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Perth, the sunniest city in Australia, is famous for its mesmerizing coastlines, close connections to the uninhabited desert areas, and sexy babes. When you come to the spacious capital of Western Australia, it’s hard not to fall in love with these tanned, feisty goddesses.

With a population of 2 million, Perth has an abundant supply of top-rated OnlyFans girls. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard part in reviewing them. Sit back, get Australia’s favorite Golden Gaytime ice cream, and enjoy the list of the best Perth OnlyFans girls!

The 15 Best Perth OnlyFans Girls 2024

As your trusted Perth OnlyFans finder, we guarantee everyone on this list offers the most unique experiences and hottest adult content. Check out these best Perth OnlyFans creators now:

A Detailed Look at the Best Perth OnlyFans Creators

It’s time to look at everyone’s profile to see what makes these OnlyFans Perth girls one of a kind. From their offers to bust sizes to attentiveness, here’s everything you want to know about these no-filter Australian sweethearts.

1. WESTCOAST SAVAGE – Famous OnlyFans Billboard Girl In Perth With A Voluptuous Ass

Remember that giant Perth OnlyFans billboard you saw earlier this year with a curvy bombshell? Well, that’s Savannah, aka Westcoast Savage. After the whole racy public ad scandal, she’s successfully put herself among our best Perth OnlyFans girls.

Of course, we didn’t just love her because of a billboard. We believe she’s one of the best because of her diverse skill set, ridiculous curves, and perfect tan. The Savannah Perth OnlyFans menu includes anal play, lesbian sex scenes, B/G porn, squirting, threesomes, bondage, cumshots, pussy play, and pretty much everything in between.


Savannah is a prolific creator with daily XXX updates. She’s a headline-grabber who deserves all the sexy titles she gets. Even after becoming the most famous Perth WA OnlyFans girl in 2024, the tattooed OF babe remains your friendly neighborhood slut with a subscription fee of only $10.

When the sun’s out – which is like 95% of the time in Perth – Savannah likes attending pool parties and recording OnlyFans orgy scenes with her new acquaintances. The Aussie social queen can reap sexual benefits from any situation.

OnlyFans Account Handle @w.c.savage
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 33,500
Number of Posts 851
Number of Photos/Videos 855
Price $10 per month

2. Amy Justa – BBW Perthite Into Crazy Ass Play

Amy is one of the best Perth OnlyFans creators with the most outrageous ass play. The PAWG OnlyFans Perthite likes putting different objects in her tight hole. From anal beads to cucumbers to golf balls, there isn’t a lot that she hasn’t tried.

The OnlyFans Perth model is super proud of her all-natural body and down-to-earth vibes. She’s not on OF to make a living but simply to share her passion with you. She’s hypersexual and never fakes her orgasms. After seeing how hard she moans, you know she’s really having a good time.

Amy Justa OnlyFans

Amy has a rather big shoe size (US 10) for a small girl. She likes showing off her huge toes through DMs to tease you and make you hard. Sometimes, she poses for local adult magazines and sock companies and will share exclusive BTS clips with you.

In her free time, the part-time tattoo artist likes sipping on a pint of craft beer and brainstorming new designs for her ass. You’re welcome to join her in her artistic creation process in your 1:1 sexting session.

OnlyFans Account Handle @justaperth
Fetish Ass
Number of Likes 2,000
Number of Posts 343
Number of Photos/Videos 3,757
Price $8 per month

3. Aussie Lily Fox Perth – Naughty MILF From Perth Who Likes Getting Spanked

Lily Fox is 100% the naughtiest MILF in the OnlyFans Perth Australia region. After getting a divorce from her weak-minded ex-husband, the single mom is seeking a new alpha male to explore her rough sex kinks with – perhaps it could be you?

She likes bondage, wax play, dom/sub play, humiliation play, and roleplay – but she’s always open to new suggestions. These days, Lily often invites her delivery men and colleagues over to try out new stunts. You’ll be seeing a few of your favorite male OnlyFans creators in her raunchy collabs.

Aussie Lily Fox Perth OnlyFans

For Lily, a drunken selfie session in her garden without the kids is the best way to spend a Monday. There are countless full-frontal nudes as she hoses herself down while her neighbors watch.

Lily is very friendly and will welcome newcomers like you with open arms. Upon registration, she’ll immediately greet you with a full guide to navigate her media folders so you don’t get lost in her 2,000 photos/videos.

OnlyFans Account Handle @aussielilyfox
Fetish BDSM
Number of Likes 21,700
Number of Posts 992
Number of Photos/Videos 2,123
Price $9.99 per month

4. Renee Gracie – Aussie Car Racer With Massive Tit Implants And XXX Racing Snaps

Does a sexy girl who can handle big engines turn you on? If so, Renee Gracie is the angel who fell from heaven for you. Although she’s currently living in Gold Coast, she still has a soft spot for Perth as she spent a lot of time vacationing and racing there. The Perth Australia OnlyFans car racer has amassed over 660,000 likes for her diverse sexual interests.

