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Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, is home to about 600,000 people and boasts a list of impressive statistics: the name means “green hollow” in Celtic, its City Chambers contains more marble than the Vatican, it’s the final resting place of Saint Valentine, and it’s home to a large number of wonderfully naughty OnlyFans creators.

With so many of these creators living in “The Dear Green Place”, as Glasgow is affectionately known, how do you narrow down the list of best Glasgow OnlyFans girls? Don’t worry – we’ve got the city’s hottest and most bonnie of lasses in this guide. So grab yourself a pint of Tennent’s Lager – brewed exclusively in Glasgow – and enjoy this guide to the best Glasgow OnlyFans creators of 2024.

The 15 Best Glasgow OnlyFans Girls 2024 

The variety of Glaswegian OnlyFans creators is incredible – blondes, brunettes, redheads, BBW, MILFs, and more fill out this guide to the best Glasgow OnlyFans girls we found this year.

A Detailed Look at the Best Glasgow OnlyFans Creators

Let’s take a deeper look into what makes each of the best Glasgow OnlyFans girls unique. These creators who live and work in this historic city within the county of Lanarkshire are some of the most gorgeous, confident, sexy women in all of Europe.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor-loving hippie with flaming hair, a tattooed exotic dancer with a fiery streak, or an adult entertainer who looks like a real-life Barbie doll, we’ve got all of that and more. So while you’re enjoying your Scottish lager, cook up some haggis, neeps, and tatties, and get ready to discover the hottest Glasgow girls’ OnlyFans you’ll find anywhere.

1. Jessica Jackrabbit – “Good Teacher Gone Bad” and #1 of the Best Glasgow OnlyFans Creators

Kirsty Buchan, aka Jessica Jackrabbit, is a part-Scottish, part-Italian former schoolteacher who made headlines in 2022 when she quit her job at a Glasgow high school after receiving backlash from faculty. What caused the anger? The discovery of her incredibly raunchy OnlyFans! Jessica states she’s a “good teacher gone bad” – and it’s easy to see why.

jessica jackrabbit onlyfans

Although you may have heard about the Jessica Jackrabbit Glasgow OnlyFans story, you might not have delved into her OnlyFans page itself. This brunette MILF describes herself as having “big tits and a sexy tight body” and offers weekly themed packages of XXX-rated content for her fans. She loves taking special requests, so slide into her DMs and ask away.

Jessica probably didn’t expect to become one of the most talked about Scottish OnlyFans creators of all time, but she has no regrets concerning her career change. This hot Glaswegian mom refuses to let anyone intimidate or bully her and proudly offers up her naughty side as one of the hottest Glasgow OnlyFans girls on the platform. We give Jessica Jackrabbit an A+ for being a beautiful and badass MILF.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jessjack69
Fetish MILF / Brunette
Number of Likes 17,900
Number of Posts 84
Number of Photos/Videos 613
Price $9.99 per month

Jennifer Thomson, a Glasgow local, might be the most popular Scottish OnlyFans girl with a staggering 560,000+ likes and counting! This tattooed hottie also made headlines in recent years when her OnlyFans made her enough money to pay off her mortgage and car. It’s clear why Jennifer has been so successful as a creator on OnlyFans Glasgow and the rest of the world can’t ignore her.

jennifer thomson onlyfans

This bombshell has insane curves you have to see to believe and offers an extensive menu of offerings. She has a mind-blowing 12,500+ posts with over 16,000 photos and videos! Clearly, Jennifer posts all the time, is always online, and absolutely loves creating hot content. Be sure to ask her for custom videos and about her worn underwear – she wants to talk about both!

This gorgeous Glasgow babe calls herself a “sex machine” and offers plenty of content variation to keep you satisfied. With so many posts, photos, videos, and likes, it’s clear that Jennifer Thomson is one of the best Glasgow OnlyFans girls on the internet. When you’re done poring over her OnlyFans, buy her a pair of sexy high heels or mesh lingerie from her wish list.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jennnnniferthomson
Fetish Brunette / Tattoos
Number of Likes 560,700
Number of Posts 12,496
Number of Photos/Videos 16,434
Price $12.50 per month

3. Athena Aster – Fiery Redhead and Glaswegian Hippie Dreamgirl

Scottland has no shortage of redheads, and Athena Aster is one of the hottest of the flame-haired Glasgow OnlyFans girls. This 25-year-old is a self-described “hippie dreamgirl” with an adventurous spirit. At any given time, you can find her hiking, climbing, reading, and creating XXX-rated content for her OnlyFans where she promises to drive you wild.

athena aster onlyfans

This gorgeous redhead OnlyFans girl actually has two accounts – this insanely popular one, and a newer account with no PPV. We’ll feature this one since it’s less expensive and boasts an impressive 3,800+ photos and videos, but loyal fans will want to check out both. Either way, new subscribers will receive a free video of Athena doing what she does best upon signup.

