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With over 2 million sexy girls on OnlyFans, it’s arguably the best place to look for uncensored squirt porn. From petite blondes to busty MILFs, there is a diverse pool to choose from. We know you’re here for the best squirt content – and that’s what we’re going to give you!

On this list, you will find the 15 absolute wettest and hottest OnlyFans squirt girls in 2024. All of them guarantee to deliver original squirt content that will get you hard and their beds soaked!

The 15 Best OnlyFans Squirting Creators for 2024

You want to know who’s going to squirt all over their bedsheets and camera and get dripping wet – and you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best squirters on OnlyFans that you need to check out.

A Detailed Look at the Best OnlyFans Squirt Creators

Overall, we chose these babes because of their ultra-explicit squirt content, upload frequencies, and charming personalities. Take a look to see how these gorgeous girls will make you cum!

1. Harvard’s Asian Dropout – Your Asian Slut With Free Squirt Content

Say hello to your number one Asian slut! Formerly known as Kazumi Squirt, your hot nerd now prefers just Kazumi or Harvard’s Asian Dropout. Aside from the obvious squirting videos, this curvy chick also likes creampies, facials, B/G porn, anal play, and more. 

She calls herself a “generous slut” – and she is not wrong! She is not shy to slide into your DMs with extra freebies if you subscribe and support her content. Her ultra-explicit squirt content and frequent giveaways make her the best Asian OnlyFans squirt girl with XXX-rated content on her wall.

For a more intimate experience with this Asian OnlyFans model, Kazumi offers private calls for a nice tip. She knows exactly how to have a good time with her exciting solo play and an array of sex toys. It’ll be impossible to not cum at the same time as this goddess squirts like a volcano!

If you’re ready to subscribe, you’re in luck – Kuzami is offering a sweet deal of $3 for 31 days. It’s time to check out some of the best Kazumi squirt OnlyFans videos now.

OnlyFans Account Handle @kazumisworld
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 491,600
Number of Posts 759
Number of Photos/Videos 550
Price $30 per month

2. Ms. Fernandes – Busty Latina Who Can Squirt All Day Long

The next on our list of the best OnlyFans squirt creators is Ms. Fernandes. This exotic squirter boasts over 1.55 million likes on the platform. She offers the hottest Latina OnlyFans squirt content. In her full-length orgy videos, you will see Ms. Fernandes squirt non-stop throughout the play – it’s not an exaggeration!

On top of that, she’s a prolific OnlyFans creator with over 6,000 pieces of hot content. There are daily XXX-rated uploads to keep you satisfied. She is famous for her creampie content, G/G sex tapes, anal play, role play, and so much more.

Ms Fernandes OnlyFans

Her insane fat ass only makes her adult content even more appetizing – seeing warm cum drip down her round ass is sensational. Whatever content she’s making, it pretty much always ends with her squirting anyway. You will love this Latina squirter straight away!

To make things even better, you can purchase exclusive XXX close-ups to get a good look at that exotic pussy! Ms. Fernandes is now offering a free 30-day trial – are you ready for all the NSFW free OnlyFans squirt videos?

OnlyFans Account Handle @ms_fernandes25
Fetish Busty/Latina
Number of Likes 1,550,000
Number of Posts 6,786
Number of Photos/Videos 6,379
Price $9.99 per month

3. Eliana Rose – Best Free OnlyFans Squirter With Diverse Content

On our list of the best OnlyFans squirt girls, Eliana offers the hottest free OnlyFans squirt content. This 24-year-old Arizona native invites you to check out her massive adult content library – for free! No, there is no hidden charge. Of course, if you are turned on by this squirter, you should send her a good tip!

Your tattooed babe‘s biggest hobby is to share her hot body with the world. There is a long list of things that make her squirt. Her wide interests cover creampies, orgies, anal play, B/G porn, B/G/G sex tapes, lesbian content, JOIs, cumshots, and roleplay! Her intense sex drive means she can have multiple orgasms in a row.

