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Who doesn’t like seeing a juicy ass bounce like crazy? It’d be a lie to say it’s not a mega turn-on. It’s not difficult to find capable girls to shake their booty on OnlyFans, but the real question is, who are the best OnlyFans twerk creators of 2024?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard part in reviewing the thousands of top twerkers OnlyFans has to offer. Now, we’ve got this list of the hottest girls for twerking videos, uncensored porn, and intimate experiences for you.

The 15 Best OnlyFans Twerk Girls 2024

Are you a former Twerk Team OnlyFans subscriber looking for quality replacements? We hear you and we’ve got you. Whether you’re looking for horny MILFs with anal sex tapes or professional twerkers with a huge lingerie collection, this is the right place to find your perfect match.

A Detailed Look at the Best OnlyFans Twerking Creators

Now, let’s take a closer look at these best OnlyFans twerk girls to see what they have to offer. Their unique content, bright personalities, and erotic twerking moves will surely get you hard in seconds.

1. Sensuelle – Australian Twerk Master Who Loves Twerking With You

Meet Sensuelle, aka Elle Twerk, your Australian OnlyFans twerking instructor who loves hosting 1:1 sessions so she can show you her raciest moves. She is one of the best OnlyFans twerk girls who offers regular virtual twerk classes. There’s an open invitation to sign up for her private lessons – just chat her up and ask for details.

During your 1:1 lessons, the twerk master will demonstrate her signature moves before asking you to join her. Then, you can request any dance routines that you’d like to see. Elle is super attentive and will try her best to make your wishes come true.

Sensuelle Elle Twerk OnlyFans

Already boasting 82,000 likes, the Elle Twerk OnlyFans account is packed with thousands of twerking videos in Sensuelle’s private studio, pop dance teasers, and exclusive clips from her twerking competitions. You can’t get bored browsing through her media files.

Sensuelle maintains an active social media presence. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat to get a more holistic view of her life.

OnlyFans Account Handle @elletwerk
Fetish Australian
Number of Likes 82,000
Number of Posts 1,378
Number of Photos/Videos 1,845
Price $9.99 per month

2. Twerk Kitty – Horny Cosplayer With Live Twerk Shows And Anal Porn On Her Wall

Twerk Kitty is a horny OnlyFans cosplayer who’s addicted to her peach-shaped bum. This petite gal dresses up as a different character every day to keep things fresh. So far, she’s been your neighborhood spider girl, busty Chun Li, slutty Harley Quinn, and more.

There’s only one thing in common about Kitty’s cosplay videos. They always end with her twerking her ass from intense orgasms while being penetrated from behind by her hookups. There’re over 8,700 pieces of hot content on Kitty’s wall – you’ve got a lot of OnlyFans twerk porn catching up to do.

Twerk Kitty OnlyFans

Twerk Kitty OnlyFans subscribers get premium access to her customized cam shows. She’ll ask about your sexual preferences and kinks first to tailor-make the hottest experience for your eyes only. Whether you want her to jiggle her fanny for 40 minutes or sit on a giant dildo and moan, she’s your girl for the steamiest anal play.

In case you want a free taste before committing to a full subscription, Kitty is generous enough to offer free teasers on her account @twerk_kitty_free.

OnlyFans Account Handle @twerk_kitty
Fetish Cosplayer
Number of Likes 43,200
Number of Posts 1,832
Number of Photos/Videos 8,713
Price $22 per month

3. Aussie Twerk – Full-Time Twerker With The Tightest Ass And Outdoor Twerking Videos

“Let’s have NOTHING BUTT FUN!” is one of the first things on Kris Moskov’s wall – are you ready to accept the offer? She’s the Aussie Twerk OnlyFans queen with daily twerking videos and the tightest ass. She’s left her ass prints in different national parks, landmarks, and beaches as she loves traveling across Australia to film her content.

To keep her body in the nicest shape possible, this fitness trainer hits the gym 7 days a week – it’s no surprise that she’s one of the best OnlyFans twerk creators for her amazing physique. There are loads of sexy gym snaps showcasing her curvy silhouette.

Aussie Twerk Kris Moskov OnlyFans

As soon as you subscribe to her account, Kris will greet you with a free, full-length twerk video. This cheeky sexting OnlyFans girl is online 24/7 and replying to DMs with a sexual twist – tipping her will put you on her priority list for additional naughty stuff.

After getting banned, time after time, by YouTube and Instagram for her not-so-family-friendly dance tutorials, Kris is now posting her seductive clips on OnlyFans exclusively. Still, you can follow her on other platforms to keep up with her fun life.

