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Jamie Reyes

There’s something so raw and primal about hairy girls on OnlyFans. They don’t give a damn about social norms like shaving, and usually, that also means they’re a freak in bed. 

That’s certainly true for the 15 best hairy OnlyFans girls we found for 2024. Aside from having the fullest bushes and the hairiest pits on the platform, they’re also hardcore AF and friendly to boot. Meet your new OnlyFans faves!

The 15 Best Hairy OnlyFans Girls 2024

Were you a former Hairy Boo OnlyFans subscriber? We bet you miss her, but the best hairy OnlyFans creators are here to fill that void!

A Detailed Look at the Best Hairy OnlyFans Creators

The Hairy Boo OnlyFans account may be gone, but 2024 has a fresh crop of hairy girls OnlyFans hotties for you to discover. Let the best hairy OnlyFans girls take you on a wild ride of fuzzy armpits, vulvas, legs, and some of the most hardcore OF porn.

1. Delphine – The Hairiest OnlyFans Pin-Up Girl You’ll Ever See

Topping our list of the best hairy OnlyFans girls is Delphine, a curvy and busty OnlyFans creator from San Francisco. She’s got a nice bush and hairy pits that feature prominently in most of her content. Add her all-natural G-cup chest and 40-inch booty, and you’ve got one of the hottest hairy girls on OnlyFans today.

She showcases all that fuzz in 750+ OnlyFans hairy nude photos and pin-up sets in her back catalog. That’s on top of 150+ videos of Delphine playing with that bush or having sex with guys and girls. 

Delphine OnlyFans

She uploads new content almost daily, so your $22.22 monthly subscription just keeps growing in value. She also offers custom content packages if you want something more tailored to your taste.

Delphine also likes to keep it fun for her subscribers. Look for her nude karaoke videos – she sometimes does them live, too! Lastly, consider checking out her Amazon wishlist. It includes dirty novels, gift cards, and other items you can buy to show your support for this amazing OnlyFans girl from East Bay.

OnlyFans Username @delphinex
Fetish Petite
Number of Posts 1,046
Number of Likes 10,200
Number of Photos and Videos 2,126
Price  $22.22 per month

2. Chloe Kreams – Your Hairy Bush OnlyFans Superheroine

Second on our list of the best hairy OnlyFans creators is 21-year-old Chloe Kreams. Her alter ego, “Wonder Pussy”, has one mission: to save every guy from the dreaded blue balls. She has a bunch of powers to the rescue: her unshaven body, a superhuman ability to cream, and the wettest squirt scenes on OnlyFans you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

For a top hairy armpits OnlyFans creator, Chloe’s subscription is on the low end at $5, but it’s loaded with value. Aside from all the creaming and squirting videos featuring her glorious bush, there’s also some double penetration in there, anal, and snaps of Chloe’s sexy feet. 

Chloe Kreams OnlyFans

The rewards start coming in the moment you become a paid subscriber. You’ll get a free squirt video and access to Chloe’s secret Snapchat account. That’s on top of 5,000+ total posts and media content sitting in her OF library. As if that’s not enough, she’s offering up to 15% off if you subscribe for several months upfront.

Chloe loves interacting with her fans so don’t hesitate to DM her. She’s also open to sexting and video chats for a nice tip. Got a hairy porn fantasy that’s keeping you up at night? Tell Wonder Pussy all about it and let her take care of that for you.

OnlyFans Username @chloekreams
Fetish Brunette
Number of Posts 2,642
Number of Likes 37,000
Number of Photos and Videos 2,821
Price  $5 per month

3. Kayreva – Ultra-Curvy Hairy Ebony OnlyFans Princess

Kayreva is a hairy ebony OnlyFans creator with an impressive bush and sensational curves who specializes in hairy XXX content. Clearly, she’s doing it right, because she’s racked up nearly 35,000 likes from OnlyFans hairy bush and armpit lovers from all over the world.

Her OnlyFans hairy porn collection includes lots of carpet munching, money shots landing on her bush, as well as squirting and spit videos. Scroll a bit to find Kayreva’s lesbian sex scenes with double the OnlyFans hairy pussy. It’s all in HD, too, so you can see every single detail!

