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Christine William

College is one of the most exciting times of life. You’re on your own, able to make your own decisions, and get to experiment with what brings you pleasure. One of the reasons why there are so many college girls with OnlyFans is this new sense of freedom, fun, and adventure that university brings!

With so many creators on the platform, it’s not easy to narrow down the hottest OnlyFans college girls. However, we did extensive research to determine the most active, naughty, fun, and flirty co-eds creating XXX OnlyFans content. So let’s take a study break and enjoy this guide to the best college girl OnlyFans creators of 2024.

The 17 Best College Girls on OnlyFans 2024 

While their ages might be similar, these college girls’ OnlyFans creators come in a variety of looks, kinks, and personalities.

A Detailed Look at the Best College Girl OnlyFans Creators

Whether you’re looking for college athletes with OnlyFans, petite Asian cuties, naughty Ebony creators, or a gorgeous cheerleader or two, this guide has some of the best college OnlyFans creators on the platform. In between studying for exams, these busy students have some of the hottest extracurricular activities on the planet.

1. Mia Monroe – Busty Brunette Latina aka The College Stripper OnlyFans Girl 

Known online as The College Stripper, OnlyFans model Mia Monroe is enormous in both popularity and bust size! This curvy brunette was rated the #1 Latina on OF and for good reason. She has a killer body, responds to every fan who messages her, and is closing in on 1 million likes on her popular account.

mia monroe onlyfans

This top college OnlyFans girl has a long list of kinks, including anal, roleplay, and boy/girl content released weekly. She provides high-quality footage using 4K video with plenty of POV shots. Mia also has tons of videos featuring G/G, G/G/G, and G/G/G/G+… let’s just say she’s one of the best orgy OnlyFans girls we’ve found.

You’ll want to take a look at Mia’s wish list, as it features dildos, a sex swing, and a leg stretching machine that improves flexibility. No wonder The College Stripper OnlyFans account is so popular. Given Mia’s looks, what she offers, and what she can do, there’s a reason why she is one of the best college girl OnlyFans on the platform.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thecollegestripper
Fetish Busty
Number of Likes 953,400
Number of Posts 1,621
Number of Photos/Videos 1,735
Price $30 per month

2. Pepper Valentine – Petite College Cheerleader Who Loves Anal Play

Pepper Valentine is a self-described “small town girl turned horny cheerleader” and she wants followers who are ready to add some spice to their lives. This college cheerleader OnlyFans model is petite (just 5’2″ and 115 lbs / 52 kg) and says she has “perky tits” and a “tight little 😺” …you get it.

pepper valentine onlyfans

In one of her pinned posts, Pepper states “I love anal play so much”. While she has many talents including squirting, solo play, and dick ratings, it’s clear this anal OnlyFans girl loves anything ass-related. Pepper also offers a girlfriend experience if you’re looking for a more intimate relationship with an OnlyFans college girl.

In addition to all that she offers – including custom requests, one-on-one messaging, and daily posts – Pepper is one of several college girls on OnlyFans with free accounts. No subscription is necessary to browse, although tips will be required for special attention. Well worth it, if you ask us.

OnlyFans Account Handle @peppervalentinexoxo
Fetish Petite / Ass
Number of Likes 21,700
Number of Posts 312
Number of Photos/Videos 841
Price FREE

3. Big Asian Nipples – Cute Asian College Student With Small Boobs & Tiny Feet

Jenny is a shy Asian college OnlyFans model with an impressively long menu on her popular account. She describes herself as having “small boobs and big nipples – probably the biggest nipples you’ve ever seen”. She also has a small waist and tiny feet, making her one of the cutest petite OnlyFans girls on the platform.

riceandbamboo big asian nipples onlyfans

This OnlyFans college student is kinky, fetish-friendly, and has a ton of solo play videos. But she’s not always alone – Jenny has boy/girl content, offers sexting sessions, and would love to chat with you. She replies personally to each and every DM that comes her way, making her highly interactive and easy to get to know.