Athena is one of the more unique creators in Glasgow. We admire her free spirit vibes, love of the outdoors, and of course her smoking hot body. Her long red hair is sure to please anyone who loves sexy gingers with thick Scottish accents. Between hikes and climbs, Athena is constantly creating new material for her fans. Go see why she’s received over 260,000 likes so far.

OnlyFans Account Handle @athenaaster
Fetish Redhead / Hippie
Number of Likes 260,600
Number of Posts 3,805
Number of Photos/Videos 3,896
Price $8 per month

4. Lana Wolf – Busty Glasgow Babe Who Built Her Own Sex Dungeon in a Church 

Glasgow native Lana Wolf is one of the biggest names in the porn industry and easily one of the most popular creators in her city with over 200,000 likes on OnlyFans. Lana is another headline-maker – in 2022 this blonde bombshell made the news after purchasing a former church for £500,000 and turning it into a home, complete with her very own sex dungeon.

lana wolf onlyfans

While Lana says she enjoys the irony of being a porn star living in a church, she likes creating content for her Glasgow girls OnlyFans page even better. With over 2,300 posts and 4,300 photos and videos, Lana Wolf loves making racy content for her fans. She asks her fans to follow her and her huge natural tits on her “kinky adventures in Glasgow and around the world”, she even pops up with Aberdeen OF creators when she heads north.

Clearly one of the hottest busty OnlyFans girls in Scotland, Lana is a one-of-a-kind lass offering free live shows multiple times a week on her steamy OnlyFans page. Subscribers will get a glimpse into her “real 24/7 lifestyle” with her “slaves and f*ck buddies” – no wonder why Lana is so popular with Glaswegians and everyone else in the world.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lanawolf
Fetish Busty / Blonde
Number of Likes 204,600
Number of Posts 2,321
Number of Photos/Videos 4,345
Price $20 per month

5. Mistress Elysia – Kinky Glaswegian Dominatrix, Sadist, and Fetish Enthusiast

Fans of the dark, welcome Mistress Elysia into your world. This Glasgow-based dominatrix is a self-described sybarite – a person devoted to sensuous luxury and pleasure. She’s also a sadist, professional mistress, and fetish enthusiast. If you’re hoping to be dominated by a black-clad, red-headed mistress of the dark, Elysia will be high on your list of the best Glasgow OnlyFans creators.

mistress elysia onlyfans

Elysia got started as a dominatrix while still in her teens and genuinely enjoys the BDSM lifestyle. She wants to offer a safe space where submissives can be themselves openly and free of judgment. If you’re looking for a welcoming place to reveal all of your kinkiest fantasies, you can be certain that Mistress Elysia will be exactly what you’re looking for – complete with sexy Glaswegian accent.

While Mistress Elysia’s kinks fall more in the BDSM realm, we think fans of goth OnlyFans creators will love her dark side, her affection for black latex and leather, and her no-nonsense attitude when it comes to being completely in control. When you’re done scrolling through her OnlyFans, be sure to visit her website. Whatever you do, do not disobey her.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mistresselysia
Fetish Domme / BDSM
Number of Likes 7,800
Number of Posts 625
Number of Photos/Videos 533
Price $15 per month

6. Chloeeeex – Voluptuous Brunette and Top BBW Creator in Glasgow 

This self-described “23-year-old kinky Glasgow gal” is undoubtedly one of the sexiest BBW OnlyFans creators on this list and beyond. Chloe Higgins, aka Chloeeeex, and her OnlyFans Glasgow account are steadily gaining in popularity with over 42,000 likes and counting. Chloe’s incredible curves nicely fill out her numerous pieces of lingerie which she loves showing off for the camera.

chloeeeex chloe onlyfans

She also loves not wearing lingerie, taking it all off for her fans. Her OnlyFans posts have vivid descriptions, asking if it’s “big enough for you” or if “you’d slide it in” or simply the phrase “chunky butt” followed by devil emojis. Chloe is not only sexy but clearly has loads of fun while creating racy solo and B/G content.