Kayreva OnlyFans

Don’t miss Kayreva’s striptease scenes – she loves wearing tiny lingerie that can barely contain her curves, but they look even better once they’re on the floor and her show gets going.

Kayreva is also active on Twitter if you want to get a closer look at this ebony OnlyFans beauty before subscribing to her OF account. And if you don’t want to spend money right away, you can check out her free OF account for a sampler before you shell out $12.50 a month for her VIP subscription.

OnlyFans Username @kayreva
Fetish Ebony
Number of Posts 1,600
Number of Likes 34,600
Number of Photos and Videos 1,482
Price  $12.50 per month

4. Pearl Sage – The Hairy LA Babe Who’s All About the No-Shave Life

Coming in hot from LA is Pearl Sage, a hardcore OnlyFans creator who’s sworn off razors in favor of going au naturel. She claims to have “one of if not THE biggest bush in the business”. You can confirm it yourself when you subscribe to her hairy bush OnlyFans account.

For $8 a month, you’ll get access to 5,700+ videos and photos plus thousands of posts on her feed. While the majority of those are hairy OnlyFans porn, Pearl Sage also creates other hardcore content like taboo porn, squirting scenes, fuck machine masturbation videos, and sloppy feet worship.

Pearl Sage OnlyFans

Got a specific hair fetish fantasy you want to be fulfilled? For the right price, Pearl Sage is ready to give you the best hairy OnlyFans experience of your life. She can shoot custom porn videos and photos for you, sext with you til you burst, or put on a hot and hairy show for your eyes only.

Pearl also has some PPV videos available with deep discounts for her subscribers. And if you want a souvenir, just say so – she’ll happily ship her used panties (with pubes stuck in them and all) from LA straight to your door.

OnlyFans Username @pearlsage
Fetish Petite
Number of Posts 1,744
Number of Likes 68,200
Number of Photos and Videos 5,743
Price  $8 per month

5. Curvy Hairy Mom – OnlyFans Hairy MILF with Hot ASMR Audio

Curvy Hairy Mom is a busty 32-year-old OnlyFans MILF from Germany who enjoys strutting around and filming herself completely naked. She’s particularly fond of showing off her full bush with a level of confidence that the best hairy OnlyFans creators have in common.

Curvy Hairy Mom is also one of the most creative OnlyFans hairy MILF babes today, especially when it comes to ASMR. Listen to one of her audio clips of her smoking a cigarette or licking a lollipop to see what we mean. She’s even uploaded a few mukbang videos with an erotic twist.

Curvy Hairy Mom OnlyFans

There’s also plenty of hairy pussy OnlyFans porn among the 200+ uploads in her collection. ASMR is still a large part of those – Curvy Hairy Mom likes touching herself near the mic so you can hear every rustle and moan as it happens.

Curvy Hairy Mom accepts requests for custom ASMR, porn, or photo sets, so feel free to discuss your ideas with her. She’s also always up for a good chat. Got rebill on? Expect a steamy gift in your inbox every time your subscription gets renewed.

OnlyFans Username @curvy-mom
Fetish MILF
Number of Posts 131
Number of Likes 344
Number of Photos and Videos 195
Price  $7.99 per month

6. Masha Hairy – Hairy Latina BBW With an Exclusive Lover’s List

Next up is the lone Latina among the OnlyFans hairy women on our list. We just love how straightforward she is! Masha Hairy wants you to “jump into my world full of hairy ass, hairy armpits, hairy legs, and hairy bush“. And that’s exactly what you get from this beautiful, hairy BBW OnlyFans creator from Argentina. 

Hairy or not, Masha knows how to work her voluptuous body like the best OnlyFans BBW girls. Watch her belly appreciation clips – they’re a major reason behind the nearly 20,000 likes on Masha’s profile. Her pillow-humping videos are another crowd favorite, especially those ones filed under her hairy armpits OnlyFans collection.

Masha Hairy OnlyFans

You can also expect daily uploads, clit orgasm clips, squirting videos, and other types of NSFW media from this talented lady. She also offers discounted PPVs every week so make sure to check those out.

