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At Augusta Free Press, you’ll find the latest and most valuable tennis odds offered by the biggest offshore sportsbooks in the US market. Why spend hours searching for the best odds when our tennis experts have put in all the leg work for you?

Read on to find the most current tennis betting odds for the biggest tournaments and learn about the unique markets that only tennis betting can offer. We’ll tell you which sportsbooks offer the best value and provide you with everything you need to know to take advantage of the latest tennis odds.

Comparing 2022 Winner Odds

When we look at tennis betting odds, we make sure to identify bets with serious value. In other words, we don’t just blindly promote the favorite if they are going to produce very little return if they are successful. For example, if Serena Williams is too strong a favorite to win a match, we’ll look for value in totals or handicap markets.

We look for incorrectly priced matches too. Sometimes a sportsbook will be hesitant to declare a strong favorite or the market hasn’t been open long and market sentiment is 50/50. It is at this time you can often find some valuable handicap markets when you know the lines on the favorite will lose value.

For tennis betting odds that are released early, adjust quickly, and are seriously competitive against other top bookmakers, we recommend BetOnline. If you’re looking for value on underdogs we think Bovada is your best option. For those who prefer to bet live, XBet and offer great odds.

Xbet tennis odds

How do Tennis Odds Work?

If you’ve bet on any other sport before, then you’ll know just how tennis betting odds work. Whether you prefer to bet at your favorite retail sportsbook or an offshore gambling site, the odds will always work in the same way. For those new to sports betting on tennis, we’ve provided a simple guide below.

Explaining Tennis Odds

Tennis betting odds clearly display both the perceived likeliness of an outcome and the amount of money that can be won if one was to stake a wager on that selection. Sportsbooks use a variety of factors to set their odds which typically include market sentiment, mathematical systems, and relevant statistics such as form.

Using tennis odds, bettors can assess which outcome they believe is most likely and place an appropriate stake within their means and according to their betting strategy. For those who like to see the numbers, there are Margin Calculators available online that can break down the odds to reveal the actual perceived percentage of each outcome.

Calculating Moneyline payouts from tennis betting odds is rather simple. Positive betting odds (e.g. +150) are calculated as the Moneyline odds divided by 100 and then multiplied by your stake (odds/100*stake). However, for negative tennis betting odds (e.g. -150), you would divide 100 by the Moneyline odds and multiply it by your stake (100/odds*stake).

Player to Win Odds Bet Sum Return
Diego Schwartzman -201 $20 100/201*20 $9.95
Elias Ymer +171 $20 171/100*20 $34.20

How to Read Tennis Lines

While you can always change your lines to be displayed in another format such as decimal or fractional, tennis betting odds will be displayed as American lines by default. Because American lines are still the preferred odds format in the US, we’ll teach you how to read tennis lines in American format.

Standard US Moneyline odds are displayed in a unique way to show which player is the favorite and which player is the favorite. At the same time, Moneyline identifies how much money can be won too.

Sportsbooks will display negative odds for the favorite – e.g. -130. This means the bettor would need to wager $130 to win $100. The underdog will be displayed using positive odds – say, +120. That means the bettor would win $120 for a $100 wager.

Player to Win Odds
Anastasia Potapova -126
Anett Kontaveit +106

Types of Tennis Odds Available

Today’s tennis odds look pretty enticing but new bettors should make sure they fully understand all the different ways you can bet on tennis. There are tennis odds for a few unique markets, so we’ve fully identified them below so those bettors can back more than just a match winner.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting refers to wagering on the winner of a single match. It could be a singles match or a doubles match, but a moneyline wager will mean you merely need to choose a winner.

Player Odds
John Isner -278
Ben Shelton +233

Handicap Betting

Also commonly referred to as spread betting, handicap betting is a wager on the outcome of a match but with handicaps imposed on the players involved. For example, a -3.5 handicap would mean that player needs to win the match by at least 3 for the bet to be successful.

So, if your selection won the match with 19 games but the opponent still managed 17 games, you would actually lose the bet. Alternatively, you can back the underdog with a handicap and win the bet, even if the player loses the match.

