer and model who has managed to carve out a unique spot for herself within her famous family. She arguably has the most supermodel-like looks of her siblings, and her Instagram is proof.

kendall jenner instagram

Kendall’s IG is a mix of casual shots, images from her many fashion campaigns, and lifestyle content. The focus isn’t always on her body, but that’s okay – we love to see many sides of Insta models, especially if they are as world-famous as Kendall. Her story highlights show even more behind-the-scenes of her fascinating life.

5. Rubi Rose – Hot Ebony Rapper and Model Who Loves Showing Off Her Booty 

You’ve probably heard of Rubi Rose, one of the hottest ebony OnlyFans creators on Instagram. Besides boasting 1.2m likes on her free OF page, Rubi has 4.7 million followers on her steamy IG account – impressive numbers that aren’t all that surprising for one of the sexiest Instagram models of all time.

Rubi’s Instagram is a fun mix of beach shots, out-on-the-town footage, and Rubi in some very tiny articles of clothing. She loves showing off her round booty, performing naughty poses in famous places, and being on all fours on the sand in front of beach waves.

rubi rose instagram

This Black goddess is not just a model – she’s also a rapper and musician who has been appearing in videos and creating her own music for years. You’ll want to check out Rubi’s OF and other sites for some super steamy content, but her IG is a great place to get to know one of the hottest models on Instagram.

6. Irina Shayk – Stunning Russian Supermodel With Fashion-Focused IG

Although some people may know Irina Shayk for having dated Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper, this Russian babe has made a name for herself as a world-famous supermodel as well as one of those incredibly hot models Instagram fans just love.

If you’re wondering how to get more followers on Instagram, you might want to check out Irina’s IG – this stunning beauty has amassed a staggering 22.5 million followers. Her content features high-end fashion campaigns, casual shots, and risque selfies in string bikinis.

irina shayk instagram

Irina’s dark hair and chiseled cheekbones are somewhat reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, and she often poses with a serious expression on her gorgeous face. No wonder she’s attracted such hot guys! But don’t be distracted by her dating history – Irina is her own person who’s a stunning model and clearly one of the hottest on Instagram.

7. Luna Benna – One of the Most Daring IG Models Who Shows Almost Everything

Curvy babe Luna Benna has captured the attention of millions on both OnlyFans and Instagram. She not only topped our list of the best hardcore OnlyFans creators, but Luna is also one of the hottest models on Instagram with an impressive 1.8 million followers.

One look at Luna’s hot IG account and you know why she’s such a hit on the platform – she has amazing curves, wears little to nothing in many of her steamy photos, and shows just about all that is allowed on Instagram. Let’s put it this way: Luna’s content leaves very little to the imagination!

luna benna instagram

This busty beauty also has a YouTube channel where she tries on various outfits, but you’ll want to keep an eye on Luna’s Instagram for some incredibly hot content, some of which we’re surprised is permitted on the usually strict app.

8. Winnie Harlow – Gorgeous Ebony Model With a Truly Unique Look and Style

This gorgeous Jamaican-Canadian model has gained worldwide notoriety for her unique look. Winnie Harlow developed vitiligo when she was four years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a highly successful supermodel, not to mention one of the world’s hottest Black Instagram models.

Whether she’s strutting her stuff on a catwalk, chilling poolside, or eating spaghetti in the back seat of a car, Winnie’s IG is like no one else’s. In the world of Insta models, Winnie Harlow stands out as a fun, confident, and sexy presence.

winnie harlow instagram

This beauty also has her own skincare line, which she shows off in her IG content. Definitely check out Winnie Harlow and see what makes her one of the sexiest Instagram models right now.

9. Carmen Electra – Huge 90s Star Turned OnlyFans and Instagram Creator

For those searching this guide for the sexiest Instagram model, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the one and only Carmen Electra. Born Tara Leigh Patrick, this eternally youthful mature OnlyFans creator has been making waves since the 90s in hit shows like Baywatch and Singled Out. She’s still creating a stir wherever she goes.

As one of the most gorgeous, popular, and accomplished creators on the internet, Carmen boasts over 330,000 likes on OnlyFans as well as 1.5  million followers on her incredibly hot IG account. With over 4,700 posts, Carmen shows you every part of her life – from fashion shoot outtakes to frolicking in bikinis to 90s footage, she’s got it all.

carmen electra instagram

Go check out Carmen Electra’s IG and see why this star is still heating things up online and beyond as one of the sexiest female Instagram models on the platform.

