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OnlyFans has emerged as the go-to subscription site for adult content over the past few years, with several reports noting that the platform now boasts over two million creators. Although OnlyFans’ size is a good thing, it can make it difficult for users to sift through the site to find exactly what they’re looking for.

We’ve done the necessary research to streamline this process and found the best OnlyFans accounts for 2023. Throughout this article, we’ll review each of these accounts, highlighting those that offer free subscriptions, high levels of interactivity, premium content – and more!

The Best OnlyFans Girls to Subscribe to 2023

Listed below are the top OnlyFans creators of 2023 – each standing out from the crowd in this ultra-competitive space. We’ll take a closer look at these creators in the following section, exploring what they offer, how much their subscriptions cost, and the features that make these accounts so popular.

A Closer Look at the Top OnlyFans Accounts to Subscribe to

Now let’s take a closer look at the top OnlyFans accounts listed above – ensuring readers know EXACTLY what they can expect by subscribing to these creators. We’ll take a look at the free OnlyFans accounts, premium girls, and a variety of different fetishes to help you find the perfect match.

1. Anna Jolie – Overall Best OnlyFans Girl to Subscribe to in 2023

Ever glimpsed a stunning blonde beach bum and dreamed of seeing what’s underneath her two-piece? We’re making that dream come true as we introduce to you to Anna Jolie. This stunning babe is one of South Africa’s best OnlyFans stars and when she pulls the knots out of her bikini bottoms, she reveals everything you fantasized of.

Her tousled locks and sun-kissed skin will draw you into her sexy world, where you’ll get XXX solo videos, unlimited sexting including exclusive photos, and the chance to have a one-on-one phone call with Anna. She also loves to show off her lingerie and dildo collection, which we’re sure you’ll adore as much as she does.

Anna Jolie OnlyFans

When you part ways with $10.99 per month, not only do you get unlimited access to her back catalog of 251 uncensored posts, you also get near-daily fresh content posted. If you turn on your rebill option, you’ll receive a free nude video delivered to your inbox every month. Go toggle that button, now!

OnlyFans Account Handle @anna_jolie
Fetish Nudes/Beach Bade
Number of Likes 12,600
Number of Posts 251
Price $10.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 261

2. NaviPlays – Most Intense OnlyFans Experience

Who needs normal when you can get a slice of alternative with NaviPlays on OnlyFans? Her tattooed skin and ever-changing hair color tells you what you need to know about her – she’s an alt girl who’ll satisfy you needs.

NaviPlays identifies as bisexual, so you’re in for a feast of B/G and G/G sex tapes when you subscribe to her profile. Tap into her nerdy side when you slide into her DMs as well, because she’s always going to reply to you, and if you’re lucky there might even be some nudes landing in your inbox.

Nirvana OnlyFans

With 297 media uploads, and more added most days, there is plenty for you to feast your eyes on. You can even buy PPVs to unlock her spiciest content. But for $9.99 a month, you’re sure to still get great value from your subscription. When you want to get a little extra attention from Navi, send her a custom request and ask her to make your darkest dreams into reality.

OnlyFans Username @casualheaven
Fetish Tattoos/Alt
Number of Likes 7,100
Number of Posts 186
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 297

3. PaulaShy – Best Lingerie Shoots on OnlyFans

Don’t be confused by her name, Paula Shy is anything but introverted! This is one of the best OnlyFans accounts you’ll find if you’re into erotic photos and pornographic videos from a hot European brunette.

Along with access to her 112 uploads when you subscribe, Paula will slide into your DMs with a menu of options for you to choose what you want to see from her. Sending a tip her way will see her bring your fantasies to life, right in your inbox and for your eyes only.

Paula Shy OnlyFans

You won’t be able to get enough of her long legs, toned stomach… Who are we kidding? You’ll want to explore every inch of her as you watch her high-quality videos that get posted most days. You’ll find her in plenty of different lingerie sets, she’s definitely not shy about giving you every inch of her.

