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It’s home to the World Pie Eating Championship, the subject of a George Orwell book, and the location of confectionary Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls. We’re talking about Wigan, UK – a historic town that’s part of Greater Manchester and has a population of just over 100,000. Wigan and the surrounding areas have a surprisingly high number of sexy, adventurous, and downright hot OnlyFans creators.

Narrowing down this list into the very best was no easy task, but we’ve done exactly that. In the following guide, we’ll take a close look at the best Wigan OnlyFans girls on the platform – from blondes to redheads, from goths to good girls, from big asses to big boobs, we’ve got it covered. So while you’re waiting for the Wigan Warriors to start their next match, enjoy this list of the best Wigan OnlyFans creators of 2024.

The 15 Best Wigan OnlyFans Girls 2024 

Wiganers are known for playing hard and working hard. The same goes for the OnlyFans Wigan girls in this guide. Each of these unique creators has worked to create some of the hottest content the UK has ever seen – but they also know how to have lots of naughty fun.

A Detailed Look at the Best Wigan OnlyFans Creators

Let’s take a closer look at each of the best Wigan OnlyFans creators and what makes each of them unlike anyone else you’ll see on the platform. Fun, sexy, and confident, Wigan girls know how to have a good time and look great while doing it. Whether you like busty babes, tattooed girls, or a little cosplay action, we’ve got something on this list just for you.

So grab a piece of pie and enjoy this guide to the best Wigan OnyFans girls of 2024.

1. Amy Berritta – Naughty Blonde and Overall Best Wigan OnlyFans Creator of 2024

Wigan native Amy Berritta is naughtier than you think, according to her relatively new but very steamy OnlyFans page. While her other social media accounts show her posing in short skirts and booty shorts, this blonde babe’s OnlyFans is where you can see her raunchiest content.

amy berritta onlyfans

Amy has made quite an impact in just over 100 posts so far. She’s given BJs outdoors, performed solo for the camera, been downright dirty in the sun, and even pierced her boobs – all in the name of creating hot content for OnlyFans. If you’re looking for the best Wigan nudes, Amy Berritta’s page is a great place to start.

If you like your OnlyFans Wigan girls in tiny schoolgirl skirts, black leather lingerie, or t-shirts that say “I love DILFs” then this blonde – and sometimes pink-haired – hottie is well worth checking out. She clearly has fun in front of the camera (sometimes posing with food) and always looks sexy and playful.

OnlyFans Account Handle @amyberritta
Fetish Blonde / Piercings
Number of Likes 1,900
Number of Posts 120
Number of Photos/Videos 170
Price $20 per month

If you’re a fan of UK professional wrestling, you may already know Lana Austin, a local of the area surrounding Wigan. With her curves, numerous tattoos, and fierce attitude, Lana is definitely a standout on the platform and deserves a very high place on our list of best Wigan OnlyFans creators.

lana austin onlyfans

Lana is so popular that she’s a certified local celebrity OnlyFans girl, boasting a staggering 228,000+ likes. While Lana Austin is unique in that she does not offer nude material on OnlyFans, she interacts with her fans on a much more personal and intimate level than on any other platform. Don’t get us wrong – her posts are extremely sexy and show a ton of skin.

This BBW babe also creates custom content on request, so if there’s something you’d love to see from Lana, just send her a message anytime and she’ll reply. She responds to each fan and even has special content you can purchase for a small fee. If you really want to get intimate with Lana, get her a gift from her wish list – she loves makeup and perfume.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lanaaustin
Fetish BBW / Tattoos
Number of Likes 228,600
Number of Posts 944
Number of Photos/Videos 851
Price $15 per month

3. Georgina aka Big Tits Georgie – Busty Wigan Creator With a Peachy Arse

If there’s an OnlyFans Wigan girl nicknamed Big Tits Georgie, you know she’s going to the top of our list. Georgina is a self-described “short arse 5 ft. 2” MILF with 38D tits – the nickname checks out. Her account is just starting out but Georgina has already made a splash. Fans of both busty OnlyFans girls and sexy feet are in for a treat.

big tits georgie georgina onlyfans

Georgie has “sexy size 4 feet” and her favorite thing to do is satisfy all of you foot fetishists out there. Besides her big boobs and small feet, Georgina boasts a so-called “peachy arse” that she loves to show off for the camera. She’s open to all fetishes and fantasies, so whatever your kink, just let her know and she’ll see what she can do.

