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Wild Wild West kind of girls are simply bewitching. We know why you are turned on by cowgirls – they’re tough, sexy, and much wilder than the city girls. If that’s exactly what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide to the best cowgirl OnlyFans creators, we’ve got curvy blonde cowgirls in the Midwest, horny country girls in Texas, and college teens addicted to the cowgirl style. Sit back, wear your best cowboy hat, and get ready for these girls to blow your horn with their uncensored cowgirl content!

The 15 Best Cowgirl OnlyFans Girls 2024

This list features trending cowgirl OnlyFans creators in 2024. They are popular for their explicit stuff, unbelievable curves, and friendly price tags.

A Detailed Look at the Best Cowgirl OnlyFans Creators

In this detailed review, we will go through each of these top-notch cowgirl OnlyFans creators’ content library, personalities, and responsiveness so you can decide which one to pick as your next virtual cowgirl FWB.

1. Dimestore Cowgirl – Sexy Cowgirl With Daily XXX Updates

The first to claim a spot on our list of the best cowgirl OnlyFans girls is Dimestore Cowgirl. This sexy redhead OnlyFans hottie specializes in B/G porn, POVs, JOIs, CEIs, role play, cosplay, stripteases, anal play, solo play, and double penetration. Her favorite sex position? You guessed it – it’s the cowgirl position!

Dimestore Cowgirl grew up on a farm. After spending years tying up cargo and haystacks, she is a master at rope play. Her jaw-dropping bondage acts make her the best sex magician of 2024.

Dimestore Cowgirl OnlyFans

If you sign up for 3 months or more, this beautiful redhead goddess will immediately send you an 8-minute long, uncensored sex tape. Then, every time you renew your sub, more freebies will be waiting for you in your inbox.

The Dimestore Cowgirl OnlyFans subscription fee is only $12.50 a month – she’s as affordable as her name suggests without even the slightest drop in quality.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sexyredinbed
Fetish Redhead/Bondage
Number of Likes 69,900
Number of Posts 2,451
Number of Photos/Videos 4,558
Price $12.50 per month

2. Cowgirl Mel – Real Southern Cowgirl Who Loves Riding Naked During Sunsets

There are cowgirl wannabes and then there are real cowgirls like Mel. Mel is a Southern belle and an animal whisperer – she’s spent her entire life raising cattle and herding sheep. She enjoys riding on her home-bred horses without clothes on to check on her other fluffy farm animals.

Mel is a top OnlyFans creator for adult vlogs. She records her daily life so she can introduce city folks like you to her glamorous countryside lifestyle where she can be naked anytime she wants. This raunchy country girl loves taking her vibrating dildos with her for an afternoon picnic and filming full-length masturbation tapes in nature.

Cowgirl Mel OnlyFans

Fancy her racy outfits? Mel will gladly sell you her worn clothes so you can get a good sniff of her country girl scent. For a little extra, she’ll even throw in intimate items like panties or toothbrushes – hit her up now to see what she has for you.

Mel is the hottest blondie cowgirl OnlyFans has in the Southern States. Her thick accent, mesmerizing curves, and full-on cowgirl personality are everything you want.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cowgirl_mel
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 15,500
Number of Posts 348
Number of Photos/Videos 512
Price $10 per month

3. IT’S THE SPACE COWGIRL – All-Natural Country Girl Who Lives In A Big Farm

For those of you searching for “The Hippie Space Cowgirl OnlyFans” or “Baylea The Space Cowgirl OnlyFans”, please note that she has now rebranded and renamed herself to the iconic It’s The Space Cowgirl OnlyFans babe.

This all-natural country girl has amassed 136,000 likes on the platform, proving her popularity and the quality of her content. Since she lives in the middle of nowhere and owns her farm, she gets to turn her cornfield into her sex shrine to embrace her free spirit and sexuality out in public.


