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Welcome to our guide on the best fantasy sports apps in the US. Here we review four of the hottest daily fantasy sports sites and provide an analysis of which is currently the best on the market.

With Daily Fantasy Sports apps increasing in popularity, we also explain all there is to know about this rapidly growing sports betting option.

List of the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

Below are the four best online betting apps for daily fantasy sports in the US. We have researched all these apps to uncover everything from how many contests are offered to how the apps reward new and existing customers. In addition, these apps are legal to play in most states throughout the country.

  1. Battle Infinity –  The best site for DFS in the US
  2. FanDuel – A strong NBA fantasy offering
  3. DraftKings – One of the leading DFS names in the US
  4. Monkey Knife Fight – An easy-to-use fantasy sports app

Reviews of the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

Next, we review the four best fantasy sports apps in the US. We scope out the bonuses on offer, the sports covered and highlight all the best aspects of each one while also highlighting anything that we feel could be improved.

So let’s see what the best DFS apps in the US have to offer.

1. Battle Infinity –  The Best Site for DFS in the US

battle infinity

Battle Infinity is a new concept coming to the daily fantasy sports market. The site, which is yet to launch, has been fully integrated with the Metaverse to allow players to build their fantasy teams and battle in this space. 

There will be six battle arenas for players to compete in, where cash prizes are up for grabs alongside valuable NFTs. Battle Infinity will also provide an area of the site for players to buy and sell their unique NFTs with other rivals within the game. 

Battle Infinity is currently in presale, allowing you to invest and buy $IBAT tokens that can be redeemed on the platform once it is live. The app will be available shortly, with this take on fantasy sports betting sure to disrupt the traditional fantasy app market. 


  • NFTs available to buy and sell
  • Unique investment opportunity
  • Cash prizes available
  • Six battle arenas to compete


  • The app is not currently live 

2. FanDuel – A strong NBA fantasy offering

fanduel dfs app

FanDuel is one of the ‘big two’ fantasy sports operators in the US. They are one of the country’s most recognised providers of fantasy sports apps with an outstanding basketball fantasy section.

They offer a selection of markets in the NBA, the WNBA, and college basketball, and if EuroBasket is your thing, they also provide contests in these competitions. When signing up to FanDuel, you can have your first entry for free, plus a $50 welcome bonus for all new customers.

FanDuel is a great site to use when playing with your friends and offers a unique and stylish site to help you keep track of those rankings.


  • Excellent basketball contests
  • Free entry for new customers
  • Sleek design
  • A respected provider of fantasy sports


  • A small welcome bonus

3. DraftKings – One of the leading DFS names in the US

draftkings app

DraftKings, along with FanDuel, are one of the biggest names in the industry. They have a sleek website with an excellent choice of contests to pick from, covering tons of sports – you are likely to find everything you could possibly need here.

The site size can be viewed as a positive or a negative. With so many players involved in different contests, the payouts can be huge if you are lucky enough to win one of these. On the other hand, it can seem daunting for new players to take on so many competitors immediately.

DraftKings provide a $5 no deposit bonus for new players and a $100 welcome bonus for those willing to deposit immediately. These bonus funds can be used across a variety of sports and eSports.


  • Respected fantasy sports apps
  • Loads of contests to choose from 
  • Big payouts available 
  • Cover all major sports 
  • Provide a no deposit bonus


  • It can be challenging to win with so many players

4. Monkey Knife Fight – An easy-to-use fantasy sports app

monkeyknifefight dfs app

Monkey Knife Fight is a newer app on the market compared to DraftKings and FanDuel. However, they are all about making fantasy sports apps easier to use, and they certainly do that.

MKF has more of a condensed offering, but it is easier to find what you are looking for and is more streamlined than some of its competitors. Fewer contests may be seen as a negative, but we think they provide a solid alternative.

They also offer a $100 welcome bonus for new customers and also like to reward their existing players with promotions and offers. So Monkey Knife Fight could be for you if you want to ease yourself into a fantasy sports app.


  • Easy-to-use app 
  • Condensed fantasy offering 
  • Reward new and existing players 
  • Great navigation on site


  • Contests may be limited 
  • Prize pools are not as big

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Comparing the Top Fantasy Sports Apps

We’ve listed the top four fantasy sports apps below with a rundown of what each has to offer DFS fans.

