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Longing for hunky eye-candy but don’t fancy the idea of pulling out your wallet every single time? This is your lucky day. We’ve slogged over countless profiles to find 2024‘s best free gay OnlyFans creators. That’s right, they’re sizzling hot and absolutely free – a match made in heaven. 

Handsome gym bros, twinks, bears, otters, and more – you’ll find a bit of everything among these gay free OnlyFans creators. And, we picked them not just for their sex appeal, but because each free gay OnlyFans account holder has an amazing personality to boot. Enjoy and, most importantly, have fun!

The 15 Best Free Gay OnlyFans Guys of 2024

From cute twinks to muscle gods, these free gay OnlyFans accounts are serving 5-star content on OF. They’re sexy, they’re confident, and their OnlyFans free gay porn is second to none! Check them out.

A Detailed Look at the Best Free Gay OnlyFans Creators

In this section, we’ll dive deep into our picks for the best free gay OnlyFans creators of 2024. Meet your new favorite OnlyFans free gay creators.

1. Foxxytommy – British OnlyFans Hunk with Wicked Gay Porn Promos

British maverick Foxxy Tommy is one of the best free gay OnlyFans creators who’s not shy about pushing his sexual boundaries. His free gay OnlyFans account is packed with solo handjobs, ass play, spit play, and foot fetish content among many other XXX goodies. 

And of course, it includes some of the most fiery male-only sex tapes you’ll find in the world of free OnlyFans gay porn. Fine with spending a bit on your fap materials? Foxxy Tommy frequently offers fantastic deals for his fans. 

Foxxytommy OnlyFans

For instance, one of his promos worked like this: if you tip him $10 on any post, he’ll give you a free two-month pass to his no PPV VIP page. This is where he uploads his most exclusive content, including hardcore B/B content and more fetish stuff.

And if you ever get tired of the freebies (we doubt it though), you can always upgrade to his VIP page for a small fee. As a thank you for becoming a supporter, Foxxy Tommy gives heavy discounts on his VIP rates to all followers of his free account. Now how’s that for one of the best male OnlyFans accounts of 2024?

OnlyFans Username @foxxytommyfree
Fetish Ass Play
Number of Posts 444
Number of Likes 90,500
Number of Photos and Videos 684
Price  FREE

2. BlondNBlue – NYC’s Otter Brings Artistic Porn to OnlyFans for Free 

Can’t get enough of cute otters? How about otters with blond hair, blue eyes, and a devilishly seductive charm? Meet BlondNBlue, your newest craving from the world of the best gay free OnlyFans content. He’s tall, slim, blonde, a poet, and did we mention he’s single? 

This New York City-based creator infuses XXX content with art on his gay OnlyFans free page. Browsing his 38 porn videos and 120+ steamy photos is like walking inside a virtual museum, except packed with porn and featuring BlondNBlue’s sexy body. His favorite tool? His dick, which is 6 inches long, cut, and it’s a sight to behold.

BlondNBlue OnlyFans

BlondNBlue is also in possession of a very kinky mind. In fact, he’s a foot fetish model for gay men, and happy to recreate your dirtiest feet fantasies. Oh, and he’s been known to incorporate teddy bears into some of his films (real teddy bears, the stuffed toy kind). If you’ve got a fetish for plushies, you’ve just found your best gay OnlyFans match!

If you subscribe to BlondNBlue’s free gay porn OnlyFans account (which you should), don’t forget to DM him afterward. He loves building personal relationships with his fans – it just makes the whole journey more exciting!

OnlyFans Username @blondnblue222
Fetish Feet
Number of Posts 126
Number of Likes 8,200
Number of Photos and Videos 165
Price  FREE

3. Craig Kennedy – French/Irish XXL Twink with Handsfree Cumming Clips

Say “Bonjour” to Craig Kennedy, your typical white boy (his words) with an atypically engrossing gay free OnlyFans profile. Born in France and raised in Ireland, this twink has a knack for keeping his fans coming back for more – and it’s not just because of his piercing blue eyes and chiseled physique that made him one of the hottest guys on TikTok.

It’s also about the content he puts out: you see, Craig can’t keep his hands off himself, and lucky for us, he’s got no qualms about sharing his exploration. He’s always horny so you can expect steamy content uploaded every day. His posts range from solo sessions featuring his big uncut cock to explicit sex videos with other XXL dicks. 