If you want to get up close and personal with this curvaceous babe, Chloe loves sexting. You never know when she’ll be online, so be sure to stay on her page and she may suddenly announce that she’s online and ready to DM with you. So give her a visit, drool over her 1,000+ posts, and see why this Glasgow BBW is one of the best there is.

OnlyFans Account Handle @chloeeeex
Fetish BBW / Curvy
Number of Likes 42,100
Number of Posts 1,049
Number of Photos/Videos 1,042
Price $5 per month

7. Daisy Drew – Sexy Glasgow Native Who Keeps It All in the Family 

Glasgow OnlyFans girls seem to be great at making headlines, and Daisy Drew is no exception. In 2021, this 20-something Glaswegian topped the news when it was announced that she and her brother Sean filmed each other’s racy content for OnlyFans – and made enough money to pay off their parents’ mortgage. Although Sean is gay and they do not make content together, the story still raised some eyebrows!

daisy drew onlyfans

Daisy embraced the controversy, calling her OnlyFans the sluttiest of all the UK OnlyFans pages. There may be racy content of Daisy elsewhere on the internet, but her OnlyFans is where you’ll find all of her “most exclusive and slutty content” you can’t find anywhere else. We’re talking daily content: fully explicit B/G, G/G, and shower videos – and everything in between.

This young and horny lass rewards loyal subscribers with random nudes and videos when they renew and tip well – so be a good fan and get some extra gifts. Daisy Drew loves interacting with her fans and spends as much time on OnlyFans as she can – especially when she’s horny, which seems to be often. Check out her page now and see why she’s amassed over 278,000 likes so far.

OnlyFans Account Handle @daisydrewuk
Fetish Ass / Brunette
Number of Likes 278,800
Number of Posts 500
Number of Photos/Videos 581
Price $9.99 per month

8. Leona Lionheart – Tattooed Brunette and Real Glaswegian Exotic Dancer 

If you’re hoping to see some tattooed OnlyFans girls on this list, you’re in luck. Leona Lionheart is not just a popular and heavily-inked OnlyFans Glasgow creator – she’s also a dancer at Diamond Dolls, a three-story adult entertainment club in Glasgow’s city center. When she’s not entertaining the venue’s VIP members, she’s heating things up on her OnlyFans page.

leona lionheart onlyfans

Leona is a “5’4″ tattooed Scottish lady with a mean fiery streak” – so you’d better stay on her good side. Despite that fiery streak, Leona is incredibly generous, offering custom content and fulfilling requests that come through her DMs. Turn on your subscription renewal to get extra surprises.

If you really want to please this raven-haired beauty, buy her something nice from her wish list. She loves revealing lingerie, sexy uniforms, and all things latex. With over 33,000 likes and 2,100+ pieces of hot content, you can clearly see why Leona Lionheart is the queen of the jungle when it comes to tattooed Glaswegian babes.

OnlyFans Account Handle @leonalionheart7
Fetish Tattoos / Brunette
Number of Likes 33,200
Number of Posts 918
Number of Photos/Videos 2,184
Price $5 per month

9. Sexiiib – Blonde Hottie from Glasgow Who Rewards Her Most Loyal Fans

Some internet sleuthing will reveal that Sexiiib’s real name is Lara Baird. No matter what you call her, she’s in the top 1% of OnlyFans creators – not just Glasgow girls OnlyFans, but on the entire platform. While Sexiiib’s social media accounts show her in some uncensored poses, her popular OnlyFans page is where you’ll find the steamiest content from this sexy Glaswegian.

sexiiib onlyfans

You never have to wait too long for Sexiiib to upload content – expect a steady stream of daily photos and videos, one-on-one chats with subscribers, and custom requests. Her subscription price is actually quite inexpensive so it won’t take much to get to know Sexiiib on an intimate level. She even rewards her most active fans with special gifts.

