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An OnlyFans grandma is a rare gem. She’s got spunk, a lifetime of sexual experience, and is proud of her beautiful, hard-won wrinkles and grey hairs. She’s also horny AF and looking for guys and girls who can keep up – no wonder they drive so many folks wild.

They’re also insanely hard to find on OF. Trust us, we know, because we spent so much time tracking down 2024‘s best granny OnlyFans creators! On that note, the only thing you need to do now is explore our list and meet this year’s hottest and freakiest grandmas on OnlyFans. Enjoy and have fun!

The 15 Best Granny OnlyFans Girls of 2024

Miss the Granny Fuckaslot OnlyFans account, aka one of the OGs? Let 2024‘s best granny OnlyFans creators fill that void and then some:

A Detailed Look at the Best Granny OnlyFans Creators 

It’s time to meet the granny gang! By the way, you won’t find Granny Fuckaslot OnlyFans here because she deactivated her account. Instead, you’re about to meet the absolute best granny OnlyFans ladies of 2024.

We’ve got a nice mix here, from black granny OnlyFans creators to British grandmas, veteran pornstars, mature BBWs, and so much more:

1. Sex Positive Granny – 76-Year-Old Granny Goddess and Sex Addict

Sex Positive Granny is a 76-year-old widow from Canada, and she owns the best granny OnlyFans account we found for 2024

OnlyFans Username @sexpositivegranny
Fetish Busty
Number of Posts 68
Number of Likes 2,300
Number of Photos and Videos 155
Price  $4.99 per month


2. Naughty Teacher Too – The British Cheating Granny on OnlyFans

Ever fantasized about banging an old teacher? You’re going to enjoy Mrs. Ann Burton-Brown, better known as Naughty Teacher Too. She landed second on our list of the best granny OnlyFans creators because she’s utterly shameless about her sexcapades.

This UK OnlyFans babe proudly calls herself a “a married and cheating MILF history teacher”. We guess her husband can’t get it up anymore, or she’s just too horny to be satisfied with one man. Either way, it’s good news for anyone looking for premium OnlyFans granny pussy.

Naughty Teacher Too OnlyFans

Her granny OnlyFans XXX scenes are as wild as she is. Watch her teach younger babes the ropes and make young studs explode. No need to imagine her going down on you because her POV BJ videos will take care of that. If you’ve never seen a grandma have shuddering orgasms, let Mrs. Ann show you how hot it looks.

Currently, Mrs. Ann has 700+ NSFW videos and more than a thousand photos in her backlog. She also posts daily updates and full-length videos twice a week – no pay-per-view here. Love her stuff? Get 20% off when you subscribe for 3 months or 35% off when you sign up for 6 months.

OnlyFans Username @naughtyteachertoo
Fetish POV
Number of Posts 652
Number of Likes 3,000
Number of Photos and Videos 1,998
Price  $25 per month

3. Granny Go Dumb – The Ebony Granny with a Wicked Sense of Humor

Who doesn’t love an OnlyFans creator with an awesome sense of humor? That’s what you get when you subscribe to Granny Go Dumb OnlyFans – her username already hints at her personality! She’s already got a ton of followers on YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok where she posts hilarious videos of her doing viral challenges or doing silly skits.

Still, there’s more to this OnlyFans ebony grandma than just comedy. Her Granny Go Dumb OnlyFans account is where she posts explicit content that’ll get her banned on other social media platforms. Think: black granny OnlyFans nudes, age-gap sexual roleplay, and interracial sex scenes. 

Granny Go Dumb OnlyFans

She’s also impressively fit for her age, which becomes crystal clear every time streams herself pole dancing in her living room. It’ll only cost you $10.99 a month to unlock her pole dancing content plus 300+ uploads. 

She’s very chatty as well, so slide into her inbox with a tip if you want Granny Go Dumb to cheer you up with a joke or a naughty selfie.