The stunning babe covers JOIs, B/G/B porn, G/G sex tapes, foursomes, orgies, anal play, CEIs, anal play, sexting, dick ratings, and so much more. Renee has won several awards for her outstanding racing skills as well. Whether she’s prepping for the next competition or taking a break, a solo play session inside her beloved car sounds like a wonderful way to unwind.

Renee Gracie OnlyFans

To make things juicier, Renee has recently upgraded her tits with 650cc implants. It’s a visual feast seeing her boobs defying gravity and bouncing up and down when a race is on.

For $5 a month, you can access the muscle OF racer’s 2,000 pieces of hot content as well as her inbox. She’s very proud of her achievements and won’t hesitate to drop you further nudes to celebrate her championships.

OnlyFans Account Handle @reneegracie
Fetish Tits
Number of Likes 665,300
Number of Posts 1,958
Number of Photos/Videos 1,949
Price $5 per month

5. EmmaInk – Kinky Perth Mom Ready To Dominate You With Her SPH Play

Are her dozens of body tattoos intimidating? Good, because that’s the effect Emma is going for. Despite joining the platform just a while ago, she’s already running one of the top Perth OnlyFans accounts for femdom content.

The kinky Perth mom is a top-notch SPH OnlyFans creator. Her judgy mind can come up with a thousand ways to bash your disappointing junk. You can try your best to impress her and change her mind – just know that your futile efforts aren’t always appreciated as Emma prefers a quiet man who accepts his shortcomings.

EmmaInk OnlyFans

Don’t be discouraged when Emma’s media folder looks rather empty. She reserves her raciest clips through DMs and a lot of them are free. Once you subscribe to her, the bossy femdom OnlyFans queen will greet you with a list of her photos/videos and what you need to do to get them.

As Emma’s new sex slave, you can also follow her on Instagram and Snapchat. There are daily cheeky selfies and additional snaps – just know that she’s mostly fully clothed on the other platforms.

OnlyFans Account Handle @inkyandkinkyvip
Fetish Femdom
Number of Likes 192
Number of Posts 31
Number of Photos/Videos 30
Price $14.99 per month

6. Jessica Anne – Lingerie Model With Weekly Full-Length Sex Tapes In Western Australia

When you do a Reddit search for the best Perth OnlyFans girls, you must’ve come across “Jess OnlyFans Perth” several times. Why is she so popular, you ask? Her hourglass physique, drool-worthy B/G sex tapes, charming personality, generosity, sensual snaps… These are just a few of the many reasons to love her.

Jessica Anne is one of the hottest Perth OnlyFans models who produces weekly sex tapes with her manager, clients, and trainers. The OnlyFans blondie lives a glamorous life in the suburbs of Perth. On her wall, there are red carpet extras, commercial BTS videos, and seductive bedroom photoshoots.

Jessica Anne OnlyFans

When she’s not working, she likes surfing, hiking, and doing road trips around the desert area in Australia. As her top fan, you’ll receive full coverage of her private life away from the public eye. OnlyFans is her safe place to share everything she wants with you.

OnlyFans is the only platform to reach the famed model. She’ll personally reply to your messages and spoil you with additional clips from time to time.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jessicaanne90
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 21,000
Number of Posts 138
Number of Photos/Videos 138
Price $12 per month

7. Littlewunn – Young Tattooed Wife With XXX Outdoor Dildo Riding Scenes In WA

Here’s a fun fact about Perth: It’s one of the most remote capitals of the world. Situated more than 2,000 km from the next major city, Adelaide, Perthites can enjoy complete isolation and vast natural landscapes anytime they want. The next OnlyFans hotwife on our list of the best Perth OnlyFans creators surely knows how to take advantage of that.

Littlewunn isn’t exactly a diligent wife. In fact, she often leaves her hubby behind to embark on solo road trips around Western Australia. She only takes her 11-inch dildo with her so she can film the wildest outdoor dildo-riding scenes for your pleasure.

Littlewunn OnlyFans

From the Pinnacles Desert to the Wave Rock Caravan Park to the Karijini National Park, the OnlyFans Perth WA housewife has left her delicious pussy juice everywhere.

When sh’s home, she also films hardcore couple OnlyFans porn with her partner. The fun-loving pair likes 69s, anal play, deepthroating, cumshots, creampies, cosplay, facials, and roleplay.

