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When it comes to sexy, uncensored content, two is better than one. That’s the appeal of the best OnlyFans couples accounts, which offer a peek into the sex lives of some of the hottest couples on the planet.

There are hundreds of couples on OnlyFans to choose from, but some are better than others at creating content that brings fans into the steamy mix. In this guide, we’ll highlight the 17 best OnlyFans couple accounts to follow in 2024.

The 17 Best Couples on OnlyFans in 2024

Let’s jump straight into the 17 best OnlyFans couples to explore today:

A Closer Look at the Best Couples OnlyFans Accounts

Want to know more about what these sexy couples have to offer? We’ll cover everything fans need to know about the best couples on OnlyFans and make it simple to decide who to follow.

1. Anastasia – Asian Stunner With a Tattooed European Partner

With her small boobs topped by pert nips and a perfectly round ass, you’re going to go wild for Anastasia. What’s more, you’ll get to know her partner just as well as you watch the pair get intimate all over the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen – the whole house is up for grabs with this OnlyFans couple!

Along with plenty of solo content, Anastasia and her tattooed hunk of a partner explore each other and love to share it with you. Check out all the money shots on her profile if you don’t believe us!

Anastasia OnlyFans

Both sides of this smoking hot alt couple have various piercings – you’re going to have to subscribe to see exactly where Anastasia’s are, though! At just $7.99 per month, for both her and her partner, you get an absolute steal when you sign up. Keep your rebill on and you’ll even get a special treat.

OnlyFans Username @anastasia_vip_xxx
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 472
Number of Posts 39
Price $7.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 66

2. Anna Jolie – Blondie Sharing Her FWB With You

If you’ve not been driven wild by the South African accent, you’ve not heard to voice of Anna Jolie! One half of a super sexy OnlyFans couple, you’re going to get a taste for her exotic voice and erotic antics.

You’ll get to see her and her FWB get up to all kinds that good girls don’t. The sex tapes you can access on her profile when you subscribe will drive you wild, and if you want to see this OnlyFans pairing follow your every direction, you’re just a DM and a generous tip away from watching your fantasies.

Anna Jolie OnlyFans

Anna and her partner are pretty fresh on OnlyFans, but you can be sure the duo know how to create hot content you’re going to drool over. At $7.99 per month, you’re going to be all over her profile, and the first month is half-price – when you’re getting two hot bods on screen, that’s an absolute bargain.

OnlyFans Username @anna_jolie
Fetish Beach Babe
Number of Likes 13,200
Number of Posts 275
Price $7.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 293

3. Kiki – Stunning OnlyFans Creator with Fiery Girl-on-Girl C0uple Videos

Kiki is one of the hottest new creators on OnlyFans. Although this isn’t technically a couples account, Kiki often shares videos with partners. She’s especially fond of creating girl/girl content with some of her very sexy friends. These are videos fans won’t want to miss.

Kiki also shares tons of erotic nude photos, solo play videos, and toy videos with her fans. She has a smoking hot body and isn’t shy about showing it off.

Kiki OnlyFans

One of the things fans will love about following Kiki is that she’s incredibly interactive. Fans can sext with Kiki at any time to get personalized, steamy content delivered straight to their device. Kiki also accepts custom video requests and has a wishlist of toys that fans can buy for her – and be rewarded with a special thank-you video.

Kiki’s account is very affordable considering the quality and frequency of content she puts out. For only $9.99 per month, fans get immediate access to more than 700 photos and videos.

OnlyFans Username @thosegirls
Fetish Curvy/Blonde
Number of Likes 5,700
Number of Posts 470
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 707

4. Possibly Neighbours – Sexy Scandinavian Couple with a Cuckold Fetish

Possibly Neighbours is a sexy and young OnlyFans couple from Scandinavia with a cuckold fetish. Many of their videos involve the wife having sex with strangers or in groups while her husband watches.

These two run one of the best amateur OnlyFans accounts. They post two videos per week between 10-30 minutes. All of their content is XXX-rated, fully uncensored, and totally authentic. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they each have incredibly hot bodies and sexy Scandinavian accents.

PossiblyNeighbours OnlyFans

Subscribers get access to more than 1,400 photos and videos – an enormous trove that makes the $6.99 monthly subscription well worth it. This is an OnlyFans couple that fans simply have to check out.

