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Finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with often comes with certain expectations and parameters. This is especially the case with Christians dating sites in the UK, and Christians who are strict about dating someone that shares the same values and beliefs as they do. 

With over 30 million Christians in the UK alone, there is no shortage of Christian dating sites that cater specifically to their belief system. 

You can specify your religion, denomination, and define that you’re looking for something long-term and serious. 

In this guide, we will go over some of the best Christian dating apps UK and review each one separately to help you pick the ideal platform. 

Top 8 Christian Dating Sites UK – Quick Outline 

For those of you that are running short on time, here is a quick outline of the top Christian dating apps UK that you can skim through: 

  • Seeking – Overall the Best Christian Dating Site UK 
  • Match – One of the Biggest Free Christian Dating Sites UK 
  • eHarmony – One of the Best Matchmaking Systems for Dating Christians  
  • Zoosk – Free Christian Dating Site with the Largest Number of Serious Members 
  • WhatsYourPrice – Best Christian Dating Site for Laid-Back Christians 
  • Catholic Match – One of the Best Christian Dating Sites for Catholics 
  • Christian Connection – Great Christian Dating Site for Marriage 
  • Christian Mingle – Best Christian Dating Site for Beginners 

8 Best Christian Dating Sites UK – Detailed Review

Now, time to roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty details of the Christian dating sites we just mentioned. 

Seeking – Overall the Best Christian Dating Site UK 

There are a couple of different reasons why we chose Seeking as the best platform for dating Christians. 

For starters, Seeking is one of the oldest dating sites in the world (founded in 2006) and it has a long and successful history of matching the right people. 

And, even though it doesn’t cater only to Christians, there are over 45 million active members. In this huge user base, there is a large percentage of those who follow the Christian faith. 


  • plenty of active profiles
  • various search filters
  • availability worldwide
  • verification process for safety
  • beautiful and user-friendly interface


  • Visibility of inactive profiles

Even though these members are located in over 140 countries, a few million of them are located in the UK. 

You can start using the platform for free (and browse around it), but to begin meeting people and sending messages, you’ll have to open up your wallet. 

Meeting an interesting Christian that doesn’t live in your country isn’t excluded, which is why the platform has a video chat feature to help you stay in touch. 

Since most of you are probably interested in meeting someone that is marriage-material, you’ll be relieved to hear that Seeking is full of serious members. 

Just make sure you clarify your intention clearly and there won’t be any misunderstandings. 

Lastly, you should know that the online reviews and overall user ratio are incredible. Even though there are some bad reviews to be found, it’s nothing uncommon for a dating site of Seeking’s size. Don’t forget to read Seeking.com review before you make your choice.

Notably, Seeking has been endorsed by CNN, Playboy, Forbes, Good Morning America, and other influential platforms. 



Match – One of the Biggest Free Christian Dating Sites UK 

As one of the oldest and leading Christian dating apps UK, Match.com has well-deserved its place on our list. 

The platform was founded in 1993 and it currently has over 3 million active members solely in the UK. 

Although there are a variety of different niches, Christian dating stands as one of the most popular ones. With hundreds of thousands of Christian singles, finding someone compatible won’t take you a long time. 



  • large base of profiles
  • high success rate
  • user-friendly interface


  • restricted options for messaging

One of the most unique things about Match is that it incorporates a catalogue-style system (as opposed to swiping). 

This means that you can skim through all the different members on the platform and directly contact the person you’re attracted to. 

There is even an advanced search box where you can filter out members based on different factors (including religion). 

Additionally, Match has some pretty robust security measures that will ensure all of your data stays safe. 



eHarmony – One of the Best Matchmaking Systems for Dating Christians  

eHarmony is one of the Christian dating sites that values quality over quantity, which is why they worked on creating the best matchmaking system in the industry. 

When joining, you have to fill out a “Relationship Questionnaire”. 

Although it will probably take more time than you expected to complete it, the platform makes it worthwhile by quickly matching you with a compatible Christian single. 



  • high chances of true compatibility
  • serious candidates
  • verified accounts


  • no mystery



Currently, there are around 5 million UK members, so “quantity” isn’t lacking either. 

After eHarmony matches you with someone, you also get a compatibility score to check out just how well they fit your dating criteria. 

The platform states that every 14 minutes, a user finds love on eHarmony, which is a remarkable achievement. 

Even though there is an abundance of features and a cutting-edge matchmaking system, you should know that eHarmony is on the “pricier” side of Christian dating sites. 

To reach out to the profiles and be eligible for matching, you’ll need to pay for a premium membership. 



Zoosk – Free Christian Dating Site with the Largest Number of Serious Members 

The vast majority of Christians that use dating sites tend to look for people that are interested in more serious relationships. 

With that in mind, Zoosk might be the ideal platform. 


  • advanced filters
  • real-time chats
  • blog with advice and insights


  • paid chat and messaging


There are a few million active UK users and guess what – most of them happen to be Christian. 

Most of these members are located in the bigger cities (London, Liverpool, Birmingham, etc.), but there are plenty of those that live in smaller areas as well. 

Even though Zoosk is open to all religions and denominations, it’s safe to say that finding a single Christian is by far the easiest. 

Additionally, the platform makes it easy for you to weed out the members that don’t fit your dating parameters. 

This is probably one of the main reasons why Zoosk has such a high success rate when it comes to matching like-minded individuals. 

