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OnlyFans is all about adult content, but it takes some digging to find the real hardcore stuff on the platform. Trust us, we know – finding 2024‘s 15 best OnlyFans sex creators took some detective work on our part.

From masturbation to rough BDSM and more vanilla propositions, these OnlyFans girls do it all on camera. They’re not shy about their love for sex, and they want you to join in on the (virtual) fun!

The 15 Best OnlyFans Sex Girls 2023 in 2024 

The best OnlyFans sex girls love getting dirty for their audience! Watch the best sex on OnlyFans by subscribing to these creators:

A Closer Look at the Best OnlyFans Sex Creators

Keep reading to see why these creators made our list of the best OnlyFans sex accounts of 2024! You’ll find a bit of everything below, from famous sex OnlyFans girls to kinksters and more:

1. Allie Rae – Ex-Nurse with Hardcore Sex Tapes on OnlyFans

Allie Rae OnlyFans sex tapes became a hot commodity during the pandemic lockdown, eventually turning this blonde babe into a multi-millionaire. Her formula? Uploading a ton of nudes and hardcore OnlyFans couple sex with her husband and the occasional woman.

She’s also just a dream babe all around. Blonde and beautiful Allie is a Navy vet, ex-nurse, a hockey fan, and ran a podcast about craft beers. She’s also a certified OnlyFans MILF and plays up the persona perfectly.

Allie’s OF is priced at $12 a month. That gives you full access to all her previously uploaded Allie Rae OnlyFans sex tapes, nudes, and 1,200+ other media in her backlog.

Allie Rae OnlyFans

Want to know what THE Allie Rae has to say about your junk? As a paid subscriber, you can send her a tip to request an honest dick rating in your inbox.

You can also request custom sex tapes starring Allie Rae and her husband – they’re happy to fulfill your filthiest request for the right price.

Customs aside, Allie gives special treatment to all of her subscribers. As a new subscriber, you’ll automatically receive a free sex tape after joining. She has several subscription bundles – the longer the subscription, the lower the price.

OnlyFans Username @theallierae
Fetish Pornstar/Hotwife
Number of Posts 1,345
Number of Likes 203,800
Number of Photos and Videos 1,211
Price  $12 per month

2. Paige VanZant – Unlock Paige Vanzant OnlyFans Sex Tapes for $9.99

Martial artist Paige VanZant is no stranger to the spotlight. A fan favorite in UFC’s flyweight division, Paige hung up her gloves to focus on other ventures. One of them? Running one of the best OnlyFans sex accounts of 2024.

While she’s teased followers with lingerie and bikini shots on Instagram, her OnlyFans is where everything comes off. As her subscriber, you’ll get exclusive access to Paige VanZant OnlyFans sex scenes where she’s just as aggressive in bed as she was in the octagon. 

Paige VanZant OnlyFans

Her OnlyFans library already contains 600+ nudes and uncensored videos, and Paige uploads new ones constantly. Her content ranges from nude selfies to make-out sessions with other ladies and hardcore sex clips. Clearly, her followers love it; she’s already racked up 1.1 million likes on OnlyFans.

To keep things fresh, Paige doesn’t just stick to sex scenes. She shares behind-the-scenes snippets of her daily life as well. From erotic home workout videos to flirty live streams, Paige offers a more intimate connection when you subscribe to her on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Username @paigevanzant
Fetish Blonde
Number of Posts 337
Number of Likes 1,130,000
Number of Photos and Videos 640
Price  $9.99 per month

3. Mia Malkova – Porn Legend with the Best OnlyFans Sex Account

Mia Malkova is one of the most decorated porn stars in the adult entertainment industry. X-rated movies? Check. Magazine covers? Check. Awards? Multiple. But that’s only the beginning of what this multi-talented beauty can do. 

Besides being a pornstar, Mia is also an avid gamer and streams her sessions on Twitch regularly. She’s an advocate for sexual empowerment and has starred in a documentary about the topic. Bad news though: as of 2022, she’s mostly retired from creating pornographic content full-time.