Craig Kennedy OnlyFans

He also collaborates with other twinks to create the best free OnlyFans gay content in this niche. You’ll see his athletic side in sports-themed NSFW shoots, and if you’re into hands-free cumming… well, let’s just say Craig’s a skilled practitioner.

Remember to check out Craig Kennedy’s VIP OnlyFans too – it’s where you can watch the full-length version of his free gay OnlyFans porn. He’s currently offering a 35% discount on the first month of membership, which means you get hours of hot videos and hundreds of spicy pics for just $5! Talk about getting some serious bang for your buck.

OnlyFans Username @craigkennedyfree
Fetish Twink
Number of Posts 264
Number of Likes 22,000
Number of Photos and Videos 301
Price  FREE

4. Kaden Hylls – Your Cake-Loving Hunk with Free Orgy Porn Clips

Welcome muscle heaven with Kaden Hylls, a ripped stud who’s making a name for himself as one of the best free gay OnlyFans creators. His account is loaded with over 1,100 posts and has attracted nearly 48,000 likes – you can easily see why with just a quick scroll through his content. 

As a generous member of the best gay OnlyFans free community, Kaden shares free teasers and previews of his premium content. Most of these clips feature the hunky Kaden in intimate and hardcore sex scenes with some of the most famous male pornstars in the business, rising gay OF stars, and the best bits from his infamous massive orgy scenes. 

Kaden Hylls OnlyFans

Kaden’s free gay porn OnlyFans videos can certainly stand out on their own – they’ll make a fantastic addition to spank bank quickies. You can either buy the full PPVs or go all in with a VIP subscription. His premium scenes usually run over 15 minutes long, with some reaching up to 3 hours. Quality is also top-notch – he always films in HD to give you an up-close-and-personal view of all the action.

For that privilege and more (like guaranteed replies to your DMs), you only need to pay $9.99 per month. But if you’re cash-strapped at the moment or just unsure about upgrading, Kaden’s free gay OF will do quite nicely.

OnlyFans Username @letseatcake4free
Fetish Orgies
Number of Posts 357
Number of Likes 47,400
Number of Photos and Videos 749
Price  FREE

5. Thony Grey – French Charmer & XBIZ Porn Awardee with Free Gay OnlyFans

Thony Grey is not your typical French heartthrob. Sure, he’s got the charming smile and relaxed demeanor that you’d expect from a St. Tropez local – but he also happens to run one of the free gay OnlyFans accounts around. He’s an XBIZ awardee with a total of 50,000+ likes on his profile so far, so you already know he means business.

His free gay OnlyFans page truly celebrates his free-spirited nature and insatiable sex drive. With 1,900+ porn videos and counting, you’ll get a front-row seat to all his steamy encounters with other OF guys and pornstars, including collabs that are exclusive to his OF network. 

Thony Grey OnlyFans

In Thony’s case, the best gay free OnlyFans account is graphic AF: snowballing, anal creampies, lots of cumshots, facials, and other hardcore sex acts. Need a breather from all of that OnlyFans free gay porn? Scroll through his 590+ photos instead, featuring everything from Thony’s tasteful nudes to stills from his porn videos.

For even more thirst-quenching content, check out his custom video service. For the right price, you can direct this French cam boy in whatever porn scenes you want. And if you prefer chatting, hit up Thony in English, Spanish, or French – whichever language you’re comfortable in!

OnlyFans Username @thonygreyfree
Fetish French
Number of Posts 980
Number of Likes 27,500
Number of Photos and Videos 2,266
Price  FREE

6. Koby & Sam – Aussie Gay Porn Stars with Free Orgy & Gangbang Clips

Proudly billing themselves as two of “PornHub Top 100 Worldwide Gay Amateur Stars”, Koby and Sam are an Australian gay couple whose free OnlyFans gay account is a gift that keeps on giving. Koby, a 6’2”, 100kg top with an 8” cut cock, and Sam, a 5’9”, 105kg bottom with a 6.5” uncut cock– and they’re both masters at wielding their tools.

Koby and Sam shoot all kinds of content from intimate couple scenes to wild orgies, and everything in-between, and we mean everything. On their gay porn OnlyFans free profile, you’ll also find blowjobs with deepthroats, ass eating, foursomes, fivesomes, gangbangs, orgies, and a lot more.