Still hungry for more Masha? Head over to her VIP account and become part of her Lover’s List by subscribing for at least a month or spending more than $40 on her services. Members get exclusive full-length porn videos (hairy, of course!) every now and then.

OnlyFans Username @masha_hairy
Fetish Latina
Number of Posts 2,286
Number of Likes 19,600
Number of Photos and Videos 2.296
Price  $4.99 per month

7. Sexy Miss Me – The Biggest Tease Among Hairy Teens OnlyFans Girls

Sexy Miss Me (aka Anna) is a teen OnlyFans model with a bushier-than-average pussy and large nips. Compared to the other OnlyFans hairy creators on our list, you won’t find any hardcore content on Anna’s page (yet).

What you do get is a horny teen addicted to touching herself and uploading all the evidence on her OnlyFans account. She’s amassed 1,700+ OnlyFans hairy bush photos and masturbation videos so far, with even more nudes added on a daily basis. 

Sexy Miss Me OnlyFans

She’s also getting better at pleasuring herself – the number of hairy pussy OnlyFans squirting videos in her library continues to grow. Making it all hotter is the raw, amateur quality of her content. You can really feel like you’re watching a real-life teen get frisky on cam.

Sexy Miss Me also offers dick ratings with her bush in full view – perfect for anyone who’s curious about their own size or just needs a compliment boost from a hairy 18+ hottie.

OnlyFans Username @sexymissme
Fetish Amateur
Number of Posts 1,129
Number of Likes 59,200
Number of Photos and Videos 1,745
Price  $9.99 per month

8. My Dads Wife – Your Hairy “Virtual Naughty Stepmom” with a Cuckold Kink

When you land on My Dad’s Wife’s OnlyFans, you’re met by a simple greeting: “Hi I’m Busty & Hairy“. And with those five words – along with her handle – you already know you’re in for a wild ride with this hairy MILF OnlyFans vixen.

My Dad’s Wife is a 46-year-old married woman, former college counselor, and stepmom with a nice smile – but behind all that is a hairy OnlyFans porn creator who likes it extremely rough and taboo. She currently has 2,200+ uploads in her OF library, and 250+ of those are full-length porn videos. 

8 My Dads Wife OnlyFans

Just to give you an idea of what’s in there: OnlyFans hairy pussy worship, nipple play, and hardcore sex tapes with men and women. My Dad’s Wife often invites her husband to join in the fun – those moments make for some red-hot cuckold OnlyFans content. Like the good stepmother she is, My Dad’s Wife also spends a lot of quality time with her stepson. 

My Dad’s Wife is open to requests, so this is your chance to bring those hairy taboo fantasies to life. Her panties are also for sale, and she can customize them for you in any way you like.

OnlyFans Username @mydadswife
Fetish MILF/Busty
Number of Posts 958
Number of Likes 95, 700
Number of Photos and Videos 2,266
Price  $12 per month

9. Cherry – Cute Redhead with “Ever Growing Bush” And Hairy Pits

Cherry is a curvy cutie who instantly joined the hairy girl OnlyFans club when she signed up for the platform. And boy, is she PROUD of her bush and hairy pits. This OnlyFans redhead takes every opportunity to show them off in the raunchiest ways possible.

In fact, Cherry has already uploaded tons of hairy OnlyFans nude photos and sex videos that span a wide range of categories. She’s got kinky JOI clips with descriptive mentions of her hairy bits and solo masturbation videos with those same bits in sharp focus. 

Cherry OnlyFans

Her sex scenes involve clever camera work that puts her hairy pussy in almost every frame. Cherry also does live streams on OF and loves asking her audience to rate her hairy genitalia and ask her any NSFW question they’ve always wanted to ask hairy OnlyFans girls.

As one of her subscribers, expect a regular stream of surprises in your inbox, from bush selfies to sweet voice notes. You should also check out her other services like dick rates, sexting, and one-on-one chats.