Eliana Rose OnlyFans

If you buy a private live cam show with her, she won’t hesitate to show you close-up squirting shots! Her OnlyFans girl squirt content will make you cum until you can’t handle it.

Eliana is also an OnlyFans sexter with the filthiest pick-up lines. She may even drop you a naughty photo message when you subscribe. To keep her on the hook, you better respond with an erotic video or a sexy voice note!

OnlyFans Account Handle @elianarose
Fetish Teen/Tattoos
Number of Likes 1,260,000
Number of Posts 6,920
Number of Photos/Videos 7,048
Price Free

4. Persian Princess – Busty Persian With Ultra-Explicit Squirting Videos

Calling herself “the freakiest girl”, this Persian Princess will not disappoint you with her wild, ultra-explicit OnlyFans squirt porn. She loves getting down with her XXX girlfriend, Luna London, to film lesbian content where they both squirt until the sheets are soaked!

Her other raunchy content includes solo play, threesomes, foursomes, B/G sex tapes, and anal play. There is no PPV – all full-length squirt videos are available once you join her squirt cult. On her account, you’ll see daily nudes and dildo clips when she’s not busy uploading squirt porn.

The Persian Princess OnlyFans

This freaky girl accepts the dirtiest requests – given a nice tip. Want to buy her wet bedsheets or panties after a live cam show? Just send her a message with what you can offer. But don’t forget to flirt with her first – it’s possible that she will throw in an extra-wet pillowcase if you treat her nicely.

One more reason to subscribe to her? Well, she is now offering 90% off for the first 31 days. You only have to pay $5 to enjoy XXX-rated OnlyFans pussy squirt content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @therealpersianprincess
Fetish Persian
Number of Likes 2,500
Number of Posts 137
Number of Photos/Videos 162
Price $50 per month

5. Sally Squirt – Teenage Girl With Daily Uncensored Squirt Videos

With an outspoken love for squirting, this teenage girl guarantees daily squirt videos for both your enjoyment and hers. Sally is incredibly interactive – she’ll talk to you in her live streams to get you revved up. If you shower her with cash, she’ll even customize a private squirt play for your access only!

On top of that, Sally is an experienced cam girl. She hosts regular cam shows and accepts custom requests. Don’t let her vanilla look fool you – this brunette is always horny and won’t let you go until you’ve made her bed wet.

Sally Squirt OnlyFans

There are regular promotions and surprises on her page. There’s a high chance of winning free exclusive Sally Squirt OnlyFans content. Another way to get her attention is to become a loyal fan by liking her posts and tipping her – you’ll get invited to join her private 1:1 calls where she masturbates and squirts right on screen for you!

Right now, Sally is offering a limited discount of $12 for 31 days – make sure to take the deal while it lasts! When you join her squirt gang, be sure to send a warm DM – you may get an erotic photo reply.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sallysquirtx3
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 6,500
Number of Posts 726
Number of Photos/Videos 2,556
Price $20 per month

6. Priya Patel – Horny Indian With Full-Length Squirt Porn

Priya is an Indian OnlyFans creator and one of our best squirt OnlyFans girls. She is here to prove a point – brown sluts like her have the hottest squirts! Her content is not for the faint-hearted. From toy play to full-length squirt porn, this Indian babe doesn’t miss any chance to get her pussy drippy.

She also likes facials, BJs, and deepthroating – so basically anything that gets a dick on her face. This desi girl is incredibly responsive. She is online 24/7 waiting to start a dirty conversation. For the right tip, she’ll curate exclusive squirt porn for your eyes only.

Priya Patel OnlyFans

Your Indian baby girl loves rating your dick too – now you know where that morning boner pic needs to go! Once you sext with her, you will be in awe of her cute personality and no-boundaries explicit video replies. Also, she accepts fetish-friendly requests. There’s nothing too sexual or explicit in her world!