Koby & Sam OnlyFans

They premier new full-length videos every Saturday, and you can watch snippets on their free OnlyFans accounts gay content. These videos are a mix of professionally shot and pure amateur porn, plus a few POV clips thrown in.

Koby and Sam also love collaborating with other hot gay porn stars from Australia. They’ve filmed scenes with the likes of Gabe Woods, Phil James, Teddy Bryce, Johnny Walker XXX, Aiden Tyler, PJ Knox… we’re not going to spoil it all, but it’s a long list crammed with some of the finest men from down under.

OnlyFans Username @koby_and_sam
Fetish Gangbangs
Number of Posts 157
Number of Likes 806
Number of Photos and Videos 660
Price  FREE

7. Kryz XXX – Serving up a Mexican Fiesta of Gay OnlyFans Free Porn

There are few things more tempting than a gay OnlyFans free account, especially one with as much raw sexual energy as Kryz XXX’s profile. This Mexico City resident is both a passionate top and an insatiable bottom: one minute he’s drilling a guy in the ass on his bed, and the next he’s bent over and taking it like a champ. 

Aside from his amazing sex scenes, Kryz also has a ton of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and cum shot clips in his library. You’ll even find some solo efforts where he jerks off to orgasm or plays with his hole using one or several toys. 

Kryz XXX OnlyFans

In total, there are 340+ videos on his OF. Some of these are free gay OnlyFans porn scenes, while others are PPVs. You can also upgrade to his premium OF for full access to his videos with unlimited playback. If you’re just after some sexy visuals, scroll through his feed – it’s crammed with some of the best gay OnlyFans free nudes, selfies, and dick pics.

And if you haven’t gotten enough Kryz yet, you can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. His candid shots there are just as delicious as the ones on his OF!

OnlyFans Username @free_kryz_xxx
Fetish Blowjobs
Number of Posts 220
Number of Likes 13,400
Number of Photos and Videos 470
Price  FREE

8. Adam – UK Darling with Free Gay OnlyFans Porn & Nudes

Adam is a 32-year-old gay man from the UK who’s cracked the code on how to be successful on OnlyFans. This gay free OnlyFans creator is all about authenticity, whether he’s banging other dudes or sharing his deepest thoughts on his profile.

Adam prides himself on not selling a fantasy but sharing his raw and genuine self. His Pride Day post, for instance, was a heartfelt love letter to the LGBTQ+ community he cherishes. And it’s apparent his sincerity resonates with his audience – his profile now has over 21,800 likes and counting, a testament to his status as a top free gay OnlyFans creator.

Adam OnlyFans

His gay porn OnlyFans free content is just as impressive: 1,500+ videos and photos along with 1,000+ wall posts – all available for zero cost. Enjoy Adam’s ass pics, soft dick pics, underwear shots, jerk-off videos, and cumshots as much as you want, anytime you like.

However, things might change soon. Adam has hinted at introducing a minimal subscription fee of $4.99 – the lowest set by OnlyFans. If you’re already following his gay porn OnlyFans free account when that happens, he’ll grant you a one-month free subscription as a thanks for your loyalty. Plus, he’s planning to run a 50% off limited promo – so keep your eyes peeled!

OnlyFans Username @asj1990
Fetish Cumshots
Number of Posts 1,014
Number of Likes 21,100
Number of Photos and Videos 1,500
Price  FREE

9. Kimet – Spanish Fitness Model with Gay Threesomes on His Free OF

Up next is a Spanish fitness model who’s among the top 2.5% of all OnlyFans creators in the world– Kimet. His chiseled abs, rock-hard biceps, and devilish charm make him one of the best free gay OnlyFans accounts you should be following. 

His appeal extends beyond the physical – he has such a natural charisma that seeps into every post, story, and video he shares on his OnlyFans gay free profile. He certainly knows how to put on a show for his fans, whether that’s seducing straight guys, leading a threesome, or playing with himself for huge cumshots. No wonder he’s such a hit among free gay OnlyFans Reddit threads.

Kimet OnlyFans

Got a fetish that’s been lurking in your fantasies? Kimet’s all ears and more than willing to create custom content just for you. If you’re just looking to chat up a hot guy after a long day, he’s also down for 1-on-1 private conversations, sexting, and video calls. 

Kimet’s always happy to see you on Instagram, so drop by when you get the chance. His Insta feed is a delightful mix of thirst traps, workout snippets, and glimpses into his daily life – like that adorable snap of Kimet feeding a kangaroo!