OnlyFans Account Handle @aussietwerk
Fetish Australian/Blonde
Number of Likes 31,600
Number of Posts 898
Number of Photos/Videos 1,784
Price Free

4. Iggy Azalea – Top OnlyFans Celeb With BTS Twerking Music Videos

Iggy Azalea is the best twerk OnlyFans celeb with premium production and 4K videos. This legendary American rapper is no stranger to the bounce music scene. She’s skilled at shaking her hot ass like jello, break dancing, and posing suggestively in front of the camera.

The Iggy Azalea OnlyFans twerk videos often contain never-seen-before footage from her previous MV production, bloopers during commercials, and red carpet extras. Not only will you get all of this songwriter’s bouncy butt but you will also be taking a deep look into her life in Hollywood.

Iggy Azalea OnlyFans

As Iggy says in her bio, if you message her with a nice text, she’ll happily reply with something wild. Since she’s a world-class celebrity, her $25/month subscription fee seems extremely reasonable.

Other than her twerk content, Iggy often posts selfies and photos in her sexy lingerie to tease you – it’s a golden opportunity to see what your favorite singer is up to.

OnlyFans Account Handle @iggyazalea
Fetish Celeb
Number of Likes 196,600
Number of Posts 162
Number of Photos/Videos 159
Price $25 per month

5. Virgin Lex – Persian Dancer With VIP Twerking Services

Lexy Panterra, or Virgin Lex, is an OnlyFans Persian American dancer with over 1 million likes across all her platforms. This slim babe with the tiniest pink titties and thin waist can shake her boney bottom like crazy. Are you intrigued already? Follow her free account to check out the 1,000 twerking snaps/videos of this sexy Persian princess.

Lexy Panterra OnlyFans twerk lovers have the unique chance to unlock her VIP services, where she’ll film twerk videos for your enjoyment only and exchange erotic messages all day long. You have to pay a fee to be her top VIP, but, we guarantee you it’s well worth it.

Virgin Lex Lexy Panterra OnlyFans

In Lexy’s medial folder, there’re insane OnlyFans twerk compilation videos of this top-notch singer bouncing her backside in different music videos, fashion shows, and BTS extras.

This naughty performer loves wearing tight, see-through outfits on stage. As her top follower, you get to see some of her upcoming teasers and stay ahead of her unreleased projects.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lexypanterra
Fetish Persian
Number of Likes 883,800
Number of Posts 863
Number of Photos/Videos 1,082
Price Free

6. Lauren Alexis – Famous Pornstar Who Likes Twerking While Riding Her Man

For big booty twerk OnlyFans seekers, Lauren Alexis is here to serve you her uncensored twerking porn. This famous pornstar is into B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesomes, deepthroating, hand jobs, anal play, reverse cowgirl, creampies, facials, and cumshots. Whenever she’s riding on her new boyfriend, she can’t help but tremble from sexual pleasure – it’s always a visual feast.

The Lauren Alexis OnlyFans twerk porn is super messy and greasy. She likes lubing herself up for a dick massage. There’s never a clean spot left in her bedroom after filming a full-length sex tape.

Lauren Alexis OnlyFans

This London-based pornstar has already massed 1.11 million likes – judge for yourself how good she is. Lauren runs a free account @laurenalexis_x for you to take a dive into her twerking world at no cost at all. Trust us, you’ll be immediately convinced to subscribe to her premium account after seeing her dirty moves.

Lauren has over 2 million followers on her Tiktok, making her a wonderful choice for those of you looking for famous TikTok OnlyFans girls who film uncensored sex tapes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @laurenalexisgold
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 1,110,000
Number of Posts 807
Number of Photos/Videos 859
Price $15 per month

7. Twerk Lolababy – Your Ebony Creampie Addict Who Twerks During Orgasms

Twerk Lolababy is a new ebony OnlyFans twerk queen who is quickly rising to fame for her out-of-the-box sex stunts. In her latest sex scene, this raunchy girl can be seen riding her hookup until he came inside and she squirted like a tsunami. Then, she was shaking her big booty for minutes – something she does during intense orgasms.

The Twerk Lolababy OnlyFans media folder has dozens of uncensored sex tapes and they all include long twerking scenes. Your African darling is incredibly proud of her heritage and is mastering it with gold stars.

Twerk Lolababy OnlyFans

Since Twerk Lolababy has just joined the platform recently to share her addiction, there’re still a ton of sex kinks she hasn’t tried. She’s openly stated her desire to explore – perhaps you can help by dropping her a few filthy ideas?

For ebony twerk OnlyFans subscribers who also love insane creampie content, Twerk Lolababy is the right candidate. Her OnlyFans creampie porn coupled with her friendly personality make her an ideal sexting agent for personalized requests – she’ll beg you to talk nasty to her until you cum on the screen.