With over 2,000 pieces of content, this Asian college OnlyFans girl has a lot of material to keep you occupied for weeks on end. Jenny has a “sweet ASMR-like voice” as well as a cute personality that she says will make you instantly fall in love. This petite co-ed is definitely one of the best OnlyFans college girls to follow.

OnlyFans Account Handle @riceandbamboo
Fetish Asian / Petite
Number of Likes 14,300
Number of Posts 808
Number of Photos/Videos 2,045
Price $10 per month

4. Britney – BBW Goth College Student Who Loves Piercings & Gaming

This self-described “BBW Goth Queen” is one of the more popular college OnlyFans girls we’ve seen, with 128,000 likes and counting! It’s easy to see why – with her pink hair, facial piercings, love of gaming, and voluptuous curves, Britney is unlike any other college student on this list.

emopink69 britney onlyfans

This kinky goth has an extensive menu offering a ton of great XXX material. Britney has solo videos, fetish material, JOI clips, foot content, and is simply one of the best gamer girls on OnlyFans. She also provides live sexting and a girlfriend experience, so you can get to know one of the best college girl OnlyFans creators even better.

It seems unbelievable that for all that she offers, this top college OnlyFans goth and gamer girl has a totally free account. While you may have to tip extra for special features, this is a great deal to get to know a truly unique, kinky, and fetish-friendly BBW on the platform.

OnlyFans Account Handle @emopink69
Fetish Goth / Gamer
Number of Likes 128,100
Number of Posts 4,095
Number of Photos/Videos 4,864
Price FREE

5. Rebecca Wilson – College Freshman With a Love of BBC & Squirting

This 18-year-old college freshman OnlyFans girl may just be starting her four-year journey into higher education, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time to have some fun online! Rebecca has boy/girl sex tapes, solo play videos, and BJ content for her adoring fans, and has amassed over 140,000 likes so far.

rebecca wilson onlyfans

Rebecca uniquely offers live squirting content, making her easily one of the best college squirt girls on OnlyFans. She loves showing off her toys in videos – you’ll see everything from trying out her new butt plug to breaking in some new dildos. This is one hot and adventurous college teen OnlyFans creator!

If you’re on the hunt for college athletes with OnlyFans, you might be interested in watching Rebecca getting naughty, doggy style, with her BBC college football player friend – just one of hundreds of posts this college freshman OnlyFans student has on her wall. Bonus: Rebecca’s account is completely free.

OnlyFans Account Handle @rebeccawilson18
Fetish BBC / Squirting
Number of Likes 140,800
Number of Posts 634
Number of Photos/Videos 785
Price FREE

6. Hawaii Rae – A Top 0.5% OnlyFans Creator & College Sweetheart

This blonde bombshell named Hawaii is a student at Arizona State University. We’re not sure if she’s from the state of Hawaii, but it doesn’t matter – what’s important is that she’s a college goddess OnlyFans creator who posts daily, is in the top 0.5% on OF, and has stunning good looks.

hawaii rae onlyfans

If you’re looking for a lesbian OnlyFans college student, note that Hawaii does plenty of girl-on-girl collabs. She has boy/girl content as well – the best of both worlds! This golden-haired beauty takes custom requests, so just send her a DM and have some fun. Like some other college OnlyFans girls, her account is totally free.

Hawaii is a personal trainer and loves going on hikes, so she’s extremely active – no wonder she has such a killer bod. Did we mention she’s a self-described “super horny freak”? Come see why Hawaii Rae is one of the best college OnlyFans girls with over 85,000 likes so far.

OnlyFans Account Handle @hawaiirae
Fetish Blonde / Lesbian
Number of Likes 85,700
Number of Posts 1,677
Number of Photos/Videos 1,976
Price FREE

7. College Fairy – Ebony Bisexual College Student Who’s Fetish Friendly

If College Fairy looks familiar, it may be because you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of fans who have watched this Ebony babe’s XXX-rated videos on certain porn websites. While she may have videos elsewhere, this college girl’s OnlyFans is the one place to get to know her on a truly intimate level.

college fairy onlyfans

College Fairy is bisexual, so she loves getting raunchy with both men and women – in fact, she says that two of her favorite hobbies are eating pussy and sucking dick. This college OnlyFans nude creator also has a penchant for handcuffs, hair pulling, and “taking souls” as she has stated.