OnlyFans Account Handle @littlewunn
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 12,500
Number of Posts 713
Number of Photos/Videos 986
Price $9.99 per month

8. Wendy Jane – Aussie Nurse Who Offers 1:1 Nurse Play Sessions

Wendy is one of the best Perth OnlyFans creators to indulge in a 1:1 nurse play session with. The real-life experienced nurse is eager to share her sexual interests with you. Whether you’re feeling insecure about your performance in bed or want a full-body virtual checkup, Wendy is your girl.

Aside from the customized nurse play sessions, the Aussie carer is also a top OnlyFans creator for foot content, masturbation videos, squirting clips, lingerie play, and dick ratings.

Wendy Jane OnlyFans

Your mature hottie is kink-friendly. Nothing is too unusual for her. She loves hearing your nasty thoughts and seeing how she can make them come true for you.

Wendy’s account is completely free to subscribe to. There are hundreds of uncensored snaps and teasers waiting for you. Obviously, if you want to unlock her XXX-rated stuff, you’ll have to pay your white angel well.

OnlyFans Account Handle @wink69
Fetish Nurse
Number of Likes 2,000
Number of Posts 155
Number of Photos/Videos 251
Price Free

9. swampy_princess – Fat Ass Model With Farting Scenes In The City Of Light

Swampy Princess is a farting OF creator with the messiest orgy scenes in the Western Australia OnlyFans region. For those of you browsing for thick gals with farting scenes, the gassy goddess keeps producing the nasty airy scent you’re looking for.

The chubby OnlyFans queen strictly controls her diet to spice up her group sex videos. Whether you want loud farts or wet farts, Swampy Princess is here to serve you right.

swampy_princess OnlyFans

Your wild socialite has a large group of friends she hangs out with every day, including a few other trending OnlyFans girls Perth has to offer. Their mind-blowing orgy clips come with ultra-explicit close-ups of her super soaker pussy.

Keep in mind that Swampy Pricness is letting you in for free. Therefore, you must message her once you join her sex community to get her updated catalog for the full experience. She loves greeting new fans like you with freebies such as nudes and mini-farting clips – what’s a better “hello” than that?

OnlyFans Account Handle @swampy_princess
Fetish Orgy
Number of Likes 2,600
Number of Posts 84
Number of Photos/Videos 91
Price Free

10. Jem Wolfie – Australian Model From Perth With 4K XXX Snaps And Videos

If you’ve been following the OnlyFans Perth WA modeling circle for a while, you know who Jem Wolfie is. The OnlyFans Instagram model was previously famous for getting banned by IG for posting NSFW pics. Now, she’s reserved her most explicit content for OF.

Jem’s content library is packed with 4K seductive beach videos, studio photoshoots, suggestive selfies, and shower content. The blonde athlete also shares a private side of her professional career. You’ll see BTS training scenes, gym snaps, and collabs with other trending Perth girls OnlyFans has available right now.

Jem Wolfie OnlyFans

Jem’s thick Aussie accent will make you blush and giggle. The IG influencer will gladly reply to your erotic messages with voice notes to make you feel special.

Right now, your baby girl is offering a discount for your first month. For $5, you can unlock all her pics/videos and slide into her DMs to see some never-seen-before footage.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jemwolfie
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 741,800
Number of Posts 518
Number of Photos/Videos 354
Price $9.99 per month

11. Maddison Stewart – Your Innocent Girlfriend Who Loves Watching You Jerk Off In Perth

Maddison describes herself as a “girly girl who loves to be naughty” – and she’s 100% right. The charming amateur model in Perth loves putting on makeup, doing her nails, and calling you up for an immersive GFE. She likes performing a striptease before taking out her toys and fondling her boobies until you cum.

Besides her real-time sex services, Maddison has B/G porn, BJ videos, tit play clips, and masturbation tapes on her wall. She updates her library with at least one full-length sex tape a week.

Maddison Stewart OnlyFans

Your innocent sweetheart has a few items on her wishlist. If you buy her something nice, she’ll make sure to wear the see-through outfit you get her in her next video – there’ll also be exclusive teasers in your inbox.

To see the not-so-naughty side of Maddison, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll get to see a more sophisticated side of her life when she’s not shooting adult content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @maddisonstewart92
Fetish GFE
Number of Likes 1,300
Number of Posts 81
Number of Photos/Videos 111
Price $10 per month

12. Miss Rain – Tattooed BBW Creator From WA With Creampie Close-Ups

Fancy a super-sized BBW OnlyFans creator with the flexibility of a snake? We’ve got you the legendary Miss Rain. The thick lady lives just a bit outside of Perth in Bunbury. She specializes in squirting, facials, creampie close-ups, face riding, solo play, toy play, and tit play.

The Bunbury OnlyFans performer adores the feeling of having creamy cum slide down her vulturous ass – she can literally bend over to lick herself clean. It turns her on to see her bedsheets stained with body fluids.