OnlyFans Username @kimetxfree
Fetish Threesomes
Number of Posts 170
Number of Likes 19,700
Number of Photos and Videos 222
Price  FREE

10. TwoGuysOneCam – Your Double-Dose of Real Gay Love & Pleasure

Ian and Val, the dynamic duo behind “TwoGuysOneCam”, are ranked among the best free gay OnlyFans creators of 2024. Their motto is simple: “Real Love + Real Sex = Real Pleasure“.  The couple offers a delectable mix of romance and hardcore sex on their page, spiced up with their love for threesomes. 

Expect to drool over muscled bodies, big dicks, juicy asses, and plenty of cum! From ass-eating to cock-sucking, from hard fucking to cumshots, this naughty duo showcases all the ways you can have fun in the world of gay OnlyFans for free. Their XXX collaborations also span categories, from OF pornstars to BBCs, gay Asian OnlyFans creators, and more.

TwoGuysOneCam OnlyFans

Private chats with these two are always an enlightening experience. You can get up close and personal, ask them questions, or even request your own bespoke video tailored to your most intimate wet dreams. That’s beyond their OnlyFans gay gratis content though, so get a nice tip ready along with your request. 

While their free account is already bursting with exclusive content, their premium page is loaded with even more gay couple porn. It’s currently on sale for 50% off your first 31 days– but the spots are limited, so make your decision soon.

OnlyFans Username @twoguysonecamfree
Fetish Couple
Number of Posts 556
Number of Likes 10,300
Number of Photos and Videos 1,014
Price  FREE

11. Gari Hale – Crazy Ukrainian Stud With Extremely Hardcore Gay Porn

Scroll through free gay OnlyFans Reddit threads and you’ll encounter Gari Hale’s name at some point. First reason? This Ukranian stud is ripped. Second is his playful selling point: “My VIP PAGE is for the craziest perverts“. And for a taste of just how crazy Gari can get, go follow his free OnlyFans gay account.

On his free page, you’ll find 335 photos plus 240 posts loaded with his nudes, modeling snaps, and more lewd content. Not to mention, you can also re-watch Gari’s six past streams for free. He’s got 160+ videos as well – a lot of them are free previews (and several full-length freebies), and you can buy a la carte PPVs if you don’t want to commit to a subscription yet.

Gari Hale OnlyFans

As for what’s in those videos – Gari is game for anything. His cum eating videos and OF live shows are legandary and his anal porn content are some of the most graphic, even among top free gay OnlyFans accounts

Gari’s free account is sure to whet your appetite, so it’s a good thing his VIP account only costs $5. Go straight to Gari’s DMs when you subscribe, since he’s “already waiting for you in private messages, be ready for madness“.

OnlyFans Username @garihalefree
Fetish Ukrainian
Number of Posts 239
Number of Likes 15,100
Number of Photos and Videos 518
Price  FREE

12. Vincent O’Reilly – Tattooed Hottie with Loads of Free Bareback Porn Clips

Dashing twink Vincent O’Reilly knows how to turn the heat up and keep it there. Consistently rated among the best free gay OnlyFans accounts, Vincent’s profile is packed with insanely hot content, all yours in exchange for following! When he teases his free gay OnlyFans videos, you better believe they’re some of the steamiest on the platform. 

Look forward to average 15-minute-long posts every week, each showcasing Vincent’s versatile talents – sucking, bareback riding, cum shots, threesomes. It’s an eye-popping, jaw-dropping feast of OnlyFans gay free porn, with full-length videos on top of previews and clips

Vincent O’Reilly OnlyFans

They don’t stay long though, because Vincent uploads and deletes them randomly. Better turn your notifications on so you don’t miss a thing. To make sure you always have access to your favorite Vincent O’Reilly videos, you can buy PPV or upgrade to his VIP account.

And if you enable auto-renew, you get additional VIP access to behind-the-scenes content, exclusive photos or videos, and sneak peeks at upcoming releases.

OnlyFans Username @vincentoreilly
Fetish Bareback
Number of Posts 162
Number of Likes 13,800
Number of Photos and Videos 365
Price  FREE

13. Nick Foxx – Eccentric Foxboy With Free Cosplay Porn Videos on OnlyFans

Got a thing for creative and unpredictable femboys? Check out Nick Foxx’s OnlyFans account. This cutie identifies as a foxboy, pet-player, cosplayer, cum-shooter, and overall eccentric character. He’s a geek at heart but isn’t afraid to become the sex object of your fantasies – whether that’s a shy schoolboy or an overconfident jock.