Here’s a pro tip, she loves cooking and baking. How about a kitchen fantasy for your next sexting session? It will surely get her horny and squirting!

OnlyFans Account Handle @thepriyapatel
Fetish Indian
Number of Likes 24,800
Number of Posts 168
Number of Photos/Videos 168
Price $50 per month

7. SGODDESS – Petite Ebony Model Who Loves Foot Play

Known as the Squirt Goddess, this petite babe is another one of the best OnlyFans squirt girls. Her intense squirting orgasms have no boundaries – yes, she can have more than 12 orgasms in one live stream! If you are looking for some tantalizing ebony OnlyFans squirt content, you can’t miss Squirt Goddess.

Your melanated girl is a proud foot model. Aside from teasing you with her solo foot play, she loves creampies, B/G porn, cosplay, and kink play. Simply put, she is willing to do anything to make herself squirt! All her full-length sex tapes are yours to enjoy once you subscribe.

Squirt Goddess OnlyFans

This lively ebony model adores alpha males, therefore, you can be aggressive about all the filthy fantasies you have for her! She loves it when you’re in charge during a Squirt Goddess OnlyFans live webcam session.

When she is not creating adult content, she likes reading erotic books naked – and she is happy to read them to you if you tip her! To check out more of her adult content, you can follow her on Twitter, where she posts NSFW sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes footage.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sgoddess
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 107,500
Number of Posts 1,534
Number of Photos/Videos 1,593
Price $9.99 per month

8. Mags.IRL – Real Life Pornstar With Free Squirt Videos

Does the name omgcosplay ring a bell? That’s Mags! This OnlyFans pornstar is now going by Mags and creating exclusive steamy content here. Amassing over 9.32 million likes on the platform, her popularity proves how her blonde OnlyFans squirt content is to die for.

After being a famous adult actress for years, this girl knows how to get you hard with her OnlyFans squirt material. Expect close-ups in all her squirting videos – she’s not shy to show off her assets, aka her peach-shaped ass and exquisite small boobs.

Mags OnlyFans

Her best squirt videos can be reserved for you with a tip. Another way to get some goodies from her is to buy from her Amazon wishlist. There are sexy underwear sets and naughty toys on her wishlist, which she will be eager to show you when she receives them.

You’re probably thinking a squirt legend like Mags would charge an outrageous fee, right? Well, think again! Her account is 100% free to subscribe to. You can enjoy her free squirt videos anytime – of course, tips are always appreciated.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mags.irl
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 9,320,000
Number of Posts 1,920
Number of Photos/Videos 4,120
Price Free

9. Caly XRATED – British MILF Who Loves Orgies and a Good Squirt

When this MILF squirts, she can put out a fire. Caly is one of the best OnlyFans squirt creators because she does the most impressive squirt videos – it’s like someone left the faucet on. No one can stop her from squirting out of her pink pussy.

There are lots of uncensored OnlyFans MILF squirt videos on her page. You will see this squirter attending real-life weekend parties where she gangbangs the whole crowd! In her free time, she likes sending cheeky nudes to loyal fans like you. You can buy an intimate live chat experience with this MILF as well.

Caly Morgan OnlyFans

This British stunner is always down for dirty talks. She doesn’t charge extra for sexting – you can exchange erotic clips all night long until you cum.

Caly’s homemade porn is candid and feels less staged. You get to see a more personal side of this 40-year-old blondie. She does have a free OnlyFans account, if you want a taste of her NSFW content before you pay up.

OnlyFans Account Handle @more_intimate_with_caly
Fetish MILF/British
Number of Likes 82,000
Number of Posts 1,897
Number of Photos/Videos 1,886
Price $19.99 per month

10. Hotwife Ellie – Your Hotwife Who Loves Dildo Play

Already boasting over 1.5 million likes, hotwife Ellie will rock your world with her OnlyFans dildo squirt clips. She is a naughty MILF with a passion for giant dildos. In her live streams, she loves using her various sex toys to make herself squirt in bed.

