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NFL odds can be some of the juiciest at a sportsbook, offering gamblers the chance to win significant sums of cash. For example, if you’d have bet $100 before the start of the season on the Rams to win the Super Bowl at odds of +1200, you’d have $1,300 in your pocket right now.

On this page, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about NFL odds and NFL betting lines, so you’re completely prepared when you start betting at your chosen sportsbook. We’ll also throw in some NFL stats too, which you can use to inform your next NFL bets.

Comparing 2022/23 NFL Super Bowl Winner Odds

Shopping around for the best NFL betting lines is vital if you want to place a wager. To show how important, check out the differences between the NFL odds offered by the best offshore sportsbooks below.

Team BetOnline MyBookie BetUS Bovada Sportsbetting.ag
Buffalo Bills +650 +610 +650 +700 +650
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +850 +700 +750 +700 +850
Kansas City Chiefs +950 +950 +900 +1000 +950
Los Angeles Chargers +1000 +1025 +1400 +1400 +1000
Green Bay Packers +1200 +1000 +1200 +1000 +1200
Los Angeles Rams +1200 +1025 +1100 +1100 +1200
San Francisco 49ers +1800 +1525 +1600 +1600 +1800
Baltimore Ravens +2000 +1975 +2000 +2200 +2000
Cincinnati Bengals +2000 +1500 +2000 +2200 +2000
Denver Broncos +2000 +1550 +1600 +1600 +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2200 +1725 +2000 +1800 +2200
Cleveland Browns +2800 +2300 +2500 +2800
Indianapolis Colts +2800 +2300 +2500 +2200 +2800
Las Vegas Raiders +2800 +2500 +3000 +4000 +2800
Tennessee Titans +2800 +3100 +3000 +3500 +2800
Miami Dolphins +3300 +3500 +3000 +4000 +3300
Philadelphia Eagles +3300 +2600 +3000 +2500 +3300
Arizona Cardinals +4000 +3100 +2800 +3500 +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000 +4200 +4000 +5000 +4000
New England Patriots +4000 +3900 +4000 +5000 +4000
New Orleans Saints +4000 +4000 +4000 +5000 +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers +8000 +7500 +6000 +9000 +8000
Seattle Seahawks +8000 +11000 +12500 +15000 +8000
Washington Commanders +8000 +6400 +8000 +7000 +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars +10000 +11000 +15000 +12500 +10000
New York Jets +10000 +12000 +15000 +12500 +10000
Carolina Panthers +12500 +10000 +15000 +12500 +12500
Detroit Lions +12500 +12000 +15000 +15000 +12500
New York Giants +12500 +10000 +12500 +12500 +12500
Chicago Bears +15000 +11000 +12500 +15000 +15000
Atlanta Falcons +20000 +16000 +15000 +20000 +20000
Houston Texans +30000 +22000 +25000 +25000 +30000

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How do NFL Odds Work?

Are you new to NFL betting? If so, NFL odds and NFL betting lines are probably a bit confusing. Below, you can find simple, jargon-free explanations of each.

Explaining NFL Odds

NFL odds, including Vegas odds for NFL, tell you how likely something is to happen, such as how likely a team is to win a game, or how likely a player is to score the first touchdown.

The NFL odds are calculated by looking at a huge amount of information. Which team is playing best? Does either team have key injuries? How well do the two teams fare head-to-head? They’re just some of the questions asked when coming up with moneyline and spread odds.

NFL odds will almost certainly change several times before a game begins. Often, this is to reflect betting patterns – if a swell of bets comes in for one team, the sportsbook will shorten their odds. The NFL odds will also change to reflect anything happening that could affect the result, such as injuries or the weather conditions.

How to Read NFL Lines

NFL betting lines let you know how much money you’ll win if your bet is a winning one. They can have either a minus or a plus sign in front of them – in a game, the team with the minus sign is the favorite, while the team with the plus sign is the underdog.

If your NFL odds start with a minus sign, they’re telling you how much money you need to bet in order to win $100. So, let’s say that the Chiefs are -135 to beat the Chargers. This means it would take a bet of $135 on the Chiefs to win $100. You would also win your bet back, meaning in total you’d receive $235.

Alternatively, if your NFL odds begin with a plus sign, they’re telling you how much money you’ll win if you bet $100. So, let’s say the Chargers are +135 to beat the Chiefs. Place a $100 bet on them to win and you’ll win $135. You’d also win your bet back, meaning in total you’d receive $235.

Note that NFL lines will often look different from those explained above. The ones we’ve just explained are American NFL betting lines, but you could also see fractional odds or decimal odds. All sportsbooks we recommend use American NFL betting lines.

MyBookie NFL Props

Types of NFL Odds Available

At the best online sportsbooks and betting apps you’ll find a huge range of different NFL odds. We’ve explained the most popular of them below.

Games Odds

NFL odds of this type are about what happens in a specific game. This could be which team will win, who scores the first touchdown, or much more.


The moneyline bet is the simplest of all NFL betting lines. Quite simply, you’re betting on which team will win the game, either in regulation time or overtime. If the game ends as a tie, both bets are losing ones.


Team NFL Odds
Buffalo Bills -220
New York Jets +185

In this example, correctly bet on either side and you’ll win the money dictated by the odds they’ve been assigned.


The spread is one of the most interesting NFL betting lines. One team has points added to their score, while the other has points deducted, meaning NFL spreads even the playing field. You’ll bet on whether a team will win once they’ve had their designated points added or taken away at the end of the game.