On her page, there are loads of full-frontal nudes of her wearing only a cowgirl hat while feeding her chickens or riding her horses. Her favorite Monday routine involves greeting her pickup truck driver with her bubble butt and sunbathing naked in the meadow.

As one of the best cowgirl OnlyFans creators, your hot OnlyFans blondie does her due diligence in keeping an active social media presence so you can keep up with her racy schedule. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat to get full coverage of your baby girl’s life.

OnlyFans Account Handle @itsthespacecowgirl
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 136,400
Number of Posts 268
Number of Photos/Videos 354
Price $10 per month

4. Caroline Cowgirl – Teen Cowgirl With A Ton Of XXX Collabs

18-year-olds are a special species on OnlyFans. Since they’ve just launched their adult careers, they’re willing to do anything to reap a loyal following – and Caroline is the prime example of that. This college fresher is a new OF creator who just started to record her sex journey, yet, she has already produced hundreds of explicit videos.

This young babe often collaborates with other naughty cowgirl OnlyFans creators such as Angelina Diamanti and Kenzi Kayher. Together, they deliver G/G sex tapes, threesome porn, JOIs, anal clips, deepthroating videos, and creampie close-ups.

Caroline Cowgirl OnlyFans

Seeing how Caroline has an extraordinarily high sex drive, you will definitely have a good time sexting with her. This horny sexting OnlyFans babe will slide into your DMs with full nudes in hopes of getting your dick pics in return. You can even request a live session to indulge in a wild roleplay sex marathon as her strict college professor.

The Caroline Cowgirl OnlyFans account is slightly more expensive but given how often she does XXX collabs, you are really just paying to unlock explicit sex tapes from multiple creators for the price of one – your horny cowgirl has already promised there will be no PPVs ever!

OnlyFans Account Handle @thecarolinecruz
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 18,500
Number of Posts 287
Number of Photos/Videos 298
Price $50 per month

5. Rhinestone Cowgirl – Slutty Cowgirl Who Offers Live Streams And Intimate GFE

Dallas is your Rhinestone Cowgirl and she is from the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. After spending much time taming bossy Texan men, your slutty small-town babe knows how to make you obedient while giving you what you want.

This slutty hottie likes B/G porn, solo play, squirting, creampies, facials, toy play, and sexting. There are regular live streams on her page where she performs saucy sex stunts. Dallas Cowgirl OnlyFans subscribers surely won’t want to miss her tantalizing live sex shows – remember to turn your notifications on so you can join as soon as it starts.

Rhinestone Cowgirl Dallas OnlyFans

Your American cowgirl also offers the sweetest GFE. She’ll call you up when you’re sad and flash you her big tits to tease you when you’re at work. The only thing your loving virtual girlfriend asks for is a nice tip so she can continue to be your biggest supporter.

Dallas enjoys deep penetration. Her reverse cowgirl OnlyFans porn is drool-worthy and will get you red hot. She also likes talking dirty to you and engaging in fantasy play sessions – are you ready to be her cattle buyer negotiating a good deal in the nastiest way possible?

OnlyFans Account Handle @cowgirlvip
Fetish GFE
Number of Likes 3,900
Number of Posts 22
Number of Photos/Videos 127
Price Free

6. NuMetal Cowgirl – Horny Country Girl With A Diverse Lingerie Collection

NuMetal Cowgirl, aka Drugstore Cowgirl, is one of the best cowgirl OnlyFans creators for her amazing custom services and superb responsiveness. She’s online 24/7 waiting to hear what outrageous things you want to do to her hot rack.

This Drugstore Cowgirl OnlyFans account is packed with selfies in cowgirl-style leather boots and revealing lingerie. Your horny girl has a secret kink no one knows about – she likes wearing see-through underwear sets and walking around cemeteries and slaughterhouses. If you like what you’re reading, you have to follow this wild minx.

NuMetal Cowgirl OnlyFans

Your goth OnlyFans babe is attentive to your needs. There are public polls on her wall from time to time for you to her next porn plot. She takes your suggestions to her heart and will personally ask about your preferences so she can curate the best customs for you.

