Best Fantasy Cricket Apps 2022 – Compare the Top Fantasy Cricket Apps

In the US, there’s huge demand for high-quality fantasy cricket apps. However, currently, there aren’t many available to those in the US as even DraftKings and FanDuel don’t offer it. But fear not, as there is an answer. Battle Infinity is coming imminently and looks like it will be one of the best fantasy cricket apps around.

On this page, we’ll be looking closely at the best platforms, plus we’ll also be checking out fantasy promotions, payment options, how cricket fantasy apps work, and much more. So, if you’re a fan of fantasy sports, and especially cricket, check out the rest of this page.

List of the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Currently, there are no cricket fantasy apps available in the US. However, Battle Infinity will soon change this as it is expected to go live in the near future. You can support this fantasy cricket app development by prebuying IBAT, the site’s own currency.

Below, you’ll see the best fantasy cricket apps, along with sites that could offer fantasy cricket in the future.

  1. Battle Infinity – The best fantasy cricket app in the US will launch soon
  2. FanDuel – Superb site for mobile fantasy sports betting
  3. DraftKings – The most popular fantasy sports app in America
  4. Monkey Knife Fight – The simplest fantasy sports website

Reviews of the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Looking to find out more about the best fantasy cricket apps, along with the best apps that could offer fantasy cricket in the future? If so, take a look below, where we’ve summarized the top four best apps to play fantasy cricket in the US.

1. Battle Infinity – The Best Fantasy Cricket App in the US Will Launch Soon

Battle Infinity Homepage - Best Fantasy Cricket App

Battle Infinity is not available currently, as it is still developing its fantasy app for cricket and other sports. However, it promises to offer something special when it does go live, providing US players the opportunity to bet on fantasy cricket for the first time, using a blockchain NFT-based business model.

The site will be based on P2E battle games, where players battle each other to win NFTs, which can be bought and sold at the site’s DeFi exchange. However, that’s not all, as Battle Infinity will also be a social site, where fans of fantasy betting can interact. Battles will even be held in the metaverse, accessible to viewers looking for some entertainment.

While Battle Infinity isn’t quite ready to go live, they are currently looking for investors, to help push the project forward. If you’re looking to get onboard with this hugely innovative addition to the fantasy sports arena, check out Battle Infinity today.


  • First app in the US offering fantasy cricket
  • Battle other players in Battle Arenas for NFTs
  • Buy and sell NFTs at the DeFi exchange
  • Highly social platform for fantasy sports fans
  • Hugely user-friendly online platform


  • New and therefore untested
  • Blockchain and NFT not familiar to many

2. FanDuel – Superb Site for Mobile Fantasy Sports Betting

FanDuel Fantasy Homepage - One of the best fantasy apps

Currently, FanDuel does not offer a fantasy cricket app. However, with the popularity of cricket around the world and the growing popularity of the game in the US, surely it can’t be long until they add cricket to their portfolio of sports.

FanDuel is the second largest fantasy sports site in the US, with only DraftKings ahead of it. You’ll find that there’s a huge selection of players and this large player base means that prizes are often massive. Coverage of mainstream sports is comprehensive, giving everyone many betting options when at the site.

You can be sure FanDuel is a safe place to play – it wouldn’t be such a giant company if it treated players badly. FanDuel also offers one of the best online sportsbooks in the US, although it is only available in select states, unlike the many offshore sportsbooks.


  • Hugely reputable name in fantasy sports
  • Superb online sportsbook also available
  • Huge prizes available every day
  • Many fantasy sports offered
  • Fantastic mobile platform


  • Doesn’t offer fantasy cricket yet
  • Not available in every state

3. DraftKings – The Most Popular Fantasy Sports App in America

DraftKings Fantasy Homepage - one of the best fantasy apps

Now, we move onto DraftKings, which is the largest fantasy sports site in the country. However, as with FanDuel, it does not offer cricket as part of its fantasy portfolio. There’s a great chance they’ll offer cricket fantasy sports in the future, especially if the game continues its phenomenal growth in the US.

While there’s no cricket, several other sports are available, including football, basketball, and soccer. We also highly recommend their coverage of esports, which is industry leading. The app available is fantastic, plus you won’t find a fantasy sports site with a better reputation. DraftKings also offers a real money sportsbook in some states.

Prizes at DraftKings can be huge, thanks to their massive player base, plus there are several ways to play, both against the public and in private competition. Overall, fantasy sports fans should love what they find at DraftKings – unless they’re looking for fantasy cricket, which could be added soon.