Team NFL Betting Lines NFL Odds
Buffalo Bills -11.5 -110
Miami Dolphins +11.5 +110

Bet on the Bills and your bet will be a winner only if they beat the Dolphins by more than 7.5 points. Bet on the Dolphins and you’ll win providing they don’t lose by more than 7.5 points. You can use the NFL odds to work out how much you’d win from a successful bet.

Totals Over/Under

This is a really simple bet type. The bookmaker will work out how many points they think will be scored in the entire game, and you then bet on whether there will be more or fewer points than they’ve predicted.


The sportsbook has set the line at 33.5 for this match.

Under/Over Odds
Under 33.5 -110
Over 33.5 -110

Pick correctly and you’ll win an amount dictated by the odds. This is a great bet to make if you think a specific game is going to have a particularly large or small number of points.

Prop Bets

A prop bet is a bet on whether something will or will not happen during a game, which doesn’t directly reflect the end result. The first touchdown scorer is a particularly popular NFL prop bet.


Below you can see the first touchdown scorer odds offered for Super Bowl LVI.

Player Odds
Cooper Kupp +525
Joe Mixon +800
Cam Akers +800
Ja’Marr Chase +900
Odell Beckham Jr. +900

Futures Odds

As the name suggests, these NFL betting lines reference something that will happen in the future and not in the next game. There are many types of futures bets, and we’ve explained a few of them below.

BetOnline Step Four (NFL)Super Bowl Winner


This is undoubtedly the most popular of the futures NFL betting lines. You’re predicting which team will come out on top in the next Super Bowl. Many people will bet on this market before the first game of the season.


Super Bowl Winner Odds
Buffalo Bills +650
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +850
Kansas City Chiefs +950
Los Angeles Chargers +1000
Green Bay Packers +1200

Conference/Division Winner

This is a pretty self-explanatory one, as these NFL betting lines see you betting on which team will win a specific conference or division.


AFC West Winner Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +150
San Diego Chargers +250
Denver Broncos +250
Las Vegas Raiders +700


This is a bet on who will be selected as the league’s most valuable player, an accolade awarded to the NFL’s top player every season.


MVP Odds
Josh Allen +700
Patrick Mahomes +700
Tom Brady +800
Aaron Rodgers +900
Justin Herbert +1000

Rookie of the Year

This bet sees you wagering on which recently drafted player will be selected as the best offensive or defensive rookie of the year.


Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds
Kenny Pickett +500
Drake London +700
Treylon Burks +800
Breece Hall +800
Christian Watson +800

Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year

These are like the offensive and defensive rookie of the year awards, but open to all players, regardless of how long they’ve been in the league.


Offensive Player of the Year Odds
Cooper Kupp +800
Jonathan Taylor +800
Derrick Henry +900
Davante Adams +1200
Deebo Samuel +1200

Parlay Odds

The next major type of NFL lines are parlay odds. Essentially, these are several individual bets combined together. Each selection must win in order for the bet to be a winner. Bets of this type generally have less chance of being winners, but they also have higher odds.


  • Selection # 1: Kansas City Chiefs -7.5 to beat Denver Broncos @ -110
  • Selection #2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers -11.5 to beat Houston Texans @ -110
  • Selection #3: New York Jets +11.5 to beat Buffalo Bills @ -110

If you were to correctly place a $10 bet on each of these individually, you’d get back $19.09 per bet. When added together you’d win $57.27 in total, but would have spent $30.

However, if you bundled them all into a parlay and they all won, you’d win a total of $69.58, plus you would have only risked $10.

Live NFL Odds

Finally, we come to live betting. This allows you to bet on an NFL game as it’s in play, so you can react to what’s happening and use your knowledge and intuition to hopefully place winning bets. The live NFL odds and NFL betting lines will change constantly to reflect the state of play, so you’ll need to bet at the right time to get the best odds.

You’ll find that live betting on NFL includes all the same game markets as standard betting. This means that there are loads of choices, from simple moneyline bets to spread bets, under/over bets, and more. Prop bets are also offered and are generally really popular with live betting fans.

How to Sign Up and Find the Best NFL Odds

Before you’re able to bet on NFL betting lines at a sportsbook, you’ll first need to sign up. Luckily, signing up to a NFL betting site is exceptionally simple. We’ve created a step-by-step guide to signing up below, using BetOnline as an example.

  • Head to BetOnline and then click the “Join” button
  • Fill out the various fields and then hit the “Submit” button
  • Head to the Cashier and choose from the depositing options
  • Fill in all required details, including any promo code to claim your free bets
  • Click on “Sports” and then “Football”
  • Choose your bet and how much to wager
  • Click “Place Bet” and then sit back to watch the game

Past NFL Champions’ Odds

Look below to see the most recent Super Bowl winners, along with their NFL odds at the beginning of the season. As you’ll see, it’s not often that real outsiders manage to take the sport’s biggest crowd.

Season Champion Preseason Odds Losing Team Score Venue
2021/22 Los Angeles Rams +1200 Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California
2020/21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200 Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
2019/20 Kansas City Chiefs +450 San Francisco 49ers 31-20 Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
2018/19 New England Patriots +500 Los Angeles Rams 13-3 Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia
2017/18 Philadelphia Eagles +4000 New England Patriots 41-33 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2016/17 New England Patriots +600 Atlanta Falcons 34-28 (OT) NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas
2015/16 Denver Broncos +1400 Carolina Panthers 24-10 Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California
2014/15 New England Patriots +780 Seattle Seahawks 28-24 University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
2013/14 Seattle Seahawks +850 Denver Broncos 43-8 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
2012/13 Baltimore Ravens +1000 San Francisco 49ers 34-31 Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Best Sportsbooks for NFL Odds

There are many sportsbooks offering NFL betting lines and odds, but which ones are best? Take a look below to see our list of the best football betting sites currently available.

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