Fantasy Sports App Price Range of Fantasy Sports Prize Pools Prize Money
Battle Infinity Free / Depends on league 6 TBC TBC
FanDuel Free 9 Yes $100 – $100,000+
DraftKings Free 13 Yes $100 – $1 million +
Monkey Knife Fight Free 9 Yes $1000+

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Daily Fantasy Sports offers a legal alternative to betting on sports in the US. Currently, there are only six states where all fantasy sports apps are specifically banned. These are – Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington.

DFS is more accessible in the US as it is seen as a skill-based game rather than luck, such as an online casino – it is therefore not viewed as gambling. Players also bet in pools, and bookmakers do not set the odds – a crucial difference compared to sports betting online.

Forty-three states allow players to sign up for a daily fantasy sports app. So, with a significant amount of the US eligible to play, the pools and the apps have an excellent opportunity to be successful in the market.

Check out our table below to see what fantasy sports betting is allowed in each US state.

US States Battle Infinity DraftKings FanDuel Monkey Knife Fight
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Who can Play on Fantasy Sports Apps in the US?

The criteria on who is allowed to play on fantasy sports apps in the US will vary from each provider and state that you are in.

However, we have set out some main rules below, which are similar across different sites and are things to check before creating an account.

  • You must be aged 18+, although some states require 19+ and 21+
  • Must be a resident of a state that allows fantasy sports apps 
  • Provide address and age verification to access any winnings 
  • Can only have one account per app, per individual 
  • Those banned from sports betting or other fantasy sports apps are prohibited

What are Fantasy Sports Apps?

Daily Fantasy Sports apps allow players to wager against others and be in with a chance of winning money from a prize pool. This is different to online sports betting, where odds are set by bookmakers and players bet against the ‘house’.

Fantasy sports traditionally involve a team of players from a specific sport (NFL, NBA, NFL etc.) who, in turn, score points depending on how they perform. The point system is clearly defined at the game’s start, with points allocated for specific actions.

DFS players are ranked based on how their team performed in a specific period and have a chance to win more money the higher up the leaderboard they finish. These games can be free-to-play, but bigger prize pools are available in pay-to-play contests.

How Betting at Fantasy Sports Apps Work?

There are several different ways in which players can bet on their fantasy teams. A popular method is to enter leagues that either run over a particular game week or on some occasions across the whole season.

The number of entrants determines the prize money in the contest if it is a pay-to-play tournament. The pool can then either be paid to the winner or split between the top of the leaderboard. If it is a free-to-play contest, the prize money is usually stated before entering.

Players can also go head-to-head against another single player. Again, this can be over a varying time scale, and the wager can be decided between the two individuals before the contest begins.

How We Rank the Best Fantasy Sports Apps?

When reviewing each daily fantasy sports app, we look at the different features each of them has to offer. Below are some of the main areas we delve into to discover which apps you should use for your fantasy sports needs.

Choice of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are available across all major US sports. Depending on which sport or sports take your fancy, choosing the fantasy apps with the best sports coverage is essential.

Choice of Fantasy Leagues

Not only are there multiple sports on offer across the fantasy apps, but there are also different leagues. So whether you want free-to-play competitions or prefer to pay for access to bigger pools, choose the app that best covers the leagues you wish to enter.

Bonuses & Promotions

Whether a new or existing customer, you want to receive promotions from your fantasy sports app. These might be one-off bonuses to keep an eye on and regular promotions to take advantage of – sites with valuable offers are worth using.

Safety & Security

When spending money on fantasy apps, your funds and details must be kept safe. Our four reviewed apps have all been tested, and we see them as secure and safe places to play fantasy sports online in the US.

Betting Markets Payment Methods

There are now more and more ways to pay online. Traditional methods should be widely available, but when funding fantasy sports apps, it is now possible to use cryptocurrencies and eWallets.

Customer Support

Any issues that arise when using fantasy sports apps must be resolved quickly, so we only recommend sites that offer strong customer service.

How to Sign Up for a Top Fantasy Sports App

For this example, we will use our number one rated fantasy sports app – Battle Infinity.

The app is still in development, but the great news is you can still get involved immediately. Battle Infinity will operate as a crypto gaming platform that allows players to purchase the platform’s currency (IBAT) via cryptocurrency. IBAT are BEP-20 tokens available to purchase now, so you are ready to get involved on day one of the app going live.