OnlyFans Username @grannygodumb
Fetish Ebony
Number of Posts 283
Number of Likes 34,000
Number of Photos and Videos 305
Price  $10.99 per month

4. Marie Rocks – 67-Year-Old Exhibitionist Granny with 20-Year Porn History

Marie Rocks is a 67-year-old mature granny OnlyFans creator from Seattle, WA who’s been making online erotica for more than two decades. Clearly, she loves it – as she says on her profile, “Nothing fills me with more joy than exposing myself to you“. And she definitely exposes every inch of herself on OnlyFans!

She has wavy blonde hair with grey streaks and the cutest smile, but once the clothes come off, you’ll know why she’s still so popular after all this time. Marie is a OF PAWG with big tits and even bigger cougar energy. She’s also quite the exhibitionist and fond of masturbating in her backyard, while traveling, or near open windows.

Marie Rocks OnlyFans

With that kind of background, you already know the porn is going to be goooooood. Her old granny OnlyFans porn collection is already bursting with more than 3,700 uploads, 1,700+ of which are XXX videos. Marie records herself having sex, blowing dudes, getting it up her huge butt, playing with herself, in the middle of threesomes… the list goes on.

She also has some granny feet content showing off her toes and new pedicures. Access to one of the best granny OnlyFans creators will cost you $9.99 which is amazing value for her backlog and steady stream of new content (she posts at least four times a day!).

OnlyFans Username @marierocksxxx
Fetish PAWG
Number of Posts 2,270
Number of Likes 20,100
Number of Photos and Videos 3,698
Price  $9.99 per month

5. Catherine Can – Your Filthy 58-Year-Old Granny Kinkster from the Netherlands

Blonde and blue-eyed Catherine Can is a 58-year-old granny with OnlyFans who describes herself as “truly filthy”, and we wholeheartedly agree. One of her specialties is granny OnlyFans XXX roleplay – her horny professor, boss, and best friend’s mom porn videos are so realistic, we’re convinced she’s actually done them in real life.

This top granny OnlyFans creator can also give younger dommes a run for their money. She’s got years of experience in kinks like mistress, sissy training, and pegging. Catherine’s also done a lot of fetish content: watch her squirm with pleasure while hogtied, engage in oil play, wear a buttplug while stuffed with a glass dildo – enjoy discovering the rest yourself!

Catherine Can OnlyFans

Right now, she has 9,000+ photos and videos on her OnlyFans, plus 45 recorded live streams, and it’s all yours for just $4.99 a month. Sign up for three months and Catherine will even treat you to an extra 20% off your subscription.

Wanna return her generosity? Gift her something off her Amazon wishlist, preferably that dragon dildo she’s been eyeing for so long. Keep an eye on your inbox afterwards – Catherine may just slip a demo video in there as thanks.

OnlyFans Username @catherinecan1
Fetish Taboo
Number of Posts 3,920
Number of Likes 58,900
Number of Photos and Videos 9,079
Price  $4.99 per month

6. Danni Jones – From Used Panties to OnlyFans Granny Fave 

Danni Jones is a sexy granny OnlyFans creator who looks way younger than her 51 years. Her path to OnlyFans is littered with used panties – she started selling them online a few years ago and loved the compliments that came with it. You can still buy underwear from Danni, but today, her OnlyFans granny pussy has also joined the menu. 

Danni updates her granny OnlyFans porn library almost daily, totaling to 2,000+ photos and videos to date. It’s a raunchy collection of granny masturbation videos, sloppy blowjobs, full nudes, and Danni playing with herself using her sex toys. You can also watch Danni’s strip tease videos plus lots of M/F sex scenes infused with age play dynamics.

Danni Jones OnlyFans

Danni often roleplays as a horny stepmom, too. Want her to create custom granny porn for you? It’s first come, first served, but you can move up the line by tipping her or buying something off her Amazon wishlist, like lingerie sets or sleepwear. 

The latter option comes with perks like an erotic unboxing and modeling your gifts just for you. As for subscriptions, committing to her bundles of 3 or 6 months will get you exclusive bonuses from this granny. Ask her about it when you subscribe!