OnlyFans Username @cherryxbx
Fetish Redhead
Number of Posts 307
Number of Likes 7,700
Number of Photos and Videos 447
Price  $9.99 per month

10. Natasha Kaur – Hairy Indian OnlyFans Babe with Interracial Porn Videos

We gotta admit, finding hairy Indian OnlyFans creators was tougher than we thought. But Natasha Kaur is worth every ounce of effort, and we think you’ll agree that she’s one of the finest hairy girls OnlyFans has to offer.

Natasha Kaur has been growing out her bush for the past three years and it looks like a dark forest down there. She’s hairy everywhere else too: armpits, legs, lip, and even a bit of fuzz on her face. Natasha is definitely the quintessential hairy Indian OnlyFans creator, especially once you get into the XXX side of things.

Natasha Kaur OnlyFans

Natasha’s uploads are a colorful mix of interracial porn videos, a lot of girl-to-girl scenes, and M/F tapes that range from intimate to rough and hardcore. You’ll find some of the best hairy pussy OnlyFans orgasm clips among all of those.

Dreaming of getting your dick rated by an Indian OnlyFans girl? Slide into Natasha’s DM with any special request along with a tip, then wait for your evaluation. She can do it in the nude too – just say the word.

OnlyFans Username @natashakaur
Fetish Indian
Number of Posts 2,328
Number of Likes 95,000
Number of Photos and Videos 3,862
Price  $7 per month

11. Cosmia – OnlyFans Hairy Pussy & Pits in a Sizzling MILF Package

Another popular hairy MILF OnlyFans creator is Comia, and she has a single goal: “I wanna be the reason you cum“. She’s certainly willing to work hard for it. At this time of writing, she already has 5,600+ media uploads and 1,800+ posts on her profile – all available for just $10 a month.

Thousands of those feature perfect angles of her hairy armpits and bush, plus those inverted nipples that her loyal fans love so much. She shares new content multiple times daily, of different varieties, to make sure her subscribers never get bored of her. 

Cosmia OnlyFans

JOIs, strap-on videos, squirting content, wet and creamy pussy, feet, and sex tapes of all kinds are just a few of the NSFW goodies in her library. And if you’re into femdom fetish content and it has to come from a sexy hairy MILF, Cosmia totally fits the bill.

She’s also one of the friendliest hairy women OnlyFans creators you’ll ever come across. Whether it’s a quick chat about life or more intimate stuff, this petite OnlyFans MILF is always happy to indulge. And yes, she runs her account herself, so the connection is always genuine.

OnlyFans Username @cosmia
Fetish Domme
Number of Posts 1,806
Number of Likes 46,700
Number of Photos and Videos 5,614
Price  $10 per month

12. Rae – Sweet British Hairy Teen Who’s Also A Fierce Domme

Rae has been growing her OnlyFans account for around three years – and along the way, she decided to grow out all of her body hair, too. She’s now gone from being totally shaved to a full bush, hairy armpits, and hair all over her legs, arms, and around her belly button.

All that body hair combined with her loaded OF library made her an easy pick among the best hairy teens OnlyFans accounts. Rae now has nearly 3,000 photos and videos in her backlog and 1,300+ explicit posts on her feed. She’s basically done it all – masturbating with a focus on her bush, sex with girls and guys, plus a whole range of fetish scenes.

Rae OnlyFans

Another thing that sets her apart from other OnlyFans hairy girls is that Rae’s young but already blossoming into an amazing domme. Her specialty is humiliation, and you can book her for a session if you ask nicely.

When she’s not creating XXX content on her OF page, Rae is answering as many messages as she can from her subscribers. She replies to all DMs personally and tries her best to make a personal connection – another reason why she deserves a spot on this list of the best hairy pussy OnlyFans creators.

OnlyFans Username @baby_moonn
Fetish British
Number of Posts 1,453
Number of Likes 33,000
Number of Photos and Videos 3,005
Price  $14.99 per month

13. Kali Cox – College Student Who Loves “Getting Her Big Bush Wet”

Kali Cox is a full-time college student from Michigan who’s made a name for herself as one of the hottest OnlyFans hairy women on the platform. Her thick bush and naturally big butt make her a real head-turner, and her content is just as impressive. 