Mia Malkova OnlyFans

Still, you can’t take the porn out of the pornstar – her Mia Malkova OnlyFans sex account is proof of that! With a $9.99 monthly subscription, you’ll get exclusive access to new Mia Malkova OnlyFans sex tapes with her fellow porn legends. We’re talking about the likes of Riley Reid, Johnny Sins, and Keiran Lee. 

And in case you didn’t know, Mia Malkova had sex with Belle Delphine – if you want to see that (and we bet you do), her OF is where you’ll find the video. We also love how Mia manages her OnlyFans porn account personally and responds to DMs herself. Talk about fan service!

OnlyFans Username @miamalkova
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Posts 513
Number of Likes 2,180,000
Number of Photos and Videos 832
Price  $9.99 per month

4. Corinna Kopf – Watch Exclusive Corinna Kopf OnlyFans Sex Scenes on OF

Googling the term “Corinna Kopf OnlyFans sex” will bring up over 8 million results. That’s how much people want to see sex tapes from this YouTube and Twitch star. It’s no surprise because Corrina’s got it all– she’s blonde, busty, and can game as hard as the boys. 

She’s also naughty as heck and loves baring it all on OnlyFans. In fact, her OnlyFans is basically an R-18 version of her Twitch streams. For instance, after streaming herself gaming or going on a Just Chatting session on Twitch, she’ll then start streaming on OF to reveal what she’s wearing under her Twitch outfit.

Corinna Kopf OnlyFans

You can access those sexy streams for only $19.99 per month, along with her extensive OnlyFans library. Her back catalog already has 300+ nudes, hot tub content, steamy photos around her farm, and OnlyFans sex tape exclusives

Corinna also knows that being a PAWG is a huge part of her appeal. She takes advantage of her asset by uploading twerking videos, booty shorts pics, and close-ups of that amazing butt!

OnlyFans Username @corinnakopf
Fetish Blonde
Number of Posts 377
Number of Likes 1,780,000
Number of Photos and Videos 384
Price  $19.99 per month

5. Ms. Fernandes – Fiery Latina with Squirting Videos on OnlyFans

Orlando-based Ms. Fernandes proves that Florida stereotypes are real – this is one crazy babe with absolutely no boundaries. Whether it’s squirting, creampie videos, solo masturbation, or vaginal and anal sex tapes, Ms. Fernandes has done it all – and filmed it, too.

Not only that, her lesbian sex OnlyFans content is also more authentic than most porn videos out there. You can tell that Ms. Fernandes and her partner are genuinely enjoying themselves, not just faking it for the camera.

Ms Fernandes OnlyFans

That’s what makes her one of the best sex OnlyFans creators of 2024 – she’s not just doing it for the money, but because she truly loves sex and sharing it with her subscribers.

On her account, you’ll find more than 6,000 clips and counting of Ms. Fernandes’ wildest sexual experiences. It’s only $8 a month, but to sweeten the deal, Ms. Fernandes offers a 30-day free sex OnlyFans subscription trial before you subscribe.

So, on the slim chance that you’re not satisfied with one of the best OnlyFans sex accounts, you won’t have lost anything but time.

OnlyFans Username @ms_fernandes25
Fetish Latina
Number of Posts 6,732 
Number of Likes 1,540,000
Number of Photos and Videos 6,317
Price  $8 per month

6. Riley Reid – World-Famous Pornstar With 15,000 Clips+ on OnlyFans

Riley Reid is the ultimate “slut” according to her bio, and we’d have to agree. She’s already a household name among porn aficionados – her OnlyFans sex tapes have only cemented that reputation.

With an impressive 2.6 million likes so far, her OnlyFans library boasts more than 15,000 photos and videos. Riley Reid OnlyFans lesbian sex scenes, rough couple sex, gangbangs, BJs, solo masturbation, and toy play – it’s all there and so much more.

These are all exclusive to her OF account so you won’t find this stuff anywhere else. 

Riley Reid OnlyFans

Other things you can look forward to include behind-the-scenes shots of Riley on porn sets, dance tease videos, and the chance to chat with Riley directly in her DMs. If you want to treat yourself, you can also tip Riley for a one-on-one video call or a custom porn video.

