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Certain sounds or sights trigger you and it’s pleasant, tingly, and calming. You often feel shivers when you hear heavy breathing, skin scratching, soft whispers, and wet noises. Better yet, they turn you on. If you’re into erotic ASMR, you’ve come to the right place. OnlyFans is home to extremely skilled ASMRtists and we’ve picked the most talented just for you.

Our best ASMR OnlyFans girls in 2024 combine stunning looks and sexy whispers. With them, you’ll get all the personal attention you need. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatest soft moans, gentle wet licks, latex scratching, and slow sizzle-pops of saliva.

The 15 Best ASMR OnlyFans Girls 2024

Ready to get triggered by the best ASMR OnlyFans creators? Angelica ASMR OnlyFans and Jinx ASMR OnlyFans accounts may not be active at the moment, but you can let our other hot ASMR babes fill the void!

A Detailed Look at the Best ASMR OnlyFans Creators

They master soft whispering, slow speech, and sexy moaning. Let’s discover our skilled OnlyFans ASMR girls. They’ll allow you to explore your fantasies and trigger euphoric responses you won’t forget any time soon.

1. Puffin ASMR – Breath-Taking Brunette with the Best ASMR Ear Kisses

Cristina alias Puffin ASMR is mainly known for her incredibly sensual ASMR ear kisses. That’s right, she plays with that 3Dio ear microphone like a goddess. With her, you have the real deal: the flirtatious air, the whispers, the mic licking, and her piercing gaze to top everything.

It’s a fact, discovering her Puffin ASMR OnlyFans account is an important moment for you, as you can take the Puffin ASMR experience even further.

puffin asmr onlyfans

Get ready for lewds and semi-nudes, photosets, pure ASMR trigger videos, and multiple posts per week. If you’ve known Cristina for a while now, you know she enjoys cosplaying on OnlyFans – and that she’s super sexy in all the costumes she tries on. She’s hotter than ever, so be prepared for a wild ride.

OnlyFans Account Handle @puffinasmr
Fetish Brunette
Number of Likes 73,700
Number of Posts 359
Number of Photos/Videos 742
Price $14.99 per month

2. Rose – OnlyFans ASMR Expert with a Sensual Voice and Insanely Hot Body

Boasting nearly 300,000 subscribers as a YouTuber on OnlyFans, and over 400,000 likes on her OnlyFans page, Rose is an undeniable ASMR star. What makes this bubbly US-based babe so attractive?

First of all, she has mastered the art of ASMR! Expect soft whispers, a sensual voice, light scratching nails across her skin and clothes, and shower sounds – just to mention a few. Second of all… well, she’s smoking hot. The slim-thick OnlyFans babe has a spicy physique and that, combined with her ASMR skills, is here to enhance your sexual experiences.

rose asmr onlyfans

Her Rose ASMR OnlyFans page contains many teasing pics and videos, and a lot of them are NSFW – but don’t contain full nudity, at least not for now. You’ll be thrilled to find out though that she’s often wearing revealing clothing while she’s treating you to the wet crackle of her tongue against your ear.

If you’re eager to join her Rosebud Family, the subscription is only $8 a month. Rose also has a free account, @rosie477, with numerous teasers that’ll make you shiver.

OnlyFans Account Handle @rose477
Fetish Slim Thick
Number of Likes 410,000
Number of Posts 1,715
Number of Photos/Videos 2,032
Price $8 per month

3. Iced Mocha – Exclusive Lewd Content and Free Gift for Fans with Rebill On

Iced Mocha joined the OnlyFans family in December last year and has already collected over 24,000 likes. If you’ve already fallen in love with her body triggers (skin scratching, nail tapping, mouth sounds, kisses, collar bone tapping) on YouTube, now’s your chance to discover new exclusive content.

Her media library grows by the day and is packed with exclusive lewd photos and videos. Wanna chat and give her suggestions and feedback about her Iced Mocha ASMR OnlyFans page? She’s active daily on the platform – note that tipping receives priority responses.

The pretty OF model highly appreciates gifts, so have a look at her wishlist. You’ll certainly be turned on imagining her long nails scratching that white lace corset.

OnlyFans Account Handle @icedmochaasmr
Fetish Big boobs
Number of Likes 24,800
Number of Posts 103
Number of Photos/Videos 124
Price $12 per month

4. Megan | Ginger ASMR – Naughty Redhead Who Excels in ASMR and Roleplay

You’ve wanked more than once to her Ginger ASMR videos on YouTube and you’re proud to admit it. Maybe you succumbed to her “Concierge doctor treats groin injury” video, were seduced by her “Nerdy gamer girl ASMR”, or came to the excellent “Stepmom helps you sleep” clip.