In case you’re looking for something a bit more casual, it’s not totally out of the question either, just make sure you communicate it properly. 



WhatsYourPrice – Best Christian Dating Site for Laid-Back Christians 

Important notice – WhatsYourPrice isn’t for every type of Christian. This is more of an option for those of you that are a bit more laid-back and open-minded. 

Why? There is an auction matchmaking system incorporated. 

Before you go all bananas, hear us out first. 

No matter what kind of religion you follow, it’s become pretty much mainstream that women spend lots of money preparing for dates. This includes makeup, clothes, nails, and so on. 



  • no fee to pay
  • plenty of singles to choose from


  • a challenging concept to comprehend


Because of this, WhatsYourPrice has come up with a way to repay them by technically paying for their time. 

And no, this doesn’t have any kind of correlation with escorting. It’s simply an innovative approach to online dating sites. 

Once the women put themselves up for an auction, you bid to take them out on the date. The person who offers the most money gets that chance. 

Honestly, you won’t have much luck finding someone serious on WhatsYourPrice, but if you weren’t looking for that in the first place, then you should definitely consider the platform. 



Catholic Match – One of the Best Christian Dating Sites for Catholics 

Catholicism is the largest Christian denomination and it’s why there are so many Christian dating sites catered specifically to Catholics. 

However, there aren’t many that can compare with Catholic Match. 



  • Incredibly quick and easy sign up
  • Free trial to see matches (use link below)
  • Faith-based and centered
  • Backed by notable Catholic figure


  • Free accounts can’t reply to messages.
  • Fewer users in small towns and rural areas.

This platform provides a faith-based dating approach and is even supported by the Catholic Church. 

Because the site is consisted solely of Catholics, there is no reason for you to mention your denomination when registering. 

However, there are some questions related to your political views and upbringing that help the platform find the right matches for your criteria. 

Once you wrap up the registration process, you’ll land on the site’s main interface which is praised for its easy-to-use system and user-friendliness. 

Catholic Match is a great choice even for beginners since all the features are well-organized and it’s fairly simple to navigate through it. 

However, there is one downside – the platform can be very expensive. Plus, you’ll have to pay to pretty much do anything since messaging is only reserved for premium members. 

Although, if you choose a six-month subscription, Catholic Match gives you another six months for free. 

Overall, if you’re a single Catholic in the UK, using this platform will help you find an interesting partner rather quickly. 



Christian Connection – Great Christian Dating Site for Marriage

Christian Connections is renowned for having one of the largest UK user bases, but even more importantly, it’s catered specifically to Christians. 

One of the most interesting things about this platform is that a large number of Christians have reported meeting their marital partners on it. 

To get matches on this Christian dating site, you can either receive matches on your email once a week or use the advanced search tool. 


  • Low-cost Premium Subscriptions
  • A High-Quality Dating Pool exists.
  • Less time is spent searching due to the niche audience
  • There is an available free trial period.


  • A smaller user base results from the niche audience.
    Limited services and functionality are available to free users.


If you opt for the search tool, you can set up your individual preferences and parameters that you want your partner to have. 

Additionally, there are plenty of other features like “Wave”, “Video Chat”, “Boards”, and “In-person events”. 

All of these are designed to make flirting with Christian singles a lot easier. 

The signup process is also fairly simple. It only takes a few minutes to set up your profile and you can then move on to browsing around the different sections. 

You can access almost everything from the main interface, which means you won’t lose any time pointlessly searching. 

Christian Connection isn’t one of the free Christian dating sites since you will have to pay for a premium membership to access the perks.

However, the prices are more than reasonable. 



Christian Mingle – Best Christian Dating Site for Beginners 

The last choice on our list will mostly appeal to online dating beginners – Christian Mingle. 

Not only does this platform welcome all denominations, but it also has some great user reviews that speak volumes of its safety and reliability. 

Joining is completely free and straightforward, and you can even do it through your Facebook account to speed up the process. 

If you don’t go through a social media account, you’ll just need to answer a couple of questions and provide a profile picture. 


  • Strict verification procedures guarantee that all users are genuine.
    accessible via mobile
  • Provides consumers with daily suggested matches
  • View all of the images on other users’ profiles.


  • Basic and uninspired features
  • Free users are unable to message other users or receive messages from them.
  • No new features are added by the app.


One of the best things about this site for dating Christians is its innovative feature called “LookBook”. 

This feature allows you to anonymously go through all the different profiles and pinpoint the ones you like by putting a Heart emoji. 

The ones that receive a heart from you will see your profile and if they heart you back, you can start communicating with each other. 

As a beginner, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly interface and how easy it is to navigate through everything that Christian Mingle offers. 

And remember, Christian Mingle is also known for being one of the free Christian dating sites UK. With a free membership, you can check out who liked your profile and even send them a message. 



8 Best Christian Dating Sites UK – The Verdict 

While Christian dating sites UK might’ve been considered somewhat unorthodox (pun intended) before, their current popularity is off the charts. 

These platforms have become the go-to place for single Christians that are looking to settle down or even find something a bit more casual. 

With hundreds of different choices in the UK alone, the hardest thing will be finding the ideal platform for your specific criteria. 

We went through some of the best options in detail, but if you’re looking for the best combination of perks, you should put Seeking.com on top of your list. 


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