Player Odds
Adrian Mannarino O 21.5


Andres Martin U 21.5



Over/Under is almost like a handicap bet except it’s just a single selection on how many games there will be in a match. It doesn’t matter who wins the match – all that matters is the number of games.

For example, in an ATP 250 match between Mackenzie McDonald and Jenson Brooksby, you may see an over-market of 22.5. This means that a bet on the Over market requires the match to last at least 23 games.

Market Odds
Over 22.5 -177
Under 22.5 -103

Set Betting

Set betting is a market in which the bettor wagers on the game score during a match. There is some market variety here since you can wager on total sets or a player to win a set. For example, you could bet on a player to win a game in straight sets, but you can also wager on how many sets there will be in a game or even a match.

Player Odds
James Duckworth +1.5


Alex De Minaur -1.5


Live Betting

Live betting has fast become the most popular way to bet on tennis in the US. This form of betting lets bettors wager on a tennis match while it is being played. Betting odds move dynamically with the game and bettors can find value in the small moments during the event.

For example, if an underdog wins a game, the odds will shift in their favor but you could back the favorite with high odds knowing they’ll come back later in the match. There are also set betting markets live.

Live betting screen at BetOnline


A parlay is a handy bet type where you can add multiple single bets into a single wager, thus multiplying your odds. Parlays produce far greater odds than if you placed the same amount of money on the individual wagers. While the payout will be greater, you do need all the selections of the parlay to win for the bet to be successful.


Also known as outright markets at some offshore sportsbooks, Futures markets are bets on the final outcome of an entire tennis tournament instead of just one match. For example, you can bet who will win the US Open or Wimbledon. In rare cases, some sportsbooks may close these markets once the tournament begins.

Futures tennis odds

Prop Bets

Prop bets are unique markets that cover very specific predictions during a tennis event. In many cases, prop bets don’t require any of the players to win or lose the match. Rather the bets require a specific achievement to occur such as a player to serve a set number of aces in a match or a particular number of double faults by a certain player.

How to Sign Up and Find the Best Tennis Odds

At BetOnline, you can register a new account in only a few minutes and be betting on the latest tennis events in seconds. The process is incredibly simple and you only need to provide some very basic information. So, new bettors won’t face any surprises, we have a handy step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Register an Account

Get started by clicking “Join” on the homepage. Next, just input some basic details such as your name, number, and residential address. You will be directed straight to your new account.

Sign up screen to access Tennis odds

Step 2: Place a Deposit – Claim a Bonus

Before you head to the cashier, double-check the promotions section to fully understand the requirements of the welcome bonus. Take note of the rollover and minimum required deposit amount.

Head back to the cashier and nominate a deposit amount. Choose your method from the options available. You’ll notice that you can select your welcome bonus from here too. Now, just follow the relevant prompts to complete the transaction.

BetOnline deposit and bonus

Step 3: Enter the Sportsbook

Click on “sportsbook” or “live betting” from the top banner to find the latest tennis markets. You can search for events directly or use the right-side menu to navigate through the available sports and events. Just click on an event to bring it into the center window.

BetOnline tennis odds screen

Step 4: Choose a Market & Check the Odds

Within the center window, you’ll be able to see all the available markets for your chosen event. Besides each market will be the odds. Simply click on a selection to send into your bet slip.

Tennis odds

Step 5: Place your Bet

Your bet slip is where you’ll finalize any wagers. You can choose to turn multiple selections into a parlay if you wish to. Simply nominate your stake and review your bet to make sure you’re pleased with your wager. The bet slip will show you how much your bet will return if it is successful. Just click to confirm to place your bet.

Betslip at BetOnline

The Best Sportsbooks for Tennis Odds

While so many online sportsbooks offer tennis odds, we have made sure to pick only ten utterly amazing betting sites for the US market. These offshore sportsbooks offer competitive tennis odds, extensive market coverage, and they cover even the smallest ATP/WTA 250 match.


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