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What’s better than a girl who can kick your butt in Fortnite, Call of Duty, or World of Warcraft? One who looks absolutely smoking hot doing it! Since NSFW content is banned on streaming platforms like Twitch, OnlyFans is where these gamer girls unleash their spicy side with their fans. We’re talking exclusive nudes, naughty cosplays, and other X-rated stuff. 

Move over guys, because the gamer girl revolution is in full swing! In this guide, you’ll find 12 of the hottest OnlyFans gamer girls you should follow in 2023. We break down their stats, such as their fetishes, media library, and how many coins you need to drop on each one. Ready, player one? Press play and dive in!

The 12 Hottest Gamer Girls with OnlyFans in 2024

Here’s the full list of our top 12 Gamer girls with OnlyFans accounts! We’re putting the spotlight on each Onlyfans gamer girl in the next section, covering the content they offer, subscription price, and more.

Reviewing the Top Gamer Girl OnlyFans Ceators to Subscribe to 

Now it’s time to choose your Player Two (or three, four…fifteen)! These 12 OF accounts are filled with gamer girl OnlyFans porn videos and nudes, but that’s not our only criterion. These hotties also have amazing personalities to match! Let’s take a look at each one:

1. NivyPlays – Overall Top Gamer Girl OnlyFans Account & Cosplay Porn Creator

Meet your new gaming crush, NiviPlays! She tops our list of the hottest OnlyFans gamer girls with that neon-pink hair, tattooed bod, and curves in all the right places.

Nivi knows that nothing beats homemade and that includes porn. Her OnlyFans library is filled with amateur smut, from classic B/G and G/G sex scenes to solo masturbation videos. 

NivyPlays OnlyFans

But her real specialty is OnlyFans cosplay. This gamer chick can pornify any video game or anime character! If you’ve got a gaming fantasy that you want bringing to life, she’s your girl. Want to see her donning Princess Zelda’s iconic dress? Or maybe you’re more of a Lara Croft kind of guy? Whatever your heart desires, NiviPlays is more than happy to oblige.

For $9.99 a month, you can unlock her entire collection featuring 300 X-rated videos and photos. We also love how friendly Nivi is – she replies to all her DMs from subscribers. For all of these reasons and more, Nivi is our ultimate Onlyfans gamer girl.

OnlyFans Username @nivyplays
Fetish Cosplay/Tattoos
Number of Photos/Videos 300
Number of Posts 187
Number of Likes 7,100
Price $9.99/month

2. Mia Malkova – Veteran Porn Star Turned Gamer Extraordinaire 

Most guys have spanked their joystick to Mia Malkova on some of the best porn sites around, but boy, this babe can play! Mia’s been making waves on Twitch, where she streams herself slaying enemies in games like World of Warcraft, Dead by Daylight, and Shadows of Rose.

Mia Malkova OnlyFans

But let’s be real, you’re here for the OnlyFans content, and Mia does not disappoint. Her private OnlyFans library is packed with 1890 videos and photos (mostly hardcore, as you might expect). She also likes to show off her nerdy side with gaming-related nudes and sex scenes. Most of these are OF exclusives, which means you get to see a whole new side of Mia!

We think it’s nice how Mia offers a free 30-day trial subscription for her OnlyFans account. After that, it’s $9.99 a month for unlimited access to her entire OF catalog. Mia uploads new content all the time, so it’s definitely worth it!

OnlyFans Username @miamalkova
Fetish Hardcore
Number of Photos/Videos 1,890
Number of Posts 1,202
Number of Likes 2.05 million
Price $9.99 /month (with 30-Day free trial)

3. Clarus Polaris – Redhead Gaming Nerd Who Loves to Strip & Tease

Redheaded OnlyFans star Claurus Polaris doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own. On her Twitch account, she proudly boasts that she “kinda plays whatever the hell I want.” That means chilling in Stardew Valley, drawing blood in God of War, and destroying monsters in Skyrim.

She takes that rebel attitude to her OnlyFans account. Unlike other girls on this list, Claurus doesn’t create explicit gamer girl OnlyFans porn. Instead, she’s all about teasing her fans. Ever watched lingerie yoga? Downward-facing dog never looked so hot! She also combines cosplay with stripping – imagine what that looks like with your favorite character!

Clarus Ploaris OnlyFans

And if that’s not enough to get you going, she regularly collaborates with other OF hotties for some seriously steamy girl-on-girl action. 

For $11.99/month, you’ll gain full access to Clarus’ world and chat with her as much as you like. Love what you see? Get her bundle discounts and save up to 35% off your subscription. Finally, Claurus posts something new every day, so you’ll never have to wait long to see what she’s up to next!

OnlyFans Username @claruspolaris
Fetish Girl on Girl/Striptease
Number of Photos/Videos 1,945
Number of Posts 695
Number of Likes 35,800
Price $11.99/month

$28.78 for 3-months, 46.76 for 6-months 

4. Victoria – Blonde Bombshell with Wild OnlyFans Gamer Girl Porn Content

Victoria’s rise to fame started with playing and streaming games on Twitch. But that wasn’t enough for her – she wanted a more intimate way to interact with her fans. That’s how this blonde bombshell discovered her talent for making gamer girl OnlyFans porn!