If you’re looking for worn panties and socks, Big Tits Georgie has those available – she’s been told they are “the best”. She has a relatively low subscription price so tipping a little extra to see special content will be well worth it. Whether stepping out of a shower or posing in sexy high heels, Georgina is a unique nude Wigan creator you are certain to love.

OnlyFans Account Handle @bigtitsgeorgie
Fetish Busty / Feet
Number of Likes 1,600
Number of Posts 77
Number of Photos/Videos 146
Price $4.99 per month

4. Victoria Lily – Blonde Bombshell With Insane Curves and a Free Account

Wigan local Victoria Lily Sinclair has named her OnlyFans “Victoria Fattest Ass” for a reason: this voluptuous blonde has insane curves featuring big boobs, a tiny waist, and indeed, a fat ass. As she states in her descriptive bio, “If you like huge curves you have cum to the right place”.

victoria fattest ass onlyfans

Victoria posts explicit content on a daily basis, with over 1,400 posts so far on her popular OnlyFans boasting nearly 150,000 likes. This bombshell is constantly online and loves chatting with new people, so don’t be shy. Send her a DM and ask about her tip menu. While this Wigan local does have a premium account, this one is totally free. What a deal!

If you’d love a big ass OnlyFans girl to chat with, or just want to check out some XXX videos, do what Victoria says and explore her sexual and sensual side with her. Anyone searching for Wigan nudes should not hesitate to send Victoria a gift from her wish list – she especially loves tiny bikinis that will show off all her curves in exactly the right places.

OnlyFans Account Handle @victorialilyx
Fetish Busty / Ass
Number of Likes 149,600
Number of Posts 1,417
Number of Photos/Videos 1,323
Price FREE

5. Katrina Goth – Wigan Gothic MILF and Lover of the Dark

If you were wondering if Wigan, UK, had any goth OnlyFans girls, it absolutely does. The former mining town is not only known for its alternative music clubs but its darkness-loving OnlyFans creators like Katrina Gothic Goddess. She states in her bio that darkness is her pure nature and she loves to bathe in its erotic beauty. A true goth!

katrinagoth onlyfans

Katrina has a newer account that is steadily growing with fans of kinky goth content. Since Katrina posts on a regular basis, you won’t get bored with this self-described “porn film your wife hates” as she poses in black lingerie and keeps the “hardest most kinky cocks cumming”.

If you’re a fan of the darker side of nude Wigan creators, become an early subscriber to this gothic goddess and super hot MILF. Katrina has a relatively low monthly subscription so it’s worth checking out this Wigan babe as she ignites your “passion to a place you can hardly bear”.

OnlyFans Account Handle @katrinagoth
Fetish Goth
Number of Likes 144
Number of Posts 198
Number of Photos/Videos 268
Price $6.99 per month

6. Carly Rae – Kinky Top 1% OnlyFans Creator With a Huge Following 

This Wigan local is a top 1% OnlyFans creator who has amassed nearly 83,000 likes on her page – and that’s just her premium account. Carly Rae Summers also has an equally popular free page. Between the two, she boasts several thousand posts, photos, and videos, as well as a long menu of kinks.

carly rae onlyfans

There’s a reason why Carly Rae is one of the more popular UK OnlyFans creators. She’s extremely active on her page, posts frequently, and interacts with her fans. Want custom content from this sexy stunner? Just ask and Carly will give you what you want. She offers intimate sexting, Skype shows, dick ratings, and more.

