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Sportsbooks across the country traditionally say that bettors tend to wager the most during football season. To that end, we’ve put together a comprehensive college football odds page that covers everything you need to know so you can join the thousands around the world who bet on college football each season.

Here, you’ll learn everything from how odds work, to what odds are available for college football, and we highlight the best college football odds available today. So, if you’re looking to join the thousands of sports bettors who bet on college football – you’ve come to the right place.

Comparing 2022-23 College Football National Championship Winner Odds

If you are a fan of college football, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Alabama is the consensus favorite to win the College Football Playoff this upcoming season. It seems like each and every year the Crimson Tide is favored to win and rightfully so.

Alabama football team

However, there are a few other top-tier teams very capable of knocking off Alabama and winning it all. Below, are the latest college football odds for the 2022-23 national championship.

Team BetOnline Xbet MyBookie BetUS Bovada Sportsbetting.ag
Alabama +200 +193 +193 +180 +200 +200
Ohio State +400 +360 +360 +325 +325 +400
Georgia +475 +350 +350 +375 +400 +475
Clemson +800 +1200 +1200 +900 +1200 +800
USC +1600 +2600 +2600 +2200 +2000 +1600
Texas A&M +2200 +240 +2400 +2800 +2500 +2200
Notre Dame +4500 +4500 +4500 +4000 +4500 +4500
Michigan +5000 +3800 +3800 +5000 +4000 +5000
Oklahoma +5000 +6200 +6200 +4000 +3500 +5000
Texas +6600 +6600 +6600 +6600 +6000 +6600

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How do College Football Odds Work?

On the surface, understanding college football odds may seem daunting. But in fact, college football odds are fairly simple to understand after you learn more about the basics. Below, we’ll discuss how college football odds so you can begin to become somewhat of an expert yourself.

Explaining NCAAF Odds

Odds for NCAAF games will tell you one of two things: who possess the best chance to win a certain outcome (in most cases this refers to the game itself) and how much you stand to win from selecting a particular bet.

When it comes to college football odds, sportsbooks offer a variety of them. However, the main NCAAF odds are on individual games and on season-long outcomes, which are referred to as futures or futures odds.

Odds are set by sportsbooks and professional handicappers. To do so, they consider injuries, individual play, matchups, previous information, weather, and more. You may see the term Vegas college football odds or Vegas NCAAF odds. These are odds set by the professionals in Las Vegas. However, online sportsbook odds are essentially the same.

How to Read College Football Lines

College football odds are displayed in American odds format, which means they will either have a plus sign or a minus sign. The plus sign indicates an underdog and the minus sign indicates the implied favorite. See below for an example.

  • Ohio State to beat Georgia (-110)
  • Georgia to beat Ohio State (+105)

The above example is saying that a bettor must bet $110 on Ohio State to net a profit of $100. And if a bettor were to bet $100 on Georgia they would net a profit of $105. If your bet wins, you will also get your original wager amount back as well.

Betting on college football, or any sport for that matter isn’t limited to just $100 bets. In fact, most sportsbooks and online betting apps have low minimum bet requirements. Your net profit will just be adjusted accordingly per the odds.

Types of College Football Odds Available

Within the context of college football odds, there are four main types of NCAAF odds to choose from. They are pre-game or game odds, live betting odds, futures odds, and parlay bets.

Game Odds

NCAAF odds on games, or game odds, refer to betting lines that are related to an individual game. Sportsbooks post NCAAF lines on every game, including games that feature smaller market teams. Within game odds, there are different types of odds.


A moneyline bet is when you are betting on the winner of the game straight up regardless of the score or method of victory. It’s the simplest form of NCAAF betting there is. Moneyline odds are oftentimes not as favorable because one team can be favored heavily to win the game, thus the opportunity for high net profits is low.


Team Odds
Michigan -225
Northwestern +150

Point Spread

Betting on the point spread, or “against the spread” is when you are betting on a team to win by a certain number of points. Or conversely, if you’d like to bet on the underdog you can bet that they will lose by a certain number of points or fewer, or win outright.


Team Odds
Notre Dame -6 -110
Boston College +6 -130

In the above example, Notre Dame must win by 6 points or more in order for you to win your point spread bet. If you were to bet Boston College at +6, they can lose by 5 points or fewer and you’d win your bet. Or, they can win the game and you’d win your bet. If Boston College were to lose by 6 exactly, you’d effectively “tie” and you would get your money back. The same is true if Notre Dame won by 6. This is called a push.

Total Points

Another popular college football odd or college football bet type is the total points bet. Here, sportsbooks offer odds on the total number of combined points scored in a game (or quarter and half). With this bet type, you need to correctly predict if the combined points total will be over or under the set amount from the sportsbook.