This ebony OnlyFans girl has a second free account, which you can check out to get a sneak peek. But her paid account, mentioned below, gives you access to everything, with no extra costs and no censorship. As with several other college girls with OnlyFans, this Black goddess is fetish-friendly, so your secret kinks are safe with her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @collegefairy1
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 9,200
Number of Posts 351
Number of Photos/Videos 606
Price $10 per month

8. Kayci Darko – College Volleyball OnlyFans Creator Whose OF Made Headlines

You may remember this college volleyball OnlyFans model from the news – after the Dean of Kayci Darko’s school discovered her OF account, Kayci was removed as team captain and suspended from the team! But this blonde beach babe is having the last laugh as a popular adult creator.

kayci darko onlyfans

This college goddess’ OnlyFans offers a bunch of great XXX content: in addition to plenty of photos of her in tiny bikinis, Kayci posts new videos every week, provides live shows, has unlimited free messaging, and offers B/G and G/G content, JOI clips, and more.

Subscribers, take note: you will receive a free pussy play video when you sign up. If you’re interested in seeing a college athlete’s OnlyFans who also happens to be one of the best pussy OnlyFans creators, don’t miss out on beach bum, volleyball player, and all-around hottie Kayci Darko.

OnlyFans Account Handle @kaycivip
Fetish Blonde / Ass
Number of Likes 7,100
Number of Posts 517
Number of Photos/Videos 744
Price $20 per month

If you’re looking specifically for college teen OnlyFans creators, look no further than one of the hottest 18-year-old OnlyFans girls we’ve found. Barely Legal Katie is a gorgeous brunette with a completely free account that has amassed nearly 78,000 likes. Katie clearly spends a lot of time on OF in addition to studying!

barely legal katie onlyfans

Since this college freshman OnlyFans account is free, you do have to tip her for special features like a fully naked shower video, uncensored versions of certain photos, and her undivided attention. Tipping is a great way to have an intimate experience with a creator whenever you want – and you’re going to want one with Katie.

If you would like a dick rating from one of the hottest college OnlyFans 18-year-olds, all you have to do is ask. Keep an eye on Katie’s page, as she’s constantly offering discounts and special deals for new subscribers.

OnlyFans Account Handle @barelylegalkatie18
Fetish Busty / Brunette
Number of Likes 77,800
Number of Posts 2,601
Number of Photos/Videos 2,313
Price FREE

10. Tallulah Reynolds – College Cheerleader & Sexually Liberated Hippie

Tallulah Reynolds, also known as College Girl, is a college cheerleader OnlyFans creator making a ton of content – nearly 5,000 photos and videos to date! This blonde cutie describes herself as “an explorer, a sexually liberated and hippie girly” who just wants to have fun and break some rules.

tallulah reynolds onlyfans

Anyone searching for college athlete OnlyFans accounts will love this cheerleader’s boy/girl and solo videos, custom content, girlfriend experience, and much more. Tallulha’s content is both amateur and professionally shot, so you get to experience a range of styles when you subscribe.

Tallulah uploads new posts every day and new subscribers even get a discounted butt plug video. Her account isn’t expensive – at just $6 per month, Tallulah is one of the best cheap OnlyFans college girls on the platform. Reward her with a gift from her wish list – she loves cosplay outfits and app-controlled vibrators.

OnlyFans Account Handle @tallulahreynolds
Fetish Blonde / Hippie
Number of Likes 20,000
Number of Posts 1,833
Number of Photos/Videos 4,908
Price $6 per month

11. Lucy Mochi – Kinky Asian College Student Who Loves Bondage & BDSM

Lucy Mochi states on her Instagram that she’s “not a very good college student”. However, this Asian college OnlyFans girl is very good at posting a ton of adult content, gaining fans, and amassing hundreds of thousands of likes on her popular OnlyFans page.

lucy mochi onlyfans

This petite stunner is another one of many college girls on OnlyFans with a long menu, including XXX-rated videos featuring duos, threesomes, foursomes, and more. Lucy posts new content all the time, replies personally to messages, and absolutely loves being a bondage and BDSM OnlyFans creator.