You can unlock all her adult content with a free subscription – free DMs included, too! Your sexy MILF will happily show you her extensive dildo collection. She also has the most amazing big titties and a genuine personality – you’re making the right choice to buy video call sessions with her!

Hotwife Ellie

Other than her dildo play, this hotwife creates all sorts of racy content, which includes XXX close-ups, B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, facials, creampies, interracial orgies, and kink play. This petite blonde updates her massive content library at least 5 times a day – that’s a lot of squirt videosto get your hands on!

You can show your love by interacting with her posts or sending a gift. If you tip her generously, you will receive exclusive OnlyFans pussy squirt videos from Ellie – are you making your way to her inbox now?

OnlyFans Account Handle @hotwife_ellie
Fetish MILF/Blonde
Number of Likes 1,510,000
Number of Posts 7,646
Number of Photos/Videos 9,370
Price Free

11. Samy – Your Teen Latina Squirt Queen With an Ass to Die For

Among our best OnlyFans squirt creators, Samy is the Latina OnlyFans squirt queen. This psychology student is always horny for a hard cock. Other than the thousands of full-length squirt videos, you’ll also see masturbation clips, anal play, foot play, outdoor play, cumshots, and toy play.

Your OnlyFans teen squirt hottie is favoring outdoor play at the moment, which means there is a lot of squirting in her own garden, public parking lots, and gas station toilets. If public sex is your kink, then Samy is your girl!

Samy OnlyFans

Samy is hiding her OnlyFans squirt content from her parents, so, there are many hidden gems she doesn’t show on her page – message her to see her ultra-explicit squirt material that no one but you will know about.

Want to get to know your Latina squirt queen better? Samy accepts video calls and custom requests. You can ask your teenage baby girl for a private solo play session until she squirts. Bonus point, she does free dick ratings and a hard dick will definitely make her squirt like a waterfall!

OnlyFans Account Handle @samyof
Fetish Latina
Number of Likes 291,000
Number of Posts 2,766
Number of Photos/Videos 4,008
Price $9.99 per month

12. alvajay – Sexy Squirter Who Loves Role Playing With You

Alva is the perfect definition of an American cowgirl. Her wild character, unbelievable curves, and thrilling squirt content all make her one of the best OnlyFans squirt girls we’ve found. So far, she has amassed over 2 million likes on OnlyFans – are you ready to check out her popular content?

This cowgirl is a screamer – it’s hard to miss when she is having a real orgasm. Roleplay is one of her favorites as well. Sometimes, she is the helpless tourist lost in the Utah desert, other times, she is the tribe leader ready to discipline you. Her evergreen adult content will keep you coming back for more.

Alva Jay OnlyFans

Your blondie is friendly and responsive. She loves interacting with you during her live streams to deliver an immersive experience. Besides, she’s online all the time to talk about your filthy fantasies. If you leave a nice tip, there’s a high chance that she’ll hit you up for some personal squirt duty!

You can also buy a gift or two from her Amazon wishlist. Alva is known to repay supportive fans like you with exclusive squirt videos and XXX close-ups. Pledge your loyalty to Alva now so she can reward you with steamy content!

OnlyFans Account Handle @alvajay
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 2,140,000
Number of Posts 2,777
Number of Photos/Videos 3,031
Price $10 per month

13. Emma Magnolia – Hot Blondie With Thousands of Squirt Videos

Emma Magnolia, your hot golden-haired vixen, promises squirt videos direct to your inbox once you subscribe – nothing says welcome more than that! Once you join her inner circle, you’ll discover thousands of uncensored squirt videos, B/G porn, lesbian content, and more.

This squirter won’t stop until the floor is wet. Your girl hosts regular cam shows where she masturbates and squirts live for you. Here’s a secret note – you can buy her wet panties and used sex toys. It supports her content creation while giving you an intimate connection.

