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Despite being in the off-season, a new NBA campaign will soon be on the horizon, so you can expect to find the latest NBA odds on who will lift the Championship.

Generally, there won’t be a massive discrepancy in odds for the NBA during the regular season. However, to get to grips with NBA betting odds, read our comprehensive guide to find out more.

Comparing 2022-23 NBA Championship Winners Odds

The best offshore sportsbooks in the US will already have lines available for who will win the NBA Championship next season. Our table shows how things are shaping up on the NBA title odds front:

Team BetOnline XBet MyBookie BetUS Bovada Sportsbetting.ag
Boston Celtics +600 +530 +530 +550 +550 +600
Milwaukee Bucks +600 +700 +690 +650 +650 +600
Golden State Warriors +650 +630 +630 +650 +650 +650
Phoenix Suns +650 +570 +570 +750 +750 +650
Los Angeles Clippers +700 +630 +630 +650 +700 +700
Los Angeles Lakers +1000 +1100 +1100 +1000 +1000 +1000
Miami Heat +1200 +1050 +1025 +900 +1200 +1200
Philadelphia 76ers +1400 +1325 +1325 +1400 +1400 +1400
Denver Nuggets +2000 +2000 +2000 +2200 +2200 +2000
Toronto Raptors +2000 +2600 +2600 +3000 +3000 +2000
Brooklyn Nets +2200 +2600 +2600 +2000 +2800 +2200
Dallas Mavericks +2200 +1800 +1800 +2000 +2000 +2200
Memphis Grizzlies +2200 +1975 +1950 +2200 +2200 +2200
Minnesota Timberwolves +2200 +3600 +3600 +4000 +4000 +2200
New Orleans Pelicans +4000 +3700 +3700 +3300 +5000 +4000
Chicago Bulls +5000 +5600 +5600 +5000 +4500 +5000
Atlanta Hawks +6000 +4800 +4800 +5000 +5000 +6000
Portland Trail Blazers +6600 +7500 +7500 +8000 +10000 +6600
Cleveland Cavaliers +10000 +10000 +10000 +8000 +12500 +10000
Utah Jazz +10000 +9000 +9500 +12500 +12500 +10000
Charlotte Hornets +12500 +12000 +12000 +10000 +12500 +12500
New York Knicks +12500 +11000 +11000 +10000 +12500 +12500
Washington Wizards +25000 +24000 +26000 +25000 +25000 +25000
Detroit Pistons +50000 +50000 +50000 +100000 +50000 +50000
Indiana Pacers +50000 +50000 +55000 +100000 +50000 +50000
Oklahoma City Thunder +50000 +60000 +60000 +100000 +100000 +50000
Orlando Magic +50000 +50000 +50000 +100000 +100000 +50000
Sacramento Kings +50000 +50000 +50000 +50000 +50000 +50000
San Antonio Spurs +50000 +46000 +46000 +50000 +50000 +50000
Houston Rockets +100000 +70000 +65000 +100000 +50000 +100000

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How do NBA Odds Work?

NBA odds are displayed in advance by the best online sportsbooks in the US, and they will reflect the chances of a side winning. They will be based on a variety of factors, such as a team’s recent record on the road or an injury to a star player.

Explaining NBA odds

The NBA is one of the best sports to bet on in terms of variety. It is a grueling season as each team will play 82 games, but at our recommended operators, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to NBA picks.

Although most operators will have a bet calculator installed, a great place to start is by using the Moneyline. So, for example, you could get the following odds:

  • Miami Heat -240
  • Chicago Red Bulls +125

In this example, the Heat are favorites to win the game as reflected by their short odds. Moneyline wagers are based on $100 bets, so if you bet on the Heat to win, then you would have to wager $240 to get $100, whereas if you bet $100 on the Red Bulls, you would get $125 in return.

How to Read NBA Lines

To understand how NBA betting odds work, you will need to try out different lines. The odds will determine how much you stand to win from a wager – if you go for lower odds, you could leave winnings on the table whereas longer prices will pay dividends.