Carly even has her own website where she sells her panties and offers XXX content – but her free OnlyFans page is a great place to sneak a peek. If you’re ready to go all in, subscribe to her premium account to see what this self-described “pornstar and girl next door” has in store for you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @houseofrae
Fetish Blonde / Sexting
Number of Likes 82,800
Number of Posts 2,275
Number of Photos/Videos 5,007
Price $14 per month

7. Emily McNessie – Cosplay Creator and Exotic Dancer Who Loves Playing Dress Up

Quite possibly the best cosplay OnlyFans creator in the Wigan area, Emily McNessie loves dressing up in sexy outfits on her popular page with nearly 20,000 likes. In addition to being a top cosplay and gamer on the platform, Emily is also an exotic dancer at Whiskey Down, a gentlemen’s club located in the heart of Manchester, which is just a few miles down the road from Wigan.

emily mcnessie onlyfans

This 24-year-old British beauty has over 550 posts of XXX-rated content just waiting for you at a reasonably low subscription price – with additional material available for a little extra. Emily posts every day, which is impressive given that her other job in Lancashire is very active. It seems this cosplay cutie can’t get enough of pleasing her fans with red-hot content.

If you’d like to see Emily wear something special, check out her Amazon wish list where she has high heels, fishnet mini dresses, and plenty of cosplay outfits available for purchase. This girl loves playing dress up! Go see why Emily McNessie is one of the top 3.2% of OnlyFans creators worldwide.

OnlyFans Account Handle @emilymcnessie
Fetish Cosplay / Gamer
Number of Likes 18,700
Number of Posts 553
Number of Photos/Videos 719
Price $7 per month

8. Little Miss Double G – Busty BBW With a Ton of Lingerie and Big Boob Content

Wigan may be on the smaller side, but the town on the River Douglas has its share of beautifully big boobs and booties. Take Little Miss Double G, another busty creator from the UK who’s gaining momentum day by day with her 25,000 likes so far on the platform. She replies to every DM that comes her way, so if you’re still on the hunt for Wigan nudes and love BBW, don’t hold back when letting Miss Double G know what you’d like.

little miss double g onlyfans

One of the top BBW OnlyFans girls in the UK, Little Miss Double G posts plenty of lingerie photos featuring her ample boobs, teaser videos, and private content sent on request. She posts videos from the shower, solo play photos from hotel rooms, and plenty of boob content for all of you breast men.

Every so often, Little Miss Double G will send you a free video in your inbox, so be sure to subscribe. As a thank you, buy her something nice from her wish list – she likes styling products, electronics, and, of course, skimpy lingerie that shows off her greatest assets.

OnlyFans Account Handle @littlemissdoubleg
Fetish Busty / Brunette
Number of Likes 25,100
Number of Posts 172
Number of Photos/Videos 195
Price $9.99 per month

9. Roo Morgue – Tattooed Redhead and Suicide Girl Who Does It All

Rejoice, for we have another goth creator on our list of best Wigan OnlyFans girls. Roo Morgue is a fiery redhead, a Suicide Girl (named Raphaelite), and she boasts a gorgeous array of amazing tattoos. No wonder she’s accumulated nearly 28,000 likes on OnlyFans so far. With over 3,800 pieces of hot content, this goth girl stays quite busy pleasing you.

roo morgue onlyfans

Roo Morgue posts both HD and amateur content. So whether you’re looking for high-end porn or a more casual style to your nude Wigan girl scenes, Roo creates both with ease. She does it all: B/G, G/G, solo videos, as well as femdom content. If you’d like a dick rating, just ask and you shall receive. Want to see every inch of her up close? She can do that.

Fans of goth girls, redheads, and tattooed OnlyFans creators should waste no time heading over to Roo Morgue’s account and seeing what this Wigan local is all about. Her subscription price is crazy cheap, so there’s no excuse – check out Roo and her gorgeous inked body as soon as you can.

OnlyFans Account Handle @roomorgue
Fetish Goth / Tattoos
Number of Likes 27,700
Number of Posts 2,258
Number of Photos/Videos 3,841
Price $6 per month

10. Gabrielle Taylor – Blonde Wigan Local Who Loves Feet and Tickling

All of you fans of feet-loving OnlyFans girls are going to fall head over heels for our next nude Wigan local. Gabrielle Taylor is a stunning creator with a hugely popular OnlyFans boasting over 92,000 likes across nearly 2,500 pieces of red-hot content. And yes, foot lovers, this naughty babe is just for you.

gabrielle taylor onlyfans

If you’re ready to “finish over all the risky content that’s far too naughty for social media” then Gabrielle’s raunchy OnlyFans is the place for you. She is here to cater to all of your filthy needs – and all the better if those needs include foot content, tickling, crushing, and worshipping. And yes, Gabrielle takes requests for custom content.