10. Anastasia – Potentially One of the Hottest Instagram Models of 2024

Anastasia is the type of girl who aims to tease – and with a body like hers, you can see why. She’s one of the hottest Instagram models we’ve found and you can be sure she’s going to drive you wild with desire.

From the very beginning, Anastasia keeps on tenterhooks waiting to access her profile. We all know how strict Instagram can be about content on the spicy side of life, so you’ll need to ask to follow Anastasia on the platform. She’s not breaking any rules, she just wants to know you’re going to behave.

Anastasia Instagram

Once you’re through, you have access to all kinds of goodness – her photos and Reels are going to have you desperate for more. Think lingerie, cosplay, cute barely-there outfits, she’s got everything you want from a super sexy Instagram account. Anastasia uploads often, so a follow will give you plenty to keep your feed fire.

Need to see more of Anastasia? Her Asian OnlyFans account is where you’re going to get the goodest of good stuff.

11. Kiana Medeiros – Busty Blonde Babe with Red-Hot Bikini Photos

Another of the hottest babes on Instagram is Kiana Medeiros. This busty bombshell boasts over 23,000 followers and uploads multiple times per week – with fans benefitting from photos, videos, reels, stories, and much more.

Like Chloe Mercy, Kiana loves to reveal almost everything to her followers, with her ‘go-to’ content being bikini photos. However, Kiana isn’t afraid to mix it up and often posts sexy cosplay content, near-nude selfies, and professional lingerie photoshoots.

Kiana Medeiros Instagram

Given Kiana’s eye-popping physique, it’s no surprise she also has her own OnlyFans account. This account, under the name Kiki, costs $12.99 per month to access, although new fans can get involved for 28 days for just $6.50. 

Those seeking Instagram nude selfies will likely find Kiana’s blonde OnlyFans account appealing, as she reveals everything on that platform. What’s more, Kiana also notes that she’s open to custom requests from subscribers, meaning those who follow her can ask her to wear specific clothing items or give them a shout-out – assuming a tip is attached!

12. Anna Jolie – Follow Her Sexy Beach Bum Lifestyle

When you think of hot Instagram models, you want a banging body, beautiful backdrops, and a lifestyle you just can’t help but want to join in on. This is exactly what you get when you follow South African beauty Anna Jolie on the ‘Gram.

She’s a beautiful girl living the beautiful life, with poolside days captured in sexy pics and beach party evenings for you to insert into your dreams. Anna has the complete package of a toned and tanned bod plus an influencer lifestyle that makes you excited for every post she uploads.

Anna Jolie Instagram Profile

Of course, things get super spicy, but she keeps that locked away from her vanilla, SFW Instagram life. For the naughtier side of Anna, you’re going to need to head over to her OnlyFans and you’ll see why she’s a top Instagram nude model for sure.

13. Jen Selter – One of the Hottest Instagram Influencers with Eye-Popping Body

One of the hottest Instagram models with a global reputation is Jen Selter. Many readers may have already heard of Jen, as she made a name for herself online by producing fitness content aimed at helping beginners build muscle and lose fat. However, given her insane physique, she’s also generated a following of over 13.6m on Insta.

It’s easy to see why this sexy brunette has such as large fanbase, as her athletic body is unlike anything else we’ve seen. Jen loves to show off her toned abs and perfect buns through photos taken at the beach, in the sauna, at the gym, or anywhere she can take her clothes off!

Jen Selter Instagram

Unfortunately, Jen doesn’t offer one of the best OnlyFans Reddit pages, so Insta is the only platform where she posts raunchy content. Having said that, Jen’s upload regularity certainly makes up for this, which is why she ranks so highly on our list of the hottest Instagram accounts.

14. Mathilde – Sexy Beach Babe Posting Near-Daily Swimwear Photos

Mathilde is a French/Persian hottie with an insane body that she loves to show off on Instagram. As the founder of Khassani Swimwear, Mathilde isn’t shy about posting near-daily bikini shots to show off the product range. Most of these shots have a sexy slant, helping her amass nearly 10m followers.

Due to her amazing body, Mathilde runs one of the best amateur OnlyFans accounts, boasting over 461,000 likes. Fans can access this account for free since Mathilde makes her income through tips. Naturally, those that like what they see on her Insta can find even more by signing up for her OF page.