Normally, odds will be displayed in three different formats by operators – American, decimal and fractional. American is the most common, as the minus (-) symbol will denote the favorites, while the positive symbol will reflect the underdogs.

Whereas, if you bet on a line using fractional NBA odds, you could get this price on the following match:

  • Los Angeles Lakers (8/1)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (6/2)

If you bet $100 on the Lakers, then you would get $800 (100 x 8) if your wager was a winning one.

Types of NBA Odds Available

The best NBA odds will be competitive, but fair. Nevertheless, they will cover a wide array of different markets, and there will be plenty for bettors to get their teeth stuck into. Let’s dive straight into the types of NBA lines you can enjoy at online sportsbooks.

Game Odds

With games on virtually every day of the week during the regular season, the NBA is fast paced. The game odds will incorporate the odds for each matchup, and they can be drilled down into the following markets:


For novice bettors, this is a perfect entry for understanding how NBA odds work. Simply, you just must predict who will win the match. With games usually going into Overtime if the scores are tied – there are only two outcomes available. In the following example, we have shown the odds for two teams in American format to reflect who the favorite and underdog is.

Example: Boston Celtics -200

Brooklyn Nets +150


A spread is like a handicap market as it is supposed to even out the playing field between two sides. With NBA betting odds, not all teams are treated the same, so a considerably better team will need to win by a certain number of points. This target must be met for your wager to be successful. Let’s use an earlier example.

Example:  Miami Heat -6.5

Chicago Red Bulls +6.5

As we can see here, the Heat are the favorites, so they would need to beat the point spread. So, they would have to win by seven points or more for your bet to be successful. If you bet on the Red Bulls, then they can either win the game or lose, but by a margin of six points or less.

Totals Over/Under

NBA games can be high-scoring affairs, and it is easy to get to grips with. Online operators will set NBA odds for this line, which will figure out how many points will be scored in a game.

Example: Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves (Over 207.5 points) @-200

If you go for this market, and you bet on the Over section, then this match will need to return a final total of 208 points or more for you to win your wager.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are revolved around individual and team performances. The NBA odds here can be quite attractive, so for example, you could get odds on Giannis Antetokounmpo to blow things up in a regular season game for the Milwaukee Bucks against the Toronto Raptors:

Example: Giannis Antetokounmpo to score Over 25.5 points @+250

If Antetokounmpo exceeds the point line set, and drains 26 points or more, then your bet will be successful.

Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are like accumulators, so you can combine two or more legs onto one betting slip. However, you must remember that all the legs must win for your bet to be successful. In the following example, you may choose to bet on the following games:

Example: LA Clippers to beat Houston Rockets @+400

LA Lakers to beat Dallas Mavericks @+300

Cleveland Cavaliers to beat Charlotte Hornets @+200

New York Knicks to beat Philadelphia 76ers @+250

So, in the above example, all four teams you have selected will need to prevail for you to win your bet. With parlay bets, there is more risk involved, however, with higher odds available, you can receive a big payout if you win.

Live NBA odds

With live betting, the bettor is put in control of their wager, and they will see the action unfold. The NBA odds will be constantly shifting and it will illustrate what is happening on the floor. In-play betting will be available at the best sports betting apps.

You can therefore change your bets accordingly, so you can improve your chances of retrieving some money. There will be plenty of live betting markets to take advantage of, and many of these sites will also be among the best cash out sportsbooks.

Futures Odds

Futures, on the other hand, allow you to take a much longer-term view with your predictions. So, you can bet on an event that is happening months in advance. Usually, most sportsbooks will post NBA odds on who will be crowned champions as soon as the previous season has finished.

NBA Championship Odds

The NBA betting odds for who will win the Championship will take an over-arching view on which franchise appears to be the strongest and will come out on top in the play-offs.

Example: Golden State Warriors +630

NBA Championship odds BetOnline

Betting on the Championship requires holding your neve as the Warriors’ odds could fluctuate throughout the season. As far as the Warriors are concerned, their odds could shorten, but if you bet on them as soon as the market opens, then you could stand to win a lot of money.