OnlyFans Username @danni2427
Fetish Curvy
Number of Posts 1,158
Number of Likes 167,200
Number of Photos and Videos 2,020
Price  $9.95 per month

7. Monte Rae – Aussie Granny Swinger and Cam Performer with Active OnlyFans 

Meet Monte Rae, our new favorite OnlyFans granny from the Land Down Under. She’s a pro – Monte a 10-year top cam performer on LiveJasmin, multi-awarded Niteflirt phone sex operator, and Adultwork webcammer. She also does private Skype shows for a more personal touch, but OnlyFans remains one of the best ways to get to know this OF Aussie granny.  

Since joining the platform, Monte Rae has built a dynamic library of OnlyFans granny porn. She currently has 29 recorded streams, several naughty audio recordings, 600+ videos, and thousands of photos. She also uploads new content every week to keep your subscription fresh. 

Monte Rae OnlyFans

When she’s in the mood, Monte enjoys surprising her subscribers with porn in their inbox to brighten up their day and keep them hooked.

If you ever find yourself in Australia, DM Monte to set up a date with this top granny OnlyFans creator. She often meets up with her fans, with priority given to her paid OnlyFans subscribers. 

OnlyFans Username @sexymatureaussielady
Fetish Swinger
Number of Posts 1,664
Number of Likes 43,200
Number of Photos and Videos 3,273
Price  $14.99 per month

8. Emerald Cougar – Kinky Granny OnlyFans Nude and Porn Creator

51-year-old Emerald Cougar’s account is bursting with hardcore OnlyFans grandma porn. This bisexual granny loves anal, massive sex toys, spanking, candle wax play, fucking machines, double penetration, and prefers the more extreme side of the sex and kink spectrum. 

Want proof? Subscribe to her free granny OnlyFans and see for yourself by browsing her 470+ uploads. The only catch is that you tip her sometimes as thanks for her time and effort. Emerald Cougar also offers sexting sessions and roleplays with her fans for an extra fee, ranging from taboo topics to steamy cosplays. 

Emerald Cougar OnlyFans

Emerald Cougar also has an Amazon wishlist you can use to get some special perks. For instance, you’ll get three free exclusive pics of Emerald using your gift. Plus, she’ll make you a 3-minute video of herself using your gift, so choose wisely! 

Not sure if you’re ready for long-term commitment? No need to. When you subscribe, she’ll send you an intro message that lays down the law. Follow her rules and you can stay on her granny OF account as long as you want.

OnlyFans Username @elizabethcarter69
Fetish Bisexual
Number of Posts 207
Number of Likes 18,100
Number of Photos and Videos 475
Price  FREE

9. Aussie Barbie – Hotwife Onlyfans Grandma from Australia

Blonde Aussie Barbie is a beautiful BBW granny OnlyFans creator who’ll make you fall in love with her curves and lovely personality. As one fan put it, “You have the best OnlyFans account I’ve seen by a mile. F@ck it’s a turn on!

So what’s up with this thick granny OnlyFans babe? For one, Aussie Barbie has over 8,000 clips in her library, including granny blowjobs, solo play, girl/girl action, and bareback scenes with younger men. Like all her porn videos, these are all super-dirty and messy, just the way she likes it.

Aussie Barbie OnlyFans

You’ll also find JOI videos, OnlyFans hotwife, and roleplay content in her backlog. She can play your elderly neighbor’s sexy but off-limits wife, a loving granny teaching you how to wank, or your mature wife who loves nothing more than to please you. If you want to take your experience with her further, you can message her for customs. 

Be sure to also check out Aussie Barbie’s Amazon wishlist because you’ll get some crazy freebies when you buy anything off it. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter and Instagram – this OnlyFans granny collabs with other creators and often posts previews on her socials.