Mathilde Instagram

Like many hot Instagram girls, Mathilde also uploads reels frequently. Her reels are exceptional, usually showcasing her at the beach with close-ups of her incredible body. She even hosts semi-regular Q&A sessions with her followers, allowing everyone to learn more about her!

15. Charly Jordan – World-Famous DJ with Super-Hot Instagram Reels

Charly Jordan is a well-known DJ and entrepreneur, yet she also has a sexy side that she loves to show off through her Insta posts. This surfer chick posts new photos nearly every day in locations worldwide since she often has to visit new places to perform her sets. 

As one of the hottest nude Instagram models, Charly’s photos are exceptional. Most of her sexy content features her at the beach – often with other super-hot influencers. Moreover, Charly treads the line exceptionally well regarding what Instagram allows, meaning fans can see nearly everything there is to see!

Charly Jordan Instagram

On top of near-nude selfies, Charly also posts reels showcasing her partying with her friends at the beach. Those that like what they see can even check out her YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs about her life as a DJ and her travels throughout the globe.

16. Sophie Mudd – One of the Top Nude Instagram Models with Steamy OnlyFans Account

Sophie Mudd is undoubtedly one of the hottest Instagram models on the platform right now. This petite bombshell has a voluptuous body and a bubbly personality – both of which have made her a hit with fans from around the globe. 

Sophie’s Insta posts act as a sort-of ‘tease’ since she reveals just enough to get fans excited. Fortunately, Sophie has one of the best new OnlyFans accounts for those seeking to see more of what she has to offer. As such, those that want full nudity can head over there, with her page costing $20 per month.

Sophie Mudd Instagram

However, Sophie’s Insta page is still an excellent option for those seeking more casual content. She posts new stories multiple times daily, many showcasing her sexy TikTok videos. Fans can even check out her Insta highlights, where she keeps some of her hottest stuff!

17. Noam Ifergan – Curvy Brunette with Insane Body and Bubbly Personality

Those interested in nude Instagram accounts should check out Noam Ifergan’s page. Although Noam doesn’t post full-frontal nudity, as these photos aren’t allowed on Insta, she does upload bikini shots that reveal almost everything – and trust us, these need to be seen to be believed! 

Noam’s bikini photos are incredible, and since she lives near the beach, fans will benefit from new content every other day. Moreover, Noam has pinned some of her hottest photos to the top of her profile, meaning fans never need to scroll far to check out her most risque stuff.

Noam Ifergan Instagram

Almost all of Noam’s photos are semi-nude, helping her amass over 460,000 followers on Insta. Like other hot nude Instagram models, Noam has handily uploaded some of her red-hot content to her ‘Highlights’ section – removing the need to scroll through hundreds of photos to find those eye-popping bikini shots!

18. Grace Boor – Sexy Insta Influencer Posting Semi-Nude Stories Every Day

Grace Boor is one of those hot Instagram models with the ‘it factor’ that cannot be described. Like many of the creators on our list, Grace has built up a substantial following due to her busty physique, which she shows off pretty much every day through new bikini photoshoots.

Most (if not all) of Grace’s photos showcase her incredible bosom, with fans also able to check out her daily story uploads for even more content. In addition, Grace has many pictures she’s tagged in that don’t make it to her own feed – so fans can head to the ‘Tagged’ section for racy behind-the-scenes media.

Grace Boor Instagram

Instead of being active on the best cam sites, Grace has her own website where she posts explicit photos/videos. Fans can pay for one-on-one chats with Grace and access her red-hot media library, which contains stuff that’s too sexy for Insta to handle!

Emily Ratajkowski is undoubtedly one of the hottest women on Instagram – and has been for the past few years. Emily needs no introduction, as this beauty made a name for herself by appearing in the famous ‘Blurred Lines’ music video back in 2013.

Since then, Emily has built up nearly 30m followers on Insta, making her the most followed influencer on our list. Given that she’s now clearly in the public eye, many would be forgiven for thinking that Emily might tone down the sexiness of her content – but that isn’t the case!

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram

Quite the opposite, as this is one of the few nude pages on Instagram that can get away with posting photos/videos that are about as explicit as the platform will allow. Emily regularly posts pictures in see-through tops (or in nothing at all) – and even has a podcast where she interviews adult performers about their life, fetishes, and goals.