Miss Rain OnlyFans

Miss Rain has dozens of tattoos, including on her nipples and lady parts. If you like seeing an inked babe playing with herself, don’t be shy to message your heavy girlfriend as she isn’t stingy about sending extra close-up shots.

The green-eyed queen finds high-school uniforms particularly arousing. Most of the time, she’s wearing her mini-skirt during sex. If you happen to have high school fantasies, there are hundreds of uncensored snaps/videos in her content library.

OnlyFans Account Handle @callmemissrain
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 4,900
Number of Posts 336
Number of Photos/Videos 353
Price $9.99 per month

13. high infidelity – Married MILF With Rough Sex Tapes With Her Partner

High Infidelity is a Perth mum OnlyFans creator with steamy rough sex tapes with her partner and other swingers. The OnlyFans cuckolding MILF lets her hubby choose her next hookup. Together, they pick their prey at swinger events and sex parties. Their sex tapes have featured other OF creators in the region.

To date, there are nearly 1,000 pieces of XXX content on her wall. High Infidelity is into rough sex. From breath play to bondage to wax play, the sensation of pain is pleasure in her dictionary.

high infidelity OnlyFans

The MILF Perth OF hottie offers personalized dick rating and sexting services as well. You’re welcome to drop her your best morning boner snaps and see what she wants to do with your schlong.

High Infidelity promises to refresh her page with daily suggestive pics and explicit videos. Since she’s banned by IG, you can only see that peach-shaped buttock on OnlyFans now – ready to join her in her sex voyage?

OnlyFans Account Handle @highinfidelity
Fetish Rough Sex
Number of Likes 75,900
Number of Posts 591
Number of Photos/Videos 961
Price $20 per month

14. Evie – Australian Stripper In Perth Who Offers Live Streams And Dirty Dancing Services

There’s a Perth stripper quickly rising to fame with her delicate dance moves and delicious body – and her name is Evie. The 21-year-old dirty dancer is skilled at lesbian porn, lingerie play, oil play, pole dancing, lap dancing, stripteases, masturbation, and aerial swings.

Evie offers regular live streams to dance in front of your eyes. Her schedule fluctuates depending on her mood – be sure to turn on notifications so you don’t miss her live performances. Your slutty stripper is happy to do a custom dance for your access only. Remember to hit her up to secure a sweet deal once you follow her.

Evie OnlyFans

She is a no PPV OnlyFans creator who guarantees you unrestricted access to all her goodies with a sub. You can enjoy her yummy clips every day and personal dirty time via chat.

When she’s not working, Evie likes hiking, visiting cafes around Perth, and hanging out with her girlfriends. There are adorable personal updates on her wall to bring you closer to her inner circle.

OnlyFans Account Handle @dreamyevie13
Fetish Stripper
Number of Posts 214
Number of Photos/Videos 788
Price $20 per month

15. secret_wishes – Busty Wife Who Loves Anal Play In Her 4×4 Pickup Truck

Last but not least, we have Mrs. Wishes, the country girl lives outside of Perth on a small farm with her partner and a few animals. She’s excellent at milking her cows as well as getting milked by her lover.

Mrs. Wishes is into sexting, dick ratings, anal play, sloppy toppys, GFE, outdoor play, squirting, hand jobs, fingering, and roleplay. Her favorite way to spend a sunny morning is to take her husband for an off-road adventure and have him penetrate her from behind inside their muddy 4×4.

Mrs. Wishes OnlyFans

To make her farm life more exciting, Mrs. Wishes plays the wheel of sex every day to decide what mind-blowing sex acts she should try next. As her subscriber, you get to choose the stunts she puts on her wheel through the public polls on her wall.

The busty wife runs a VIP OnlyFans account, @secret_wishes84. There’s no PPV and you can access her most explicit, raw sex tapes anytime you want.

OnlyFans Account Handle @secret_wishes_free
Fetish Couple
Number of Likes 5,800
Number of Posts 88
Number of Photos/Videos 142
Price Free

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Perth OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After reviewing their offers, responsiveness, and upload frequencies, we’ve chosen Savannah, aka Westcoast Savage, Amy Justa, and Lily Fox to be the best Perth OnlyFans girls in 2024.

Savannah is practically the poster girl for OnlyFans in Western Australia since the billboard scandal. Her uncensored sex tapes cover a variety of fetishes that’ll get you red hot.

Amy Justa’s unparalleled ass play content is definitely one of a kind. You won’t find other Perth OF girls who can shove things in their bums the way Amy does.

Finally, we have Lily. The saucy MILF is always ready for a private fantasy call to have you discipline her. The submissive lady is eager to please with lots of kinky acts up her sleeves.

We know you’ll want to subscribe to all of these stunning babes. If you can’t pick one, how about starting with three? It’s only right to follow your favorites to get the horniest virtual sex experience.


Who are the hottest Perth OnlyFans creators?

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