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Filtering through more than 1.5 million OnlyFans girls while looking for your next favorite model is a daunting task that can take months, considering there is no built-in search engine. Things become even more complex if you’re looking for a specific kink or type of model. Many of the 175+ million users need help finding that perfect model to subscribe to, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

While we can’t possibly find the ideal OnlyFans girls for everyone’s liking, we sure can point you toward some of the sexiest, most popular babes on the platform. So, let’s get into the juicy details hoping to make your search for the perfect girl more manageable. 

Best OnlyFans Girls in 2023 Listed

The list below has some of the hottest OnlyFans girls on the platform. Some offer free subscriptions, and others are pretty expensive, but you can read more details in the following section to make the best choice possible.

Top OnlyFans Girls From Up Close

Each of the girls we reviewed below offers a unique experience in her own way. Read these short reviews, and you’ll surely find a model you like. So, let’s get started!

1. French Vanilla – One of the Hottest OnlyFans Girls

French Vanilla is one of the Hottest OnlyFans girls despite joining the platform less than a year ago. The beautiful, all-natural girl from France has seduced tens of thousands of fans, but her fan base keeps growing steadily every day. The young beauty is a dream come true for many horndogs out there, and after looking at her photo/video library, we understand why.

Vanilla has a body of a supermodel and a bubbly character that will leave you speechless. Her content is on the highest level; most posts show her in little or no clothing. Vanilla is also a master of photography, offering the perfect mix of class, naughty behavior, and imagination. So, if you’re looking for a sensual girl with a pretty face and a perfect body, French Vanilla is the best choice you can make. You can access her library for only $7.99 per month, so head to OnlyFans and subscribe to one of the top OnlyFans girls right now!

Find French Vanilla Here!

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Belle Delphine was an internet sensation years before she joined OnlyFans. She earned a massive following while streaming on Twitch, doing various cosplay tutorials, and discussing anime cartoons with users online. Her style was so unique that dozens of adult content creators tried copying her looks. Belle was a part of every gamer’s wet dream, so imagine the excitement when she finally appeared on OnlyFans.

Her OF profile took off immediately, allowing her to earn a cool $1 million in the first 24 hours. Millions of fans flocked in to see their fantasy girl in action, and boy, did they get what they paid for. Belle Delphine may look innocent, but most of her content is straight-up XXX-rated material that keeps people returning for more. She’s also one of the best OnlyFans girls in terms of earnings and following.

belle delphine onlyfans

3. Megan Barton Hanson – Reality Start Turned OnlyFans Model

For those who don’t know, Megan Barton Hanson is a reality TV star who made her fame on Love Island. The hot blonde with an attitude became a fan favorite from the first episode, and after the show ended, she turned to OnlyFans. Megan earned an army of fans while she was part of Love Island, so her OF account took off immediately. Today, she makes six figures per month by creating and uploading exclusive content.

Megan is the embodiment of a perfect blonde with the ideal measurements. She has amazing breasts, a tight waist, and wide hips she loves to shake for the camera. Unfortunately, if you want to take a peek at some of the hottest lingerie photos ever, you’ll have to pay $24.99 per month. However, Megan rewards new followers with an 80% discount for the first 31 days. So, if you’re looking for a barbie-lookalike with a dirty mind – Megan is the only right choice.

megan barton-hanson onlyfans

4. Jem Wolfie – Fitness Influencer with the Perfect Body

Jem Wolfie is one of the best OnlyFans girls if you’re into gym freaks and perfect female figures. She became extremely popular on Instagram a few years ago. Still, some of her content was deemed too explicit for the world’s most popular social media, so she opened an OnlyFans account. You won’t see explicit material or nudity on her account since her content primarily focuses on sexy gym workouts and other exercises. 

No matter what you’re into, Jem is a beautiful girl with a perfect body you can’t ignore. She’s also climbing ranks on OF, despite having a low monthly subscription price of only $5. So, if you’re looking for an SFW content creator with a perfect body and classy videos, she’s your girl. 

jem wolfie onlyfans

5. Bella Thorne – Disney Princess With a Nack for Photography

Bella Thorne was everyone’s favorite Disney channel teen actress about a decade ago. The announcement of her OnlyFans account created a huge controversy, as most people thought she would go all-out with explicit content to make a buck. She was also one of a few models that earned over $1 million within the first day and did it without any nudity. 

The subscription to her account is still priced at $9.99, and if you decide to subscribe, you’ll get access to hundreds of hot photos and videos of miss Thorne in various swimsuits, lingerie, gym outfits, etc. Bella is still one of the most sought models on the platform, and she’s well-known for taking the time to meet her fans in the DMs. Her stuff is not explicit, but it’s still worth your money.