Now’s the moment to take your Ginger ASMR experience to the next level. Megan has an OF page and she’s here to serve you only the naughtiest OnlyFans ASMR videos.

megan ginger asmr onlyfans

Besides her stimulating voice, the Ginger ASMR OnlyFans account will give you access to full and closeup nudity filmed from multiple angles, masturbation, OnlyFans dildo content, sex toys and sex machines, JOI, and taboo roleplays and cosplays. Quite a lot to handle! Are you up to the challenge?

And there’s more! Ginger will release exclusive videos twice a week. Her OnlyFans ASMR page is also the only place she’ll chat directly with you in 1-on-1 conversations, so now’s the moment to establish a more intimate connection with the Ginger ASMR creator of your dreams.

OnlyFans Account Handle @gingerasmr
Fetish Redhead / Roleplay
Number of Likes 148,600
Number of Posts 447
Number of Photos/Videos 2,70
Price $15 per month

5. ASMR Maddy – Luscious Blonde Offering a Free NSFW OnlyFans ASMR Video per Week

ASMR Maddy wants to “help you relax by any means necessary”. With nearly 1,800 fully nude pics, spicy videos, and live streams, you’ll definitely have your happy moment. She’s one of the top OnlyFans creators after all.

ASMR Maddy is present and very popular on other social platforms too, but the ASMR Maddy OnlyFans page is the only place you can message her, get all of her attention, and really get to know her. The spectacular part is that Maddy answers all DMs personally and welcomes all fantasies and fetishes.

As a bonus, you’ll be glad to receive a free NSFW OnlyFans ASMR video every week. What else you can enjoy once you subscribe? Daily XXX posts, clips, and OnlyFans JOI audios. ASMR Maddy thought of everything, so you’ll also get lots of free gifts throughout the month.

In case you have a special request, take a look at her special menu with over 200 videos. It’ll be easy to find exactly what you want and can enjoy your special fun time. ASMR Maddy OnlyFans’ subscription is $12 monthly, and according to her loyal subs “it’s totally worth it”.

OnlyFans Account Handle @asmrmaddy
Fetish Blonde
Number of Likes 248,300
Number of Posts 1,294
Number of Photos/Videos 1,766
Price $12 per month

6. Diddly – Gorgeous Aussie with Fetish ASMR Content

Alicia alias Diddly on OF, is the queen of ASMR tingling. The 25-year-old Australian OnlyFans cutie has been spoiling ASMR aficionados worldwide with her videos for the past 5 years. She’s finally decided to put her naughtiest content on OnlyFans and you couldn’t be more excited.

By hitting that signup button, you’ll have lewd photos (does not include nudity), JOI, and audio erotica. Diddly ASMR OnlyFans account also includes countless full-length (10-30 minutes long) NSFW ASMR videos and audios right on her feed, with no OnlyFans PPVs.

diddly asmr onlyfans

Note that she very rarely does PPV. Diddly ASMR OnlyFans understands the hassle of looking for the content you want, just to find it behind a paywall, so she keeps it simple.

If you’re longing for something that’s a bit more particular in the kink world, she’s got your back. Her content also includes OF femdom, foot fetish, strapons, brainwashing, findom, premature ejaculation, cum fetish, and more.

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Aussie
Number of Likes 445
Number of Posts 818
Number of Photos/Videos 150,100
Price $15 per month

7. SOLY – Naughty ASMR Wet Tongue Licking Queen

Soly ASMR enjoys immense popularity across all her socials: Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and OnlyFans. She’s been present on YouTube for less than 2 years, but her account has exploded and now she can be proud of her over 360,000 subscribers.

How come she’s so popular? Well… the Slavic fox really knows how to tame that 3Dio ear microphone for OnlyFans ASMR videos. From wet tongue licking, eating ears, kisses, and feet tapping, she’s extremely gifted and will get you up and going in a few seconds.

soly asmr onlyfans

Soly ASMR OnlyFans is also incredibly good at cosplaying on OnlyFans and roleplaying. Choose your favorite character and get ready to ramp up your sexual experience. Fan of Avatar, Harry Potter, or Harley Quinn? Looking for a twin, maid, or doctor experience? She does it all, and so much more. Prepare your ears and your wand for magical and unforgettable braingasms.

OnlyFans Account Handle @soly.asmr
Fetish Slavic
Number of Likes 59,100
Number of Posts 959
Number of Photos/Videos 1,096
Price $10 per month

8. Isabella – ASMR Beauty Posing in Racy Lingerie and Making Risky Roleplay

Want to get disciplined by the school principal, flirt with a handy girl, or have a sugar momma ask you out? Isabella ASMR OnlyFans does it all. She’s very creative and has so many roleplays on her page that it’ll be difficult to pick only one. One thing is certain, there’s no shortage of ASMR videos, so make sure your junk can catch a breath from time to time.