Her OnlyFans library currently sits at 2,100+ uploads. For just $12.99 a month (with up to 40% off available), you can enjoy thousands of hairy OnlyFans nude photos, hairy porn videos, clips of real orgasms, and erotic teasers on her XXX feed.

Kali Cox OnlyFans

Looking for the best hairy OnlyFans GFE service? Kali’s got you covered, too. For the right price, she’ll be your sweet and horny all-natural girlfriend, ready to satisfy all of your desires. Her GFE is completely customizable, too – add in an NSFW video call, a steamy sexting marathon, or a personalized JOI peppered with hairy references.

Finally, Kali is very generous with her loyal subscribers. Turning on rebill entitles you to a free dick rating, special deals on her PPV, and free spicy content in your DMs.

OnlyFans Username @kalicox
Fetish Squirting
Number of Posts 999
Number of Likes 17,000
Number of Photos and Videos 2,157
Price  $12.99 per month

14. Blaire – Hairy Asian Kinkster with 14+ Hours of XXX Content

Blaire is the best creator on OnlyFans if you’re into female gamers with body hair. This hairy Asian OnlyFans is half-Scottish and proudly calls herself a nerd. She does cosplay content (often related to geeky stuff like D&D or comic book/game characters), along with uploading meme porn and a monthly Cosplay Week that’s a unique feature among hairy women OnlyFans accounts.

She’s also a domme-leaning switch, though she can play the sub just as convincingly. Got a size kink? Blaire loves making that kind of video, especially if she can slip in some praise/humiliation in there. 

Blaire OnlyFans

Subscribing to her hairy Asian OnlyFans account will instantly unlock 250+ full-length videos (roughly 14 hours of XXX content), plus a constantly-growing collection of NSFW photos. Fetish and kink make up a big part of her library, including fuck machines, fantasy toys, hardcore anal, and squirting – all with her hairy pussy in clear view.

Once you subscribe, remember to mark Blaire’s Friday Fundays on your calendar. Aside from interacting with Blaire, you can also win steep discounts on her services and free videos are up for grabs.

OnlyFans Username @blaire_game
Fetish Anal
Number of Posts 1,440
Number of Likes 25,100
Number of Photos and Videos 3,646
Price  $15 per month

15. Hairy Lola – Hairy, Tattooed Stoner with 1,500+ OnlyFans Porn Uploads

We’re capping this list of the best OnlyFans hairy girls strong with beautiful brunette Hairy Lola. She’s already known for giving out the hottest dick ratings on OnlyFans, but today, the spotlight is on her wonderfully hairy pussy, armpits, and all the hardcore porn that comes with it.

She’s always horny and high on life, and she loves showing it off with her 4K videos, featuring close-up shots of her lusciously hairy parts. Coming in at over 100+ NSFW videos and 1,480+ dirty pics, her library is bursting with content. She does a little bit of everything – OnlyFans hairy nude sets, sex videos, fetish, footjob content, lingerie pics and clips, anal, and even some twerking thrown in there for good measure. 

Hairy Lola OnlyFans

She also does cosplays like Morticia Addams, except her version is hairy AF and tattooed all over. The cherry on top of Hairy Lola’s library is her PPV content – these are usually specialized photo sets or videos that she doesn’t post anywhere else. 

Got any special hairy girl OnlyFans requests? No problem – as one of her premium OF subscribers, you can get away with almost anything from this absolute hottie (as long as the price is right).

OnlyFans Username @littlehairystoner
Fetish Sexting
Number of Posts 1,045
Number of Likes 77,300
Number of Photos and Videos 1,587
Price  FREE

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Hairy OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

When it comes to the hottest hairy OnlyFans girls, Delphine, Chloe Kreams, and Kayreva lead the pack.  Delphine’s body hair, G-cups, and 40-inch ass are impossible to ignore, and her nerd cred makes her porn content even better.

Playful Chloe Kream is another winner with her “Wonder Pussy” gimmick – busting blue balls has never seemed so fan. Finally, our favorite hairy BBW OnlyFans creator, Kayreva, is the full package with her delicious curves and an endless appetite for sex.


Who are the hottest hairy OnlyFans creators?

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