OnlyFans Username @aussiebarbie07
Fetish BBW/Blonde
Number of Posts 2,030
Number of Likes 65,700
Number of Photos and Videos 8,071
Price  $14.99 per month

10. BBW GILF UK – Thick Granny OnlyFans with 3,000+ Porn Uploads

From across the pond comes BBW GILF UK, another awesome find for 2024‘s top OF grannies. This 54-year-old British grandma is curvy AF with boobs so big you can drown in them. She knows she’s gorgeous, and she takes advantage of it by wearing the skimpiest  lingerie, stockings, and stilettos while filming her content for OnlyFans.

Don’t underestimate the flexibility of this BBW granny OnlyFans – BBW GILF UK can lick her own nipples! She’s also got a thing for exhibitionism and has several videos where she’s masturbating in public.


It’ll only cost you $6.99 a month to access her sexy granny OnlyFans account. So far, that’ll allow you to watch 8 recorded livestreams (these usually end up with her totally nude) and 3,000+ media uploads with fresh content added almost daily. She also has her hottest hits behind PPV so ask her about her PPV menu to see what’s available.

We also need to give her OnlyFans sexting services a shoutout. This UK grandma has a way with words and with that British accent, it won’t take long before you reach your happy ending.

OnlyFans Username @bbw_gilf_uk
Fetish BBW
Number of Posts 1,114
Number of Likes 97,500
Number of Photos and Videos 3,017
Price  $6.99 per month

11. Torrey Lisa – Veteran OnlyFans Granny Porn Star from Vegas

Torrey Lisa has been a Nevada-based professional pornstar for decades now, and she’s turned her sights on running one of the top granny OnlyFans accounts of 2024. This granny still looks stunning with her long wavy gray hair all the way flowing down her back, and she looks even better naked and in action.

A true granny hot granny OnlyFans PAWG, Torrey knows how to flaunt her curves and make you weak in the knees. She loves giving blowjobs and oral sex, and her videos showcase M/F and F/F granny sex. Not to mention, she’s game for orgies on OnlyFans and can keep up with young boys and girls alike. Age is just a number for this pornstar granny – Torrey can still take a BBC DP like a champ. Torrey Lisa OnlyFans

As a BDSM switch, Torrey excels at bondage both as a submissive and a dominatrix. You can also catch exhibitionist and voyeur scenes on Torrey’s OF account. Want a memento from your new granny crush? Buy her used socks, panties, and lingerie to add to your collection.

OnlyFans Username @polycougar
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Posts 1,049
Number of Likes 15,300
Number of Photos and Videos 1,348
Price  $5 per month

12. Anneke – Florida’s 20-Year Porn Vet is Now a Granny on OnlyFans

Busty granny OnlyFans creator Anneke has been an adult model and actress for over two decades. She stands at a tall 5’9″ with long, slender legs and natural 38DDD breasts, and she looks sensational from every angle.

Anneke’s grandma OnlyFans backlog includes a variety of B/G granny content, from granny sex with the delivery guy to playing with giant sex toys. She also posts pictures and videos about her everyday life and shares amusing anecdotes about her journey as a granny on OnlyFans.

Anneke OnlyFans

Her subscription plan only costs $12.99 a month which requires no tips after signup – you get full access to all past and future uploads with no PPV. But she also offers virtual sessions and custom videos so you get to live out all your fantasies with her. 

We recommend following her OnlyFans Twitter and Instagram for sneak previews of upcoming content. For even more glimpses of this granny hottie, give Anneke’s YouTube channel a follow and comment on her stuff – might even get you a freebie for being such an active subscriber!

OnlyFans Username @avbgilfgoddess
Fetish Busty
Number of Posts 1,327
Number of Likes 27,100
Number of Photos and Videos 4,277
Price  $12.99 per month

13. MoRina – Granny with a Full Bush and Raw XXX Content

MoRina is an American granny with OnlyFans who’s comfortable with her salt-and-pepper hair and loves showing it off on OnlyFans. At the time of writing, this granny already has 78 clips of self-love explorations and hundreds of granny OnlyFans nude pics in her archive. MoRina’s content is all solo, without any extra services like sexting or one-on-one sessions. 

