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Instagram is a terrific source for seductive content and it’s home to hundreds of stunning Asian hotties. However, the community is also so large that it can be difficult to find the hottest Asian Instagram influencers.

In this guide, we’ve done the hard work of picking out the top Asian models and nude accounts for users. Read on to find the 15 hottest Asian Instagram models to follow in 2024.

The Hottest Asian Instagram Models to Follow 2024

We’ve scoured social media to find the 15 hottest Asian Instagram models to check out today:

A Closer Look at the Top Asian Models on Instagram

Want to know more about what makes these Asian models on Instagram so unique? We’ll explain what we saw in each of these hotties and why we think readers will love them, too.

1. Anastasia – Blonde Asian With a Smoking Hot Instagram Account

Half-Taiwanese, half-Aussie – Anastasia has the hot Asian vibe with a naughty Western twist down to a T. She’s well-deserving of her spot at the top of our list of the Best Asian models on Instagram, with her sexy look and fire content.

If you want to get the good stuff on Instagram from Anastasia, you’re going to need to follow her. She keeps her content on the right side of the strict Instagram nudes policy, but you can never be too safe, y’know? Once you access her private account, you get all the barely-allowed content you can take.

Anastasia instagram

From steamy lingerie shots to teasers of the OnlyFans content she’s going to be posting, you’ll get plenty of racy content with Anastasia. Her account has only recently been set up but you can be sure there are plenty of photos, Reels, and stories in the archives that will be getting posted super soon.

2. Kiana Medeiros – Blonde Stunner With Hot & Suggestive Photos

Kiana Medeiros, also known as Kiki, is another non-Asian who fans simply have to check out. She posts some of the most stunningly hot content on Instagram, especially for followers in search of sensuous girl-on-girl scenes.

Kiana has a curvy and busty body that’s made even hotter by her full sleeve of tattoos. She posts lingerie photos of herself almost daily, often in suggestive poses. Even better, Kiana shares photos of herself making out with other women and in bed with other women. This is content that will make your mouth water for sure.

Kangeun Wook Instagram

Of course, Instagram doesn’t let Kiana post anything too revealing. But for fans who want access to her full nudes, girl-on-girl sex tapes, and much more, Kiana has a very XXX-rated OnlyFans page. Fans can find all of Kiana’s latest uncensored content and join her in steamy chats.

3. Munitogo – Korean Girl Next Door Who Loves to Dress Up

Munitogo is a young and petite Korean model who perfectly encapsulates the girl-next-door vibe. She posts on Instagram nearly daily and has a smoking hot body. She’s shy and sensuous, but not afraid to show off, either.

Followers can find Munitogo in a swimsuit, luxurious city wear, lingerie, skimpy t-shirts, and more. Her photos aren’t overly revealing, but they’re quite sexy and invite fans to use their imaginations as to what’s underneath.

Munitogo Instagram

Munitogo also encourages fans to send her DMs. She’s often up to chat, which is a huge plus for followers who want a more interactive experience with one of the hottest Instagram models of 2024.

4. Joanna Li – Asian American Model With a Smoking Body

Joanna Li is an Asian American model with a body that you won’t be able to get enough of. She has a gorgeous, doll-like face and dirty blonde hair that together, suggest the perfect mix of sweet and naughty. Joanna is also curvy and athletic with perfect proportions everywhere.

Joanna often posts photos of herself in swimsuits and lingerie, and she loves to share Instagram stories from her travels around the world. Most recently, she’s been to Japan and Bali and shared seductive photos from both locations.

Joanna Li Instagram

For followers who want to see Joanna uncensored, she has several uncensored accounts. That includes one of the best Asian OnlyFans accounts, which fans can join for free.

5. Kangeun Wook – Korean College Girl With a Naughty Side

Kangeun Wook is a South Korean college girl and one of the hottest Asian Instagram influencers to follow. Her account has more than 2,700 posts and she’s adding more every day, which will give you a sense of how much sensuous content you can expect from this young model.