OnlyFans Username @xxxpaualashyxxx
Fetish Lingerie
Number of Likes 3,300
Number of Posts 98
Price $9.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 98

4. Kiki – New Blonde Bombshell with Unbelievable Body

One of the best amateur OnlyFans accounts to be aware of is Kiki. This blonde sensation has a body to die for and a personality to match, combining to create a unique experience for her fans.

Charging just $12.99 monthly, Kiki offers a vast media library showcasing over 660 stunning photos and videos. This sexy model is certainly not afraid to bare all, with new content being added near-daily. Those that like what they see can even sign up for six months and receive a 10% discount!

Kiki OnlyFans

Kiki is also great for custom requests, as fans can DM her with their deepest desires – which she might help facilitate, assuming a worthwhile tip is attached. It’s also one of the best Cosplay OnlyFans pages on the market. Finally, those looking to sext the day away will also find Kiki a willing partner since her responses are speedy and authentic.

OnlyFans Username @thosegirls
Fetish Curvy/Tattoos
Number of Likes 5,200
Number of Posts 430
Price $12.99 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 663

5. Kacy Black – Teen Sensation with Super-Hot OnlyFans Page

Another of the best OnlyFans accounts to follow is Kacy Black. Kacy Black is often held in high regard when it comes to OnlyFans accounts – and it’s clear to see why! Kacy has a ‘girl next door’ style and offers over 1,600 pieces of content, including 65 HD videos.

Although Kacy is one of the top OnlyFans earners, subscribers can gain access to her content for just $3. This price increases to $30 per month after 31 days – which seems like a steal considering Kacy’s level of interactivity.

Kacy Black OnlyFans

Kacy handles her account herself and doesn’t use any of the best OnlyFans marketing agencies to boost her profile – giving a ‘personalized’ feel that many accounts cannot offer. Combine this with her teen aesthetic and super-fast responses, and there’s no doubt Kacy will continue to be one of the top OnlyFans models for as long as she wishes!

OnlyFans Account Handle @kacyblack18
Fetish Girl next door
Number of Likes 565,000
Number of Posts 1,695
Price $30 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,625

6. Bella Bumzy – Top OnlyFans Account with Gamer Style

Another of the hottest OnlyFans accounts right now is Bella Bumzy. Like Kacy Black above, Bella Bumzy has built up quite a following over the past few years and boasts over 236,000 likes on her profile. This popularity is due to Bella’s gamer aesthetic and cute smile.

Bella is also one of the best OnlyFans girls for responsiveness. Although subscribers can get a message back, it will come at a cost. However, considering Bella’s monthly fee starts at just $3 for the first 31 days, this is a fair trade!

Bella Bumzy OnlyFans

Bella posts new pictures/videos pretty much every day, so there’s never a lack of content with this account. Finally, those looking for a cute redhead will likely gravitate towards Bella – which is why she takes the second spot on our list of the best OnlyFans accounts for 2023.

OnlyFans Account Handle @bellabumzy
Fetish Gamer/Fantasy
Number of Likes 236,200
Number of Posts 1,083
Price $30 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,057

7. Zayla – One of the Best OnlyFans Pages for MILF and Stepmum Aesthetic

Zayla owns one of the most popular OnlyFans accounts – and there’s no doubt why! Those seeking a stepmom aesthetic should look no further, as Zayla’s curvy physique and ‘mature’ dress sense have made her a bonafide hit on the platform.

Like the two models listed above, Zayla offers an attractive introductory offer to her account, set at just $3 for the first 31 days. Those who are happy to leave tips will even be able to receive personalized content and messages back – which combines well with the 100+ HD videos that Zayla already offers.

Zayla OnlyFans

Considering that many OnlyFans creators opt for a ‘younger’ look, Zayla’s mature style sets her apart from the crowd. What’s more, she ALWAYS seems to be active – ensuring a high level of responsiveness when needed!

