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Kansas is one of the most beautiful states in the US. Open fields extending miles and miles, rugged mountains, hospitable people, home of the Wizard of Oz… In this Sunflower State, everything is pleasing, including the Midwestern hotties.

Whether you are a local or just want to discover some gorgeous Kansan belles, these 15 best Kansas OnlyFans girls of 2024 will enhance your quality of life, both sexually and spiritually.

The 15 Best Kansas OnlyFans Girls in 2024

With almost 3 million people in the state, KS has no shortage of top-notch OF girls. It took a while for us to choose these absolutely stunning babes, but, we did it. From slutty hotwives to petite high school dropouts, this list will help you realize a dirty side of Kansas you didn’t know existed!

A Detailed Look at the Best Kansas OnlyFans Creators

You know these girls have to be the best to be here, but, just exactly how good are they? Don’t worry, we’re about to dive deep into their profiles. You’llll see for yourself how mind-blowing their adult content is.

1. BAD AMY – 2024‘s Best Hotwife With XXX-Rated Content In Kansas

Out here in the Midwest, slutty and chubby girls always get the most likes – we know, that’s exactly why Bad Amy is the best Kansas OnlyFans girl. Her XXX-rated content includes solo play, B/G porn, threesomes, toy play, cumshots, facials, creampies, and dildo play.

Amy has an insatiable appetite for cocks. From flaccid to hard, she likes every stage of it. Dick pics are always welcome in the chat – though she won’t hesitate to give you a very honest dick rate and it may hurt, ouch!

Bad Amy OnlyFans

To make your Kansan sex queen happy, you can purchase her thongs or other used items – that’s how she knows you thoroughly enjoy her content and want more of her.

Inflation may have gone up in the last few years but Amy’s pricing remains the same. Everything is included in your $10 monthly bill – turn on autorenewals for extra surprises!

OnlyFans Account Handle @hotwifeamy
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 6,200
Number of Posts 404
Number of Photos/Videos 526
Price $10 per month

2. Nicole – Dirty OnlyFans Kansas Girl Who Loves Sex Games

There’s no better way to bond with your OF girlfriend than by playing rounds and rounds of sex games. As Nicole says, you probably won’t last 5 seconds going against her. The dare can involve jerking off during a business meeting discreetly or filming a public flashing tape – doesn’t sound overly challenging, right?

If you successfully complete your task, your lovely baby Nicole will honor her end and drop you exclusive nudes and masturbation clips. You can also challenge this foxy cutie. Submit your nasty requests – that’s what Nicole likes.

Nicole OnlyFans

When she is not deep in her sex game, she likes sexting you up and teasing you with her sexy lingerie photos. If you play your cards right, she’ll strip and show you the goodies. This Tepoka native has some hidden videos of her outdoor play in Lake Shawnee and other landmarks in town – check to see if you recognize your favorite sights.

As a relatively new OnlyFans girl, you’re guaranteed to have all her attention. She wants to spoil you so you will become her biggest fan and love her forever.

OnlyFans Account Handle @nxcole_jill
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 358
Number of Posts 49
Number of Photos/Videos 84
Price $30 per month

3. Faegirl – Sexy Redhead Who Is Into Shibari In Topeka, Kansas

It’s not every day you find a Kansan girl who is into shibari – and actually does it splendidly. If you are a fan of artistic BDSM sex acts, you know what shibari is. But just in case you are new to this area, shibari is essentially bondage but uses ropes exclusively and focuses on the aesthetic side.

Fae looks like a goddess when she is tied up. She likes doing private calls so she can perform her signature shibari move with an intimate touch. This OnlyFans redhead will spread her legs and whisper softly into the camera – it’s almost like you can feel her breathing into you. Then, she’ll look into your eyes and beg for your big cock to satisfy her – all while being tied up!

Faegirl OnlyFans

Fae is undoubtedly one of the top Kansas OnlyFans girls for shibari play. She is your submissive GF always down to be ruled.

Did we mention that Fae runs a free account? Quite a few of her sensational shibari videos are free to watch. If that doesn’t make her one of the best Kansas OnlyFans girls, what does?

OnlyFans Account Handle @redheadedfairy
Fetish Redhead
Number of Likes 591
Number of Posts 89
Number of Photos/Videos 746
Price Free

4. Megan Smith – Tattoo Artist Who Loves Lingerie Play In Kansas City

We know Megan Smith is technically in Kansas City, MO, but seeing how incredible her profile is, we just have to include her in our list of the best Kansas OnlyFans girls. Megan’s raunchiest content includes solo play, lesbian sex tapes, B/G porn, lingerie play, and XXX close-ups.