  • The biggest fantasy sports operator in the US
  • Loads of sports, including football & basketball
  • Superb reputation built over several years
  • Exceptionally good mobile app for iPhone
  • Fantastic DraftKings sportsbook in some states


  • No fantasy cricket currently available
  • Not accessible in every state

4. Monkey Knife Fight – The Simplest Fantasy Sports Website

Monkey Knife Fight Homepage - one of the best fantasy apps

Monkey Knife Fight, owned by Bally’s, positions itself as the site offering “daily fantasy sports for the rest of us.” It has a slightly different product to DraftKings and FanDuel, instead offering something akin to a fantasy sports and sports betting hybrid. It’s simple and exceptionally enjoyable, plus the prizes can be significant.

Monkey Knife Fight offers a great mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. While not as well-known as some alternatives, it is an exceptionally safe place to play with a fantastic reputation.

As with FanDuel and DraftKings, Monkey Knife Fight doesn’t currently offer fantasy cricket, but it could be added in the future. However, it does offer all major sports, including football, baseball, and basketball.


  • Several major sports offered
  • Best alternative to DraftKings and FanDuel
  • Fantastic mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Exceptionally safe with a great reputation
  • Innovative cross between betting and fantasy


  • Fantasy cricket not currently available
  • Not accessible in all states

Comparing the Top Fantasy Cricket Apps

Looking for a quick way to compare our top fantasy cricket apps? If so, check out the handy table below.

Fantasy Cricket App


Fantasy Cricket

No. of Fantasy Sports

Prize Pools

Prize Money

Battle Infinity

Free/Depends on league







$100 – $100,000+




$100 – $1,000,000+

Monkey Knife Fight



$1 – $100,000+




10x entry

Is it Legal to Bet on Fantasy Cricket Apps in the US?

All top fantasy cricket apps fall under the same laws as general fantasy sports in the US. This means that whether fantasy cricket is legal depends on the laws of the individual state. Currently, it is not legal to play fantasy sports in:

  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Hawaii

All other states permit daily fantasy sports, meaning you can access some or all the best fantasy cricket apps while in them.

However, Battle Infinity is going to be different. It will be based overseas, and therefore state and federal lawmakers have no way to stop them accepting US players. This means that players from all 50 states will be able to download this fantastic fantasy cricket app.

Who Can Play on Fantasy Cricket Apps in the US?

Unlike other forms of gambling, DFS is available in most states, meaning that it’s one of the country’s most accessible online gambling pastimes. However, different states have different DFS providers available, plus they also often have differing laws on who can play.

Below, you can see who is permitted to play at the best fantasy cricket apps in the US:

  • Must be of legal age – this is 18 or over in most states. However, it is 19+ and 21+ in some states.
  • Must have residency in a state that permits legal DFS.
  • Must have the ability to verify their age and address. Various forms of identification are accepted by DFS websites.
  • Must not already have an account with the DFS site. If a site discovers you have duplicate accounts, it is likely you’ll have both deleted and be banned from playing.
  • Must not be banned from the fantasy cricket app.
  • Must not have self-excluded themselves from fantasy apps. This is a feature offered by sites to help those with gambling problems avoid the temptation of online gambling.

What are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

The best fantasy cricket apps offer a combination of skill and luck, making them hugely popular with fans of the sport. Quite simply, DFS players make a payment, the size of which varies from competition to competition, and then pick their team, staying under a total value. They can usually only pick a specific number of cricketers from each position, as well as a specific number per club.

Their team will then go up against the teams of others also using the same fantasy cricket app, with the winning player or players scooping a prize. The size of the prize depends on the buy-in value and how many people are participating. Prizes at some sites can be worth six figures, and occasionally more.

Players will earn points for specific actions. For example, a bowler might earn 5 points for taking a wicket, while a batsman might earn 15 points for scoring a half-century. Once a game is over, the number of points scored by a team is tallied up and the different teams are then ranked. Winnings are paid automatically to the victors.

How Betting at Fantasy Cricket Apps Works

Betting is generally exceptionally simple at the best fantasy cricket apps. Providing you’ve deposited some money, you’ll start by entering a tournament – different tournaments have different entry prices, along with different rules. Read the rules closely before proceeding, to ensure you know exactly how the specific tournament works.

You’ll then be allowed to choose your team. For example, you might be required to select an entire 11-man team, with five batsmen, one all-rounder, one keeper, and four bowlers. The value of this team won’t be allowed to exceed a certain amount, which ensures everyone doesn’t simply select the best players.

