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Wrestling Beat: Daniel Bryan stops burglar, DiBiase on The Streak, Cena wants to be heel?


john cenaNo, Cena doesn’t want to be a heel: It was a joke, folks.

“Ok interweb, have fun with this one,” Cena tweeted Friday. “#lifewouldbebetterif I turned heel. @twitter feed crash in 3 … 2 …”

Good one, John.

He will turn heel, eventually. Everybody turns heel, eventually. Eventually is a long way down the road in Cena’s case.


Daniel Bryan stops burglar: Details are still coming out on this, but the story is that Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, returning to their Phoenix home Thursday evening, came upon two men running out of their house. Bryan ran down one of the men, put him in a submission hold, according to published reports, and held him until police arrived.

In unrelated Bryan news, he confirmed reports on Friday that he will need to undergo additional surgery to repair nerve damage related to the neck injury that put him on the shelf after his WrestleMania 30 main event win. Bryan said he has about half the strength in his right arm that he has in his left arm.

You have to start wondering if Bryan will ever get back in the ring in a wrestling capacity at this point.


Ted DiBiase Sr. on the end of The Streak: In an interview this week, The Million Dollar Man posited that the end of The Streak at WrestleMania 30 was an accident.

“I really think that wasn’t suppose to happen,” said DiBiase, explaining he has heard that Taker collapsed when he got behind the curtain after the match, and that the working theory behind what happened in the ring is that the second Brock Lesnar F5 stunned Undertaker enough to give Lesnar the three-count.

“I think he got knocked out and he didn’t kick out because he was out. As I was watching it I saw the expression on (Paul Heyman’s) face I thought, Something ain’t right. So I really think that wasn’t supposed to happen,” DiBiase said.


Stylin’: AJ Styles said this week that he made $350,000 in TNA in 2013, and that the company offered to re-sign him for 2014 at $200,000. Without going into specifics, he said he has already made more in 2014 with New japan Pro Wrestling than he would have under the terms of the deal that he was offered by TNA.



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