If you’d like to spoil this fetish-friendly OnlyFans college girl, be sure to visit her wish list – she would love a latex nurse costume, a tiny bikini complete with bunny ears, and something called “clit stimulate underwear”. Go see why Lucy Mochi has received over 600,000 likes on her extremely racy OF page.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lucymochi
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 605,500
Number of Posts 991
Number of Photos/Videos 1,264
Price $20 per month

12. Felicity College Girl – UK-Based College Girl Who Gets Naughtier Each Month

If you’re looking for the best college girl OnlyFans accounts outside of the US, you’ll want to get to know London-based Felicity, also known as @princess-mermaid on OF. This petite brunette calls herself “your favourite college girl slut” and she wants you to watch her step out of her comfort zone.

felicity princess mermaid onlyfans

Felicity hasn’t been on the platform for long but she’s already established herself as one of the best amateur OnlyFans college girls out there. She offers XXX-rated boy/girl and solo content, sexting, intimate video chat, and provides custom videos for those looking for something specific from their college OnlyFans girls.

This top college OnlyFans creator from the UK offers new subscribers free nudes. She’s also extremely active in her DMs and promises to get “naughtier and naughtier each month” on OF. All of this, plus a relatively low subscription price, and Felicity is a raunchy student you’ll want to get to know, even if you’re across the pond!

OnlyFans Account Handle @princess-mermaid
Fetish Brunette
Number of Likes 786
Number of Posts 69
Number of Photos/Videos 93
Price $5.99 per month

13. College-couple – Young Couple Making Highly Erotic Fetish Content

Felipe and Anna, otherwise known as College-couple on OnlyFans, state that they are “way cheaper than Netflix and much more pleasant to watch”. These college couple OnlyFans creators make unique content in that they are never nude. Even so, the videos they produce are highly erotic and sensual.

college couple onlyfans

Originally from Brazil, College-couple is one of the best OnlyFans couples on the college circuit. While you can find their steamy videos on other porn sites, their OnlyFans page is mostly free (some content is paid), shows their faces, and provides a way to stay in touch with them. They even say that you can DM them whenever you want.

Subscribers get exclusive access to some of their hottest content – a big plus over the usual porn sites. It may seem unbelievable that such erotic content can be made without nudity, but this college couple OnlyFans account proves otherwise! Be sure to check out Felipe and Anna’s naughty wish list and the recent sex toys they acquired.

OnlyFans Account Handle @collegecoipleph
Fetish Couple
Number of Likes 4,700
Number of Posts 204
Number of Photos/Videos 280
Price $5.99 per month

14. Helena – College Student By Day, Naughty Slut By Night

Blonde stunner Helena states right off the bat that she’s a 21-year-old college student by day and “your naughty slut by night”. While leading this dual life, Helena has managed to amass an impressive 72,000+ likes on her OnlyFans page which has a long menu of kinks.

helena onlyfans

When you subscribe to this college OnlyFans nude creator, you’ll get daily uploads and sexting, boy/girl content, and frequent giveaways and surprises. In fact, Helena says that she has “lots of surprises and gifts” she can’t wait to share with you. Custom content is also available – all you have to do is ask.

In addition to all that she offers, this gorgeous babe has amazingly good looks, putting her squarely on the list of best OnlyFans models at the college level – and beyond! Helena is also fetish-friendly, emphasizing that she is “open to ANYTHING”. Go see why Helena has been rated the #1 college girl on OF.

OnlyFans Account Handle @porcelainpiggiesff
Fetish Blonde / Busty
Number of Likes 72,500
Number of Posts 324
Number of Photos/Videos 343
Price $5.45 per month

15. Erica Fontaine – Gorgeous Ebony College Gymnast OnlyFans Creator

Erica Fontaine is a well-known American national team gymnast who, in her early 20s, is right out of school. You may remember that this college athlete’s OnlyFans page made headlines in recent months – Erica is one of several famous names in the sports world who post exclusive content for fans.

erica fontaine onlyfans

As a professional gymnast, Erica is in unbelievable physical shape. While she’s not a bodybuilder, she’s incredibly strong and powerful, making her possibly the best muscle OnlyFans girl on this list. Subscribers who turn on renew get free surprises and more!