Emma Magnolia OnlyFans

When she is not cumming hard, she likes sexting with erotic photo messages. She doesn’t ask for an extra fee to sext – that’s your perfect opportunity to hit her up. Plus, Emma admits that it’s her guilty pleasure to check out hard dick pics when she hits the gym, so what are you waiting for?

There are daily updates on her wall and new full-length sex tapes every week. Explicit squirt porn can be reserved for your eyes only if you buy her a present from her Amazon wishlist!

OnlyFans Account Handle @emmamagnoliaxo
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 2,450,000
Number of Posts 8,824
Number of Photos/Videos 9,017
Price $12.99 per month

14. Lexi – Your Puerto Rican Girlfriend With Intense Orgasms

Looking for an exotic teen and OnlyFans squirt girl? Feast upon Lexi! She’s a real-life Puerto Rican college student who’s horny for group sex, solo play, roleplay, kink play, creampies, and more. She’s one of our best squirt OnlyFans creators because she cums with the most intense orgasms and squirts like a hose!

Your sexy Puerto Rican girlfriend is attentive and caring. Once you subscribe to her page, she’ll personally greet you with a few erotic nudes. Her girl-next-door persona makes her squirt content even more appetizing.

Lexi OnlyFans

This exotic Latina OnlyFans girl will rate your dick and sext with you any time of the day – there is no hidden charge! Do you want a more intimate session with Lexi? She takes private calls and custom requests to fulfill your filthiest dreams.

To show your gratitude, you can send her a nice gift. Your goddess will appreciate the gesture and very possibly send you a private squirt video in return! As a teen squirt OnlyFans creator with over 2.38 million likes, Lexi is a relatively cheap OF creator with a monthly fee of only $9.99. That’s a tiny price to pay for a lot of explicit squirt content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sexylexxxyp
Fetish Latina
Number of Likes 2,380,000
Number of Posts 9,247
Number of Photos/Videos 7,833
Price $9.99 per month

15. Lauren Elizabeth – Petite Brit With an Hourglass Body and Plenty to Squirt About

The last on our list of the best OnlyFans squirt girls is Lauren. This full-of-life busty British girl does the biggest squirts. Not an inch of her bed will stay dry after a good orgasm. Just imagine her squirting all over her hourglass body – it’s already getting your hard, isn’t it?

Other than her ultimate squirt content, she also does B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, anal play, and role play. Lauren’s page is completely free to subscribe to. There are a ton of tantalizing squirt videos and close-ups.

Lauren Elizabeth OnlyFans

For more graphic squirt content, this curvy blonde has her best sex tapes reserved for you through PPVs. And if you tip her, she won’t hesitate to call you up in her sexy lingerie to say thank you!

Lauren is a young amateur pornstar with a huge following on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow her for extra daily NSFW pics. But know this – she only replies to DMs and accepts custom requests on OnlyFans.

This British babe is the best free OnlyFans squirt girl available right now – check out her daily sensational squirt materials now to see for yourself!

OnlyFans Account Handle @laurenelizabeth
Fetish British/Blonde
Number of Likes 2,420,000
Number of Posts 7,743
Number of Photos/Videos 8,529
Price Free

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest OnlyFans Squirt Girl to Follow?

You must be getting hard at this point. All these hotties are the best squirt OnlyFans creators. It’s a tough choice! But ultimately, these three creators stand out from the sea of talented squirters.

We love Kazumi, aka Harvard’s Asian Dropout. Her full-length OnlyFans squirt porn is unbeatable. Plus, she likes chatting you up through DMs with squirt close-ups, which makes her the best erotic content creator.

Busty Ms. Fernandes comes next. Her original squirt videos are intense. She is your thick gal that can squirt all day long. There is a wide range of explicit content on her wall as well – you can’t get bored of this sexy Latina!

Finally, we have Eliana Rose. This young hottie provides squirt materials for free – and she updates her content library every day! You will fall in love with her cute personality and XXX squirt content immediately.


Who are the hottest OnlyFans squirting creators?

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