Apart from her roleplay and trigger OnlyFans ASMR videos, Isabella uploads exclusive bikini and lingerie content. She has a stunning body that looks super yummy in fine lingerie. But keep in mind you won’t get the chance to see more of that precious body of hers – there’s no nudity on Isabella’s page.

isabella asmr onlyfans

Want to discover all her tingling roleplays, or have one in mind that’s not on the list? Press that sub button and see her 950+ photos and Isabella OnlyFans ASMR videos for $15 monthly.

OnlyFans Account Handle @isabella_asmr
Fetish Lingerie
Number of Likes 28,400
Number of Posts 604
Number of Photos/Videos 975
Price $15 per month

9. Wokies ASMR – Gorgeous Thick ASMR Artist Specialized in Sensual Massages

Leaving her amazing OnlyFans ASMR content aside, how gorgeous is Wokies? Her perfectly thick OF body was made to be admired and worshipped each and every moment of the day. You’ll get the chance to do that on her Wokies ASMR OnlyFans page where topless pics and videos are included in the subscription.

For full nudity, you’ll have to wait a bit longer – the ASMR princess doesn’t offer that type of content right now. All ASMR creators have a main theme they like to explore until they excel at it. If you’ve been a Wokies ASMR fan for a while now, you know her top thing to do is massage ASMR.

wokies asmr onlyfans

That sensation of having someone running their hands over your skin, feathering your hands and sometimes theirs, while explaining everything that’s happening in a soft-spoken voice is really calming and soothing. It creates a close, intimate connection and an unequaled feeling of understanding.

Wookies ASMR OnlyFans has amassed over 1,300 sexy photos and ASMR videos and you can see them all for $10 a month. There’s no PPV so you can enjoy everything at once – if your balls can handle it, that is.

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Massage
Number of Likes 135,300
Number of Posts 668
Number of Photos/Videos 1,347
Price $10 per month

10. Leedah – Top OnlyFans ASMR Creator Addicted to Kinky Roleplays

Leedah’s ASMR story began in 2019 when her Twitch community requested her to try ASMR for 5 minutes… And the rest is history. The cute creator hasn’t stopped since – YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Discord – she’s everywhere and delivers only top-notch ASMR.

When it comes to her ASMR Leedah OnlyFans content, expect to be surprised. She’s prepared a lot of delicious sensory surprises. Among them are erotic ASMR, stepsister, stepmom, girlfriend, feet and kinky roleplays. This girl boss also excels in femdom. If bringing out the devotee in you is what makes you cum, she’ll definitely take care of you. You’ll become worthless, drained, and satisfied.

leedah asmr onlyfans

The sensual Leedah will also be stripping and twerking on OnlyFans, exposing that voluptuous body of hers. You can show your entire gratitude in one-to-one chats – actually, this is the only place you can get to talk to her directly so don’t hesitate to contact her!

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Twerking
Number of Likes 76,700
Number of Posts 596
Number of Photos/Videos 851
Price $9.99 per month

11. LunaRexx VIP – Brunette ASMRtist with Hundreds of Sexy Photos and Lewd Clips

Next up on our best ASMR OnlyFans creators list, we have LunaRexx VIP, a brunette ASMRtist with curves in the right places and a spicy attitude. The cute video creator has two accounts. The VIP OnlyFans one is, of course, the most complete. After paying $11.99 per month, you’ll receive instant access to 1,000+ photos on the feed, daily NSFW pics and clips, and extra XXX videos in DMs.

And if you’re wondering what her NSFW videos are, think of a popsicle dildos, sensual POV BJ, trying on see-through lingerie with lots of fabric scratching sounds, or pillow humping – yep, you read that right.

lunarexx asmr onlyfans

LunaRexx will also treat you to free monthly live streams and new NSFW ASMR. The Lunarexx ASMR OnlyFans subscription also allows you to get closer to your ASMR star and start some intense sexting on OnlyFans.

If you need to keep an eye on your budget, her free page, @luna-rexx, is the perfect solution. You’ll have hundreds of cute photos, behind the scenes content, and numerous photos and videos that she can’t post on Instagram.

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Brunette
Number of Likes 485,800
Number of Posts 2,167
Number of Photos/Videos 2,663
Price $11.99 per month

12. Lisa ASMR – Superior ASMR Giantess with Feet in Full Display

Lisa is an ASMRtist who isn’t a conformist. She’s open to new things, and if you’re open too, check out her Lisa ASMR OnlyFans page. You’ll get plenty of love and affection from your giantess friend. She’ll “make you tiny, so I can keep you safe here with me!” That pretty much describes Lisa, she’s very caring and gives you personal attention throughout her videos.