20. Sommer Ray – Famous Insta Influencer with Insane Body

Sommer Ray is another of the hottest babes on Instagram and is just behind Emily Ratajkowski when it comes to follower count. Sommer made a name for herself by being the most desirable girl within the Insta community, appearing on many YouTubers’ vlogs and thrusting herself into the limelight.

Since doing so, Sommer has upped the red-hot nature of her Insta uploads, posting near-nude shots that showcase her stunning behind. Most of Sommer’s uploads are professional photoshoots, so those seeking a more ‘amateur’ vibe may prefer to look elsewhere.

Sommer Ray Instagram

This sexy influencer even has a link to her ‘Roll’ page that provides fans with a behind-the-scenes look at content that is too hot for Instagram. Those looking for even more Sommer content can follow her on YouTube, where she posts workout videos and clips of steamy bikini photoshoots.

21. Violet Summers – Adult Entertainment Star That Loves to Reveal All for Fans

Those interested in uncovering nude Instagram influencers should check out Violet Summers’ page. Violet is an adult entertainment star with a huge following on social media, mainly due to her incredible good looks and approachable personality.

Violet’s Insta page usually showcases her going about her daily life, wearing tight leggings in most of her sexy shots! However, Violet occasionally posts professional photoshoots featuring her in see-through bikinis or tiny lingerie sets.

Violet Summers Instagram

Furthermore, Violet has also been featured on some of the best OnlyFans leaks sites since she runs a red-hot page featuring XXX-rated videos. Those interested in seeing more of what Violet has to offer can sign up for this page, where she posts solo toy play, B/G sex tapes, and much more.

22. Kait – Spicy Tanned Babe Posting Raunchy Bikini Shots on Insta

Kait is another of the hottest Instagram models in 2024, yet she differentiates herself from the others on our list by posting artistic content that shows off her insane curves. Most of Kait’s content shows her wearing custom-made bikinis or cosplay outfits, ensuring fans get a variety of content each week. 

The great thing is that Kait has been known to post photos/videos in which she’s wearing see-through tops. Many super-hot models take this approach, as it technically doesn’t break Instagram’s guidelines – which means Kait’s account is excellent for nude Instagram live uploads.

Kait Instagram

Those seeking an additional ‘Kait fix’ can check out the links in her bio, which highlight her OnlyFans page, YouTube channel, TikTok, and Amazon wish list. Given that she’s active on all of these mediums, there’s no doubt that fans will be happy with the amount of content they get each day.

23. MyCherryCrush – One of the Hottest Instagram Models for Fantasy-Style Content

MyCherryCrush occupies a unique position on our list, as instead of posting beach-based bikini shots, she focuses more on fantasy-style content. One look at MyCherryCrush’s page will highlight why she has made our list, as her content is unlike anything else we’ve seen.

Pretty much all of her photos are taken by herself, making this amateur hottie an excellent option for those seeking a more ‘realistic’ aesthetic. MyCherryCrush loves to dress up in various raunchy outfits, ranging from jet-black latex to Lara Croft costumes.

MyCherryCrush Instagram

Regardless of what she’s wearing, MyCherryCrush ensures there’s a sexy spin on everything – with near-daily reels and stories bolstering her feed uploads. Those looking for even more content can check out MyCherryCrush’s OF page, where she posts XXX-rated content that doesn’t make Insta! 

24. Eva Savagiou – Sizzling Latina Hottie That Loves to Talk About Crypto

Eva Savagiou is undoubtedly one of the hottest Instagram girls – yet she also has another side that fans may find appealing. Instead of just uploading red-hot bikini photos, Eva also loves to talk about crypto and certainly knows her stuff!

This voluptuous cutie posts new photos multiple times per week, most of which are produced by herself. These mirror selfies are some of the best on our list, showcasing Eva in sexy pajamas, revealing bikinis, video game-inspired outfits, and much more.

Eva Savagiou Instagram

Eva also has a range of Highlights on her Insta page, featuring Q&As, YouTube clips, and TikTok videos. Those that would like to hear Eva talk about her crypto investments can even check out her Twitter page, where she engages in conversations with fans about which cryptocurrencies could be the next to explode.  