When she’s not filming her juicy content, she’s busy buying and trying out new lingerie. Sometimes, you’ll get exclusive lingerie snaps in your inbox when she goes shopping.

OnlyFans Account Handle @drugstore.cowgirl
Fetish Lingerie
Number of Likes 786
Number of Posts 113
Number of Photos/Videos 246
Price $9.99 per month

7. cherry cowgirl – Sex Artist With 4K Full-Length Sex Tapes On Her Wall

Cherry is a North Carolina cowgirl OnlyFans creator currently living in Texas. This sex artist is an expert in solo play, toy play, JOIs, sexting, CEIs, dick ratings, double penetration, and anal play. There are many 4K sex tapes on her wall with a multi-camera setup for you to get a good glimpse at her pink titties, peach-shaped ass, and drool-worthy hairless legs.

She is a neat girl who likes to keep her bed spotless as ever after each orgasm – you have to check out how she swallows it all in her mouth.

cherry cowgirl OnlyFans

For cowgirl blondie OnlyFans subscribers, you will be pleased to know that Cherry is a cheap OF girl matching all your requirements. She is only charging $4.99 a month for you to access her entire library.

If you want extra goodies from your village babe, you can buy her a few gifts on her wishlist. She’ll be grateful for your support and may even drop you a few additional freebies of her roaming around farmlands in Texas in her barely-hanging bras and panties.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cherry_cowgirl
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 543
Number of Posts 85
Number of Photos/Videos 198
Price $4.99 per month

8. Sassy Cowgirl – BBW Cowgirl Who Loves Threesomes With Other Cowgirls And Cowboys

Sassy Cowgirl is a BBW OnlyFans creator bred in Texas and raised in Arkansas famous for uploading the hottest cowgirl threesome porn. She likes letting loose in nature with her childhood friends, who are fellow cowgirls and cowboys. For cowgirls OnlyFans seekers who enjoy messy threesome sex tapes out in the wild, Sassy Cowgirl knows how to serve you right.

This plus-sized woman likes double penetration, pegging other countrymen, rim jobs, hand jobs, face riding, and many other sex stunts. Your thick gal has the flexibility of a cat and can put her legs over her head so her girlfriends can lick her well.

Sassy Cowgirl OnlyFans

If you tip her frequently, Sassy Cowgirl may reserve an exclusive threesome sex tape filmed on her friend’s farm for your access only. To thank your amateur pornstar, you can send her something extra – it will put you on her priority messaging list.

To see Sassy Cowgirl’s family-friendly farm life updates, you can follow her on Instagram. Although she only replies to messages on OnlyFans, it’s still a good way to peek at this country girl’s serene life.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sassy.classy.cowgirl
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 10,500
Number of Posts 196
Number of Photos/Videos 200
Price $5.99 per month

9. Farah Asteri – Hairless Arab Cowgirl With Interracial B/G Porn

Farah Asteri is 2024‘s most sought-after Arab cowgirl OnlyFans girl with ultra-explicit interracial OF porn. This half-Palestinian, half-Syrian model offers sexting services, dick ratings, B/G porn with European/African/American creators, XXX close-up snaps, and BTS footage on her wall.

When she puts on her cowgirl outfit, she is the nomadic leader who is about to rule you like her livestock. She can be demanding and sweet, depending on what you want her to be.

Farah Asteri OnlyFans

Farah adores private services so she can get to know your sex kinks and how to turn you on. She loves doing customs and always spoils fans who purchase the most personalized services. This Arab OnlyFans princess speaks rusty English with the cutest accent. If you’re a sucker for gorgeous babes with a Middle Eastern accent, Farah is your queen.

Your naughty cowgirl OnlyFans goddess has a free account, @farahasteri, in case you want to see her steamy previews before committing to a full subscription. Trust us, you’ll be convinced to follow both her accounts instantly – that’s how attractive this Middle Eastern babe is.