This 25-year-old tattooed girl loves using her body as a canvas and there is an open invitation to join her creative brainstorming session – watch her lay naked in bed and posing with a multi-camera setup to see where her next design should go. On top of that, she likes teasing you with suggestive underwear photos before she shows you her bare, peach-shaped ass.

Megan Smith OnlyFans

In her free time, Megan likes hitting the pub and playing darts in her heels and underwear to catch some eyeballs. She craves to be the center of attention and will do anything to be yours.

Tattoo enthusiasts can follow Megan on Instagram, where she posts her tattoo ideas, paintings, sketches, and seductive pics. Here’s a tip to get your Kansas City OnlyFans hottie – she is an animal lover and loves it when you treat her like a spoiled puppy with treats and lots of love.

OnlyFans Account Handle @virtuxl_megan
Fetish Tattoos
Number of Likes 2,000
Number of Posts 173
Number of Photos/Videos 345
Price $10 per month

5. Kansas – Country Girl With The Best Gun Play In The Midwest

Your girl is literally called Kansas – it doesn’t get more patriotic than that. Like most people in the Midwest, Kansas is an enthusiastic hunter who enjoys catching her own food for the winter. She is not here to start a gun debate with you. If you don’t like it, walk away. But if you like a cool Kansas cowgirl with a strong attitude, let her heat up the room with her hot toy gun play.

This country girl has many realistic toy firearms in her bedroom. She loves striking a pose with her collection and caressing her body with a smoking hot pistol. Your Kansas will even wear her favorite hunting outfit in bed and invite you to a steamy roleplay appointment.

Kansas OnlyFans

Apart from her alluring gun play, this farm girl also likes sexting, POVs, solo play, and JOIs. Kansas loves doing customs as well because she believes in building a connection with you – message her about your hunting fantasy now.

Your country girl is a top-notch KS OnlyFans creator who will provide the ultimate adrenaline kick with her big guns. She is the most daring creator in the state of Kansas with an uncompromising attitude.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thatkcgirl
Fetish Roleplay
Number of Likes 3,100
Number of Posts 300
Number of Photos/Videos 425
Price $9.99 per month

6. Kansas City Hotwife – Kansas OnlyFans MILF Who Loves Orgies

After years of playing the good wife, Kansas City Hotwife has finally unleashed her inner lust by requesting to be in an open relationship. Now, your Kansan MILF is the best orgy OnlyFans girl in town – and her husband loves watching his wife getting pleasured by other men.

An ideal Saturday afternoon for this OnlyFans Kansas City MILF is hosting an orgy party in her large garden. From her neighbors to the mailman, your generous hotwife will welcome anyone with a cock.

Kansas City Hotwife OnlyFans

In her content library, there are over 1,000 pieces of hot content, most of which are group sex videos – you won’t be able to resist this cuckold OnlyFans from Kansas.

For just $5, you can have access to her DMs and full sex tapes. She replies to every message personally – often with additional exclusive nudes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ksmocouple1
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 20,600
Number of Posts 468
Number of Photos/Videos 1,105
Price $5 per month

7. Candy – Female Bodybuilder With A 6-Pack In The Sunflower State

On our list of the best Kansas OnlyFans creators, Candy is the one with the most unbelievable muscle mass. This Kansan bodybuilder hits the gym 5 days a week  – that’s how she maintains her slim figure with a 6-pack.

To fully enjoy the sensation of burning calories, Candy likes to do her weightlifting and treadmill runs naked – yes, you will see full-length workout videos on her wall. When she is joined by her manly personal fitness instructor, they train their thigh muscles in the most efficient way possible – doggy style.

Candy OnlyFans

Another reason for Candy to rank among the best Kansas OnlyFans girls is her friendly personality. She loves showing off her workout results via DMs – if she wins a bodybuilding competition, she may be joyful enough to send you additional selfies of that champion rack.

The best part about Candy’s profile? It’s free to subscribe to! You can check out her full-frontal nudes at no cost at all – extra tips will get you exclusive tit shots, of course.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cosmofit76
Fetish Muscle
Number of Likes 11,100
Number of Posts 192
Number of Photos/Videos 235
Price Free

8. MsShynie – Your Famous Pornstar In Wichita, KS

Ms Shynie is a self-proclaimed “first Pornhuber from Wichita” – and we don’t doubt her! After working in the adult business for over a decade, this Wichita Kansas OnlyFans pornstar knows how to turn you on with her 34DDD chest.

Your 5’2 petite hottie specializes in B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, deepthroating, creampies, dick ratings, cumshots, anal play, JOIs, CEIs, threesomes, foursomes, and so much more. With her experience in the porn industry, there is quite literally nothing she hasn’t done.