25. Chantel Zales – Blonde Beauty with Insane Full-Frontal Cleavage Shots

Rounding off our list of the top nude Instagram models is Chantel Zales. Chantel is an LA-based creator that actually has two Instagram accounts – both of which feature regular uploads that focus heavily on her jaw-dropping cleavage.

All of Chantel’s photos focus solely on her, and it’s clear to see why, as her model-like physique ensures nearly everything she posts receives tens of thousands of likes. Those who like to see behind-the-scenes stuff can also check out her stories, which showcase what she’s up to each day.

Chantel Zales Instagram

Like many of the hottest Instagram accounts, Chantel also has an OnlyFans page, where she posts explicit photos/videos that don’t fit Insta’s guidelines. She’s even highly active on Twitter and TikTok, making it easy for followers to get their ‘Chantel fix’.

How to Find the Hottest Instagram Accounts with Nude Selfies 

Now that we’ve highlighted the hottest female models on Instagram, let’s take a closer look at how we actually identified these hotties. Detailed below are five essential factors that we considered during our research – all of which tend to signal jaw-dropping content:

Number of Followers

Naturally, most hot Instagram models will have a massive number of followers, which is a side effect of their posting red-hot photos/videos. However, a common misconception is that the more followers a model has, the sexier her content – but that isn’t the case!

In fact, amateur models usually have smaller accounts, yet they make up for this by enticing users with near-nude media that helps them stand out from the crowd! An example is Anna Jolie, who loves showing off her curvy physique through racy (and revealing) selfies.

Type of Content

Many nude Instagram models also differentiate themselves by posting various content types. This means they’ll not just upload photos to their wall but also create reels, post stories, and add to their Insta highlights. Moreover, many of these models will link to other platforms (e.g. TikTok, YouTube), allowing fans access to near-unlimited content. 

Upload Frequency

Hot nude Instagram models also understand the importance of upload frequency – as this is critical to maintaining a solid follower base! Due to this, the top models will upload new photos/videos daily (or near-daily) to ensure a steady stream of content. In addition, these models also never re-post historical content and set out to produce unique media each time.

hottest Instagram models

Responsiveness to DMs

The hottest women on Instagram will naturally have colossal follower counts, which can make it difficult (if not impossible) to receive a reply from them. These models will likely be bombarded with thousands of DMs daily, so building an online connection isn’t feasible.

Those interested in forging a connection may be better suited to partnering with smaller accounts. A creator like Kiana Medeiros is an example of an approachable Insta model since she is happy to respond to DMs and make authentic connections with fans. 

Active on Other Platforms

Finally, checking whether the hottest Instagram models are active on other platforms is also a good idea. Since Instagram is strictly a ‘no-nudity’ zone, those seeking XXX-rated content may wish to determine whether their favourite influencer has an OnlyFans account.

Although these influencers may not be active on the best findom sites, many will also have a TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter account. This is great news, as fans can check out even more behind-the-scenes content and keep track of the influencer’s daily life.

Conclusion — What is the Hottest Nude Instagram Account to Follow?

Clearly, there are tons of gorgeous creators on Instagram making some incredibly hot content. From high-fashion models to sexy IG models with OnlyFans, the list is endless.

However, we think that the search for the hottest Instagram model has three top contenders: Putri Cinta, Mia Malkova, and Joanna Li.

Putri Cinta is a multi-ethnic beauty who’s a mix of Latina, Ebony, and Asian. She’s amassed over half a million followers on Instagram by posting teasing content in scantily-clad bikinis, sheer tops, and tiny skirts. Her curves are gorgeous, her face is beautiful, and her travel adventures are both fun and sexy at the same time.

Mia Malkova has been making a name for herself in the adult world for years, so it’s no wonder that this hottest IG model has over 11m followers on her insanely popular account. Mia is a voluptuous creator who knows exactly how to flaunt her assets right on the line between acceptable and risque for Instagram’s strict standards!

Joanna Li is one of several hot Insta models from China, boasting over 365,ooo followers. She brilliantly creates a mix of both casual and styled content, showing both her playful and more high-end fashion looks. Her body is incredible, she loves showing off her gorgeous cleavage, and she is another fun babe who loves to travel.

It’s worth mentioning that all of these three top creators have spicy OnlyFans accounts. While their Instagrams may not be as risque, they’re still sexy, fun, flirty, and definitely worth a follow.


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