Once you’ve selected your team, you’re ready to start. With daily fantasy sports, the competitions are generally held over a short period – although you will find some DFS sites offering season-long fantasy cricket competitions.

Once you’ve sat down and watched the games, your points will be calculated. You’ll then win money if you have one of the top teams. Money is paid into your fantasy cricket app account automatically. You can then withdraw it or use it to enter another tournament.

How We Rank the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Are you wondering how we rank the top fantasy cricket apps? To ensure we’re completely transparent in our assessment of the best fantasy cricket apps, we’ve outlined the main factors we evaluate below. The process is similar to the one used for the best online sportsbooks.

Choice of Fantasy Cricket Leagues

One huge factor that influences our assessments of the best fantasy cricket apps is the number of fantasy cricket leagues available. Quite simply, we want to see a site offering as many different leagues as possible, without compromising on overall quality.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are an exceptionally important aspect of all the best apps to play fantasy cricket. We want to see generous bonuses offered to all players, plus we want to see that the terms and conditions are not restrictive and give players a chance of withdrawing winnings earned using bonus funds.

Safety & Security

It goes without saying that any fantasy cricket app we recommend must be completely safe. Personal details should be stored securely, SSL encryption should be used to protect transactions, and competitions should be transparent to ensure fairness. All four of the best fantasy cricket apps listed on this page can be trusted entirely.

Payment Methods

It might not be a very exciting subject, but the payment methods available at a fantasy cricket app are important. Everyone should be able to find a payment method that suits them, so we want to see traditional payment methods mixed with eWallets, cryptocurrencies, and more. Quite simply, the more payment options available, the better. Bitcoin betting sites are becoming more and more popular.

Customer Support

Customer support is something many don’t think about, until they have need for it. We expect the best fantasy cricket apps to offer several types of customer support, such as live chat, phone, and email. We also expect problems to be resolved quickly and without hassle. The best apps to play fantasy cricket also have detailed FAQs and help sections, so players can find answers themselves.

How to Sign Up to a Top Fantasy Cricket App

As yet, there aren’t any fantasy cricket apps available in the US. However, the Battle Infinity fantasy cricket app development is underway and it’s possible to pre-buy game currency from them. We’ve shown you how below.

1. Visit Battle Infinity

Head over to the Battle Infinity website using one of the links on this page.

Battle Infinity Homepage

2. Switch to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Within your crypto wallet, switch over to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The process for this differs from wallet to wallet, but for MetaMask, it’s simply a case of adding the BSC network information. Then purchase some Binance Coin (BNB) and transfer it to your crypto wallet.

Binance Homepage

3. Connect Your Wallet

Back on the Battle Infinity homepage, click the green “Connect Wallet” button. Then follow the instructions to connect the wallet.

Connect Wallet Button at Battle Infinity

4. Purchase IBAT

Enter the amount of BNB you want to spend buying IBAT, the currency used at Battle Infinity. The amount of IBAT you receive is shown underneath. If you’ve been referred, also enter the referral wallet address. When you’ve inputted all details, click the red “Buy IBAT” button.

Buy IBAT at Battle Infinity

5. Wait for the App to Go Live

Now you have your IBAT, you just need to wait for the Battle Infinity app to go live. You’ll then be able to spend your IBAT on exciting fantasy cricket, soccer, basketball, and kabaddi competitions.

Types of Fantasy Cricket App Leagues/Contests

Right now, there are no fantasy cricket app leagues available to those in the US. However, there are various ways to play at sites offering other fantasy sports, such as DraftKings and FanDuel. We can use these to get an idea of the types of fantasy cricket contests to expect when a fantasy cricket app does launch.

Standard Salary Cap

This standard form of the game sees you picking a team while having to obey a salary cap. It’s played against many other players and often boasts huge prizes. This is the most popular way to play fantasy sports.

Pick ‘Em

In this type of fantasy league, you have a smaller pool of players to choose from, and there’s no salary cap, which enables faster drafts. Again, you play against many other public players and prizes can be large. It’s called “Pick ‘Em” at DraftKings but could have other names at different DFS sites.


Leagues are a longer form of fantasy sports, often played over an entire season. Participants will pick their initial team and can make changes to their lineup over the course of the competition. There are sometimes weekly prizes handed out, but the main prizes are reserved for the end of the competition, when points from all weeks are added up.


This is a contest played against three or more players. It can be against random strangers or against a group of friends.


As the name suggests, this contest type is played against just one other player, usually a friend. The prize for the winner is generally pretty small, but each player has a 50% chance of winning.