OnlyFans Account Handle @stepmother
Fetish Stepmom/MILF
Number of Likes 501,900
Number of Posts 1,884
Price $30 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,870

8. Sam Slayre – The Best Teen OnlyFans Account

Sam Slayre is now one of the top earners on OnlyFans, offering access to a vast media library for just $3 (for the first 31 days). This media library contains over 1,300 photos and 20 HD videos – including many naughty pieces of content that need to be seen to be believed!

Like other creators, Sam is more than happy to reply to messages and send over some personalized content – although this will cost extra. She always seems to be online, and nothing is ever a hassle, making her one of the most approachable models on our list.

Sam Slayre OnlyFans

Another reason Sam makes our list of the best OnlyFans girls is her down-to-earth demeanour. Many girls on the platform tend to be aloof and unwilling to respond in a personalized manner – yet subscribers don’t need to worry about this with Sam!

OnlyFans Account Handle @samslayres
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 446,800
Number of Posts 1,390
Price $30 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,349

9. Haley Brooks – Best Free OnlyFans Account with Huge Video Library

Those seeking a free OnlyFans account should look no further than Haley Brooks. Haley’s style sets her apart from others on our list, as her account is flooded with naughty photos/videos of her living a lavish lifestyle. These include travel photos and luxury clothing.

As such, those interested in sugar babies will undoubtedly find Haley appealing. Haley’s account is free to subscribe to, with added scope to receive exclusive content – for a fee.

Haley Brooks OnlyFans

Another reason Haley is so popular is that she’s a willing exhibitionist and isn’t afraid to ‘bare all’ in public. This content has been a hit with her fanbase, which is why she boasts over 344,000 likes at the time of writing!

OnlyFans Account Handle @haleybrooks18
Fetish Sugar baby
Number of Likes 344,600
Number of Posts 1,630
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 1,606

10. Lalusia – Thick Gym Girl with Free OnlyFans Page

A relatively new OnlyFans account to recently burst onto the scene is Lalusia. Lalusia, also known as LaLaLifts, is a gym-themed account – with a sexy twist. Subscribers can gain access to nearly 200 pieces of content, most of which revolves around watching Lalusia complete workouts in barely any clothes!

What’s more, Lalusia’s OnlyFans page is completely free to subscribe to. The only time charges come into play is when subscribers wish to attain extra content. However, even in the free account, Lalusia will reply to DMs – although those who send tips will receive replies first! 

Lalusia OnlyFans

The great thing about Lalusia’s page is that there’s even a fitness-related component, as she clearly has a passion for bodybuilding. Subscribers can learn about weight training AND have their desires fulfilled simultaneously.

Those looking for additional content can check out Lalusia’s public Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok accounts. Or check our list of best TikTok OnlyFans models if you are looking for a girl with a large social following.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lalalifts
Fetish Gym/Bodybuilder
Number of Likes 40,600
Number of Posts 133
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 177

11. Maria Moobs – Best Cheap OnlyFans Page with Discounted Subscription Price

If you’re looking for the best cheap OnlyFans girl with top quality content at a discounted price, Maria Moobs is your girl. She’s an 18-year-old OnlyFans model who has amassed more than 302,000 likes over the past few years. This popularity stems from Maria’s willingness to do most things – as her content includes both softcore and hardcore vibes.

Most of Maria’s content is photo-based, although she does have a library of 38 HD videos. Moreover, Maria has been known to host private shows – with EVERYONE getting the chance to participate (if they’re happy to pay).

Maria Moobs OnlyFans

Maria has also gained a reputation as the best OnlyFans on Reddit, as some of her content has a ‘girl next door’ vibe. Considering new subscribers can access her media library for just $3 for the first 31 days, it’s clear why Maria is such a hit.