Kangeun shows her sweet side to her followers in most of her posts, but she does have a naughty side that comes out from time to time as well. It’s these flashes of naughty that make Kangeun’s page so much fun to follow, since you’re never going to know when she’ll decide to share a revealing photo or spin up an erotic story.

Kangeun Wook Instagram

Kangeun also runs a sexy blog that’s slightly less censored than her Instagram account. This is a great option for fans who love Kangeun’s body and want to learn more about her.

6. DJ Lokyii – Gorgeous Asian Instagram Model for Seductive Content

Lokyii is an Asian Instagram model, DJ, and all-around hottie. Her posts cover a lot of different ground, from her performing as a DJ at clubs to sitting on the beach in a revealing bikini. She also shares suggestive photos from her home, erotic photos from her travels, and much more.

Lokyii has more than 400,000 followers, which says a lot about the consistently high quality of her content. All of her photos look like they’re taken professionally – even the selfies that she clearly took herself. In addition, Lokyii shares a ton of behind-the-scenes content about her life through Instagram stories.

DJ Lokyii Instagram

Lokyii is also a tattoo artist, and she’s had a few pieces of her art tattooed on herself. These add to her already gorgeous body and give her just a little bit more mystery to keep followers coming back for more.

7. Liu Wen – Chinese Fashion Model Offering Behind-the-Scenes Content

Liu Wen is a professional Chinese fashion model, not an amateur Instagram influencer. With that in mind, her content is somewhat different from the other Asian models on Instagram.

Liu has nearly 6 million followers and is something of a superstar in China. She’s more mature in age and her photos are often showing off the latest fashion rather than trying to reveal as much of her body as possible. That’s not to say Liu’s photos aren’t revealing, but they’re as much about what she is wearing as what she’s not.

Liu Wen Instagram

One of the best things about Liu’s page is that she provides an inside look into the life of a fashion model. Her reels show the prep that goes into a runway walk or offer a behind-the-scenes look at her latest fashion advertisement. This is a really exciting account to follow for any fans of the global luxury and fashion scenes.

8. Riya Yu – Young Chinese Hottie With a Busty Chest

Riya Yu is a young Chinese babe who loves to show off her body on Instagram. She leans heavily into her Chinese heritage and can often be seen in front of cultural monuments like an ancient temple wearing suggestive and revealing outfits. Riya also loves to lounge in her bikini or spend a day around her house in a short skirt.

Riya posts new content every day, so followers always have something to look forward to. She’s also a prolific user of Instagram reels and stories, which is great for fans who want to know what Riya is up to at any time. Her stories are often fun and more focused on her life than on flirting, which helps deepen Riya’s connection with her followers.

Riya Yu Instagram

Fans who want to get even closer to one of the hottest Asian Instagram models can check out Riya’s personal blog or follow her on Weibo, the popular Chinese chat app. She’s also very responsive to DMs on Instagram.

9. Becky – Luxurious Asian Model With Revealing Photos

Becky is a professional fashion model and one of the hottest Asian girls on Instagram today. She has jet-black hair, a curvy midsection, and a busty chest. Her face is classically Asian, with just a hint of naughtiness that enables Becky to seduce her followers and keep them coming back for more.

Becky isn’t shy about showing off her stunning body. She’s frequently posting semi-nude photos in revealing bikinis, lingerie, and more. While she never reveals all, her photos offer plenty for the imagination to work with.

Becky Instagram

Becky posts new content nearly every day, but she doesn’t use stories or reels as much as some other Asian influencers. So, she’s a better choice to follow for users who prefer Instagram’s original photo focus over its newer video features.

10. Risa Yukihira – Japanese Model with a Girl Next Door Style

Risa Yukihira is a Japanese beauty who every follower would love to have next door. She has a perfect body and a seductive smile that will drive fans wild. Risa also dresses up in some incredibly sexy outfits, like wearing a men’s dress shirt and tie and little else.

This Asian model is often seen on the covers of Japanese magazines, but she offers so much more content for her Instagram followers. That includes semi-nude shots in lingerie and bikinis as well as behind-the-scenes photos from her latest photo shoots.

Risa Yuhira Instagram

Followers can find even more from Risa in her stories and reels. These are carefully curated and often have even more revealing content than what’s in her photos.