To access the best OnlyFans sex account, you can subscribe for $24.99 a month. Love what you see? You can save money with discounted longer subscriptions starting with Riley’s three-month bundle.

OnlyFans Username @rileyreidx3
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Posts 1,820
Number of Likes 2,680,000
Number of Photos and Videos 15,691
Price  $24.99 per month

7. Sofie Gostosa – Half-Filipina Teen with OnlyFans Sex Videos

At just 19 years old, Sofie Gostosa already deserves a spot in 2024‘s best OnlyFans for sex content. To put it simply, this OnlyFans teen is horny AF. We’re not sure if it’s her hormones or her Filipina/Latina blood, but one thing’s for sure – she can give any OF creator on this list a run for their money.

It seems that nothing can satisfy Sofie’s voracious sexual appetite. Aside from the classic B/G sex tapes, her OnlyFans videos feature her in threesomes and orgies in all kinds of combinations. BGB, GGB, BGBG, BBBG… it’s always a party when Sofie is involved.

Sofie Gostosa OnlyFans

Women get Sofie’s motor running, too. Her lesbian OnlyFans sex content is just as raunchy as any other. Make sure to hunt for her mother/daughter OnlyFans videos – Sofie’s got a thing for MILFs!

As a new subscriber, you’ll get a full-length boy/girl sex tape from Sofie as soon as you join her page. You can also order custom porn content or get your dick rated by Sofie. Anal play and kink requests are welcome too!

OnlyFans Username @sofiegonewild
Fetish Teen
Number of Posts 884
Number of Likes 607,200
Number of Photos and Videos 1,657
Price  $15 per month

8. XLCR Moon – Hottest BDSM Sex OnlyFans Account

Want to explore your kinky side? Let XLCR Moon be your guide. She’s one of the top OnlyFans sex creators when it comes to all things fetish and BDSM. This babe is also a triple threat. And by that, we mean she’s a busty hottie with triple Ds and a huge ass to complement it.

XLCR Moon’s account is filled with a variety of hot OnlyFans sex content, from explicit sex scenes to erotic cosplay and pinup photos. Her library also includes hardcore BDSM, bondage, and suspension, as well as catering to different kinds of fetishes like foot worship and saliva play.

XLCR Moon OnlyFans

The sex roles XLCR Moon can play are just as varied as her content – she can be a helpless princess in one scene and a dominatrix vampire in the next. 

As part of her OnlyFans services, she’s open to doing specific tasks that cater to your kink. Have her wear specific costumes (she loves latex, PVC, or vinyl), play the sub to your dom, or satisfy your humiliation kink live via video call.

OnlyFans Username @xlcrmoon
Fetish BDSM
Number of Posts 321
Number of Likes 6,900
Number of Photos and Videos 382
Price  $13.99 per month

9. Hakka – Japanese Teen with Secret OnlyFans Sex Account

Meet Hakka, a 19-year-old Japanese girl with a dirty secret: her parents don’t know that she runs one of the best Asian OnlyFans sex accounts around. In exchange for not tattling on her, Hakka is ready to film herself having hot OnlyFans sex for your viewing pleasure.

At her age, Hakka already knows how to work her petite body. She regularly uploads full-length sex tapes along with threesomes and masturbation videos.

Looking for something more exciting? Her 400+ photos and videos also include feet pics, femdom, and edging content. And then there are her JOI recordings, which are a must-try for any horny otaku. 

Hakka OnlyFans

To make sure her account remains one of the best sex OnlyFans options, Hakka never recycles her videos. No reposts either. There’s always something new waiting for you every time you visit Hakka’s virtual bedroom. 

Pledge your loyalty by subscribing to Hakka’s OF and you’ll get lots of freebies in return. Think OnlyFans free sex tapes, voice notes of a moaning Hakka, and her secret Steam account where she plays games while fully nude.