OnlyFans Username @possiblyneighbours
Fetish Cuckold/Hotwife
Number of Likes 26,800
Number of Posts 1,449
Price $6.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 1,439

5. Blake & Bambi – Uncensored Lesbians with Weekly Live Sex Videos

Blake and Bambi are a stunning lesbian couple that will surely stick in fans’ minds. These two beauties met at a strip club and together they’ve taken their sexy content to the next level. They each have slim, curvy bodies, big breasts, and tight asses that fans have to see to believe.

Blake and Bambi post tons of nude photos, teaser clips, and more. But the real gem of this page is the couple’s weekly livestreams. The live shows feature Blake and Bambi having real, uncensored sex, often trying out new positions and toys.

Lesbian Couple OnlyFans

Blake and Bambi are not only one of the best OnlyFans couples, but also among the best New Zealand OnlyFans creators. The $12.69 per month subscription is a steal for the erotic and XXX-rated content these two gorgeous babes produce. Plus, new subscribers get 50% off for their first month.

OnlyFans Username @blakebambiwild
Fetish Lesbian/Redhead
Number of Likes 62,900
Number of Posts 892
Price $12.69 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 856

6. Couples Thrill – Young Couple with Steamy Sex & Threesomes

Couples Thrill is a hot young couple that loves to put on a show for their fans. These two are clearly in love with each other and really enjoy trying out new sexual adventures together. They’re also into exploring their bodies with friends and often post threesome videos on OnlyFans. The wife also does girl/girl partner videos, sometimes with her husband watching.

Couples Thrill is open to all sorts of fetishes and they love nothing more than getting customs requests from fans. The wife also accepts dick ratings with a tip and the pair are available around the clock for steamy three-way chats.

Couples Thrilll OnlyFans

This is one of the best free couples on OnlyFans, and fans get instant access to hundreds of photos and clips when they subscribe. More explicit sex tapes require pay-per-view and tips are always rewarded.

OnlyFans Username @couples-thrill
Fetish Threesomes/Petite
Number of Likes 15,000
Number of Posts 294
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 363

7. Gay 0161 – Gay British Couple for BDSM & Fetish Content

Gay 0161 is easily one of the best gay couples on OnlyFans. These two Brits have glowing six-packs, muscular bodies, and sizable dicks. They also cater to a huge range of gay fetish desires, including sissy, role play, bondage, foot worship and scally lad.

The boys of Gay 0161 post a wide range of content, from solo nudes and masturbation to erotic audio clips to full sex tapes. They’re also available to sext with fans and can do both one-on-one and three-way messages. They encourage fans to send them a sexy photo to get the conversation off to a fiery start.

Gay 0161 OnlyFans

Gay 0161 costs $15.99 per month when fans subscribe monthly, but all 3, 6, and 9-month packages are 50% off. Plus, new subscribers can check out these steamy boys for only $8 for the first month.

OnlyFans Username @gay_0161_couple
Fetish Gay/British
Number of Likes 81,800
Number of Posts 434
Price $15.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 696

8. WanderLUST Couple – Free Couple Account with XXX-rated PPV Videos

WanderLUST Couple is a US-based mature couple with a flair for sexual adventure. They love to show off and try out new fetishes, including light BDSM and public play. They also have a wishlist of toys and costumes that fans can send them to spice things up even more.

These two also encourage wild custom requests from their fans and enjoy making personalized content. For fans who are mainly interested in seeing more of the wife, the couple is happy to have her do solo videos or dick ratings.

Wanderlust Couple OnlyFans

The majority of WanderLUST Couple’s videos are pay-per-view, although they do put out nude photos and teaser videos for free on occasion. Either way, subscribing to this OnlyFans account is completely free, so it’s easy to get a taste of what they offer.

OnlyFans Username @wanderlustcouple
Fetish BDSM/Public play
Number of Likes 6,800
Number of Posts 180
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 325

9. The Real Couple – Mature Couple with No Paywall on Sex Tapes

The Real Couple is as authentic as it gets and they’re easily among the best couples on Onlyfans. This mature pairing includes a 51-year-old husband and 49-year-old wife, although it’s easy to mistake them for being 10 years younger judging by their sexy and sleek bodies.