If you’re looking for a hot Glasgow girl to sext with on OnlyFans, someone who will give you personal attention, or just a fun hottie to admire, Sexiiib should be next on your list to check out. Bonus points for her “Spin the Wheel” competition which is a fun way to get some racy surprises from this stunner with over 106,000 likes on her page. Sexiiib or Lara – either name will be sure to satisfy you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @sexiiib
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 106,500
Number of Posts 797
Number of Photos/Videos 1,282
Price $5.50 per month

10. Megan – Petite, Busty Glasgow Babe Who Loves to Sext and Squirt

Fans of petite OnlyFans Glasgow girls will love our next creator. Megan, aka @lilmegs98x, is a self-described “petite slutty blonde Scottish girl” from Glasgow. With DD tits, a slim waist, and a round ass, it’s no wonder she’s racked up over 55,000 likes on 700 posts so far. Megan and her sexy tattooed body get fully nude with XXX-rated content in every variety.

lil megs onlyfans

Megan creates B/G, G/G, and B/G/G videos – so fans of group sex will be quick to fall in love. With her one-on-one chats, Megan gets intimate with you, and her fetish-friendly attitude means you never have to hide your deepest kinks – she’s welcoming to your wildest fantasies. If you’re looking for custom content, you just have to send a DM.

As a bonus, this hot Glaswegian is a squirter. She is definitely one of the raunchier creators we’ve found in Glasgow, and it’s easy to see why she’s so popular. If you buy a yearly subscription, she’ll even send you a free video. Don’t forget to check out the racy lingerie and sexy outfits on her wish list – she’d love to dress up for you.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lilmegs98x
Fetish Blonde / Tattoos
Number of Likes 55,100
Number of Posts 761
Number of Photos/Videos 1,002
Price $8 per month

11. Tasha Glasgow – Hot, Fit, and Always Horny Glaswegian Who Loves Sex Toys

Tasha Glasgow may only give you a peek of who she is in her OnlyFans profile and cover photos, but she reveals so much more when you subscribe to this self-described “hot fit perfect” Glaswegian who is always horny and always playing with herself.

tasha glasgow onlyfans

Tasha loves sex toys – let’s just say that fans of dildo-loving OnlyFans girls will be more than satisfied with Tasha and her kinks. She’s friendly to those with fetishes, so don’t be afraid to tell her what you’d love to see her do. She’s also a fan of outdoor activities, mostly of the XXX-rated kind.

This Glasgow babe has a fun wish list filled with lacy lingerie, thong panties, and sexy Santa outfits – a great gift for Christmas or any other time of year. And, of course, her wish list has vibrators, dildos, and plenty of other toys to keep Tasha occupied while you subscribe to her page and, as she says, “try not to cum”.

OnlyFans Account Handle @tasha1234
Fetish Dildos / Toys
Number of Likes 10,400
Number of Posts 379
Number of Photos/Videos 676
Price $15 per month

12. Scottish Barbie – Real-Life Doll and Exotic Dancer With Insane Curves

Scottish Barbie, also known as Courtney Doyle, is a 23-year-old OnlyFans Glasgow girl who does resemble a Barbie with her doll-like features, round tits, and voluptuous ass. While she may be slightly newer to the platform, Courtney’s OnlyFans is quickly gaining steam with several thousand likes on just a couple hundred pieces of content so far.

scottish barbie courtney doyle onlyfans

Like another creator on our list, Courtney is also a dancer at Diamond Dolls, an adult club in the heart of Glasgow. While she fully admits that her tits and ass are fake, this doesn’t stop her from being one of the hottest blonde OnlyFans girls we’ve seen in Glasgow and beyond. She might entertain fans at the club, but Courtney’s OnlyFans is where you can see her dirtiest and raunchiest content.

A sneak peek at her Instagram shows her out and about in the tiniest of outfits, showing just about every allowable inch of her curvy body. Just imagine what she’ll show on OnlyFans. Scottish Barbie’s list of kinks includes nude photos, sex videos, and private content reserved for her most loyal subscribers and fans. You’ll definitely want to play with this doll.

OnlyFans Account Handle @courtneydoylexx
Fetish Busty / Blonde
Number of Likes 5,900
Number of Posts 234
Number of Photos/Videos 204
Price $20 per month

Kiyzza Robinson – who goes by just Kiyzza on OnlyFans – is a 25-year-old Glaswegian whose hair changes from blonde to red to brown to sometimes blue. No matter her hair color, Kiyzza has a presence on just about every social media platform out there, with the most activity on TikTok, where she has nearly 13,000 followers.

kiyzza onlyfans

Besides being a popular TikTok OnlyFans girl, Kiyzza does more than just lip-sync and dance on her XXX-rated OnlyFans page. She shows everything – and we mean everything. She loves showing off her fit and toned body, wearing next to nothing (or often completely nothing) as she engages in solo play, B/G activities, or just poses seductively for the camera.