Besides her giantess ASMR content – don’t miss the “Jack and the Giant” video – Lisa also has a lot of feet-focused photos and videos. From sock and stockings scratching and rubbing, to foot tapping, foot teasing, there’s plenty available on her account.

lisa asmr onlyfans

Her subscription is pricey, but her content is atypical. You’ll also have pantyhose teasings, dress scratching and rubbing, nylon foot teasing, belly rubbing, and a plethora of additional photos and videos.

OnlyFans Account Handle
Fetish Giantess
Number of Likes 9,900
Number of Posts 419
Number of Photos/Videos 417
Price $30 per month

13. Orenda – Erotic ASMRtist with a Focus on the Girlfriend Experience

When she’s not bird watching – her new favorite hobby – Orenda is fully committed to creating ASMR girlfriend experience content for the Orenda ASMR OnlyFans community.

Orenda is literally the perfect pick for an ASMR girlfriend experience. The Canadian OF sweetie possesses a fertile imagination, so her 300+ videos include all kinds of girlfriend situations. From the vampire girlfriend ready to suck your blood, to the annoying partner that won’t let you sleep, tub dates, and many other unexpected scenarios.

orends asmr onlyfans

On her profile, you’ll also find dozens of soft to very explicit ASMR videos, other roleplay, JOI, and professional and homemade OnlyFans nude photos. It’s worth mentioning that the Canadian belle also speaks French, so contact her for a spicy bilingual girlfriend experience.

OnlyFans Account Handle @orenda
Fetish Canadian
Number of Likes 162,600
Number of Posts 576
Number of Photos/Videos 904
Price $14.99 per month

14. Mai – Gorgeous Cosplayer with the Best Mouth Sounds on the Platform

Canada is home to many gifted ASMRtists, and Mai, or Maimy is one of them. Not only will she conquer your heart with her sweet, sweet smile, but she’ll also seduce your manhood with her body made for sin. Cosplaying is her guilty pleasure, and the costume choice will enchant you – from the naughty school girl to a careless steampunk goddess, she likes to try it all.

All this will be accompanied by the best mouth sounds and inaudible whispers you’ve ever heard. The gentle and delicate clicking noises will give you the most tingles you’ve had in a while. As a disclaimer, she has no nudity on her Miamy ASMR OnlyFans page, but with everything we mentioned above, your junk will be more than satisfied.

maimy asmr onlyfans

In case you want to get a free feel of her ASMR skills and sensual stuff first before committing to a full subscription, her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are only a few clicks away.

OnlyFans Account Handle @maimynyan
Fetish Cosplay
Number of Likes 254,700
Number of Posts 573
Number of Photos/Videos 1,444
Price $20 per month

15. SiaASMR – Hot and Sassy Colombian OnlyFans ASMR Creator

Sia is an adorable brunette with a doll face and a friendly personality. She launched her ASMR YouTube channel last year and has earned over 60,000 subs. She does a bit of everything, from recording intense lotion sounds to being a good girlfriend who gently touches your face. Her main goal is to “give you tingles and fulfill your dreams”.

The beautiful OF Colombian babe speaks at least 3 languages, Spanish, French, and English – don’t be shy and contact her about your specific request in the language of your choice.

sia asmr onlyfans

Of course, to get her full and undivided attention, it’s better to tip her first. The Sia ASMR OnlyFans fee is budget-friendly so wait no more and hit that subscription button.

OnlyFans Account Handle @siaasmr
Fetish Colombian
Number of Likes 10,200
Number of Posts 311
Number of Photos/Videos 421
Price $4.99 per month

Conclusion — Who is the Hottest ASMR OnlyFans Creator to Follow?

These hot OnlyFans ASMR beauties are all super skilled when it comes to whispering, blowing, breathing, tapping, and scratching. Choosing a winner can be a difficult task, that’s why we picked the 3 best ASMR OnlyFans creators.

Puffin ASMR serves incredibly sensual ASMR ear kisses, semi-nudes, photosets, pure ASMR trigger videos, and multiple posts per week. She’s also an amazing cosplayer and fully deserves to be number one.

Then, we have the cute Rose ASMR, with her juicy teasing pics and videos – and a lot of them are NSFW. Her wet mic licking is out of this world, and you’ll enjoy every single moment.

Third comes Iced Mocha ASMR. The hot OF creator is an expert in ASMR body triggers, plus she has a generous bosom and doe eyes that will conquer you in a heartbeat.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best ASMR OnlyFans girls! If you’d like to expand your search, you can always have a look at ASMR Amy OnlyFans and Stardust ASMR OnlyFans’ pages, too.


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