His OnlyFans gay gratis account boasts an impressive collection of his best work yet. These include loads of cum-shows (he wasn’t kidding when he said “crazy amounts of cum”), anal vids with big toys, and erotic cosplay videos where he embodies all kinds of characters from popular animes and video games.

Nick Foxx OnlyFans

He also teases upcoming projects on his free account, such as his custom dildo creation journey. Got a fantasy dildo you’d like him to create? DM him with the specifics and he might just bring it to life for you.

This OnlyFans free gay account also comes with minimum shoutouts and paywalls. Even as a casual fan, you can enjoy most of Nick Foxx’s content without feeling like he’s just trying to upsell you to his premium account. And if you feel like upgrading to VIP or tipping him after getting off to his gay OnlyFans for free – well, that’s entirely up to you, but we highly recommend it.

OnlyFans Username @nickfoxxfree
Fetish Femboy
Number of Posts 166
Number of Likes 10,100
Number of Photos and Videos 291
Price  FREE

14. Madriz – Spanish Gay OnlyFans Creator with a Big Dick and a Baby Face 

Say hola to Madriz, a 22-year-old Spanish babe with a baby face and proud owner of one of the best big dicks on OnlyFans. His boyish charm is just the cherry on top of his free OnlyFans gay account, which already boasts over 180 explicit videos and photos. 

And if you think free means low quality, think again. Madriz puts a lot of effort into his content to make sure his fans always get their daily fix of quality gay porn. You’ll find plenty of fetish videos, solo anal play, as well as close-ups of his monster dick that’ll have you ready to explode in no time. 

Madriz OnlyFans

And it’s not just the visual pleasure that Madriz offers – he also hosts free live shows regularly where he teases, strips, and has tons of kinky fun! He even offers video calls and custom videos for an extra fee to complement the best free OnlyFans gay experience

To celebrate generosity among his fanbase, Madriz sends a hot special video to every fan who tips him. Definitely one of the best free OnlyFans accounts gay category has to offer!

OnlyFans Username @madriz_ten_free
Fetish European
Number of Posts 142
Number of Likes 29,600
Number of Photos and Videos 201
Price  FREE

15. DrOneDik – Rock Out with this Shredded Musician’s Free Gay OnlyFans Page

DrOneDik is a shredded guitarist with an OnlyFans page that’s as red-hot as his rock-hard abs. He also runs one of 2024’s free gay OnlyFans pages, giving you unlimited access to his body and his dirty mind without worrying about the price.

DrOneDik’s free gay OnlyFans videos are spicy as hell. From scenes of him losing both his V cards to weekly explosive cumshots – trust us, his orgasm scenes are pure dynamite. He’s also collaborated with several other smoking-hot guys, giving you even more bang for your… well, zero bucks! 

DrOneDik OnlyFans

This free OnlyFans gay porn superstar also keeps his feed fresh with stuff like yoga sessions with a butt plug and nude guitar concerts. Don’t worry, he does warm up with some sensual striptease before starting the show – we wouldn’t want that guitar to cover anything up, would we?

Interested in getting private content or buying some of his worn clothing? Just shoot him a DM. He loves to chat with his fans, so don’t be shy: stop by, say hi, and enjoy the DrOneDik show!

OnlyFans Username @hunt_2str8freepage
Fetish Cumshots
Number of Posts 128
Number of Likes 5,500
Number of Photos and Videos 502
Price  FREE

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Free Gay OnlyFans Guys to Follow?

Our top picks for 2024‘s free gay OnlyFans pages are Foxxytommy, BlondNBlue, and Craig Kennedy. 

Foxxytommy, the British maverick, offers an array of content from solo handjobs to foot fetish videos, all easily accessed on his free page. His steep discounts also make his VIP account incredibly affordable.

BlondNBlue, based in New York City, offers a mix of art and porn with plenty of kinky content some even involving teddy bears – yep, you read that right! 

Lastly, we have Craig Kennedy – a twink with French and Irish roots who posts daily content featuring himself and collaborations with other XXL twinks. With an added bonus of athletic-themed shoots and hands-free cumming videos, Craig’s ability to keep things exciting is worth checking out.


Who are the hottest free gay OnlyFans creators?

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