Our Top 5 Tips for Playing at Fantasy Cricket Apps

If you want to win at the best fantasy cricket apps, you need to be one step ahead of the competition. We’ve listed five ways to boost your chances of winning below.

1. Maintain a Routine

If you’re playing a longer fantasy game, such as one over the course of an entire season, you need to establish a routine. Make it so you have time to sit down at least once a week and research upcoming fixtures, before tweaking your team as necessary.

2. Identify Undervalued Players

The big names won’t make the difference when going against opponents. Instead, the less valuable players who put in an unexpectedly big performance will. Spend time researching undervalued players for each position. Perhaps there’s an affordable batter with a higher-than-expected average? Or maybe there’s a cheap bowler who has been on a streak of form?

3. Check the Sportsbook Odds

Checking the odds available at the best online sportsbooks recommended by Reddit can give you a great insight into what gamblers think of teams and individual players. For example, you might see that betting is heavy on a particular player to score a 50+ score, or that a bowler has great odds to take a certain number of wickets. You can use this information to guide your team selection.

4. Consider the Opposition

Always consider the opposition before selecting your players. Spending big bucks on a batsman might be a great idea if they’re going up against a weak bowling attack but could be foolhardy if they’re taking on a strong bowling unit.

5. Stay in the Loop

Finally, you should ensure you know as much about cricket as possible. Try to stay up to date on form, injuries, and any other factors that might influence a player’s performance. You can use various apps and cricket news sites for this and turning on push notifications from reliable news sources can be an intelligent idea.

Types of Bonuses available at Fantasy Cricket Apps

Similar to sportsbook promo codes, players can benefit from various bonuses and promotions when using the top fantasy apps. These are the main types available:

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is only for new players who sign up on the app. It is often a match on the first deposit, which helps increase your budget, or a free reward for joining the action. The welcome bonus is meant to attract new customers.

Free Entries

Fantasy apps can offer free entries to active players as extra rewards. You can use a free entry to take part in an eligible competition without paying the regular fee. If you win, you will still receive the prize as usual.

Free-to-Play Pools

A free-to-play pool is open to all customers, which can result in more competition. The good news is that you don’t lose anything if you try. Moreover, there are big prizes to be won from free pools.

The Best Payment Methods for Fantasy Cricket Apps

The best fantasy cricket apps will offer a selection of payment methods. However, they can be broken down into three general types: cryptocurrency, eWallets, and traditional methods. You can find out about each type here:

Crypto Betting Options

There are many different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and, of course, the biggest of them all – Bitcoin. Crypto can be used by everyone and is increasingly accepted at DFS sites. However, the cricket fantasy app that’s best for crypto users is Battle Infinity, as it is entirely based on the world of blockchain and crypto.

Using cryptocurrency has many advantages, but the biggest is security. You’ll never need to provide any payment details to the cricket app, as the payment is initiated from your crypto wallet. What’s more, crypto payments are exceptionally cheap. However, deposits can take around 10 minutes to reach your DFS account.

eWallet Betting Options

eWallets have been around for a long time and the three most popular are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Simply load up your wallet with money, and then use that money to buy goods and services online.

eWallets are exceptionally simple to use and they protect your banking details, as you never need give any sensitive information to a merchant, such as a fantasy cricket site. Deposits are generally instant, but there is one downside: you will almost certainly be charged for using an eWallet to deposit or withdraw, or sometimes both.

Traditional Payment Methods

By traditional payments, we mean credit and debit cards, which are widely accepted at the best fantasy cricket apps. Visa and Mastercard are the most used payment options at fantasy sites, plus Discover and American Express are also widely accepted.

Convenience is the biggest advantage when it comes to credit card online casinos, as nearly everyone already has one in their wallet or purse. What’s more, credit and debit cards are nearly always free to use. However, some dislike using credit and debit cards online, as they don’t want to share their card details, concerned that they might fall into the wrong hands.

The Best Fantasy Cricket App in the US

Judging the best fantasy cricket app in the US is tough, as currently there aren’t any. However, this will soon be remedied, as Battle Infinity will have fantasy cricket when it launches. This site is based on the blockchain and NFTs, which might be daunting for some, but from what we’ve seen, it will be exceptionally simple to use and will offer a fantastic fantasy cricket experience.

Currently, the Battle Infinity website has loads of information on their service, including a comprehensive white paper. They’re also allowing potential players to purchase the in-game currency early. Why not get in on the action early to benefit from the perks as soon as it goes live?


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