OnlyFans Account Handle @twerk_lolababy
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 8,900
Number of Posts 46
Number of Photos/Videos 48
Price $19.99 per month

8. Twerk Princess – Brazilian Facial Slut With The Rounded Ass For Twerking

What makes a good twerking act? A delicious ass, a flexible body, and nudity are surely a few of the essentials and the next girl on our list of the best OnlyFans twerk creators has it all. Isa is your Twerk Princess as well as a famous Brazilian OnlyFans creator for her ultra-explicit facial clips.

Isa loves getting covered in body fluids. This sex master is skilled at facials, creampies, cumshots, face riding, B/G porn, lesbian sex, dildo play, toy play, and threesomes. The Brazilian supermodel likes seducing new dates with her hot body  – twerking is guaranteed before she’ll do a mini-striptease and move on to other hardcore stuff.

Twerk Princess Isa OnlyFans

Isa is into customs as well. That way, she can show you her signature OnlyFans naked twerk routine and hear your deepest thoughts about her juicy ass and attractive physique. Right now, she’s offering a mega discount for you to join her sex adventures for $3 only – maybe it’s time to greet this South American influencer?

Besides the XXX OnlyFans videos, Twerk Princess OnlyFans subscribers can get a personal glimpse into Isa’s modeling career. There’re exclusive snaps of her preparing for a show and BTS selfies.

OnlyFans Account Handle @isatwerk
Fetish Brazilian
Number of Likes 6,500
Number of Posts 361
Number of Photos/Videos 389
Price $10 per month

9. Ebony Babe – African Pornstar With Ass Implants For XXX Twerking Videos

There are creators happy as they are and then there’re girls who love chasing perfection – and Ebony Babe is the latter. After multiple beauty procedures to elevate the shape of her butt, she’s finally happy to announce her newest 1200 CC implants to the world with this new OnlyFans account.

Having giant implants has certainly made her OnlyFans twerk videos even more alluring. How can you scroll past this curvy black babe jiggling her huge watermelons in the middle of nowhere in Canada? We’re sure you’ll love her outdoor twerking clips – naked.

Ebony Babe OnlyFans

This OnlyFans ebony twerk master specializes in anal play, stripteases, doggy style, deepthroating, hand jobs, nudes, couples porn, and more. There’re weekly full-length videos on her wall – the twerking content just keeps coming.

Ebony Babe is online every day to reply to your erotic messages and shower you with extra goodies. She’s eager to hear what you want to do with her newly upgraded bum.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ebonybabe
Fetish Ass/Ebony
Number of Likes 761
Number of Posts 35
Number of Photos/Videos 42
Price $20 per month

10. xllProjectllx – Professional Twerk Team With Softcore G/G/G Scenes

For PAWG twerk OnlyFans subscribers, you have to take a look at Twerk Project. Formed by Darlene, Venera, and Kate, this account documents the unconditional love among these three besties. Their softcore G/G/G scenes are romantic and heartwarming.

They’re all professional dancers. Twerking is really just a part of their daily lives. After years of experience, they’ve created loads of extraordinary team twerking moves that will blow your mind.

xllProjectllx OnlyFans

The latest OnlyFans twerk compilation on their wall features dance competitions they participated in as well as morning twerking clips after waking up in bed together.

For $6, you get to unlock steamy lesbian OnlyFans porn and see three amazing twerkers give their best to make you hard. Sign up now to get three loving babes for the price of one.

OnlyFans Account Handle @xllprojectllx
Fetish Threesome/Lesbian
Number of Likes 6,600
Number of Posts 67
Number of Photos/Videos 67
Price $6 per month

11. Twerk Yana – Ukrainian Twerker With A Big Ass And Insane Flexibility

Attention, white girl twerk OnlyFans seekers! How does an exotic Eastern European babe with a thick accent and a horny side sound? Yana is a teen Ukrainian baby girl with curly hair, blue eyes, and a fat ass. She calls herself the “twerk baby” – and we must say the name fits her perfectly.

Yana has produced over 2,000 snaps and videos – and the majority of them show her bouncing her pale ass vigorously and spreading her legs like she’s got no bones. This amateur dancer often incorporates her twerking skills into her striptease videos, pole dancing clips, and lap dancing scenes.

Twerk Yana OnlyFans

Her slim legs and boney ankles are Yana’s proudest assets, too. She is a top OnlyFans creator for video calls for foot kinksters. You can ask for a virtual lap dance and she’ll get her high socks collection out for you to choose from.

Your petite Ukrainian girlfriend runs a completely free account. You can access most of her racy photos/teasers as soon as you follow her. If you want the full deal, don’t hesitate to message this sweet gal with your best pickup lines and a thoughtful offer.

OnlyFans Account Handle @yana_twerk
Fetish Ukrainian
Number of Likes 19,500
Number of Posts 685
Number of Photos/Videos 2,133
Price Free

12. Hotty Twerk – Peruvian Twerk Dancer With Uncensored POV Sex Tapes

Among our best twerk OnlyFans creators, Hotty Twerk offers the most explicit close-ups with her POV twerking sex tapes. You get to take a detailed look at her delicate pussy and freckled butt.