Conference/Division Winners

In total, there are 30 teams in the NBA. The NBA odds will therefore be split across the two divisions – Western and Eastern Conference. Like the NBA Championship odds, the markets will be released months in advance:

Example: Eastern Conference Winners – Boston Celtics +600

Western Conference Winners – Golden State Warriors +630

If you placed a sizeable stake on the two teams above with positive odds, then you could claim a huge win if both come off.

NBA Conference Winners odds MyBookie

NBA MVP odds

The NBA MVP odds is always an exciting market, as it will be based on which individual is likely to shine throughout the regular season. Usually, there are tons of potential candidates, so you will have to be selective with your choice.

Example: Giannis Antetokounmpo to be named MVP +700

NBA MVP odds BetUS

Rookie of the Year

The NBA odds for the Rookie of the Year will normally be determined by the draft and how a player fared during his time spent with his college. In the 2022 draft, there were quite a few noticeable moves, including Paolo Banchero, who was the No.1 pick for the Orlando Magic.

Example: Paolo Banchero to be named Rookie of the Year +500

NBA Rookie of the Year XBet

Defensive Player of the Year

This market is also quite common and it will reflect which player is likely to have the biggest impact, in terms of contributing the most turnovers, rebounds, or blocks. There are players who are equally effective with offense.

Example: Bam Adebayo to be named Defensive Player of the Year +700

Defensive Player of the Year BetUS

How to Sign Up and Find the Best NBA Odds

If you want to sign up for a sportsbook with great NBA odds, then this is easy to do. We have provided a step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this with our top-rated sportsbook BetOnline.

Step 1: Create a BetOnline Account

First, head over to BetOnline’s website and click the ‘Join Now’ button. You will need to enter a few details, such as your name, phone number, email address, and birthday to get registered.

BetOnline sign up part one NBA

Step 2: Verify Your Email

BetOnline requests all new players to verify their information. To do this, you will need to check your inbox, and then follow the link sent to you by BetOnline.

BetOnline sign up part two NBA

Step 3: Make Your First Deposit

You will be presented with an array of payment options, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Make sure you can make deposits and withdrawals with the same method.

betonline deposit options

Step 4: Collect Bonus

At this point, you will be entitled to claim the welcome bonus. You will need to enter the promo code BOL1000 to receive a 50% matched deposit bonus of up to $1,000.

BetOnline bonus step 4 NBA

Step 5: Find NBA markets to play

Now, you are all set up and ready to go. Pick the NBA markets that appeal to you the most.

NBA BetOnline odds step 5

Past NBA Champions’ Odds

It’s time to cast an eye over the past Finals champions, and assess their NBA odds during preseason. Our table below explains more:

Season Champions Preseason Odds Losing Team Series Score Venue
2021 Milwaukee Bucks +550 Phoenix Suns 4-2 Split between Bucks and Suns’ home arenas
2020 Los Angeles Lakers +450 Miami Heat 4-2 Split between Lakers and Heats’ home arenas
2019 Toronto Raptors +1850 Golden State Warriors 4-2 Split between Raptors and Warriors’ home arenas
2018 Golden State Warriors -187 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 (clean sweep) Split between Warriors and Cavaliers’ home arenas
2017 Golden State Warriors -128 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1 Split between Warriors and Cavaliers’ home arenas
2016 Cleveland Cavaliers +280 Golden State Warriors 4-3 Split between Cavaliers and Warriors’ home arenas
2015 Golden State Warriors +2800 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2 Split between Warriors and Cavaliers’ home arenas
2014 San Antonio Spurs +1200 Miami Heat 4-1 Split between Spurs and Heats’ arenas
2013 Miami Heat +225 San Antonio Spurs 4-3 Split between Heat and Spurs’ arenas
2012 Miami Heat +225 Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 Split between Heat and Thunders’ home arenas

The Best Sportsbooks for NBA Odds

We have scoured the market for the best NBA odds, and we believe these best basketball betting sites are well covered in this department.

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