OnlyFans Account Handle @miamoobs
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 302,500
Number of Posts 1,500
Price $30 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,456

12. Cup of Carli – One of the Top OnlyFans Creators Right Now for Interactivity

One of the most popular OnlyFans accounts regarding responsiveness and interactivity is Cup of Carli. Carli is another OnlyFans creator with a youthful style, boasting over 251,000 likes on the platform. Carli’s media library also contains 61 HD videos – way more than most creators.

As one of the top OnlyFans models, Carli is well-known for her responsiveness and approachable personality. What’s more, Carli’s Instagram and Twitter are both public – meaning subscribers can keep tabs on what she’s up to every day!

Cup of Carli OnlyFans

The great thing about Carli’s OnlyFans account is that it’s completely free to subscribe to. There is also scope to obtain exclusive content – yet subscribers will need to pay a premium for this sizzling feature.

OnlyFans Account Handle @cupofcarli
Fetish Teen/cute
Number of Likes 251,900
Number of Posts 1,687
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 1,636

13. Jena Wolfy – One of the Best OnlyFans Pages for XXX-Rated Content

Jena Wolfy, also known as the ‘throat goat’, is undoubtedly one of the best OnlyFans girls when it comes to explicit content. As her nickname suggests, Jena posts regular XXX-rated content on her page, including sex tapes, solo videos, video calls, and more.

Although much of her content is hardcore, Jena still offers a highly personalized service. Subscribers can participate in 1:1 conversations with Jena and take a gander at her wish list on Amazon. Those who wish to send Jena gifts can buy items from her regularly-updated wish list – and this big booty model may reward you with additional content!

Jena Wolfy OnlyFans

Jena’s page can’t lay claim to being the best cheap OnlyFans account, as subscribers must pay $50 per month – a little higher than others on our list. However, given Jena’s currently low profile and the fact that her page hasn’t been featured anywhere else, now could be the ideal time to sign-up and build a rapport with this stunning girl.

OnlyFans Account Handle @jenawolfy
Fetish BJ/Amateur
Number of Likes 8,300
Number of Posts 182
Price $50 per month ($5 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 189

14. Sweet Polly – Super-Hot Model Offering Surprise DMs Service

Another of the best OnlyFans pages to consider subscribing to is Sweet Polly. Sweet Polly charges just $10 per month ($3 for the first 31 days), yet this doesn’t mean the service is lacking. Quite the opposite!

Polly’s top service is her ‘surprise DMs’, which will see subscribers receive direct messages randomly. This is a rarely-offered service on OnlyFans and sets Polly apart from other models on our list. Alongside these messages, Polly also posts regular HD photos and videos, with over 80 pieces of content already available.

Sweet Polly OnlyFans

With a clear ‘girl next door’ vibe, most (if not all) people will find Polly’s appearance easy on the eye. Polly also replies to all DMs, allowing subscribers to really get to know her. What’s more, Polly’s content is a mixture of softcore and more ‘explicit’ stuff – ensuring this account ticks all the boxes for most and making her one of the top OnlyFans accounts.

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Girl next door
Number of Likes 4,000
Number of Posts 83
Price $10 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 83

15. Clarus Polaris – One of the Best OnlyFans Pages for Redhead Fetish

Another of the best OnlyFans pages is Clarus Polaris. Clarus doesn’t just have a unique name – she also boasts a unique style that leans heavily into her redhead genes. Not only this but Clarus has been known to dress up from time to time, evidenced by the photos on her account.

Clarus an avid cosplayer and is also highly active on Twitch. Clarus’ go-to games are God of War and The Witcher – so those seeking a gamer girl will likely want to subscribe!

Clarus Polaris OnlyFans

The great news is that Clarus’ OnlyFans account is free of charge, yet this only extends to public content. Those looking for a more ‘personalized’ experience can send her a little extra to receive content that nobody else will see – a fair deal, in our opinion!

OnlyFans Account Handle @clarus.polaris
Fetish Redhead/fantasy
Number of Likes 28,100
Number of Posts 158
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 557

16. Belle Delphine – Fantasy-Themed Account with the Best OnlyFans Nudes

Belle Delphine has the best OnlyFans according to Reddit, and has done so for quite some time. As one of the top OnlyFans creators right now, Belle has amassed an incredible 930,000 likes on the platform and has created over 11,000 pieces of content – the most on our list!