OnlyFans Username @tinyhakka
Fetish Japanese
Number of Posts 489
Number of Likes 486,300
Number of Photos and Videos 495
Price  $12.99 per month

10. Enigma – Redhead with Taboo OnlyFans Couple Sex Tapes

OnlyFans redhead Enigma has big, natural 38H breasts and a penchant for taboos. Her incest-themed sex scenes will make your head spin, whether she’s playing the naughty stepdaughter or having OnlyFans lesbian sex with her stepsister.

Creating gamer girl porn is another one of her many talents, and you can hire her for a GFE around this theme. Dreaming of banging a babe while she’s busy on her PS5? Want Enigma to rate your “joystick” and turn you on with a custom JOI? Consider it done if you’re willing to tip her for her hard work.  

Enigma OnlyFans

You can also tip her for a personal video call and request anything from foot fetishes to BDSM. If you’re not sure what you want during the call, let Enigma decide – you can bet it’s going to be a happy ending no matter what.

Even without customs, subscribing to Enigma’s OnlyFans is worth every cent. Not only do you get the best OnlyFans sex tapes, but you also get complete access to all of her taboo scenes, toe-curling solo orgasms, and thousands of nudes. For all this, Enigma charges a flat rate of $15.99 per month.

OnlyFans Username @enigmamgf
Fetish Gamer
Number of Posts 5,470
Number of Likes 541,200
Number of Photos and Videos 6,411
Price  $15.99 per month

11. Foxy Fletch – Cosplay Pornstar with Thousands of OnlyFans Sex Videos

Curvy redhead Foxy Fletch’s profile is filled to the brim with 4,000+ of the best OnlyFans with sex videos and photos. She’s got some of the finest cosplay porn videos we’ve seen on the platform, and she can create an X-rated version of any character.

Fancy a busty Spidergirl or a striptease with a Super Mario theme? How about Pokemon’s Misty playing with herself using a giant dildo? If actual Pokemon are your thing, Foxy’s erotic Squirtle is sure to get your Pokeballs ready to bust.

Foxy Fletch OnlyFans

Aside from cosplay porn, you’ll also get a daily delivery of the best OnlyFans sex videos when you subscribe to Foxy. This includes nude selfies, BJ tapes, BG scenes, and genuine orgasm videos. And if your idea of the hottest OnlyFans sex scenes is squirting, well guess what – this naughty Squirtle is a squirter, too.

Foxy is always online and always available for private video calls. She loves responding directly to messages, so don’t worry about bots. She’ll even give you a detailed video cock rating if you ask!

OnlyFans Username @kfletch29
Fetish Curvy
Number of Posts 2,056
Number of Likes 488,300
Number of Photos and Videos 4,523
Price  $9.99 per month

12. Laura Leigh – Petite Sex Addict with Free OnlyFans Sex Videos

Called “LL” for short (pun intended), this 5’ tall brunette proves that big things come in small packages. In her short time on the platform, she’s already climbed to the top 0.06% of all OnlyFans creators around the world. 

Looking at the sheer volume of content in her archive – already 22,000+ – it probably wasn’t even that hard for her. Only a true sex addict can churn out that much content several times a day and not get tired of it! 

Laura Leigh OnlyFans

If you’re curious about what Laura does on OnlyFans, it’s quite simple: everything. She’s got a bunch of OnlyFans anal sex videos in there along with solo masturbation using her many dildos (she leans towards BBC toys BTW). Taboo OnlyFans sex tapes are also part of the Laura Leigh menu – she’s especially talented at playing the naughty stepmom.

Another evidence of her addiction is that she doesn’t charge her subscribers a dime. You can unlock her entire OnlyFans archive for free – and if you want to thank her for her service, you can tip her anytime.

OnlyFans Username @lauraleighxoxo
Fetish Petite/Busty
Number of Posts 22,214
Number of Likes 1,670,000
Number of Photos and Videos 22,289
Price  Free

13. Nita Marie – Slutty Christian MILF with OnlyFans Sex Videos

You might not expect a self-proclaimed Christian to make the best OnlyFans sex content, but Nita Marie is not your average churchgoer. This MILF in her 40s has DDD breasts and her OnlyFans library is anything but saintly.

