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OnlyFans is a lot more than just finding naked girls. It is a place for creators to embrace their bodies and break typical beauty standards. Muscle girls on OnlyFans are a whole breed that deserves your attention. Not only do they have the most amazing physiques but also have the most eye-catching adult content.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve found the top 15 muscle OnlyFans girls to follow in 2024. Some of these FBB babes will capture your attention with their raunchy fitness content while others will steal your heart with their intimate talk.

The 15 Best Muscle OnlyFans Girls in 2024

To make the list more inclusive, we’ve included girls from all over the world who specialize in different kinks/fetishes. From IFBB pros to fitness models, these creators will impress you with their body mass and uncensored sex tapes.

A Detailed Look at the Best Muscle OnlyFans Creators

We’ve chosen these creators because of their pricing, offers, and diverse content – some of them even run a free account! It’s time to take a closer look at their profiles to find out who your next hefty GF is.

1. KJ – Muscle Barbie With The Best Fitness Account On OnlyFans

KJ, aka the Muscle Barbie, is a professional IFBB pro bodybuilder who can powerlift up to 606 lbs/275 kg. This 78 kg hot OF blonde claims to be the “No.1 fitness account on OnlyFans” – and we have to agree. Having competed in countless bodybuilding championships, there is no doubt about her extraordinary muscle mass.

She treats her body like a shrine. Her daily routine includes endless exercising, dieting, and having sex – three things that spark joy in her eyes. Boasting over 700,000 likes, your Muscle Barbie OnlyFans page consists of the most erotic content, including solo play, lesbian play, B/G sex tapes, G/G/G clips, B/G/G videos, and trans porn.

KJ Muscle Barbie OnlyFans

Your favorite FBB on OnlyFans has been running her account for 5 years. There are almost 4,500 pieces of explicit content waiting for you to discover. She is incredibly prolific and updates her feed several times throughout the day. You will see close-ups of her veiny arms and insane biceps before she pans the camera toward her private area!

Despite her popularity, KJ still reserves time for you. She will personally greet you with two free sex tapes as soon as you join and she is always waiting to see your DM in her inbox.

OnlyFans Account Handle @themusclebarbie
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 772,100
Number of Posts 4,661
Number of Photos/Videos 4,499
Price $9.99 per month

2. Muscle Mommy – Masculine MILF on OblyFans With A Curvy Body And Revealing Selfies

Going by Muscle Mommy, Luna is your masculine MILF with a wild lingerie collection. There is not a lot of nudity on her feed and that’s okay – because she is here to seduce you with her jaw-dropping silhouette.

Luna enjoys putting on her various super-tight, bondage underwear sets and posting seductive photos in bed. Your Muscle Mommy OnlyFans selfies are drool-worthy. You’re sure to be edging on your seat begging for more. Lucky for you, this curvy MILF will give you a little treat every time you renew your subscription.

Muscle Mommy Luna OnlyFans

This big-boobed yoga instructor accepts customs – this is when you can request a nude scene. Luna will get naked for you privately – the explicit level will depend on what you offer her.

Muscle Mommy is a relatively new OnlyFans FBB account. You are guaranteed to have her full attention because she wants you as her biggest fan. Check out her sweaty gym pics now!

OnlyFans Account Handle @ms.lunakatz
Fetish Busty
Number of Likes 1,700
Number of Posts 72
Number of Photos/Videos 74
Price $15 per month

3. AMY MUSCLE – Latina Muscle Queen With Live Sex Shows

Muscles are sexy and Amy is the living proof. Her abdominal muscles are the textbook definition of a perfect body. This mature Colombian creator live streams her steamy workout sessions monthly – she’ll also go down on her coach in the changing room or suck her shemale teammate’s girl cock on the treadmill in front of your eyes.

There are full-length sex tapes, including B/G porn, lesbian content, and trans porn, on her feed. Amy’s high sex drive means she is willing to strip for literally anyone – just ping her! This naughty Latina girl will sometimes lift her sexual partners up for fun – she wants you to laugh and get hard all at once.


The Amy Muscle OnlyFans page is packed with bodybuilding content and uncensored nudes. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, don’t be shy to hit Amy up. She’s down for a private Skype call – after sending a tip – where she can teach you all the bench pressing tips or do a squat class with you, with or without clothes on.

Amy is the best muscle OnlyFans creator with the most diverse content. Her easy-going personality makes chatting with her and watching her adult content even more joyous.

OnlyFans Account Handle @amymuscle
Fetish Latina
Number of Likes 195,900
Number of Posts 1,995
Number of Photos/Videos 4,248
Price $6.99 per month

4. Lauramariexoxo – OnlyFans Muscle Bombshell With Full-Length Sex Tapes

Laura Marie, professionally known as Muscle Bombshell, is one of our best FBB OnlyFans creators and a famous bodybuilder with a sexual twist. Her raunchy content has amassed over 100,000 likes on OnlyFans – how about adding to that number now?