If you have special requests for Kiyzza, just send her a DM – it might require a small tip, but considering her relatively low monthly subscription, it’s a good deal. With nearly 5,000 likes on her growing OnlyFans page, she’s not a household name quite yet, but we think with some time, the Kiyzza craze will catch on.

OnlyFans Account Handle @kiyzza
Fetish Redhead
Number of Likes 4,700
Number of Posts 353
Number of Photos/Videos 467
Price $10 per month

14. Stacy – Busty Glasgow Dancer Who Grants Custom Fetish Requests

Glasgow has its share of nightclubs, but who knew how many exotic dancers there were in the city? We have another Glaswegian dancer on our list: Stacy, also known as @candyyyyyx on her new OnlyFans account. Stacy is a dancer at Seventh Heaven, Glasgow’s “Premier Strip & Lap Dancing Club.”

stacey candyyyyyx onlyfans

When Stacey isn’t busy dancing for club guests, she’s building her new OnlyFans page, which is gaining traction every day thanks to her weekly updates, lingerie shots, and racy nude videos. This busty blonde dancer may be an amateur OnlyFans creator at the moment, but she’s likely on her way to huge success on the platform.

Stacey takes custom and fetish requests and invites fans to chat with her – so you know you’re safe revealing all of your kinkiest dreams to this babe. She loves receiving tips and generously rewards fans who give her little gifts to show their appreciation. Be one of the earliest fans of their soon-to-be OnlyFans superstar.

OnlyFans Account Handle @candyyyyyx
Fetish Blonde / Busty
Number of Likes 764
Number of Posts 89
Number of Photos/Videos 177
Price $15 per month

15. Glasgow’s Friendly Couple – Horny Pair from Glasgow Who Love Getting Naughty

It’s not just single Glaswegians heating things up on OnlyFans. To round out our list, we have one of the best OnlyFans couples in Scotland. Going by the name “Glasgow’s Friendly Couple”, this self-described “fun-loving couple from Glasgow” loves to share their sexy adventures with their fans, and has over 2,000 photos and videos to prove it.

glasgows friendly couple onlyfans

A peek at the couple’s Twitter account reveals a look into their naughty lifestyle. This married couple invites the husband’s ex over for some kinky fun, they post videos of the wife enjoying some solo play with toys, and they captured video of the first time they ever tried anal sex – her hubby was a “persuasive and sexy bugger” to get her to try it.

Whether they’re having raunchy fun alone, with each other (sometimes in parked cars), or with friends, it’s fun to see this couple enjoying their sex life as much as they do. Fans of MILFs and hotwives will also get pleasure from seeing this married woman have her way with other men. This horny couple loves to be naughty, and you’ll love watching them.

OnlyFans Account Handle @glasgowsfriendlycouple
Fetish Couple
Number of Likes 1,600
Number of Posts 572
Number of Photos/Videos 2,317
Price $19.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest Glasgow OnlyFans Girl to Follow?

As you’ve surely seen, there is a wide variety of sexy, fun, adventurous Glasgow girls’ OnlyFans to drool over in this guide. While there are many creators who deserve to be part of the best Glasgow OnlyFans girls, we think the top three are Jessica Jackrabbit, Jennifer Thompson, and Athena Aster.

You’ve probably heard of the Jessica Jackrabbit Glasgow OnlyFans account, but you may not have known the story about her former schoolteacher years. Either way, this Scottish/Italian MILF with big tits and a sexy, tight body offers XXX-rated themed packages, takes special requests, and doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do.

Glasgow local Jennifer Thomson has amazing curves and tattoos, a staggering 560,000+ likes, and over 16,000 photos and videos to keep you satisfied for months on end. This self-described “sex machine” offers a ton of content and is one of the most popular creators on the entire platform for a good reason.

Athena Aster is a unique creator in that she’s super down-to-earth, loves the outdoors, and is a self-described hippie. This adventurous redhead occasionally ventures indoors to create steamy content for OnlyFans, promising to drive you wild with her XXX videos and photos.


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