Belle leans heavily into the fantasy niche and regularly changes her hairstyle to suit her mood. Right now, Belle is a brunette – yet she’s previously made waves in the content creation scene due to her bright pink hair and rosy red cheeks.

Belle Delphine OnlyFans

Given Belle’s youthful appearance and ‘gamer girl’ style, she’s attracted a cult following on OnlyFans. Various reports have stated that Belle has made over $10 million on the platform – although we feel this is likely much higher!

OnlyFans Account Handle @belledelphine
Fetish Fantasy/Gamer Girl
Number of Likes 930,200
Number of Posts 639
Price $35 per month
Number of Photos/Videos 11,061

17. Caroline Cowgirl – Teen Sorority Girl Offering Wide Range of Content

Caroline Cowgirl is a relatively new OnlyFans account that we have yet to see mentioned on any other ‘best of’ lists. By subscribing to Caroline’s page, you’ll gain access to an array of sex tapes, sexting, video calls, custom requests, and more.

Since Caroline offers much more content than most accounts, a subscription to her account is slightly more expensive, quoted at $50 per month. However, this drops to just $5 during the first 31 days – meaning pretty much anyone can sign-up and experience Caroline’s content before committing long-term.

Caroline Cowgirl OnlyFans

As an amateur sorority girl, Caroline ensures EVERYONE is catered to, as she aims to offer a fully-fledged girlfriend experience. All messages are replied to, with this 18-year-old racking up nearly 10,000 likes on her content already. As such, Caroline is undoubtedly one of the best OnlyFans pages regarding value for money.

OnlyFans Account Handle @thecarolinecruz
Fetish Teen
Number of Likes 9,600
Number of Posts 142
Price $50 per month ($5 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 139

18. Riley Kwums – Curvy Model with Affordable Monthly Subscription

Riley Kwums is one of the hottest OnlyFans creators that offer more explicit content – which needs to be seen to be believed! As a 20-something curvy model, there’s no questioning why Riley has amassed over 144,000 likes on OnlyFans. Riley’s account is filled with HD photos and videos, ensuring subscribers are never bored.

Like many other creators, Riley has an introductory offer set at $3 for the first 31 days. This price does rise to $30 the following month – yet considering Riley’s ‘wild’ style, most people will be happy to pay.

Riley Kwums OnlyFans

Even though Riley is one of the most popular and best OnlyFans pages, she won’t hesitate to respond to messages, provided there’s a tip attached. So, for those seeking a little bit ‘more’ than most accounts offer, Riley is a great option – let’s leave it at that!

OnlyFans Account Handle @rileykwums
Fetish Curvy
Number of Likes 144,400
Number of Posts 1,509
Price $30 per month ($3 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,441

19. Carmen Electra – The Best Celebrity OnlyFans Account to Subscribe To

Carmen Electra remains one of the top celebrity OnlyFans creators – and it’s easy to see why! Carmen needs no introduction, as the 50-year-old actress made a name for herself during the 90s and 2000s from her glamour modeling and acting career.

Although Carmen may now be semi-retired, she has a free OnlyFans account for exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Carmen receives help with this account from a marketing company, yet she still handles all the messaging herself – which is why we’re such big fans!

Carmen Electra OnlyFans

One of the old-school thick models, Carmen is undoubtedly the best OnlyFans creator from Hollywood, yet remains surprisingly down-to-earth. Although subscribers may not get hardcore content with this account, the photos (and videos) Carmen provides are sure to get viewers hot under the collar.

OnlyFans Account Handle @carmenelectra
Fetish Celebrity
Number of Likes 211,900
Number of Posts 242
Price Free (pay per post)
Number of Photos/Videos 269

One of the best OnlyFans accounts to subscribe to in terms of affordability is Molly Eskam. Although Molly has one of the world’s most popular accounts, a subscription costs just $9.99 per month – or just $3.50 for the first 31 days.