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6. Riley Reid – One of the Highest-Rated Pornstars in the World

Riley Reid held the title of the world’s most popular porn actress for years. The US-born and raised brunette are one of the most passionate and recognizable faces in the adult industry. Her OnlyFans account is where fans can learn more about her while browsing hundreds of XXX-rated photos and videos. 

Riley is a versatile model who can do it all. She knows how to drive millions of men crazy and loves using her body to spark your imagination. However, she’s also one of the most dedicated models on OnlyFans, and she always takes the time to meet her fans and exchange a few direct messages. The ultra-hot babe is surprisingly down to earth, and she clearly only wants to have fun sharing her tight, natural body with her fans for only $24.99 per month.

riley reid only fans

7. Zayla – The Hottest MILF on the Platform

Zayla is a sight for sore eyes if you’re into curvy cougars and horny MILFs. The gorgeous and incredibly curvy mature blonde is undoubtedly the most popular mature model on the platform. She’s not only one of the hottest OnlyFans girls, but she’s also a master of putting on a show for her audience. Zayla is now the number one model for fans looking for the ultimate step-mom fantasy.

The sexy MILF has it all. She’s hot, she’s entertaining, and she’s dirty as they come. You can find hundreds of steaming-hot photos and videos in her library, with more uploaded almost every day. Zayla is also one of the top 100 creators on the platform, so she makes at least six figures every month. If you’re new to her content, you can enjoy her ample curves and incredibly sexy face for only $3, but that’s only for the first month.

zayla onlyfans

8. Sam Slayres – One of the Most Interactive OnlyFans Girls

Sam Slayres is one of the most successful amateur models on OnlyFans. She’s also been one of the top OnlyFans girls in the last six months, even though a monthly subscription to her channel costs only $3. Sam’s impressive content collection has hundreds of homemade photos and videos of the highest quality. The young natural brunette uploads at least one photo daily, ensuring her fans get what they paid for.

It’s evident that Sam wants to create the best user experience possible, so she uploads incredibly intimate videos making you feel like you’re right there with her. Many of the photos and videos are SFW, but you’ll find plenty of explicit uploads as well. Additionally, if you slide into her DMs and provide a tip, Sam will gladly create an exclusive short video for your eyes only.

sam slayers of

9. Molly Sims – Passionate Model with the Best Themed Content

Molly Sims is a regular girl next door with the looks that would land her on the cover of Playboy. The jaw-droppingly sexy long-haired brunette enjoys playing the role of a cute girl who turns into a naughty lady when the sun goes down. Molly is another amateur model who broke OnlyFans and earned a massive following from the comfort of her home.

Her library has over 1000 photos and hundreds of hot short videos you won’t be able to stop watching. With over 167,000 likes on her account, Molly is one of those models you want to follow every day. The best part of all – you can subscribe to her channel for free! Of course, you should be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want to get an exclusive video, but even if you don’t, you’ll have a ton of fun browsing her galleries without spending a single dollar. 

molly sims of

10. Daisy Dray – Ariana Grande Lookalike With Premium Content 

Daisy Dray made her fame partly due to her resemblance to the famous pop star Ariana Grande. Like Ariana, Daisy is a petite brunette with a playful character and a body of dreams. She’s got beautiful eyes, medium-long black hair, and a smile that can hypnotize practically anyone. She’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a sultry model who’s not afraid to go the extra mile to satisfy her audience.

Daisy is an angel on the surface and a demon deep inside. Her photos are some of the most seductive, sexy images on the platform, and you can view all of them for free. The knock-out brunette uploads new high-resolution photos and videos daily, and she loves taking requests and turning them into a reality. 

daisy dray of

OnlyFans FAQ

How much do the best OnlyFans girls earn every month?

That depends on many different factors, including the number of followers, subscription pricing, and widespread fame. Generally speaking, most of the top 100 creators are celebrities outside of the platform, and most of them make over $1 every month. The highest-earning model is Blac Chyna, with a steady monthly income of over $20 million.

Sadly, the platform doesn’t have a built-in search feature, making finding the hottest girls on OnlyFans much easier. So, the only way to find the hottest models is to read through the many OnlyFans reviews we made over the years.

Who are the best OnlyFans girls with a free subscription?

Some models offer a free subscription to earn a massive following. The highest-ranked free subscription OnlyFans girls are Haley Brooks, Molly Sims, Cup of Carli, Bella Bumzy, and Lucy is Loud. 

Final Words

This article is designed to point you to ten top OnlyFans girls with the largest following on the platform. The platform has over 1.5 million creators, so we can’t possibly go through all of them, but if you’re looking to start your search with the hottest OnlyFans girls in 2023, the models listed above will not disappoint. 

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