Let’s take a closer look at how to invest in IBAT tokens.

1. Set Up Your Crypto Wallet

You will require a crypto wallet compatible with Binance Smart Chain – the blockchain on which Battle Infinity is hosted. Battle Infinity recommend Trust Wallet or Metamask – simply download one of them, create a wallet and connect it to Binance Smart Chain.

binance wallet

2. Buy Binance Coin (BNB)

Purchase Binance Coin at one of the top crypto exchanges and transfer it to your crypto wallet.

binance cryptocurrencies

Navigate to the Battle Infinity website and click on the red ‘Launch Presale Dashboard‘ button. Next, click the green ‘Connect Wallet’ button and select and connect your crypto wallet.

battle infinity connect wallet

4. Purchase IBAT

Once your wallet is connected, you can buy Battle Infinity tokens – IBAT. Scroll down to the ‘Buy IBAT’ box, add in the amount of IBAT you are looking to buy or the amount of BNB you want to invest, and then click on ‘Buy IBAT’.

buy battle infinity tokens

5. Import the IBAT Contract Address

Finally, you need to import the token’s contract address to your crypto wallet so you can access your investment. Click on ‘Import Tokens’ and enter the unique contract address in the pop-up. This address can be located in the Battle Infinity official Telegram group.

Then click ‘Add Custom Token’, and that’s it, you’re all set up!

Daily Fantasy Sports apps have many different sporting options to choose from. Below we look at some of the current most popular ones.

Fantasy Football (NFL)

NFL Fantasy Sports apps are extremely popular in the US. With the 2022 season beginning in September, now is the time to start thinking about your team for the upcoming year. DraftKings is an excellent app for NFL fantasy, while sports betting fans are catered for with the best NFL betting sites.

Fantasy Basketball (NBA)

With NBA matches on most days between October and June, there are plenty of opportunities to play and win with fantasy sports apps. FanDuel is the preferred site for NBA fantasy and if you’re interested in NBA sports betting, check out our NBA Betting Guide.

Fantasy Hockey (NHL)

Thirty-two teams compete in the professional ice hockey league in North America. Most of these are in the United States, seven coming from Canada, and teams compete for the coveted Stanley Cup. DraftKings has a great selection of NHL fantasy options.

Fantasy Baseball (MLB)

Major League Baseball is the oldest professional sports league in the world. Thirty teams currently compete with the World Series finale in October every year. So look out for MLB contests on Monkey Knife Fight while we also feature the top MLB betting sites.

Fantasy College Football

College football is played by teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which regulates student competition in the United States. There are hundreds of schools which compete in different leagues and different sports. DraftKings once again come out on top here, and if you’re a college football betting fan, make sure to look at our college football betting guide.

Fantasy College Basketball

The National Collegiate Athletic Association also governs college basketball. March Madness is a month-long knockout tournament which takes place every year and is an excellent opportunity to get involved with fantasy apps. FanDuel takes the top spot for all things basketball.

Fantasy Soccer

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the top league in the US and is split between the Eastern and Western Conferences before teams meet in the playoffs. However, there are also opportunities to get involved with leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. And with the FIFA World Cup on the horizon also, now is a great time to check out the best soccer odds.

Fantasy Golf

With tournaments on the PGA TOUR and European Tour every week, golf is a fantastic competition you can get stuck into. FanDuel is one to consider when playing fantasy golf.

Fantasy Cricket

Whether it’s a 5-day Test Match, a One Day International or the Twenty20,  there are plenty of chances to enter fantasy cricket contests on these apps.

Other Fantasy Sports

Some other popular fantasy sports include:

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Canadian Football League (CFL)
  • eSports
  • F1
  • WNBA
  • Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC)
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing

Best Fantasy Sports Apps Contests

When playing fantasy sports apps, you are not limited to one type of contest and may find you are suited to some more than others. Here we look at the five most popular contests on fantasy sports apps.

Cash Game

This is a league where there are good odds to win. 50/50 is a specific type of cash game where the top 50% of players in the league will win a cash prize. In this contest, you will compete against everyone from a particular app who enters.


There is no freeroll game entry fee, but there is still a prize pool. These are usually sponsored by the app and designed for new players who are still testing their fantasy skills. The prizes in these competitions are generally credits for pay-to-play contests.