This Peruvian OnlyFans girl twerk dancer is a frequent partygoer. She has stunned most of the dance floors in Lima, Peru, with her raunchy moves. Every night, she takes home her latest prey – a guy who’s fallen in love with her plumped buttock – and she’ll give him a private dance and a BJ.

Hotty Twerk OnlyFans

Not only are there daily nudes and enticing sex scenes but Hotty Twerk also loves to DM you additional freebies from time to time – remember to check your inbox daily so you don’t miss the goodies.

In case you ever wonder what Hotty Twerk smells like, she’s willing to sell you her panties for an extra fee – take the chance to forever embed her Latina scent in your brain.

OnlyFans Account Handle @hottytwerk
Fetish Peruvian
Number of Likes 533
Number of Posts 157
Number of Photos/Videos 285
Price $10 per month

13. Twerk Queen – Tattooed Twerker Who Offers Live Shows To Shake Her Booty For You

Twerk Queen is a talented OnlyFans MILF with a diverse content library. She covers pole dancing, lap dancing, BJs, hand jobs, couples porn, solo play, dick ratings, dildo play, toy play, and much more.

This tattooed OF serial twerker offers regular live streams where she’ll twerk and masturbate at the same time. If you want to know how she manages to shake her booty for an hour straight, you have to keep your notifications on.

Twerk Queen OnlyFans

Twerk Queen is a popular social butterfly with XXX collabs on her wall. Whether they’re her dance class students or her clients, none can leave her studio without cumming several times.

This nasty babe has made it clear in her bio that frequent tippers and supportive fans who like and comment on her posts will get extra rewards – sounds like an effortless way to win her heart?

OnlyFans Account Handle @inkedkinkyqueen.vip
Fetish Tattooed
Number of Likes 3,400
Number of Posts 443
Number of Photos/Videos 1,715
Price $7.99 per month

14. SEXY TWERKING GODDESS – Your Shy Girlfriend With Intimate Twerking Clips

Your Sexy Twerking Goddess is Keysa. In her bio, she’s expressed a deep interest in building a meaningful relationship with you. Feeding you her explicit sex tapes is not satisfying enough – she wants to offer both her body and soul to you.

During your 1:1 live video call, Keysa will feed you her big milky tits and pampers you. And like all good moms, she’ll also jiggle her XXL tush and teach you how to please a lady right.


Since Keysa wants to bond with you, she’ll leave flirty texts in your inbox to remind you to chat her up. She loves hearing about your stories, work, and sexual fantasies.

Once you subscribe to her account, you get unrestricted access to her feed – free sexting services are included, too. If you want customs or live sessions, then sending an extra fee is mandatory and much appreciated.

OnlyFans Account Handle @keysalove
Fetish Sexting
Number of Likes 15,600
Number of Posts 221
Number of Photos/Videos 429
Price $15 per month

15. Twerking Goddess – Amateur Lingerie Model With A Butterfly Pussy

Last but not least, we have Kandy, aka Twerking Goddess. This amateur lingerie model is super excited to show you her butterfly pussy – her lips down there tend to fly like crazy when she does a naked twerking video.

Kandy has a long menu of kinks, including squirting, creampies, facials, B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, threesomes, face sitting, anal play, solo play, cosplay, roleplay, and dom/sub content.

Twerking Goddess Kandy OnlyFans

The African model has a huge lingerie collection. From pantyhose to latex shorts to high socks, she’s got everything that’ll make you cum like a leaked pipe. Her twerking content is evergreen with her new racy outfits every time.

Kandy is a cheap OnlyFans babe, asking for only $5.99 a month. For more steamy snaps, your Twerking Goddess lets you follow her Snapchat account once you’ve subscribed to her on OF.

OnlyFans Account Handle @butterflykittyk
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 8,200
Number of Posts 137
Number of Photos/Videos 102
Price $5.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest OnlyFans Twerking Girl to Follow?

Overall, we believe Sensuelle is the hottest OnlyFans twerking girl in 2024. This dance instructor knows exactly how to move her ass to create the sexiest twerking videos. On top of that, you get the chance to join her private classes to have this popular dear shake her buttock for you only.

Up next, we have Twerk Kitty. Your horny cosplayer has no stop button. She’s determined to do every ass-related sex kink. Her anal twerking porn will leave you begging for more.

In the third place, we have Kris Moskov, aka Aussie Twerk. This gorgeous darling from down under has the most perfect body and beautiful face. Her twerking videos on the beaches, in the forests, and in different cities are captivating.

Although the Gabbie Hanna OnlyFans twerk content is gone, we’re sure these top twerk OnlyFans babes will make your life bright again – pick your favorites and follow them right away.


Who are the hottest twerking OnlyFans creators?

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