Molly is a Playboy Playmate and has been since 2020. Based in LA, Molly has generated a big following thanks to her unbelievable physique. This physique (and her personality) has led to more than 1.4 million people following her on Instagram.

Molly Eskam OnlyFans

Those who sign up to Molly’s OnlyFans and send her a ‘crown’ emoji will receive one additional piece of content entirely for free! Molly has even made her PO box public, so eager subscribers can send her articles of clothing to try on in her photos and videos.

OnlyFans Account Handle @mollyeskam
Fetish Model
Number of Likes 141,100
Number of Posts 351
Price $9.99 per month ($3.50 for 31 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 275

21. Lena Paul – Top OnlyFans Girls for Live Streams

Those seeking the top OnlyFans accounts that offer live streams may wish to give Lena Paul a look. Lena Paul owns one of the largest accounts on OnlyFans, boasting over 1.4 million likes. New users can access Lena’s content for free for 15 days, after which it’ll cost $5 per month.

Lena leans heavily into the MILF genre – and this makes her a huge hit thanks to her curvy appearance. As one of the best OnlyFans girls, Lena’s popularity has also skyrocketed as she has a more ‘attainable’ physique than others, which adds a sense of realism to her content.

Lena Paul OnlyFans

Subscribers will receive access to exclusive homemade pictures and videos – with Lena also showing up live on occasion. Given Lena’s responsiveness (and naughtiness), she remains one of the most subscribed-to accounts on the OnlyFans platform.

OnlyFans Account Handle @lenaisapeach
Fetish MILF
Number of Likes 1,490,000
Number of Posts 1,288
Price $5 per month (free for 15 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 1,318

22. Daisy Dray – Best Asian OnlyFans Model Offering Free Access

One of the top Asian OnlyFans creators right now is Daisy Dray. Daisy has built her OnlyFans account around her similarity to Ariana Grande – meaning fans of the singer can get a taste of their wildest fantasies by subscribing.

Daisy’s OnlyFans account is free to subscribe to, yet those who want additional content must leave a decent tip. It’s important to note that most of Daisy’s content isn’t X-rated – so those seeking explicit videos will need to look elsewhere.

Daisy Dray OnlyFans

Daisy is also one of the top Asian OnlyFans creators and even resembles Mia Khalifa (more on her next). Finally, Daisy is an excellent option for those looking to sext the night away – but be prepared to pay a premium for this exciting bonus feature!

OnlyFans Account Handle @mydaisydolly
Fetish Asian
Number of Likes 149,300
Number of Posts 1,042
Price Free
Number of Photos/Videos 1,040

23. Mia Khalifa – One of the Best Pornstars on OnlyFans

Rounding off our list of the best OnlyFans accounts to subscribe to is Mia Khalifa. Mia Khalifa needs absolutely no introduction, as most (if not all) readers will be aware of the work of this Arab OnlyFans star.

After retiring from her porn career, Mia has built up a massive following on OnlyFans, allowing subscribers to take a peek into her everyday life. Although the content isn’t as hardcore as her previous work, subscribers will still benefit from a regular stream of photos and videos that nobody else can see.

Mia Khalifa OnlyFans

Nothing more needs to be said about Mia’s account, as the content speaks for itself! Thus, Mia Khalifa fans are sure to find this account compelling – with daily uploads making this one of the most active accounts on our list.

OnlyFans Account Handle @miakhalifa
Fetish Pornstar
Number of Likes 353,900
Number of Posts 659
Price $12 per month (free for 21 days)
Number of Photos/Videos 712

How to Find the Hottest OnlyFans Accounts

Now that we’ve covered the best OnlyFans accounts to follow, let’s take a look at some crucial elements to bear in mind when deciding which model to subscribe to.