These are often big number contests which allow the winner or those near the top of the leaderboard to enter minor but more lucrative contests. However, the chances of winning these contests are relatively low due to the numbers involved.

Survivor Tournament

In this contest, a certain amount of points must be reached for the participant to continue to the next round. Therefore, the further the player progresses into the tournament, the more they will win.

Draft League

This involves having to pick from a pool of players with other people. Players in the league will not be able to have the same players, and therefore your team will be unique. This is popular as it gives players a new start each season.

Our Top 5 Tips for Playing at Fantasy Sports Apps

If you want to make the most out of your fantasy sports apps, we have some tips to try and get you to the top of the leaderboard. Check out our five best tips for playing fantasy sports below.

Follow a Rhythm

This is especially important if playing in contests which are season long. If you forget about your team for even one week, this can lead to you falling down the leaderboard. Get into a daily and weekly routine of checking your line-up and team news which could affect your squad.

Have a Sports Betting Mindset

Although you are not wagering against a bookmaker, cash is still up for grabs. There is a lot of data out there for sports betting, which can also be used in fantasy sports apps. You may find value in having certain players rather than others by looking at odds etc.

Make Your Own Decisions

In fantasy sports apps, evolving and sticking to your personal opinion is essential. Following the crowd will mean you have the same points as loads of other players. Taking a risk and having a unique line-up could pay significant dividends.

Look for 50/50 Leagues

Although these big number contests can be harder to win outright, prizes for half of the field make them worth playing. You can win small amounts regularly and build your balance in these contests.

Use Your Bonuses

These are important to maximise your profits and minimise your losses. Bonuses are available for new and existing customers, and you should use these to your advantage. Having bonuses means you can enter more contests for less money and have the potential to bring in those prizes.

If you’ve found these tips useful, we’ve also listed seven mistakes daily fantasy sports players should avoid.

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Types of Bonuses available at Fantasy Sports Apps

You will be able to receive bonuses and promotions across all the daily fantasy apps we have reviewed. Many new customer offers are available, but you can also be rewarded for being an existing loyal customer. Here are some of the offers you can expect to receive.

Match Deposit Sign Up Bonus

These are for new customers and are generally awarded on the first deposit. Many sites offer 100% match deposit bonuses up to a certain amount on your first deposit. For example, if you deposit $200, you will have an extra $200 to wager. You will then be able to withdraw when meeting the wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonus

These are rarer than the match deposit bonuses and do not require you to deposit to claim the reward. However, any winnings will likely have to be wagered a certain amount before they can be withdrawn as real cash.

VIP Points

These reward loyalty for existing customers with the more contests you enter, the more points you will receive. In some cases, these can be exchanged for cash and other incentives such as free entries and sports tickets.

Guaranteed Prize Pools

These are important to look out for as guaranteed prize pools can be significant amounts of money which can be played for, regardless of the number of competing players. So keep an eye out for these when they are available.

The Best Payment Methods for Fantasy Sports Apps

If you wish to fund your fantasy sports app, many different banking methods are available. Below are the quickest and most convenient ways of depositing funds and withdrawing any winnings.

Crypto Betting Options

Most of the fantasy sports apps we have reviewed offer Crypto deposit options. These often have higher limits than traditional payment methods, and winnings can be processed and paid out much quicker.

Here are some crypto options which can be used on the leading fantasy sports betting apps:

  • Bitcoin 
  • Bitcoin Cash 
  • Dogecoin  
  • Ethereum  

eWallet Betting Options

An eWallet is an electronic card used to make payments online – this can be through a phone, tablet or computer. This is a secure and fast way to add money to your fantasy sports apps.

Some of the best eWallets to use include:

  • Cash App  
  • PayPal  
  • Google Wallet 
  • Android Pay

Traditional Payment Methods

Credit and Debit card transactions are the universal way to pay online. Cards such as Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted on fantasy sports apps. However, any winnings can take longer to be processed via bank transfer and are often subject to higher fees than other methods previously mentioned.

The Best Fantasy Sports App in the US

Battle Infinity is a new product which will bring a different aspect to daily fantasy sports to the US. With its NFT offering on the Metaverse, this app could change the landscape of fantasy betting in years to come.

It is an exciting time to get involved with Battle Infinity as their new app is about to launch. You can find out more about their presale and the potential to invest in this article here.


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