Your thick gal specializes in solo play, couple play, B/G porn, creampies, cumshots, facials, toy play, JOIs, CEIs, and so much more. She first rose to fame for publishing uncensored sex tapes on porn sites. Now, OnlyFans is the only channel where you can access her explicit content.

Laura Marie Muscle Bombshell OnlyFans

Aside from her pre-recorded porn and weightlifting videos, this successful influencer will gladly hop on a call with you for a 1:1 coaching class – she’ll tell you how to keep your ass and dick fit.

For more of your Muscle Bombshell OnlyFans honey, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, where she regularly posts deadlifting clips and life pics of her enjoying the Miami sun and beaches.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lauramariexoxo
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 103,300
Number of Posts 708
Number of Photos/Videos 887
Price $20 per month

5. Rubyfbb – Your OnlyFans Ebony Bodybuilder With An Unbelievable Rack

Ever wondered what it’s like to be dominated by an 80kg FBB? Ruby FBB, aka Ruby Muscle, is your ebony FBB OnlyFans GF here to take control. Her raciest content includes B/G porn, threesomes, BBC, deepthroating, orgies, rim jobs, BJs, hand jobs, and anal play. She knows how to handle all sorts of men – even those twice her size.

The Ruby Muscle OnlyFans content library will have you surrendering to your FBB queen. Your muscular babe likes it when you compliment her body and admit your weakness. She is your fearless domme queen with new roleplay fantasies every day – and she is not asking you to join, you have to.

Ruby FBB Muscle OnlyFans

This UK-based trainer enjoys doing customs and private video calls to get to know you better. Whether you want to talk about her plump clit or have a meaningful conversation, your girl is all ears. She can be your dirty skank or sophisticated philosopher.

Ruby has won several awards, both in the bodybuilder field and the adult entertainment industry – she is your all-in-one sexy FBB with OnlyFans porn!

OnlyFans Account Handle @lisafbb
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 10,300
Number of Posts 527
Number of Photos/Videos 618
Price $9.99 per month

6. Miss Muscles –  Lingerie-Clad Six Pack on OnlyFans

Looking for a solid, round ass with the daintiest lace thong creeping up it? Look no further than Miss Muscles. She’s undoubtedly one of the hottest muscle OnlyFans creators you’re going to find on the platform.

She describes herself as “fit, fun & freaky”, and that’s exactly what you’re here looking for. She keeps you updated with her fitness journey every single day – you can watch her rock-hard abs develop as you scroll through her content, which is already edging close to 300 posts.

miss muscles onlyfans

You’re promised full nudity when you subscribe to Miss Muscles on OnlyFans, this is the only place you’re going to get to see every single inch of her toned and tanned body. Want to see her exactly how you fantasized? All you need to do is slide into her DMs with your custom request and she’ll get right to it, exclusively for you.

When you join her top muscle OnlyFans, you’ll pay $12.99 and you’ll be able to endlessly scroll her feed, checking out everything from her gym selfies to her full-frontal nudes. You also get a guarantee that any DM you send will get a reply in no more than two days – so you can indulge your fantasies with her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @miss.muscles
Fetish Lingerie
Number of Likes 32,200
Number of Posts 267
Number of Photos/Videos 332
Price $12.99

7. Tj – Aussie MILF on OF Who Loves Outdoor Play

Your Curvy Muscle Mommy OnlyFans MILF is called TJ. This Aussie mom-of-two has been powerlifting since 2016 and competed in many local and international events. She is a gym freak with 15″ biceps – she is happy to prove it to you during a video call.

Weightlifting indoors is a bit dull for her, so, most of the time, you will find your thick MILF on a nearby secluded beach where she does the most breathtaking raw powerlifting practices.

TJ Curvy Muscle Mommy OnlyFans

When she’s not bombarding you with her alluring CrossFit content, she is showering you with her raunchy porn. This MILF is an expert in B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, roleplay, outdoor play, and public flashings. Your curvy delight is regionally famous for her FBB porn OnlyFans content.

For extra goodies, you can follow TJ on her Instagram – there are plenty of fully clothed, yet equally sexy, back squatting photos, and behind-the-scenes footage from her competitions. Her IG account is private and she’ll only accept those who follow her on her OnlyFans – sounds like another reason to subscribe to her OF?

OnlyFans Account Handle @curvymusclemommy
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 17,600
Number of Posts 221
Number of Photos/Videos 247
Price $9.99 per month

8. Sofie Gostosa – Teenage Muscle Girl Who Can Squirt All Day

Among our best FBB OnlyFans creators, Sofie is probably the newest in the arena. She is only 19 years old and just found her passion for muscle training and barbell deadlifting. This up-and-coming future champion hits the gym every day to up her body mass. You’ll adore her dedicated gym content with a naughty tone.