11. Yagi Yuriina – Hot and Seductive Young Model from Japan

Yagi Yuriina is another sexy Japanese Instagram model, although she doesn’t have the classic Japanese look. Yagi clearly has some Central Asian or even European heritage, and her mixed background gives her a really unique look that followers are sure to love.

Yagi posts new photos every day showing her in a new, slightly revealing outfit. She alternates between bikinis and tight-fitting shirts that hug close to her chest and show off her breasts. Yagi also has a flair for luxury clothing and often posts photos of her trying out the latest fashion trends.

Yagi Yuriina Instagram

Another great thing about Yagi’s account is that she travels frequently and documents herself everywhere she goes. Fans can check out her reels from cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Bangkok, and more.

12. Little Irene – New Chinese Model Who Reveals Almost All

Little Irene is a new Chinese Instagram influencer who’s starting off her account with a bang. This fashionable and sexy creator offers very suggestive and erotic photos that nearly show followers everything they’re hoping to see.

Even without fully uncensored photos, anyone can see that Irene has a stunning body. She’s curvy and elegant, with a sharp face and black hair that helps accentuate her features. Irene also has outstanding taste in fashion and the clothes she’s nearly taking off are one-of-a-kind pieces.

Little Irene Instagram

Irene posts a reel with almost all of her photo shoots, giving followers an even more intimate look at her process and her body. This is a sexy Asian Instagram model who shouldn’t be missed.

13. Jeee – Sexy Asian Creator Showing Off Her Body

Jeee is a South Korean doll with an outstanding body. She has a unique look and slightly darker skin than the average Korean babe, which helps her stand out from the crowd. She’s petite, curvy, and busty, and she knows exactly how to show off her best features in photos.

Jeee frequently shares photos wearing nothing but her underwear or sexy lingerie. In addition, she’ll dress up in seductive outfits like a loose-fitting shirt with the collar wide open to reveal her chest. She even has a pair of glasses she adds in from time to time to show off her nerdy side.

Jeeee Instagram

Jeee has nearly a million followers, which is a testament to how seductive her photos can be. She shares even more steamy content through her stories and reels, although she always leaves what’s under her underwear up to fans’ imagination.

14. Vivian Geeyang Kim – Plus-Sized Asian Insta Model With Revealing Content

Vivian Geeyang Kim is a plus-sized South Korean model with the perfect thick body. Anyone who’s looking for the best thick Instagram account to follow will love Vivian’s content.

Vivian has a very wide range of photos on her Instagram. While she often appears fully clothed and not very seductive, she also occasionally posts much more revealing photos. In fact, Vivian even has a series of fully nude photos in which she uses her body to censor her most private parts.

Vivian Geeyang Kim Instagram

Vivian is a master at showing off her best features while leaving plenty to the imagination. She’s also extremely active in her stories, which is great for followers who want to develop deeper connections with one of the hottest Asian Instagram models of 2024.

15. Qin Zou – Chinese Beauty Who’s Not Afraid to Show Off Her Body

Qin Zou is a young and gorgeous Chinese model who loves to show off her body to her followers. She frequently photographs herself in a tight-fitting top or skimpy swimsuit. Qin’s hair is always immaculately done up and her smile suggests a naughty side that followers are just on the cusp of discovering.

Qin is originally from Shanghai, but she currently makes her home in Melbourne. She has an international flair to her that adds to the fun and flirtiness of her account. Plus, Qin shares frequent updates about her life through her Instagram stories, which adds to the connection she cultivates with followers.

Qin Zou Instagram

Qin is strikingly beautiful and well worth checking out as one of the top hot Asian Instagram models.

Conclusion — What is the Hottest Nude Asian Account to Follow?

There are dozens of hot Asian Instagram models to follow today. We think the best is Anastasia, who is an absolute stunner with blonde hair and classic Taiwanese looks. Anastasia’s content nearly reveals all while encouraging fans to keep coming back for more. Plus, she’s highly responsive to messages and loves to share more about herself through Instagram stories.

Check out Anastasia’s Instagram today to see all her latest seductive content.


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