These two love to share nude and erotic photos of themselves at home, on the beach, in public, and more. They also post full-length sex tapes that show off the two of them getting it on and having a lot of fun in the process. They aren’t as into fetishes as some other couples, but that also makes their videos feel more real for a lot of fans.

The Real Couple OnlyFans

Notably, The Real Couple’s $12 per month subscription includes unlimited access to their content. There are no pay-per-view videos and no required tips. So, this is one of the best cheap OnlyFans accounts for fans who want full sex tapes.

OnlyFans Username @realpeopleadventures
Fetish Authentic/Mature
Number of Likes 1,900
Number of Posts 65
Price $12 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 86

10. Sexwife Couple – Hotwife Couple for Threesomes, Orgies & More

Sexwife Couple is a stunningly hot couple with a cuckold fetish. The wife is a hotwife who loves to have sex with strangers, including both men and women. The husband often takes part in boy-boy-girl threesomes and looks on as his wife explores the bodies of other men.

These two have some of the steamiest uncensored content on OnlyFans. They’ll invite multiple friends over for orgies and try out cosplay, chastity belts, and other toys. They also do anal, rimjobs, and more.

Sexwife Couple OnlyFans

A subscription only costs $7.99 per month and includes access to hundreds of video clips and nude photos. For a tip, Sexwife Couple will unlock their most uncensored content including full sex tapes and threesome videos.

OnlyFans Username @sexwifecouple
Fetish Hotwife/Cuckold
Number of Likes 24,500
Number of Posts 255
Price $7.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 307

11. Elliot & Emma – Kink-friendly Lesbian Couple Next Door

Elliot and Emma are a sweet and friendly lesbian couple that want to invite fans into their lives. They may be amateurs, but Elliot and Emma rank as one of the best gay couples on OnlyFans.

Elliot and Emma get off on being watched, so they have a lot of fun creating videos and erotic photos for OnlyFans. Even better, these two sexy ladies are kink-friendly and love it when fans give them suggestions for new ways to explore each other’s bodies. They often use toys including strap-ons, and they have a wishlist of toys that fans can purchase for them. They also enjoy BDSM, tribbing, face sitting, and sexting with fans in fun, sensual three-ways.

Elliott and Emma OnlyFans

Elliot and Emma are a premium subscription at $19.99 per month. But that price includes immediate access to more than 600 uncensored photos and videos. Fans can also get up to 40% off when they subscribe for 6 months.

OnlyFans Username @imkindofabigdildo
Fetish Lesbian/Amateur
Number of Likes 4,500
Number of Posts 534
Price $19.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 602

12. Swiss Couple – Amateur Swiss Hotties New to OnlyFans

Swiss Couple is a young and very sexy amateur couple living in Switzerland. This is more than just a page for uncensored sex videos – although it certainly has plenty of those. Swiss Couple wants to invite fans into their lives and frequently shares updates about what they’re up to outside of bed. Of course, there’s plenty of steamy and erotic content along with those updates.

This account does a really great job of establishing a connection between the couple and their fans. That connection makes their explicit clips and shares all the more erotic. They’re also responsive to fans who want to chat or sext, making this one of the best couples OnlyFans for interactivity.

Swiss Couple OnlyFans

Swiss Couple’s page only costs $7.99 per month to follow and fans get access to more than 100 photos and videos. These are amateurs worth keeping an eye on and they’re only just getting started.

OnlyFans Username @swiss-couple
Fetish Authentic/Amateur
Number of Likes 1,500
Number of Posts 103
Price $7.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 114

13. Horny Couple – Gay Pornstars Who Love to Show off Their Bodies

Horny Couple is another contender for the title of best gay couple on OnlyFans. These two European boys are burgeoning pornstars who know exactly how to deliver for their fans. They’re sensual, sweet, and naughty, with just the right balance to leave fans coming back for more.

Horny Couple’s page includes a large number of nude photos, erotic clips, masturbation videos, and teasers. But for the outstanding uncensored sex videos these two are known for, fans will have to pay per view. That means this account can get somewhat expensive, although Horny Couple keeps prices reasonable so that fans can check out multiple videos.

Hornycouple onlyfans

For a taste of what these sleek and sexy men have to offer, fans can sign up for a month for only $3.99. The base subscription price is only $4.99 after that, so it certainly won’t break the bank.