After a long day of training, the best way to end the day is with a squirt play. Sofie is a top-notch squirting OnlyFans girl who loves getting wet, whether it is sweat or body fluids. Aside from the promised gym and squirt content, she does B/G porn, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, facials, XXX close-ups, anal play, and solo play.

Sofie Gostosa OnlyFans

Your rising OnlyFans female muscle superstar provides extreme nudity pics on her wall every day – her diverse feed will keep you entertained. She is kink-friendly and will do any nasty custom requests to give you a boner.

Right now, Sofie is offering a staggering 75% off for your first month. For just $3.75, this Filipino teen is at your disposal.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sofiegonewild
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 615,200
Number of Posts 945
Number of Photos/Videos 1,688
Price $15 per month

9. Eliza Rose Watson – Your Slim Muscle Girl Who Loves To Sext

Do you adore FBBs but find some of them too big and scary? If that’s the case, Eliza Rose Watson is your match made in heaven. This young Brit advocates a healthy life by working out with natural methods. She doesn’t take chemical supplements nor does she chase after unrealistic beauty standards. Still, she has got muscles in all the right places – isn’t she the one?

Eliza is a bodybuilding trainer for juniors and you’re invited for an online lesson. Your English darling is caring and wants to get closer to you – that’s why she offers 1:1 private chats for free! She is an excellent sexting OF girl with a ton of erotic nudes and dirty lines.

Eliza Rose Watson OnlyFans

Other than her superb sexting skills, Eliza will also shock you with her FBB OnlyFans porn. She does solo play, lingerie play, pornstar collabs, creampies, JOIs, CEIs, and toy play. You can’t imagine how this goddess splits time between keeping her flawless body and producing the raunchiest porn.

Eliza runs one of the best muscle women OnlyFans accounts which promotes attainable body goals. Aside from enjoying her adult content, she wants you to feel empowered. Chat her up to hear about her new fitness plans – she will gladly share her secrets to maintaining a healthy shape while staying super attractive.

OnlyFans Account Handle @elizarosewatson
Fetish Sexting
Number of Likes 846,900
Number of Posts 2,828
Number of Photos/Videos 3,576
Price $15.98 per month

10. Lexa – Fitness Model With Voluptuous Muscles On OnlyFans

Lexa is definitely a girl you look at and go, “Wow, that’s a real muscular lady”. That’s right, this published fitness model is used to hearing compliments about her unbelievable curves and her XXX-rated content. Your female muscle OnlyFans pornstar specializes in femdom, B/G porn, solo play, JOIs, and BDSM.

This thick gal rules with her strength – she will make you crawl under her feet. If pain and slight fear towards your master turn you on, you don’t want to miss out on Lexa’s femdom content. She’s one of the hottest OnlyFans muscle women in the BDSM department and will punish naughty guys like you for her enjoyment.

Lexa OnlyFans

Once you engage in humiliation play with her, get ready for this big queen to crush your self-esteem with her ruthless SPH and heartless comments. The more you suffer, the happier she is.

If you are getting excited, you will be pleased to know that this muscle woman OnlyFans account is only $5.99 a month – where can you get a better mistress than that?

OnlyFans Account Handle @lexa_stahl
Fetish BDSM
Number of Likes 225,000
Number of Posts 2,845
Number of Photos/Videos 3,205
Price $5.99 per month

11. BJ Brunton – Asian Bodybuilding Pro With Daily Nudes

BJ Brunton is your Asian OnlyFans muscle girl with the ultimate GFE. She’ll push you to exercise with her and reward you with tantalizing content, such as lesbian sex tapes, B/G porn, solo play, dildo play, double penetration, anal play, rim jobs, BJs, and hand jobs.

Joining BJ for a fitness class is a surreal experience. When she puts on her revealing sports outfit, she is immediately the weightlifting pro ready for heavy duty. Once you’ve attained your fitness goal, she’ll return to being your loving girlfriend and sext you up with naughty nudes.

BJ Brunton OnlyFans

If you’re looking for uncensored FBB OnlyFans nudes, BJ is your girl. She replies to all DMs – extra tips will get your messages to the top.

These days, your bodybuilding pro is busy preparing for her upcoming competitions, so, there will be lots of steamy gym content as she works on her core muscles.

OnlyFans Account Handle @bjbrunton
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 138,900
Number of Posts 1,028
Number of Photos/Videos 1,363
Price $21.95 per month

12. Candy – Female Bodybuilder With Hardcore Gym Porn

We know you like muscles and adult content, but have you thought about just how hardcore the two can go together? Well, Candy is here to show you. This Kansas native’s hardcore porn at the gym makes her one of the best FBB OnlyFans creators of 2024.

