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    • Bids received for Route 29/ Route 250 interchange improvements in Charlottesville

      Two construction companies submitted bids to build the improvements to the Route 29/ Route 250 interchange in Charlottesville. That project is the first roadway improvement in the Route 29 Solutions package to advance to construction.

    • Boys & Girls Club director steps down

      Boys & Girls Club of Waynesboro, Staunton and Augusta County executive director Tyrell McElroy is stepping down from the position Jan. 9 to take another position in Florida.

    • AccuWeather: Dreaming of a White Christmas? Here are your odds
      white christmas

      AccuWeather reports upon the millions of Christmas cards that hit store shelves each holiday season, many are strewn with images of a homey dwelling tucked under puffy mounds of white snow. While many dream of a similar white Christmas setting to fall during the winter celebrations, conditions do not always align to bring the picture-perfect snowy scene.

    • Marietta McCarty: One indie bookstore
      marietta mccarty

      Around the country I’ve traveled, thriving on talks at indie bookstores from Seattle to Portland to Boston to New York to Little Rock to Greensboro and throughout Virginia. One shop stands way out. No place won my heart like Stone Soup Books and Café in Waynesboro, VA. Housed in a 120-year-old formerly abandoned home, Stone Soup embodies the spirit of independently owned bookstores.

    • A brief history of agricultural time

      Agricultural methods over the past 12,000 years have been responsible for two-thirds of our excess greenhouse gases, essentially mining soil carbon and converting it to carbon dioxide and methane, beginning a slow stable warming that now accelerates with burning of fossil fuel.

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  • AFP Business News

    • Advertising 101: Exploiting the Information Gap

      You are setting up advertising for your business. Seems simple. You have a budget, and you know what you need. TV, radio, print, maybe some Facebook and Google. Then it hits you: I know that I need advertising, I know how much I have to spend, but I have no clue as to what will work for me. You let this slip to the first ad rep. (Sorry, they call themselves account executives.) Not surprisingly, the person on the other side of the table has a ready solution.

    • Small businesses will need to rethink Facebook strategy

      The change with Facebook that has been slowly coming for the past two years will solidify in January with the virtual end of so-called organic reach for business messages. What that means for you: no more Facebook free ride. Whatever following you have on Facebook will be worth basically nothing come January, with Facebook saying it will do everything it can to weed out unpaid advertising messages from showing up organically in individual news feeds.

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