Gabrielle has an Amazon wish list with a surprising lack of shoes, but perhaps with all of her incredible success on OnlyFans, she has all of the shoes she needs. Go see why this blonde babe has racked up such crazy numbers as one of the best Wigan OnlyFans girls for foot lovers.

OnlyFans Account Handle @gabrielletaylor
Fetish Blonde / Feet
Number of Likes 92,300
Number of Posts 2,268
Number of Photos/Videos 2,449
Price $29.99 per month

11. Chloe Nicole – Gorgeous Trans Creator With Supermodel Good Looks

Wigan really does have a wide range of sexy women. For those hoping to see a trans OnlyFans creator on this list, you’re in luck. Chloe Nicole is a drop-dead gorgeous brunette and a self-described “Hot UK TS Sluttt” who is local to Wigan and gaining momentum as one of the hottest trans creators on the platform.

chloe nicole onlyfans

This 29-year-old offers a variety of kinks to satisfy every side of you. If you’d like a dick rating, Chloe provides this to individuals or groups. She’ll sext all day with you if you want – seeing as though she uploaded every day, Chloe is almost always online.

Chloe Nicole also provides custom videos and photos to her most loyal fans – all you have to do is ask for what you’d like to see. This bombshell with supermodel looks may be relatively new to OnlyFans, but Chloe is quickly proving herself to be not just a top trans creator but the owner of one of the hottest OnlyFans Wigan accounts there is.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cocochloenicole_ts
Fetish Trans / Brunette
Number of Likes 3,200
Number of Posts 343
Number of Photos/Videos 395
Price $8 per month

12. Lady Louise – Lingerie-Loving Hottie Near Wigan With a Free OnlyFans

Lady Louise loves many things: lingerie, lace, panties, and socks to name a few. She is also willing to part with these items for a small fee. This offer will be well worth it considering that Lady Louise has a generously free OnlyFans account that costs nothing to peek at – we’re talking over 1,100 pieces of content.

lady louise 69 onlyfans

Louise doesn’t just sell her clothing, she creates XXX-rated content on her popular OnlyFans with nearly 13,000 likes. This includes B/G porn, solo material, and more. If you’re interested in a deeper relationship with Lady Louise, she’ll sext with you and even create custom content depending on your wishes.

If you’re looking for slightly more mature creators, this Wigan local is 35 years old – we’re not sure if she’s a MILF but it’s safe to say that Lady Louise has had plenty of sexual experience and has the confidence to handle your kinkiest desires. Her wish list is a lovely place to reward her for her no-cost page – she loves tiny dresses, barely-there lingerie, and thigh-high faux leather stiletto boots.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ladylouise69
Fetish Lingerie / Feet
Number of Likes 12,800
Number of Posts 616
Number of Photos/Videos 1,110

13. Miss Viktoria Quinn – Brunette Beauty Who Loves Hooking Up With Hot Ladies 

If you were waiting for a Wigan local who loves getting naughty with all of her female friends, the wait is over. Miss Viktoria Quinn is a self-described “kinky stripper next door” whose favorite hobby is having wild sex with her hottest girlfriends – many of whom are also OnlyFans creators.

miss victoria quinn onlyfans

Viktoria is guaranteed to satisfy any fans of lesbian OnlyFans girls when you take a look at her nearly 1,000 posts. She’s hooking up left and right with a plethora of red-hot babes, as well as guys. She also loves group sex and solo play – as long as it’s sex with someone hot, Viktoria does not discriminate.

If you’d like something specific from this raunchy orgy lover, just ask – she loves to provide custom content. Viktoria’s Amazon wish list has a variety of gift options should you choose to give her a present for all of her lesbian content. Choose from a sexy policewoman costume, a vibrating strap-on, or the complete series of 80s sitcom “Alf” on DVD. Either way, Viktoria wants to have some fun!