She’s open to customs, but behave in her DMs or you might find yourself blocked from seeing her mature granny OnlyFans sexcapades. Back to her content, MoRina isn’t shy when it comes to exploring more taboo fantasies like pregnant sex, hosiery fetish, trophy mom kink, and more. She’s also got some granny feet photos in her collection.

MoRina OnlyFans

MoRina doesn’t use filters or Photoshop on her pics. What you see is what you get from this real granny. That includes her full bush and hairy legs. Au naturel is the only way to go for one of 2024‘s top grannies on OnlyFans!

OnlyFans Username @morina
Fetish GFE/Feet
Number of Posts 179
Number of Likes 10,600
Number of Photos and Videos 745
Price  $24.99 per month

14. Mrs. Evie Mae –  Hardworking Grandma OnlyFans from Texas

Texan Mrs. Evie Mae is a slim, 56-year-old granny on OnlyFans who joined the platform’s granny OnlyFans accounts not too long ago and quickly became a hit among granny lovers all over the world. She currently has over 1,400 pics and videos on her profile, including solo granny play, anal, feet play (she loves flaunting her feet), squirting clips, and sex videos with different men.

Mrs. Evie also takes custom content requests from her fans like you and will go above and beyond to fulfill your granny fantasies. She loves interacting with you and doesn’t use chatbots to reply to DMs – she answers all messages personally. 

Mrs. Evie Mae OnlyFans

She posts new content on her wall every day, and offers a free weekly video for VIPs through DMs. You can DM her for pics, vids, voice notes, and other pics that you won’t find on her profile.

Mrs. Evie Mae also has TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram OnlyFans accounts, so you can follow her there as well to get extra insight into her life. 

OnlyFans Username @mrseviemae
Fetish Blonde
Number of Posts 745
Number of Likes 11,100
Number of Photos and Videos 1,405
Price  $15.99 per month

15. Jade Wade – Fit AF British Granny Into Extreme BDSM

Finishing up our list of hot granny OnlyFans creators is Jade Wade. She’s the fittest granny we’ve ever seen! This mature British fitness model is a true kinkster that likes it extreme and rough. 

Her granny OnlyFans porn collection boasts 1,000+ NSFW pics and clips of this granny exploring all sorts of kinks and fetishes from impact play and spanking clips to lesbian BDSM sessions. She also films herself enjoying anal and solo sex, as well as making granny sex toy porn with butt plugs, dildos, magic wands, and other interesting devices.

Jade Wade OnlyFans

Jade runs a free granny OnlyFans account with a simple rule: “Simply enjoy my content and be respectful”. Such a sweetheart! You do need to tip her to unlock her juiciest and most explicit stuff. Aside from the PPV you buy, you’ll also get rewarded with more freebies to complement your purchase.

You can also buy Jade’s used panties if you wish. You can even request customizations before Jade ships you the package, such as filming herself working out wearing the panties or doing other NSFW content.

OnlyFans Username @jade-wade
Fetish BDSM
Number of Posts 1,022
Number of Likes 126,400
Number of Photos and Videos 1,161
Price  FREE

Conclusion – Who is the Hottest Granny OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

At 76 years old, Sex Positive Granny is by far the hottest OnlyFans granny on our list. Her message of being sex-positive and inspiring older women to embrace their sexuality is something we admire, and her XXX content is top-shelf quality.

You won’t have to spend beyond your monthly fee, as SG’s OnlyFans page contains 160+ uploads all unlocked with one subscription. And if you want to see her do something special for you, she’ll be more than happy to take custom requests for a decent tip. 

Two more grannies that are definitely worth following are Naughty Teacher Too and ebony granny OnlyFans creator Granny Go Dumb – they post premium boundary-pushing content that you won’t find anywhere else.


Who are the hottest granny OnlyFans creators?

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