MsShynie OnlyFans

Ms Shynie is an active creator with almost 2,000 photos/videos in her content library. She updates her feed several times a day. From extreme shower scenes to uncensored sex tapes, she doesn’t hold back her raunchy self – you’ll get everything you want from this busty creator.

Your OnlyFans Wichita Kansas pornstar thoroughly enjoys seeing your hardened dick – send her your boner pic and see what she says about it.

OnlyFans Account Handle @msshynie
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 16,400
Number of Posts 1,570
Number of Photos/Videos 1,808
Price $9.99 per month

9. Riss – Dirty OnlyFans Hottie Who Loves Shower Play In Lawrence, Kansas

Rissa, or Riss, is your nasty Lawrence Kansas OnlyFans creator and your obedient sex slave. This half-American, half-Latina hottie is eager to please you with her shower play, solo play, kink play, toy play, dildo play, deepthroating, JOIs, and more.

Your submissive baby girl will obey your commands and won’t rest until you are satisfied. It’s her biggest goal to give you her undivided attention and get you hard. She spends a lot of time in her private sauna room – things get very steamy here. You won’t be able to tell if that’s her sweat or pussy juice dripping down her perfectly shaped ass.

Riss OnlyFans

As one of our best Kansas OnlyFans girls, you can expect a lot from Riss. She accepts requests and is online 24/7 – drop her your dirtiest fantasies because she is here to grant your filthy wishes. You’ll fall in love with her killer curves and loving vibes.

In addition to her adult content, Riss also shares plenty of small moments in life, including walking her dog, making dinners, and traveling. She is a down-to-earth creator who genuinely wants you to be a part of her circle. Your petite model also has a free OnlyFans account, @freakyriss, for you to check out more suggestive nudes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @freakyrissvip
Fetish Petite
Number of Likes 16,400
Number of Posts 1,570
Number of Photos/Videos 1,808
Price $9.99 per month

10. Hershey Nipples – Curvy Ebony Model With The Biggest Tits

Hershey Nipples is one of the sexiest Topeka Kansas OnlyFans creators as well as a top ebony OF model. As her name suggests, her nipples are her proudest assets. Those triple D, super dark tits are no joke – they jiggle like jello when she rides on an 11-inch dildo.

This naughty amateur pornstar is into B/G porn, facials, lesbian play, age play, role play, nipple play, gangbangs, and lingerie play. For those of you looking for a slutty nurse, Hershey is your girl. As a nurse student, your curvy dear is crazy about exploring the human body. She’ll send you daily nudes and invite you to figure out her g-spot together.

Hershey Nipples OnlyFans

We think Hershey is one of the best Kansas OnlyFans creators because of her attentiveness, something you can expect from a passionate nurse. She is amazing at picking up hints and understanding your sexual needs – sexting with this witty babe is fun and erotic.

Hershey is your go-to girl for some explicit Kansas nudes. She may take you to her workplace and send you forbidden naked photos in her tight nurse outfit.

OnlyFans Account Handle @hersheynibbles
Fetish Ebony
Number of Likes 674
Number of Posts 490
Number of Photos/Videos 490
Price $11.99 per month

11. GemmaBoop – Chubby Model With The Biggest Dildos In The Mid West

Seeing GemmaBoop struggling to ride her 11-inch dildo will get you hard in seconds – that’s why we have picked her to be one of the best Kansas OnlyFans creators. This pocket rocket has a thing for giant dildos she may or may not be able to handle. Even if she chokes on them, which happens a lot, she’s still happy to come back for more.

Gemma’s hourglass figure, naughty side, and 4K sex tapes are all reasons to subscribe to her account. There are over 1,000 full-length sex tapes and dildo clips on her wall – you probably need to cancel your weekend plans to catch up with her sex voyage.

GemmaBoop OnlyFans

Your chubby babe invites you to chat with her anytime. She replies to every message and accepts customs. If you have some kinky requests, even better – Gemma likes special sex ideas she hasn’t tried before.

Gemma is also active on IG, Twitter, and Twitch for extra, fully clothed content. She’ll share details of her life, stream gaming sessions, and post vacation photos on those platforms.

OnlyFans Account Handle @ms.hourglass
Fetish Chubby
Number of Likes 84,600
Number of Posts 776
Number of Photos/Videos 1,896
Price $10.99 per month

12. Jessica Vaugn – Playboy Model Who Loves Outdoor Play

For long-term Playboy readers, you’ll know Jessica Vaugn. She has been a Playboy model for years. This Kansas native currently resides in LA, pursuing her acting career, but no amount of shimmer can hide her thick Kansan accent and warm hospitality.

Jessica will spoil new subscribers like you with her raunchy beach nudes. There is nothing more satisfying than giving her hourglass body a healthy tan while filming erotic photos/videos for you.