OnlyFans Account Handle @miss.viktoria.quinn
Fetish Lesbian / Orgy
Number of Likes 11,000
Number of Posts 994
Number of Photos/Videos 1,038
Price $9.99 per month

14. cucktales – Group of Horny and Hungry Hotwives Who Are Super Interactive

The OnlyFans Wigan account knowns as “cucktales” is not one woman, but a group of them – specifically, a small group of “real hungry hotwives” local to Wigan who gleefully cheat on their cuckold husbands with tons of other Wiganers. With over 11,000 likes on their relatively young account, these hotwife OnlyFans creators have developed quite the following.

cucktales onlyfans

These women are “super interactive” with their fans, create custom content, and state emphatically that their material is 100% real – these are not pornstars you’re watching but true hotwives making some of the hottest amateur porn in the United Kingdom. From full-length sex tapes to dick ratings to SPH and humiliation, these hotwives do it all.

There are no ads on the cucktales’ OnlyFans page and the subscription price is reasonable, so if you’re a fan of watching humiliated cuckolds watch as their horny wives get naughty with bulls (especially the BBC type of bull), then cucktales might be your new favorite nude Wigan account.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cucktalesuk
Fetish Hotwife / Humiliation
Number of Likes 11,200
Number of Posts 262
Number of Photos/Videos 203
Price $9.99 per month

15. Shantae – BBW Model and Kink-Friendly Suicide Girls Hopeful

Shantae is just getting started as an OnlyFans BBW model, but this Wigan local is gaining new fans every day. While she hopes to one day join the Suicide Girls, Shantae is currently staying busy as a kink-friendly creator on OnlyFans where she wants to be your “fantasy come true.”

shantae onlyfans

This gorgeous and curvy babe wants you to tell her what you like – just keep in mind that she’s both a good girl and a naughty girl at the same time. The fact that Shantae is kink-friendly means that she’ll be open to your wishes no matter how spicy they are. Her DMs are open, so all you have to do is message her to tell her what’s on your mind.

Shantae also provides custom content, sells her panties, and has a penchant for black mesh bodysuits. If you’d like to buy this PAWG OnlyFans girl a nice gift, you’ll see just how naughty she is when you see that she would love to own a pair of leather handcuffs, a leather paddle, and nipple clamps. She truly is kink-friendly!

OnlyFans Account Handle @shantae87
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 346
Number of Posts 226
Number of Photos/Videos 1,221
Price $8 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Wigan OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

You’ve seen by now that Wigan, UK, is more than just a former coal mining town that sits between Manchester and Liverpool. Not only do Wiganers love their pie-eating contests, Latics football club, and international jazz festival, these work-hard, play-hard townsfolk absolutely love being hot and sexy OnlyFans creators!

While we found a huge number of incredible OnlyFans Wigan girls on the platform, three stood out to us the most: Amy Berritta, Lana Austin, and Georgina aka Big Tits Georgie make up the best of the best Wigan OnlyFans girls.

Amy Berritta lives right in Wigan and this blonde hottie is naughtier than you might think. She loves outdoor activities – especially if they’re XXX-rated. She’s pierced her boobs, loves wearing schoolgirl outfits, and often poses with food. Although we haven’t yet seen her eating championship pie at Harry’s Bar on Wallgate, this blonde bombshell could surprise you!

Lana Austin is a curvy Wigan local, as well as a professional wrestler well-known both on and off OnlyFans. While Lana might not offer much in the form of nude content, she has extremely sexy photos and videos and is incredibly interactive with her fans. Sometimes, true fans just want to get up close and personal, and Lana generously provides this level of intimacy.

Georgina, also known as Big Tits Georgie, is a fun-loving, busty MILF with 38D tits and she just loves showing off her ample boobs to all of her adoring fans. She also enjoys featuring her “sexy size 4 feet” for all of you foot fetishists. Georgina and her peachy arse are open to all fetishes, fantasies, and kinks. Just send her a DM and tell her what you want.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the best Wigan OnlyFans creators. Now go practice for that pie-eating championship!


Who are the hottest Wigan OnlyFans creators?

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