It’ll cost you $9.99 a month to witness Victoria go full XXX including spanking, BJs, self-masturbation, and other porn content. If you want the really CRAZY stuff though, you’ll need to get your wallet out. In exchange for tips, you can watch Victoria wearing a bunny onesie with a fluffy tail plug, playing with her naked self while looking over the Vegas strip, going to town on dildos…

Victoria OnlyFans

As a treat, Victoria welcomes new subs with a free 8-minute sexy video to set the mood. And if you’re into custom content, we can’t think of anyone better than Victoria to bring your wildest fantasies to life!

OnlyFans Username @victoria
Fetish Voyeur/Roleplay
Number of Photos/Videos 1,252
Number of Posts 886
Number of Likes 63,600
Price $9.99 a month

5. Lucy BladeRain – Latex-Loving Fetish Superstar on OnlyFans

This Czech beauty is not only a master at the console, but she’s also into cosplay, modeling, burlesque, and all things pop culture. She never gets naked in her OnlyFans account, but she’ll drive you over the edge with her gamer girl content!

Lady BladeRain OnlyFans

Lucy calls herself the “CEO of my own fetish party” and there’s something for everyone in her OnlyFans feed. Into feet? You’ll be worshiping her toes in no time. How about pinup girls or hot chicks with big boobs wearing latex? You’ll find all of that and more when you subscribe to her OnlyFans for only $9.99 a month.

As a subscriber, you can also ask her to dress up as the sexy version of your favorite character from video games, TV shows, and movies – for a tip, of course! 

OnlyFans Username @bladerain
Fetish Latex/Pinup
Number of Photos/Videos 3321
Number of Posts 376
Number of Likes 1,900
Price $9.99

6. hannah – Kawaii Gamer Who Likes Showing Off Her Tits and Ass

The ultimate e-girl, Hannah, is also one of our favorite Gamer girls with OnlyFans accounts! Only 18 when she started streaming, this cutie was destined for Twitch stardom: she’s beautiful, into anime, plays online games, and was basically a walking emoji. Tens of thousands tuned in to watch her playing Pokemon Unite or Animal Crossing on her switch.

Luckily for us, her “kawaii” soon crossed into hentai territory when she created her OnlyFans account. She doesn’t post full nudes or X-rated videos but her OF content is every Otaku’s wet dream! 

Think horny ahegao faces and shy OnlyFans waifu cosplays and shirtless selfies with her arms covering her big tiddies. Hannah may not be doing heavy porn yet, but she knows how to work her assets (read: huge boobs and ass) to drive her fans insane!

hannah OnlyFans

You can get front-row seats to her naughty OF live streams and weekly uploads for only $12/month. You can also get up to 20% off your subscription if you buy her packages. Subscribe to Hannah on OnlyFans your dream anime girl come to life!

OnlyFans Username @hannahowo
Fetish E-girl/Anime
Number of Photos/Videos 611
Number of Posts 183
Number of Likes 399,800
Price $12/month

7. woffee – Gamer Girl Cosplayer Who Loves Fulfilling Kink Fantasies

Say hello to Woffee, the fierce Valorant player who can shoot down opponents like nobody’s business! Still, headshots are not the only things she’s good at. This self-described “sexy gamer slut” has some of the dirtiest gamer girl OnlyFans porn you can find!

Woffee went all in on OnlyFans, giving her subscribers everything from blowjob videos to solo toy play videos and a ton of kinky cosplays and nudes. You can also ask her to create custom XXX videos cosplaying whoever you like. 

Woffee currently has 622 photos and videos on OnlyFans which you can access by subscribing for $12.99 a month. She’s also into sexting and talking dirty with her subscribers, so don’t be shy about sliding into her DMs once you’ve signed up!

OnlyFans Username @woffee
Fetish Praise Kink
Number of Photos/Videos 622
Number of Posts 242
Number of Likes 120,800
Price $12.99/month, 20% discount for 3 months

8. Mercyy – Sweet and Lusty Anime Waifu Come to Life

Mercyy, short for Mercedes, likes dropping baddies in FPS games. But behind her gun-toting gamer persona is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet! Her OnlyFans gamer girl account is filled with heart emojis and she introduces herself as “your girl next door fantasy.”

Still, don’t let that nice smile fool you. Mercyy is an OnlyFans pornstar at heart! She’s insanely creative with the erotic stuff, too. Last year, she heated up the holidays for her tipping subscribers by sending them nudes and vids every single day through December until Christmas!

Mercyy OnlyFans

Her regular programming is just as hot. Mercyy uploads G/G mutual masturbation videos and B/G sex content. She live streams on OnlyFans at least twice a week, and her room has a stripper pole in the middle of it. Just imagine all the bending, stripping, and teasing that happens during her shows!

$10/month will grant you entry to Mercyy’s exclusive OF club. She posts daily and responds to every message herself, so it really does feel like flirting with the hot girl next door!