Jessica Vaugn OnlyFans

Your Hollywood rising star is active on Instagram and Twitter as well. You can follow her on all platforms to keep up with her busy schedule. Just note that Jessica only posts her NSFW content on OnlyFans. There are travel photos and modeling content on other channels.

Can you imagine a supermodel like Jessica is only charging $9.99 a month? Accept her invitation and take a sneak peek into her celebrity life now!

OnlyFans Account Handle @jessicavaugn
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 22,500
Number of Posts 1,274
Number of Photos/Videos 1,290
Price $9.99 per month

13. Kasey Jo – Sluttiest Athlete In The Midwestern United States

Born and raised out here in the Midwest, Kasey Jo is a former athlete with an amazing physique. From soccer to tennis, this hot OnlyFans blondie has won numerous sporting events. Ever since she retired from playing professionally, she has been traveling around the world to curate the hottest explicit content for you.

This former Kansas St soccer OnlyFans babe is an expert in fingering, creampies, sexting, JOIs, facials, anal play, toy play, B/G porn, G/G sex tapes, dom/sub content, outdoor play, rough sex, and public sex. Your tattooed darling has filmed her racy content in the Grand Canyon in AZ, Central Park in NY, Exploration Place in Wichita, and so much more.

Kasey Jo OnlyFans

As she states in her bio, exploring her sexual freedom in these iconic locations gives her the biggest joy. You have to join her on her sex adventures to find out how raw and authentic her porn is.

Kasey has a free account @thatkansasgirlfree in case you want a glimpse before committing – believe us, you’ll be showering this global amateur pornstar as soon as you see her uncensored content.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thatkansasgirl
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 52,200
Number of Posts 5,780
Number of Photos/Videos 9,151
Price $15.99 per month

14. XOHarleyRayXO – Your Bisexual Kansas Sweetheart With An XXL Ass

Harley is your bisexual lover and a top-notch BBW OnlyFans creator. She is super proud of her plus-size body and XXL ass. Harley is here to show you how a hefty Kansas girl like her can ride men better than all other sizes – this one will keep going even if you can’t handle it anymore.

She goes on dating apps to find random men and women to fill her void. This Hays Kansas OnlyFans darling can’t live without having a daily orgasm. There are over 1,100 photos/videos, including B/G sex, lesbian content, toy play, solo play, and threesomes on her wall.

XOHarleyRayXO OnlyFans

Other than OF, your cheeky babe sometimes goes on IG to share extra footage. When Harley finally has some alone time, she’ll reply to your messages, given that you are taking the responsibility of satisfying her.

There’s no doubt that Harley is one of the best Kansas girls OnlyFans has, with a free account to boot. You can preview all her sex scenes before choosing your favorite one to purchase – isn’t Harley the sweetest?

OnlyFans Account Handle @xoharleyrayxo
Fetish BBW
Number of Likes 3,200
Number of Posts 1,131
Number of Photos/Videos 1,152
Price Free

15. Lady Valentine – Nasty Findom Queen In KC Ready To Dominate You

Everything comes with a price tag here – Lady Valentine will never give away her love for free, except for your entry ticket so she can lure you into her sex trap. This 28-year-old Kansas native is here to take charge. You better play it safe because she won’t hesitate to remove you when you don’t behave.

Whether you want to talk to her, see her nudes, or get her to unblock you, you will have to pay her a fee. The amount is set by your Lady. By the way, your Lady only wants to be called as such. Don’t try to call her your Mistress or Mommy, she won’t like it and that’s exactly one of the things that will get you banned.

Lady Valentine OnlyFans

You have to work really hard before you’ll receive your first full-frontal nude from her. If you want to try and get a girl way out of your league, you’ve arrived at your destination.

We won’t even sugarcoat it because Lady Valentine is truly the nastiest girl OnlyFans in Kansas. But, we know you’re into that so it’s time to muster up your courage and step into her kingdom. When you get a compliment from her, it feels better than getting a promotion at work, for real!

OnlyFans Account Handle @roxxivalentine
Fetish Findom
Number of Likes 1,400
Number of Posts 365
Number of Photos/Videos 495
Price Free

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Kansas OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

After comparing their pricing, offers, and responsiveness, we ultimately decided that Bad Amy is the hottest Kansas OF girl in 2024. Her hourglass figure, diverse content, and sincere personality make her the all-in-one package.

In second place we have Nicole, she’s the most interactive OF babe. She’ll play naughty games with you all day. Finally, we have Fae. Her shibari sex act will drain your balls right out – you can’t resist a sex artist with new moves every time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the hottest Kansas OnlyFans girls! As you can see, every Kansan girl here is unbelievably charming and deserves your love. Now, choose a few of your favorites and see what they are up to.


Who are the hottest Kansas OnlyFans creators?

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