OnlyFans Account Handle @farahasterixxx
Fetish Arab
Number of Likes 51,300
Number of Posts 318
Number of Photos/Videos 365
Price $15 per month

10. Becky Houzé – Gorgeous Dairy Farmer With Pregnancy Content

Your sweet, innocent Jersey cowgirl OnlyFans babe is Becky Houzé. As a 4th generation dairy farmer, she is no stranger to milking cows – and she is eager to show you how.

This OnlyFans cowgirl doesn’t do much nudity or adult content. She is entirely here to capture your attention with her attractive cowgirl look and feed into your farmer fantasies. Don’t leave yet, just because she doesn’t post explicit stuff on her wall doesn’t mean she is less hot. In fact, Becky is an excellent OF girl because she knows how to lure you in with her seductive photos.

Becky Houzé OnlyFans

This blonde bombshell is happily married and pregnant with her first child. There are alluring pregnancy videos of Becky doing farm chores and lifting heavy machinery with a huge belly.

To see more of Becky’s perfect family, you can follow her on Instagram. She loves sharing tips about running a dairy farm if you’ve been dreaming about starting your own.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jerseycowgirl
Fetish Farmer
Number of Likes 106,700
Number of Posts 576
Number of Photos/Videos 619
Price Free

11. Hoorny Cowgirl – Naughty Hungarian Cowgirl Who Loves Ruling Men

Up next on our list of the best cowgirl OnlyFans girls, we have this exotic Hungarian goddess, Amy, aka Hoorny Cowgirl. According to Amy, she just went through a tough breakup and is ready to embrace a new man – could it be you?

This 20-year-old adores stepdad fantasies, POVs, JOIs, roleplay, couples porn, cosplay – and her favorite is dom/sub content. After her last failed relationship, Amy is now your bossy dominatrix ready to punish and enslave you. If you behave well, extra explicit goodies are guaranteed.

Hoorny Cowgirl OnlyFans

In her free time, she likes brainstorming new ideas for her next adult project. She won’t hesitate to share details of her big plans with you – be sure to reply on time so your darling knows to keep you in the loop.

Right now, Amy offers a free subscription plan. You can view her entire library for free and unlock the full version of your chosen clips. The more you buy from her, the more freebies she’ll put in the package.

OnlyFans Account Handle @amyvalentinexxx
Fetish Hungarian
Number of Likes 16,800
Number of Posts 1,011
Number of Photos/Videos 1,102
Price Free

12. Cowgirl Jessie – Cowgirl MILF With Full Sex Tapes In The Barn

Living out in the desert of Utah, Cowgirl Jessie has every premium quality you desire in an adventurous country girl. She is open-minded, always DTF, and most importantly, she has a bunch of steamy sex tapes filmed in the barren desert.

Jessie embodies lust and temptation. She loves bringing her hookups to the heart of Utah and having sex for hours. That’s right, this girl can have multiple orgasms that last all day long.

Cowgirl Jessie OnlyFans

Jessie is also an outstanding stripper. There are dozens of striptease videos of this girl ripping off her cowgirl outfit on her farm, the chicken coop, and on top of her Jeep.

As soon as you pledge your allegiance to Jessie, she will welcome you with a free photo bundle set and 2 uncensored sex tapes. Then, you will get additional surprises in your inbox every month you stay with your Utah OnlyFans babe.

OnlyFans Account Handle @fithorsechick
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 4,900
Number of Posts 112
Number of Photos/Videos 210
Price $10.99 per month

13. Salty Cowgirl – Curvy Cowgirl Who Loves Doing It In The Truck

Salty Cowgirl lives her life on a giant crops field, managing her family business. She’s not your ordinary goody two-shoes baby girl. When her dad tells her to do the farm work, she’s out banging farmers in a 10-mile radius.