OnlyFans Username @missmercyy
Fetish Cosplay/Hardcore
Number of Photos/Videos 1,892
Number of Posts 832
Number of Likes 92,300
Price $10/month, 12% off 3 months, 20% off 6 months

9. RavenGoesWild – Seriously Kinky Bisexual Gamer with a Dark Side

Looking at Raven’s long black hair and heavily-tattooed skin, her favorite games may come as a surprise. It’s hard to imagine this seductress playing colorful games with cute visuals like Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Marbles! 

Go to her OnlyFans, and you’ll quickly realize that this gamer girl has a dark side. Her content revolves around hardcore kinks like pegging, anal, domination, humiliation, and orgies. Ropes and whips are a staple in many of her 937 OnlyFans videos and photos. And did we mention she’s a switch? That means she loves to domme and be dommed, as well as partaking in the occasional threesome!

Raven OnlyFans

For a fee, you can have Raven perform JOI or CEI, customized to your kinks. She’s been on OF for a while and is a prolific creator, so subscribing for $12.54/month instantly gives you three-years’ worth of content. It’s a fantastic mix of nudes and full-length sex vids, topped off with constant new uploads. Raven is hands-down one of the hottest OnlyFans gamer girls today!

OnlyFans Username @ravengoeswild
Fetish Kink/Bondage
Number of Photos/Videos 937
Number of Posts 728
Number of Likes 113,200
Price $12.54/month, 25% off 6 months

10. GubbaTV – Savage Gamer Girl Who Takes Amazing Bikini Pics

Coming after the sultry Raven, Gubba’s OnlyFans account seems tame in comparison. Her OF library only contains 50 pieces of content in total, and none of those have full nudity or sex scenes. At $19.99 a month, she’s also not in the category of cheap OnlyFans accounts!

Gubba gets her confidence from her wildly successful gaming career. She once won £11,000 during a Fortnite tournament! She has millions of fans across her socials, and only recently did she start posting on OnlyFans.

GubbaTV OnlyFans

We expect her collection to grow, but for now, her fans can enjoy tasteful photos of her petite body clad in two-piece bikinis. She’s also into sugaring, so if you’re a daddy looking for a gorgeous baby to spoil, sub fast before someone snaps her up!

OnlyFans Username @gubbatv
Fetish Sugaring
Number of Photos/Videos 28
Number of Posts 29
Number of Likes 1,700
Price $19.99/month, 5% off 3 months, 20% off 6 months

11. JasminFoxe – Thicc, Busty OnlyFans Gamer With Cosplay Porn Merch

JasminFoxe is thicc, squishy, and can cosplay the heck out of any anime or video game character! Her past uploads include Sailor Moon’s porn version – complete with massive jiggly boobs spilling out of a tiny bikini.

This Onlyfans gamer girl also has a knack for business. She knows that gamers love collecting memorabilia, and JasminFoxe cashes in on the trend with her gamer girl OnlyFans porn merch! For a certain tip amount, she’ll send you the underwear she wore in her erotic streams, complete with an exclusive nude polaroid and hand-written thank you letter. Way to make her most generous fans feel special!

JasminFoxe OnlyFans

Finally, she’s savvy with her OF feed, too. For $10 a month, you’ll gain full access to her OnlyFans library with 734 raunchy pics and vids. But if you want to see her giving a BJ, scissoring with another hottie, or stripping out of her cosplays, you’ll need to tip her accordingly and she’ll DM them to you. Oh, and she also offers dick ratings!

OnlyFans Username @jazzyfoxe
Fetish BBW
Number of Photos/Videos 734
Number of Posts 370
Number of Likes 27,600
Price $10/month

12. Belle Delphine – Infamous OnlyFans Gamer with 12,000+ X-Rated  Pics & Vids

Rounding up our list of the hottest OnlyFans gamer girls is none other than Belle Delphine! This cosplay babe was already popular before the stunt that made her infamous: selling her “gamer girl bath water” to thirsty fans. It cost $30 a jar and was sold out in a flash.

Now for just $5 more, you can enter Belle’s virtual bedroom on OnlyFans where she posts “explicit, horny, and sometimes gross” content. Your $35 subscription gives you 12,470 pieces of Belle Delphine’s softcore nudes, hardcore porn, and erotic cosplays. We’ve got a full review of exactly what you get from Belle Delphine’s OnlyFans that you can check out, too. 

Belle Delphine OnlyFans

So what about the “gross” part? Belle definitely has some strange content on there, like a photo set of her holding a bottle of Mountain Dew while sitting in a bathtub filled with Doritos chips. No judgment here if that’s your kink! In all, Belle Delphine is truly one of the most unique gamer girls with OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Username @belledelphine
Fetish E-girl
Number of Photos/Videos 12,470
Number of Posts 698
Number of Likes 989,000
Price $35/month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Gamer Girl with OnlyFans?

NivyPlays gets our vote for the hottest OnlyFans gamer girl! She creates amateur porn like a pro and her erotic cosplay skills are always on point. 

Nivy obviously loves her fans, too, and she goes out of her way to accommodate custom content and chat with her subscribers. And she serves up all that gamer-girl goodness for only $9.99!


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