Erica has amassed quite a following on Instagram (nearly 700,000 followers) and loves showing off her gorgeous ebony curves in bikinis, short shorts, and workout clothes. You have to check out this college gymnast OnlyFans creator in her booty-revealing outfit made of beads and string!

Just know that Erica’s OF is even hotter, so go see what she’s up to in between gymnastic training.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ericafontaine
Fetish Ebony / Busty
Number of Likes 184,600
Number of Posts 201
Number of Photos/Videos 215
Price $10 per month

16. Your GF Emma – Horny College College Girl With a Petite Body

Emma describes herself as a “horny college girl with a petite body and a chill-ass personality”. She promises that she’ll be your new favourite college girl next door – her spelling “favourite” with a “u” means she is likely outside of the US! Either way, Emma is online and wants you to get to know her wild side.

your gf emma onlyfans

Emma has posted an impressive 3,800+ times with over 3,600 individual pieces of content – a staggering amount for someone who also spends time cramming for tests! Her DMs are always open, so feel free to send her a message, as she can’t wait to have fun and sext with you.

This petite OnlyFans college girl offers a highly personal experience with each fan – we get the sense that she truly loves interacting with her admirers, so don’t be shy. Send that DM! Emma also has some good deals: turn on renew for freebies and buy a subscription bundle for access to even more hot content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @freakycollegebabe
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 30,300
Number of Posts 3,848
Number of Photos/Videos 3,630
Price $18.99 per month

17. Kambae aka peachy – Busty & BBW College Station OnlyFans Creator

If you’re searching for girls from College Station, TX, look no further – Kam is a young, curvy, tattooed hottie based in the eastern Texas city that’s home to the main campus of Texas A&M University. This brunette’s first name is Kam, but the College Station OnlyFans creator often goes by “peachy” online.

peachy kam onlyfans

Kam states that “everything’s bigger in Texas” and this voluptuous porn creator certainly embraces her BBW figure, putting her squarely on the list of best chubby OnlyFans girls on the platform. She loves playing with dildos, showing you every inch of her curvy body without holding anything back.

Her Instagram is a playful mix of fun selfies and sexy booty shots, but you have to check out this OnlyFans College Station creator to see her truly hardcore content. Her wish list is a practical mix of kitchen, pet, and gardening supplies with some sexy bikinis to keep her cool in the hot Texas weather.

OnlyFans Account Handle @kambae_
Fetish BBW / Tattoos
Number of Likes 2,400
Number of Posts 154
Number of Photos/Videos 263
Price $25 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest College Girl OnlyFans to Follow?

There are an incredibly large number of college girls with OnlyFans, as you’ve seen from this guide. Whether you’re looking for blondes, brunettes, sweet girls, naughty babes, or just college athlete OnlyFans accounts, there are plenty of students taking study breaks in order to fulfill your fantasies.

While every girl in this guide is worth a follow, we think the three best college girl OnlyFans creators are Mia Monroe (aka The College Stripper), Pepper Valentine, and Jenny (aka Big Asian Nipples).

Mia Monroe, perhaps better known as The College Stripper OnlyFans creator, has accumulated a staggering 950,000+ likes. The busty brunette is a #1 rated Latina, replies to every single fan, and has a long kink menu. Mia offers high-quality video content, loves getting naughty with lots of other girls, and has a super hot wish list that includes a leg-stretching machine.

Pepper Valentine is a petite horny cheerleader who hails from a small town. She loves anal play, squirting, dick ratings, and so much more. With custom requests, personal messaging, and posts every day, she’s incredibly active and interactive. Plus, her account is entirely free.

Jenny is a shy Asian brunette with a long menu of kinks. She fully embraces her small boobs and large nipples, even dubbing herself “Big Asian Nipples” on OF. This ASMR-voiced babe is fetish-friendly, offers sexting, and replies personally to you when you send her a message. She’s sexy, cute, and generous with her fans.


Who are the hottest college girl OnlyFans creators?

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