This slutty babe has a thing for tough-looking truck drivers. When they pass by your Salty Cowgirl’s land to pick up a load, they have to drop off their load of cum before your curvy farmer girl will let them go. Her truck play is insane – there are XXX close-ups featuring her pink pussy and sweaty ass as well.

Salty Cowgirl OnlyFans

Since she’s not a very hardworking farmer, Salty Cowgirl tends to have a lot of free time. She’s incredibly responsive and will exchange nudes with you anytime – given that you tip your princess what she deserves.

Salty Cowgirl is one of the best cowgirl OnlyFans girls with a huge following on social media platforms. She has reaped over half a million likes on TikTok and runs two IG accounts for her R-rated village life and seductive photos.

OnlyFans Account Handle @saltycowgirl
Fetish Curvy
Number of Likes 25,900
Number of Posts 326
Number of Photos/Videos 360
Price $9.99 per month

14. Cowgirl Blondie – Fitness Freak Who Loves Doing It In Cowgirl Position At The Gym

Blue-eyed Cowgirl Blondie is a gym freak who likes training her anus in the steamiest way she knows – by having her instructor penetrate her in cowgirl position in the gym’s sauna room. Her anal OnlyFans porn has got her a massive following on the site.

We suspect Cowgirl Blondie is well-versed in the Kama Sutra because there’s simply no other explanation for her varied sex stunts. Her B/G porn covers 69s, pretzel dip, happy scissors, doggy style, face off, pearly gates – and a whole world of positions you didn’t know existed.

Cowgirl Blondie OnlyFans

In addition to her wet gym porn, Cowgirl Blondie is well-known in the local sex community for having the hottest feet. Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself when you see her perfectly-shaped soft toes caressing her gym mates’ bodies.

Once you follow her, your baby girl wants you to like all her posts. When you’re done, Cowgirl Blondie will reward you with private snaps. You can even ask her for extra tasks to keep these treats coming.

OnlyFans Account Handle @blueiiblondie
Fetish Blonde/Feet
Number of Likes 60,800
Number of Posts 167
Number of Photos/Videos 196
Price $9.99 per month

15. Cowgirl Coco – Vampire Cowgirl With The Hottest Cosplay Fantasies

Finally, we’re finishing off our list of the best cowgirl OnlyFans creators with Cowgirl Coco. “Save a horse… Ride a cowgirl” is the first line in her bio. If that’s not an open invitation to join her for an online sex show, what is?

Coco adores vampire fantasies. If you agree to be her Dracula, she’ll dress up like a medieval queen and have you suck her blood. Her long nails, fang toys, and delicate makeup look fit her role very well.

Cowgirl Coco OnlyFans

Don’t think your fantasy play session is over once Coco goes offline. You can request to buy her undies she gyms in. When the camera is off, she’s still working to deliver the best of her taste to your phone.

For just $5.99 a month, you can chat with Coco anytime you want. This welcoming vixen offers the dirtiest fantasies at the most reasonable prices.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cowgirlcoco
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 1,900
Number of Posts 224
Number of Photos/Videos 344
Price $5.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Cowgirl OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After seeing how talented they are, we know you want to subscribe to them all. But in case you are wondering, we think Dimestore Cowgirl, Cowgirl Mel, and It’s The Space Cowgirl are the best cowgirl OnlyFans creators of 2024.

We love Dimestore Cowgirl because of her mesmerizing bondage sex scenes. This country girl turns every dirty sex act into a masterpiece. And her girl-next-door persona is to die for.

Mel is the textbook definition of a cowgirl. She doesn’t leave home without her iconic cowgirl outfit. Seeing her on her horses naked in the sunset defines the raunchy version of the Wild Wild West splendidly.

Then, we have It’s The Space Cowgirl. There are good reasons why this saucy babe ranks top in all your cowgirl searches – her seductive nudes and village life are dreamy and attractive.


Who are the hottest cowgirl OnlyFans creators?

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