Either she’s riding her personal trainer to train her thigh muscle mass, or she is deepthroating the gym room manager for extra discounts. Whatever sexual fantasies you have about the gym, rest assured that you’ll find the exact same plot in one of her sex tapes.

Candy OnlyFans

When she is finally taking a break from sex, she is still looking at new sports bras and panties – how about helping her decide by sliding into her DMs?

Candy runs a free account. You can access some of her uncensored clips as soon as you subscribe – her most tantalizing content is reserved for you through PPVs, of course. Her muscle girl OnlyFans porn sometimes features other local OF creators too – you’re pretty much accessing several pornstar wannabes’ pages just by subscribing to one.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cosmofit76
Fetish Bodybuilder
Number of Likes 11,100
Number of Posts 192
Number of Photos/Videos 235
Price Free

13. Marina Putziger – German IFBB Pro With The Most Artistic Porn

If you think a muscular female bodybuilder can’t be flexible or artistic enough to do sensual porn, think again! Meet Marina Putziger, your German IFBB pro with the most visually pleasing adult content you will ever see. Porn doesn’t have to be dirty – let your best muscle OnlyFans artist show you in the best way possible.

Marina is an amateur pole dancer who likes combining her aerial swing moves with bondage. There are loads of videos of her being tied up in mid-air while getting pleasured by others. This German blondie takes every step gently so she can fully enjoy every touch.

Marina Putziger ifbb PRO OnlyFans

Among all the muscle girls OnlyFans here, she is the one that cares about keeping it neat and clean. Everything feels nice and smooth on her feed. To get your girl’s attention, speaking German is a big plus – or just nodding along as she screams at you in German!

OnlyFans Account Handle @marina_putziger_ifbbpro
Fetish German
Number of Likes 19,400
Number of Posts 322
Number of Photos/Videos 349
Price $19.99 per month

14. Ripped Vixen – Petite FBB With The Strongest Muscles on OF

We’ve introduced many talented muscle girls on OnlyFans already, but Ripped Vixen will still take you by surprise because her 5’3 tiny body is pretty much entirely made up of muscles. According to her bio, this petite FBB can “bend iron bars and break wooden boards”. This girl doesn’t do a lot of sex tapes because flexing her giant muscles is the best porn you can have.

From arm wrestling to boxing, Ripped Vixen will do anything on camera to show off her assets. It’s freeing for her to express her sensuality with you. This IFBB pro can tear shirts up like a She-Hulk when she is pumped with adrenaline during an intense training session.

Ripped Vixen OnlyFans

Ripped Vixen is the best muscle OnlyFans bodybuilder if you want to feel inspired. She is a sex-positive creator that emphasizes embracing and loving your body type.

Every once in a while, this goddess goes live to share her workout routine and life updates – make sure you have notifications on because you don’t want to miss the chance to interact with her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @rippedvixen
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 24,100
Number of Posts 1,828
Number of Photos/Videos 4,727
Price $9.99 per month

15. Muscle Ginger – Hot Muscle Guy With Uncensored Porn

Since we are talking about the best OnlyFans muscle accounts, we have to introduce the most popular guy in this category – Muscle Ginger. He is a witty guy with a huge sex drive. Whether you want him to talk dirty to you or show you his hard ass, he is all for it.

Amassing almost 300,000 likes, the Muscle Ginger OnlyFans page has all the top qualities you seek. Uncensored sex tapes, live shows, explicit workout clips (including dick training pics)… These are the reasons we think you will enjoy his content as well!

Muscle Ginger OnlyFans

Your top male OnlyFans creator will give you extra goodies every time you renew your subscription – hop on his page to catch up with all the hot sex scenes he has produced.

Muscle Ginger goes live every month, where he invites his gym buddies over for a wild sex party. You will see these award-winning bodybuilders cum together.

OnlyFans Account Handle @muscleginger
Fetish Muscle
Number of Likes 294,500
Number of Posts 344
Number of Photos/Videos 344
Price $12.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Muscle OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

These OnlyFans muscle girls are charming and don’t hold back with their raunchy content. Coming up with a winner is tough – that’s why we had to go for three winners!

We believe KJ is the best muscle OnlyFans girl in 2024 for very good reasons. She has conquered the FBB field with many professional titles. There is muscle content as well as steamy sex tapes that’ll keep you up all night.

Muscle Mommy is another top FBB OF creator because she is all about pleasing you with her seductive selfies. She’s a chatty MILF that’ll ask you personal and erotic questions so you feel loved and horny at the same time.

Finally, Amy Muscle ranks third for her diverse content library. She collaborates with loads of amateur pornstars, including trans OnlyFans creators. If you want to support an all-round creator who has two missions in life – sex and the gym – Amy is your girl.


Who are the hottest muscle OnlyFans creators?

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