OnlyFans Username @brhornycouple
Fetish Gay/Bearded
Number of Likes 34,700
Number of Posts 805
Price $4.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 827

14. Naughty Siblings – Brother & Sister Pair with 10 Hot Posts Per Day

Naughty Siblings is a brother and sister pair that loves to get it on in all sorts of dirty ways. She’s a 10/10 blonde hottie and he’s a muscular, tattooed stud. They aren’t shy about getting deep into each other’s bodies, trying out new positions, and creating explicit content that will make fans’ mouths water.

The forbidden nature of this pairing makes their page extra delicious, especially when they play that their relationship could be caught. They post a minimum of 10 new pieces of content per day, which is more than almost any other couple on OnlyFans. Plus, the two are available around the clock for steamy three-way sexting with fans.

This is one of the best OnlyFans couple accounts and shouldn’t be missed. It’s free to subscribe and get a sneak peek at what this naughty brother and sister have to offer, but most explicit content is pay-per-view.

OnlyFans Username @dont-tell-mom-and-dad
Fetish Siblings/Blonde
Number of Likes 371,500
Number of Posts 9,317
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 9,194

15. Risky Couple – Fetish-friendly Exhibitionists Who Enjoy Couple Swapping

Risky Couple is a Las Vegas-based couple with an adventurous side. These two tattooed, sexy hotties love to try out new things, including participating in threesomes and foursomes together. They also swap partners with like-minded couples and get into exhibitionist public play in the outdoors.

Risky Couple is very fetish-friendly and open to suggestions from their fans. They routinely do creampies, facials, swallowing, and foot job clips, and they’re always finding new ways to delight.

risky couple onlyfans

At $50 per month, this is a relatively expensive subscription. However, Risky Couple doesn’t put any of their uncensored content behind a pay-per-view paywall. Fans get immediate access to more than 175 XXX-rated photos and videos, making Risky Couple a contender for best couple on OnlyFans today.

OnlyFans Username @riskycouple
Fetish Tattooed/Voyeuristic
Number of Likes 1,900
Number of Posts 102
Price $50 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 176

16. Asian Couple – Hot Young Asian Couple with a Naughty Side

Asian Couple is one of the best Japanese OnlyFans accounts. These Japanese partners are living in Europe, but they don’t leave traditional Asian customs completely behind in their photos and videos. Instead, they play up their heritage and lean into many of the characteristics that fans love most from Japanese creators.

These two only do photos and videos together, not with strangers. But they love coming up with new ways to explore each other and perform for their fans. The wife is especially talented at treating fans to a show and she even has her own OnlyFans page for sexy solo content.

asian couple onlyfans

This is also a very cheap couples OnlyFans account. It’s only $5 per month, and new subscribers can join for their first month for only $3. Fans get instant access to dozens of uncensored photos and sex clips.

OnlyFans Username @hotasiancouple
Fetish Japanese/Amateur
Number of Likes 14,900
Number of Posts 71
Price $5 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 74

17. BoldnFckful – Thick & Sexy Black Lesbian Couple

BoldnFckful is one of the best free couples on OnlyFans. These two Black women are thick, busty, and very sexy together. They love to play with each other using toys and strap-ons, and aren’t shy about giving their all in front of fans.

These two ladies are also very kink-friendly. They’re into foot fetishes, BDSM, and more, and they’re very receptive to ideas from fans about what they should try next.

boldnfckful onlyfans

For a free account, fans get access to a surprisingly large amount of uncensored content with no paywall. These ladies have more than 380 posts with nude photos, teaser clips, and abridged versions of their full sex tapes. Of course, as with most free OnlyFans accounts, the best content is reserved for pay-per-view.

OnlyFans Username @boldnfckful
Fetish Black/BDSM
Number of Likes 2,400
Number of Posts 381
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 509

Conclusion — Who are the Best OnlyFans Couple?

OnlyFans couples offer authentic sex and highly erotic three-way interactions with fans. We think Anastasia has the best OnlyFans couples account to follow today. Her boy/girl partner videos are simply incredible to watch and her solo play videos won’t disappoint, either. Plus, Anastasia’s fans get anytime access to her for sexting, custom requests, and more.

Check out Anastasia’s page and subscribe today for only $7.99 per month.


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