Although there is an abundance of factors to consider, detailed below are six of the most essential when searching for the hottest OnlyFans creators:

Social Media

One of the best (and most widely-used) ways to find hot OnlyFans accounts is to use social media. Everyone with a favorite pornstar or Instagram model will have checked their social media accounts at some point – which is where their OnlyFans username will be located (if they have one).

However, ensuring that the social media account is verified is crucial. Unfortunately, fake Instagram and Twitter accounts have become common these days – so be wary, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of subscribing to an inauthentic OnlyFans account!

Free vs Paid Accounts

Those seeking the best of OnlyFans may feel they need to pay top dollar – but that isn’t necessarily the case! Many content creators and models now offer a free OnlyFans subscription, ensuring everyone can access their content.

OnlyFans paid accounts

However, there is usually a catch. Free accounts only go so far – those seeking exclusive or personalized content need to pay extra. This is why paid accounts are often the most popular, as this content tends to be included in the monthly fee.

Some of the best free OnlyFans accounts include Hayley Brooks, Daisy Dray,  Lucy is Loud, Molly Sims, and Cup of Carli.

Level of Interactivity

The best OnlyFans girls aren’t just there because of their looks – it tends to be down to how approachable they are. OnlyFans has made a name for itself over the past five years thanks to how the platform facilitates subscriber-creator interactions, yet many creators have forgotten this aspect.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of top OnlyFans models that offer a high degree of interactivity. This tends to come in the form of responses to messages, personalized photos, and even live streams! The more interactive a creator is, the stronger their fanbase – that’s a fact.

Number of Followers

The top OnlyFans earners tend to have the highest follower count. This makes sense; the more followers they have, the more monthly membership fees they’ll be collecting. However, just because a creator has many followers doesn’t mean they’re the ‘best’ on the platform. Nonetheless, you can explore top OnlyFans accounts by their number of followers by using a tool such as

Ultimately, this all comes down to personal preference, as someone may find an account with 100 followers much more appealing than an account with 100,000 followers. In addition, some accounts with high followers will employ a marketing company to handle the day-to-day management – which can make interactions feel more ‘artificial’.

Media Type Offered

The hottest OnlyFans accounts will also offer various media types, which usually comprise photos and videos. As a side note, the nature of these photos and videos will vary depending on the creator – some will be safe for work (SFW), whilst others will be more explicit.

OnlyFans photos and videos

Specific creators may even host live streams, which are chat-style streams that enable subscribers to interact with the creator in real time. However, this feature is relatively rare and tends to be reserved for other sites.

Personal Requests

Finally, many of the hottest OnlyFans creators will accept personal requests – for a fee. This could include writing a subscriber’s name on their body or wearing an item of clothing that a subscriber has sent in.

Moreover, most OnlyFans models will be more than happy to respond to messages – and may even offer a sort-of ‘girlfriend experience’. Again, this will vary depending on the person, so it’s best to make use of the initial monthly discount that many creators offer to get an idea of what’s possible! 

If you’re looking to meet someone in person, check out a guide to the best dating apps.

Best OnlyFans Reddit

The best OnlyFans pages are often discussed in Reddit threads, so you can check out those to learn about top profiles as well as top new OnlyFans girls. There’s even an OnlyFans creators’ subreddit.

As well as Reddit, there are also OnlyFans Telegram channel lists where you can find new creators to follow.

Conclusion — What are the Top OnlyFans Accounts to Follow?

OnlyFans logo

Wrapping everything up, this article has presented 23 of the best OnlyFans accounts to follow in 2023 – each offering slightly different content to ensure there’s something for everyone.

One of the top OnlyFans accounts right now is Anna Jolie. Although her account is relatively new, this blonde bombshell has a physique to die for – which is why she’s amassed over 12,000 likes in such a short space of time.

A subscription to Anna Jolie’s page costs just $10.99 per month – and considering the saucy content that she posts on a near-daily basis, we feel this is great value for money!


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Jo Rushton

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