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hillary clinton

Hillary for Virginia announces launch of new social media accounts

Today, Hillary for Virginia announced the launch of new Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Medium accounts to support Hillary Clinton.

Trump loves Hispanics: And taco bowls

No doubt you saw the dumbass tweet from Donald Trump about taco bowls and his love for Hispanics. You missed it? You’re so lucky.

VCU Health

VCU hosts Twitter chat with oral cancer expert on Wednesday

Jaisri Thoppay will answer questions about oral cancer during a VCU Health Twitter chat on April 6 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

virginia virginia tech

It has been forever since Virginia has beaten Virginia Tech

How long has it been since Virginia has beaten Virginia Tech in football? Well, you’re familiar with Facebook, of course. Facebook has come to be since the last time the Cavs beat the Hokies on the gridiron.


VCU hosts Twitter chat with environmental allergy expert on May 29

Earlier this year, Richmond was designated as the country’s “sneeziest and wheeziest” city according to a report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental action advocacy group.

Your favorite social media platform: Still Facebook?

Facebook has its critics: individuals who chafe at the myriad changes in privacy settings, business owners who spent big bucks building like bases that they now have to spend more to be able to connect with.

chris graham uva virginia

Seth Davis was right: Fear and loathing in UVA Nation

My apologies, as hard as they are to offer, to Seth Davis, but Seth, you’re right: UVA Nation is messed up.

chris graham uva virginia

Seth Davis isn’t a fan of the UVA fan base: The feeling is mutual

College basketball analyst Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated and CBS isn’t a fan of the UVA fan base. Mainly, it appears at first glance, because the UVA fan base isn’t a fan of Seth Davis.

richmond spiders

Richmond releases Spider name choices

The University of Richmond athletic department has announced the five name candidates for the men’s basketball team’s live spider mascot. Fans will now have the opportunity to vote on their favorite name for the only spider mascot in NCAA Division I athletics.


Marijuana, medical or otherwise, is on the horizon

Recreational marijuana laws were on the ballot in Alaska, Oregon, the District of Columbia and Florida. They passed comfortably in Alaska, Oregon and DC.

The Dark Side of Political Life: Five ways to promote civil discourse

Do we have to continue with “I’m okay and you’re an idiot” in our political life? The short answer is no, but getting there will not be easy.

Navajo Nation president watches game with Dan Snyder: So Native Americans support Redskins name?

Navajo Nation president Ben Shelly took in the Washington-Arizona NFL game on Sunday with team owner Daniel Snyder, which was made obvious when Fox Sports cut to a picture of the two in the box together early in the game, and put a graphic on the screen identifying Shelly.

Wrestling Beat: Daniel Bryan stops burglar, DiBiase on The Streak, Cena wants to be heel?

John Cena will turn heel, eventually. Everybody turns heel, eventually. Eventually is a long way down the road in Cena’s case.


Nice touch: Masters chamo Bubba Watson celebrates at Waffle House

You’ve just won your second green jacket at The Masters. So naturally, you celebrate … at Waffle House? That’s where Bubba Watson marked his second Masters championship late Sunday night, as noted in a tweet that the golfer sent out to his 1.15 million followers.

TNA’s Mr. Anderson answers your questions on Twitter

TNA does a cool thing every week with a superstar answering questions from fans on Twitter. This week’s spotlight was on Mr. Anderson.

Business coalition launches campaign to support private option plan to close coverage gap

A non-partisan coalition of Virginia business and community leaders today announced it is launching a statewide radio, online and social media advertising campaign to galvanize support for a Medicaid ‘Private Option’ plan to close Virginia’s coverage gap for the uninsured.

WWE Superstars send condolenes to Mae Young

WWE Superstars tweet their condolences to the late Mae Young.

WWE Superstars send condolenes to Mae Young

Thanks for the memories Mae. We loved you. pic.twitter.com/MhKlTuUx72 — Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) January 15, 2014 #RIPTheOneandOnlyGreatMaeYoung A true pioneer and legend has passed tonight. Long live the memory of my friend and @WWE Hall of Famer. — Stephanie McMahon (@StephMcMahon) January 15, 2014 #RIPTheOneandOnlyGreatMaeYoung Thank you for your example to my girls on how […]

CM Punk tweeting about his future?

Is CM Punk on his way out from WWE? A tweet from over the weekend has some wondering about his future. After a WWE live event in Detroit, Punk tweeted: “Thanks Detroit. I don’t have many of these left in me. Off to DC and coffee with Lyle Preslar.” PWInsider reported on the tweet that […]

Kaine sets up new official Facebook, Twitter accounts

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine launched his official Senate office Twitter and Facebook accounts today. The accounts will provide constituents with updates on Kaine’s daily activities in the Senate, travels across Virginia, information on agency assistance, and constituent service updates.

Chris Graham: What’s your social media strategy?

You have 500 likes on your Facebook business page, but the last time you said anything to your fan base was two weeks ago. Bad. You have 23 followers on your Twitter page, and you have a busy schedule of posts, videos, pictures, contests, etc. Bad. Maybe worse.

UVa. study: Facebook, MySpace can be good influence on some youths

   Staff Report UVa. news: www.virginia.edu Though parents often have concerns about letting their teens use social media Web sites like Facebook and MySpace, a new study by University of Virginia psychologists suggests that well-adapted youth with positive friendships will use these sites to further enhance the positive relationships they already have. However, they warn, […]

Chris Graham | Twitter King

I put up a bird feeder a couple of weeks ago. Hard to keep it full. Apparently Wb has a healthy bird population. Am I the only person who thinks they’re making too big a deal about the new SC nominee? Spent Memorial Day at Sherando Lake. Had KFC for lunch, hiked the lakeside trail, […]