Team Odds
Over 55 points -110
Under 55 points -110

Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets that refer to an outcome within the context of a particular game and more often than not do not relate to the actual winner or loser. The most common type of prop bet is player props, which is where you can bet on whether or not a particular player will perform a certain outcome such as they will score 2 touchdowns in the game or pass for a certain number of yards in the game.


Team Odds
Ohio State to score a touchdown first -150
Purdue to score a touchdown first +125

It’s less rare, but sometimes bookmakers combine prop bets with the outcome of the game. In these cases, multiple propositions need to happen in order for you to win your bet.

Futures Odds

We can’t cover college football odds without discussing futures odds. Futures are when you are betting on a season-long event or outcome before it unfolds. The most common future college football odd is “who will win the National Championship”.

College Football Championship Winner

Betting sites and apps unveil their national championship futures odds each and every year before the season begins. These are odds that rank the likelihood of a team winning the playoff title. Because there are so many college football teams, the odds get worse and worse after the top 15 or so.

As the season progresses, bookmakers will adjust their odds to account for in-season play, injuries, remaining schedules, and more. Nevertheless, you can still place a futures bet during the season as long as the event has not occurred yet.


Team Odds
Alabama to win the National Championship +200
Ohio State to win the National Championship +400
Georgia to win the National Championship +450

Conference Winners

Sportsbooks also offer NCAAF odds on conference championships. These futures are also released before the season and updated as the season goes on. The most popular conference bets include the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, and the Pac 12. However, you may be able to find futures for smaller conferences such as the MAC.


Team Odds
Alabama to win SEC -125
Georgia to win SEC +150
Texas A&M to win SEC +1200

Regular Season Wins

One other futures bet you will see at sportsbooks pertains to the over/under for regular season wins. Here, you can predict how many regular season wins a particular team will get. This bet type is typically limited to pre-season only but some sportsbooks may still offer it mid-season.


Team Odds
Ohio State to win over 10.5 games -110
Ohio State to win under 10.5 games -110

Player Awards

There are also odds on major player awards such as the Heisman Trophy. Like the other futures listed here, these odds are adjusted as the season plays out. Nevertheless, college football odds are available for most major awards.

Team Odds
CJ Stroud to win the Heisman Trophy +200
Bryce Young to win the Heisman Trophy +350
Caleb Williams to win the Heisman Trophy +800

Parlay Odds

A parlay bet is when you choose to bet multiple outcomes and combine them into one “ticket”, which means all of those outcomes must win in your favor in order for you to win your parlay. Below, is a quick example.

  • Ohio State -6.5 vs. Purdue (-110)
  • Michigan -5.5 vs. Northwestern (-110)
  • Clemson +10.5 vs. North Carolina (-110)

For this example, say you have $20 to bet on each ($60 total). If all three bets win in your favor, you would receive $54.54. But, if you were to combine these wagers into a parlay your profits would be much higher.

NCAAF college football game

A $60 parlay bet would yield $357.48 in profit. This is because the implied odds for all three bets happening is much less altogether versus individually. However, if one team fails to cover the spread or loses your entire parlay bet is busted and you would lose your $60.

Live College Football Odds

Nowadays with online sportsbooks and betting apps live college football betting is easier than ever. Live college football odds are different from game odds because they are adjusted odds based on what is happening live in the game. As a bettor, you have the option to place bets during the game based on these live odds.

Note, live college football odds are somewhat limited as it is difficult for sportsbooks to create live odds for every bet type. But you will at least find over/under odds, moneyline odds, and point spread odds if not more. It just depends on the sportsbook.

Past College Football Champions’ Odds

As mentioned above, college football odds for futures are adjusted as the season progresses. This means pre-season odds for some teams may be quite favorable in the spring versus the fall. Below is a list of previous championship winners and their pre-season future odds. As you can see, there have been several teams that have emerged from the middle of the pack to surprise bookmakers and win it all.

Season Champion Pre-season Odds Opponent Score
2021 Georgia +600 Alabama 33-18
2020 Alabama +300 Ohio State 52-24
2019 LSU +2500 Clemson 42-25
2018 Clemson +400 Alabama 44-16
2017 Alabama +250 Georgia 26-23
2016 Clemson +700 Alabama 35-31
2015 Alabama +700 Clemson 45-40
2014 Ohio State +4000 Oregon 42-20
2013 Florida State +1600 Auburn 34-31
2012 Alabama +550 Notre Dame 42-14

The Best Sportsbooks for College Football Odds

Over the years, our team has reviewed a number of betting sites and sportsbooks. After comparing countless sportsbooks we’ve put together a list of the best college football betting sites, which feature some of the most competitive college football odds available on the market.

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