Nita Marie creates sex tapes with kinky roleplays and anal/strap sex that would make any age-play enthusiast weak at the knees. She’s also not opposed to threesomes, MILF/MILF sex, and orgies. Nita Marie has even uploaded pregnant sex videos in the past – browsing through her massive library for these gems is half the fun.

Nita Marie OnlyFans

Her paid subscription fee is $14.99 per month, and after your payment goes through, Nita’s 7,000+ X-rated photos and videos are instantly available for your enjoyment.

After that, Nita will send fresh porn content straight to your feed multiple times a day. She also takes the time to respond to messages personally – a luxury you don’t get from most OF creators. Nita also offers custom fetish porn content, so DM her for any fantasy you want this MILF to bring to life.

OnlyFans Username @mamanita
Fetish MILF
Number of Posts 7,669
Number of Likes 1,640,000
Number of Photos and Videos 7,746
Price  $14.99 /month

14. Lucy Mochi – Asian College Student Offering Free Creampie Vids

What happens when you combine Asian beauty, college life, and a kinky side? You get Lucy Mochi, Asian OnlyFans sex creator extraordinaire. Despite her petite frame, Lucy is all about taking it up a notch. 

Her library already has solo play, lesbian OnlyFans sex clips, hardcore couple swaps, and interracial videos to get you going. If you’re looking for something kinkier, Lucy offers BDSM and bondage content as well. She’s also anal and fetish friendly for fans who love to watch tight Asian girls getting naughty and freaky. 

Lucy Mochi OnlyFans

Part of Lucy’s charm is the personal touch you get as a paid subscriber. You can reach out to Lucy directly on her page – she loves chatting with her fans and followers about their most intimate desires. 

Rebills get even more out of Lucy’s page. Lucy offers a special treat each month – free OnlyFans sex videos when you remember to renew your subscription. And if you’re willing to commit to a long-term subscription, you get something even more special: an OnlyFans free sex tape that ends in Lucy Mochi getting creampied.

OnlyFans Username @lucymochi
Fetish Asian/GFE
Number of Posts 928
Number of Likes 569,000
Number of Photos and Videos 1,179
Price  $20 per month

15. Milki Mind – Top OnlyFans Sex Creator for Amateur Fetish 

Milki Mind is the ultimate kinky cosplayer and a 20-year-old cutie on OnlyFans. Describing herself as a “bondage beauty”, Milki clearly loves being on OF and is often online 24/7 interacting with and flirting with her subscribers. 

At the core of her content is kink. So far, she has 1,000+ porn clips in her OF archive, with fetish JOI, pet play, and BDSM ranging from femdom to chastity play – and that’s only scratching the surface of the hottest OnlyFans sex content she offers. 

Milki Mind OnlyFans

In addition, she’s mastered the art of teasing with playful feet pics, sexy shower vids, and similar themes. Her content collection of the best sex on OnlyFans also includes good ol’ banging and BJs. She throws in some threesome action for good measure, too.

The quality of Milki Mind’s sex content is decidedly amateur. Not that we’re complaining – it’s like stumbling upon leaked OnlyFans sex tapes on your feed!

OnlyFans Username @milkimind
Fetish Cosplay/Fetish
Number of Posts 822
Number of Likes 173,500
Number of Photos and Videos 1,117
Price  $25 per month

Conclusion – Who is the Hottest OnlyFans Sex Girl to Follow?

Choosing the hottest OnlyFans sex girl of 2024 was a tough decision – we only picked the best of the best OnlyFans with sex content after all!

Ultimately, we have to go with Allie Rae as our #1 pick for the best sex OnlyFans account. Aside from uploading real sex videos with her husband, we also like how this sexy MILF offers free sex OnlyFans videos as a treat to her new subscribers.

Of course, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to the best OnlyFans for sex scenes and nudes. We also recommend subscribing to UFC fighter Paige VanZant and porn superstar Mia Malkova – their explicit sex scenes are the stuff of legend.


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